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  1. Mark Ingram

    Unhandled Exception error on app launch

    I hadn't spotted that @Chris J had already investigated this, and I can confirm what he initially reported. It's failing to load the application's icon. This is highly unusual, and I would suggest that you've either got a WIC codec installed which is corrupting the image loading behaviour of WPF, or there is some other problem with your machine. Perhaps a factory reset may help the situation. Can you look in %APPDATA%\Affinity\Photo\1.0 (Beta)\CrashReports and see whether there are any files there. If so, can you upload them here? The beta crash reports may give some different information.
  2. Mark Ingram

    Unhandled Exception error on app launch

    I'm currently looking at it.
  3. Mark Ingram

    Unhandled Exception error on app launch

    Hi, I've checked this crash report, and it's crashing in lci_proxyumd.dll which appears to be some part of a driver for Fresco Logic Proxy Display Driver. There are lots of complaints on the internet for crashes with this particular piece of software. My recommendation would be to uninstall it, if you no longer need it, or try starting the application with the --no-hw-ui flag (which will disable hardware rendering of the user interface). I imagine you may still face problems after creating a document though, so you may need to disable hardware rendering of the document too (via the Preferences, choose Performance, then set Renderer to WARP).
  4. Mark Ingram

    Crashing when using space bar to move a node

    Can you try the latest beta and see if it fixes it for you?
  5. Thanks for raising this issue - we have closed it as "by design".
  6. Mark Ingram

    Sudden Affinity photo crash during working

    What were you doing at the time?
  7. Mark Ingram

    Crash when moving artboard

    Great news! Hopefully we've solved the issue now.
  8. Mark Ingram

    Affinity Designer crashing on open

    Glad you got it working @Snycher!
  9. Mark Ingram

    Unverarbeiteter Ausnahmefehler... eps-files

    Any chance you could enable these options 1 at a time, to help find out which one is causing the problem? Thanks :-)
  10. Mark Ingram

    EXIF file loss and DPI not holding after changing

    @MikeW is correct in this regard. The amount of data in the image doesn't change at all. The DPI / PPI value is only useful for showing an image in physical sizes. i.e. 300 DPI is 300 pixels per inch. A 3600x3600 pixel image is ~13million pixels in total. Showing that image at 300 DPI will result in it appearing at 12 inches x 12 inches. If you were to change the DPI to 72 DPI, it would appear at 50 inches x 50 inches. As the amount of data remains the same in both cases, the visual appearance (if you were close to the image) would be worse for the 72 DPI image. Now, if you were making a poster, that was usually viewed from a significant distance away, then 72 DPI would be fine. If you were printing in a glossy magazine, you would perhaps want 600 DPI - but remember, the number of pixels in the image will not change. My point is, DPI only makes sense for things that you are printing.
  11. Mark Ingram

    Affinity Designer crashing on open

    Can you upload it here?
  12. Mark Ingram

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Very complicated :-) It's something we're actively talking about here, but it would require re-writing the UI completely from scratch (we don't share any UI between iPad and Desktop apps).
  13. Mark Ingram

    Affinity Designer crashing on open

    Do you have anything in %APPDATA%\Affinity\Designer\1.0\Log.txt ?
  14. Mark Ingram

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    @dominik, it's only really an issue for the beta testing, as official releases will always have the 3rd number increase (i.e. the next release will be 1.6.6).