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  1. It's still on my list of things to fix, but I can't say at what point it will be done. As it's not causing a crash, loss of data, or a reduction in user productivity, it's priority is lower than other issues. I do plan on fixing it though, as like you say, it can be distracting.
  2. Hi Rob, just to let you know, I've made a change that will allow you to keep the restrictions on the ProgramData folder. If the application fails to write there, it will re-direct to a sandboxed folder within the current user's AppData folder instead. This will be available in the next beta.
  3. Sounds like the file association is still pointing the trial version. If you uninstall the trial, it will probably fix it for you. Installing the full version should have updated the file association, so I'm not sure why that's not happened.
  4. Thanks Clive, I've moved this to the Feedback forum so more people will see it
  5. Locking down access to folders which should be accessible to all users would probably be an unusual situation. According to Microsoft's own documentation: And: So generally I would assume that this is an unusual thing to restrict access to.
  6. Because normally a non-elevated user can write to this location, so there is no need for the installer to make the directory. As it's only for loading Photoshop plugins, we should allow the creation of the folder to fail, without crashing, but for the time being, you might need to look at the permissions issue.
  7. Hi, I'm sorry but I won't be able to help with this. I have never done this before, and would not feel comfortable making overriding changes to a customer's hardware. Unfortunately communicating with LG is your best bet (unless you would like to make an INF yourself, following the instructions in the link I provided). If they don't get back to you, you could always try returning the monitor?
  8. We've mentioned many times that we are constantly working on improving RAW loading times.
  9. Hi, I replied in the other thread that you started:
  10. OK, you might want to try the latest customer beta to see if it's more stable for you (the crash reporting is also better in this version). This is the beta of the new 1.6 version which will be coming out at some point.
  11. Hi, that error message is caused by us. Can you remember what you were doing at the time? Have you tried the latest customer beta?
  12. What other applications do you use? Do they also use the NVIDIA card to render? You can go to Preferences and change you renderer to an integrated card if you have one (I assume so as you're on a laptop), e.g. Intel. Also, you could try the software rasterizer, WARP. As I said, we're unable to cause a BSoD as the application runs in user-mode, not kernel-mode of the OS. Here's a quote from Microsoft about user-mode applications: And Thanks,
  13. Thanks Rob. I've taken a look at the crash dump, and can see that it's crashing when trying to create the following directory: C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Photo\1.0 (Beta) This is to load Photoshop plugins. Obviously it shouldn't crash when the directory fails to create, so we'll have to fix that. But you probably need to allow access to that folder to support plugins. I'm sure you're probably aware, but the ProgramData directory is the new version of the "All Users" folder that used to exist.
  14. Hi, it sounds like the latest driver you have is causing the problem. You could try uninstalling and re-installing. The application is unable to cause a blue screen of death (BSoD), as the code doesn't run in Kernel mode, so the only thing that can be causing this is a device driver.
  15. Hi, I can't find your crash reference, I assume the upload must have been blocked by a firewall or something? If you wait for the crash report dialog to appear, then look in the following folder: %APPDATA%\Affinity\Photo\1.0 (Beta)\CrashReports And attach the crash report to this thread.