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  1. Mark Ingram

    the tools panel crops out of the windows

    Are you using 100% display scale in Windows?
  2. Mark Ingram

    Problem with Wacom Tablet

    Have you uninstalled and reinstalled the latest Wacom drivers? Have you enabled the High Precision mode in Preferences? Is Windows Ink enabled?
  3. Mark Ingram

    Install issue

    I believe if you update, they have fixed this.
  4. Mark Ingram

    Alt Color Picking (When using brush tool)

    @Chris J check out this video :-)
  5. Mark Ingram

    Installed and opens fine but....

    Do you have a screenshot or video of the problem?
  6. What colour profile is your document set to? And what colour profile is your monitor set to?
  7. Mark Ingram

    Excess CPU when not receiving focus

    Can you provide a video or sample files to help recreate this?
  8. Mark Ingram

    Can't move objects smoothly using graphic tab

    Hi @Sirajum Munir Galib, can you try uninstalling the Wacom drivers, and re-installing the latest version? We occasionally see this, and an uninstall and re-install of drivers normally fixes it.
  9. Mark Ingram

    Alt Color Picking (When using brush tool)

    Any chance you could record a video of whats happening so we can understand a bit better?
  10. Mark Ingram

    Bug: EXR CMOS RAF Imported at Half Resolution

    Whilst we can get both halves of the data, as the LibRaw team commented, merging the data together (with differing white balance, exposure, orientation, etc) is incredibly difficult, and will be time consuming to implement.
  11. Mark Ingram

    AD crash with Ugee HK1560 display pen

    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver?
  12. Mark Ingram

    Bug: EXR CMOS RAF Imported at Half Resolution

    Hi @Saijin_Naib, we currently have no plans to implement support for FujiFilm EXR CMOS. As we've only had 1 piece of feedback from yourself, and it's an old image format, we can't justify the investment in time that it would take in order to perform the multiple sub-frame merging. Can Fujifilm's SilkyPix output a merged 16-bit image (e.g. JPEG-XR)? Is your camera supported by Fujifilm's new Raw Studio? http://www.fujifilm.com/news/n171130.html
  13. Mark Ingram

    object selection problem

    There is a keyboard shortcut to click through (ALT I think?).
  14. You might need to force-quit Affinity Photo, as it may have locked those files.
  15. Thanks for raising this issue - we have closed it as "by design".