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  1. Yes please @adirusf! It would be great to solve this issue.
  2. Thanks @Dejan, that's really interesting. CPU usage doesn't appear to be high, but something appears to be blocking the drawing due to your dual GPUs.
  3. Mark Ingram

    .112 No Metadata if edit in is used

    Hi @urm3l, can you upload the image for us to take a look please?
  4. Mark Ingram

    Odd lens identification -

    @drphoto, thanks, can you upload the original TIFF to Dropbox or somewhere similar?
  5. Mark Ingram

    Perfomance issue with rulers

    What Renderer are you using (see Preferences). And what GPU do you have?
  6. Mark Ingram

    Top and Bottom Cropped on Text box

    Hi @MaryLou, is this specific to the latest customer beta?
  7. Thanks for that - very interesting. Can you reproduce it each time?
  8. @Alfred, I said you don't need to tag the whole team - I didn't say that the list of tagged people was the whole team.
  9. Hi, thanks for your suggestion, you don't need to tag the whole team into each forum post, we all read the forum :-).
  10. Thanks, I'll get QA to try and reproduce something similar.
  11. Hi @MancDan, would you be able to record a video of this? What were you doing at the time? Is it the same thing each time which causes the lock up? What's your CPU usage like at the time? Any chance you could try running LatencyMon and let me know what the report says? We've had a couple of customers mention something similar, so it would be good to get this sorted out.
  12. Rick, do you have reproducible steps for this?
  13. Mark Ingram

    Black border in Develop with Fujifilm X-T3 RAW

    We're aware of a problem that causes the extra pixels to appear. For now you just need to crop the image.
  14. Mark Ingram

    [Beta] Still no Pen Mode option

    Knowing what API to call is not the issue.
  15. Mark Ingram

    Odd lens identification -

    Hi @drphoto, can you attach the image to the post for me please?