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  1. We've seen similar issues from other users, following an upgrade to Windows. It's usually solved by uninstalling and then reinstalling your graphics drivers. Do you have an Intel graphics card?
  2. Mark Ingram

    Re-size document bug -- serious!

    I assume you've already done it, but can you make a different thread for this? I don't want it to get lost within here.
  3. Because we convert colours from document colour profile to screen colour profile. The other programs you listed do not do this. The Menu Bar may look white because don't perform colour correction there - only on the document and user interface controls that display colour.
  4. Hi @aaf, thanks for the crash report, we can see the problem in the code, but could do with a file to reproduce the issue. Is it possible for you to upload your file?
  5. Mark Ingram

    Re-size document bug -- serious!

    Hi all, I've just added a fix and some improvements to the Resize Document dialog. It will be available in the next customer beta if you want to check it out. Hopefully with the "Resample" option disabled, it should do a sensible thing... Thanks for your reports.
  6. Mark Ingram

    DXF Export Support

    I've mentioned this a few times now, but Designer was released 5 years go, and since then we have continually added new features and bug fixes, for free. I understand that in this thread, people are disappointed about the lack of DXF support, and in other feature request threads you'll find other disappointed users. However, we have to balance our work loads and prioritise features over other ones. That doesn't mean we aren't listening, it just means we're busy. When Designer shipped it didn't support Artboards, Symbols, Assets, Arrow Heads, Multi-Fills & Multi-Strokes, etc. And these were all requests that came from users (you can find the old feature request threads on these if you search).
  7. Mark Ingram

    DXF Export Support

    All, please keep the conversations civil.
  8. Hi all, thanks for the reports. I've identified the issue and put a fix it. It'll be available in the next beta.
  9. Mark Ingram


    Hi @Potzo, thanks for the crash dumps. Would it be possible for you to record a video of the crashes you're experiencing? We could do with trying to reproduce the problem internally.
  10. Mark Ingram

    Compatible or not???

    Only on Windows. Most scanner manufacturers only make a 32-bit TWAIN interface, and as our apps are 64-bit they can't talk to it. However, as you said you are running a Mac, this won't affect you.
  11. Ah yes, those NDAs are from the Plus range beta testing period, they aren't applicable any longer. The beta tests for the Affinity range of products are done completely differently now.
  12. If you are still using Duet Display, it would be worth updating it to see if that fixes the problem.
  13. The "thought process" was just that we prioritised other features ahead of this one. We realise this feature is important to a lot of customers (and potential customers).
  14. There isn't much of an update to give unfortunately. We've just shipped version 1.7 and now we're working out what should come next. Despite what some of the posts in this thread have suggested, we do listen, and we do implement features and changes as suggested by our users. Designer was first released 5 years ago, and since then people have been receiving free features and bug fixes, many of which had been requested and debated on this forum ahead of time. We think that's pretty fair.
  15. Hi @JGD, what relationship are you referring to?