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  1. Have you checked this thread?
  2. Hi, the other files in the folder would also be of use to us if possible.
  3. Unfortunately we don't give estimates for fixes. Just keep an eye on the beta forums for the latest builds that are made available ahead of official patches.
  4. Look in the Colour Management settings in Windows to see what your current monitor profile is. If possible, can you upload it here for us to take a look at?
  5. We can't open AI files as it's a private format that Adobe doesn't share. They do however optionally allow PDF streams to be embedded into AI files, and so when we attempt to read an AI file, we attempt to read the PDF stream. The file that you're describing won't have this PDF stream, so we won't be able to open it. You could try just exporting the file as a PDF from Illustrator and see if we can open that.
  6. If you've been getting BSOD, then this might indicate a more serious problem with your computer (perhaps damaged drivers).
  7. Using the --no-click-through option?
  8. Yes is the latest retail and latest customer beta. There will be a new beta at the end of the week (improved Shadows & Highlights algorithm in Develop Persona).
  9. The changes are bug fixes and improved PS plugin support.
  10. Do you mean the shortcut disappeared? Did you update the program and choose to not install a desktop shortcut? There is nothing in the application that would delete a shortcut from your desktop. Even if the shortcut has been deleted, the application should still be installed. Try looking for another shortcut in your start menu (press Start then type Affinity, or Designer or Photo, depending on what application you have). Also you could look for the application in the location that you installed to, which by default is C:\Program Files\Affinity\
  11. Can you attach your documents? What were you doing at the time of the crash? Did you get a crash reference dialog popup? Were you prompted to restore unsaved documents? Is the crash reproducible?
  12. With there is no longer a restriction on non-ASCII characters in usernames. Exiftool should now run from the %PROGRAMDATA% folder.
  13. So do you get a prompt to "Restore unsaved files" when you start?
  14. How are you opening Designer? Clicking on the shortcut, or double clicking a file?
  15. Update to and let me know if this is still a problem.