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  1. This problem is at least several months old, found this: but I have to test it on my other Win10 PC config (previous report was for Win7)
  2. it's here: I had to remember testing latest HDR crash on another PC with Win10
  3. I already reported that. It's random and picture dependable. It's not just denoise, sometimes you can go away with correct HDR if you switch off denoising but other times it produces picture with heavy artifacts (lines, blocks - usually black) and sometimes it plain simple crahes with error 5 and no log.
  4. I will confirm this behaviour - once closed Sources window - goodbye sources no matter of clone tool. (1.52.69) Latest beta ("81") is a little better - sources can be populated again by selecting a clone tool but only in a current session - if a work in progress is saved, Photo closed and then started and continued later - again no sources in a source window.
  5. downloaded, installed and tested with previous example: yes, it is fixed - thanks! but one more small thing - this exif info shows wrong picture size for my camera (Lumix FZ1000) or my camera has it on the wrong place? it says on "Summary" mode that size iz 1920x1080 pixels readed from exif:PixelXDimension param (and "Y" also), real dimension is 4823x3617 pixels which can be found in tiff:ImageWidth (and Lenght) params. test jpg with that data is made from raw picture format (with same exif) jpgs direct from camera have correct dimensions in exif but raw and exported jpgs after editing has wrong one (just tested it with Lumix TZ70 - same thing.)
  6. Hi, there is a one small bug with EXIF reading. If I use picture folder with some of my language specific accented letters in it's name, EXIF becomes empty (letters are ŠĐŽĆČ) For now I don't have exact rule as it is variable, in some combination of letters Photo reads EXIF in other don't - it took me a while to pinpoint a problem which can be easily avoided by using pure ASCII for folder names. Free ExifTool shows exactly the same behavior. example: folder named "Đ" (unicode U+0110 as Character Map says) - Photo can't read EXIF in any file in it
  7. great, it's always a question of reproducing an error (i'm 30 yrs in computer maintenance so know a drill), now I'm sure it will be solved. thanks!
  8. hi Sean, certainly - all 3 of them are there.
  9. hi, I have a problem with frequent Affinity win crashing during HDR merge with tone mapping. It's interesting it is not a general problem but a picture specific one - can't detect what triggers it but some shots goes like a charm through the process, some crashing app. Scenario: - usually using 3 RAW bracketed shots from Panasonic FZ1000 - 20Mpix each (12Mpix from other camera never produced such thing on powerfull PC configs) - bringing a HDR merge and choosing: it's my usual start params - Affinity then works OK aligning and merging but starting denoise brings: of course crash reporter is useless: if I deselect denoise (and ghosting sometimes) process can finish but with random errors in picture: (these two vertical lines are error in processing) This is a brand new PC, not so weak: I5-7500 (internal GPU) 16Gb RAM and SSD with Win10 x64 Pro (this set of 3 shots always produces the same error so if you need them for analysis please PM me)