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  1. that's not a bug, it's AP usual behavior I also wish editing a large stacks can be saved and resumed, wrote here once about that but nothing changed
  2. You would like to see thumbnail of raw format? I think it was said before AP will show you exactly what your windows version sees, no internal raw thumbnail viewer - internal Windows stuff only. As you, I also can't see Panasonic thumbnails as my Win10 doesn't know anything about it but I see DNG thumbnails from Pentax but no DNG from Huawei, no CR3, no ARW... If you need to see them and lot more and send to edit from viewer may I suggest you a Fast Stone Viewer - great free software
  3. maybe it's intentional, dunno
  4. krbo

    AP Closes randomly

    Win version - closes by itself after closing last picture, about 9 of ten times (so not always) on two different PCs sometimes after next start there is a warning about unsaved picture (even it was saved before closing) found, also not always no crash report or any error shown
  5. Would like to have option to reorder adjustments and filters in Layer panel via right-click menu entries like "Move Up, Move Down" (maybe even "Move to Top, Move to End") Sometimes it's tedious to grab filter, slightly move it with mouse, spotting a blue bar and release in right moment - simple right-click->"Move Up" will be much easier
  6. Hi, have some macro steps reorder problem i Win 284 beta: Here is macro (an old one which I reuse on every new version): so it's denoise-clarity-high pass order and after running I have: completely reversed now there is another problem: none of the nested filters can't be moved to a first position (directly below Pixel layer) with a mouse, I can move filters down or up as long as it is not top most position. moving and dropping on to a Pixel layer itself always put everything on a last position in chain finally tried to make a new macro in this beta version - also had to take steps reversed - first add high pass, then clarity and denoise to have them in proper order
  7. almost unoticed: this is a great new feature - immediately added my Oly Mk2 lens which is not (yet) in lensfun database but is optically equal to a Mk1 - simply copied data with proper EXIF name tag and it works great - thank you!!!
  8. Hi, it took time to pinpoint this but you have a bug just like Exiftool long time ago - AP can't read and empties all EXIF data from pictures in folders named with local language specfic characters (like ŠĐŽĆČ ) when file is in pure ASCII named folder everything is OK
  9. Another small GUI bugs: 1. Pixel layer with several filters - to select individual one with mouse two clicks are required - first one selects all of them and then second one on the required filter. 2. Double click when single filter is selected gives empty filter properties (mostly zeroes as paramteres)
  10. Any adjustment layer or filter added to a pixel layer can't be removed via mouse right click menu - "Delete" is greyed but keyboard "Delete" works
  11. As soon as you have epub2 export format I'm buying it
  12. I'll support common plea - an epub2 export is a must for me, please work on it ASAP!
  13. I'll support this. Please find a way to continue work on big focus stacking over several sessions. It impossible to check and edit 300 shots in a one go, we must be able to save work and continue later. I'm considering present Photo behavior of forgetting sources between sessions as a bug, and a long one as this is already reported here more then a year ago:
  14. Another vote for hot pixel filter as I just stumbled on them. It was mentioned a year ago here: hope Serif stuff didn't gave up from it.
  15. Hi Chris, catched the time to test deadly shots set on another PC (Win7 x64, Radeon 5760) Version was installed and I tried same thing twice - all went well - no crash, no UI errors Then I made an upgrade to latest production - "93" Frist trial and crash - unhadled exception without "phone home" dialog UI crashed as I already wrote above, screenshots attached. (crash, dead Tone Map menu and Crop menu without presets)