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  1. I was under impression it was solved (don't know why really) and somehow reappeared again. That's why repeated report
  2. krbo

    Very slow Export

    clarity and particularly clarity+high pass in a live filter chain are export killers reported that before - a little speedup was done but it's still slow
  3. hi, already reported beta bug in reversing macro chain of old 1.6.5 macros reappears again in retail same as difficulties in managing filters order with mouse - impossible to move filter to first position in a chain with it ("Arrange" menu icons works OK)
  4. krbo

    Source of lens correction info?

    yes, well known free LensFun project LensFun home
  5. from here: https://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/dsc/ to https://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/soft/download/index.html#pfs I think this is latest Silkypix for Panasonic: https://www.isl.co.jp/SILKYPIX/english/p/
  6. Silkypix is different story - it is official Panasonic camera software and they make new version every time with a new camera model (you can see a lot of versions at Panasonic download site). Usually specific for some models (you can't even download it if you don't enter valid serial number of the camera) Why they do that? Because they put correction data into a Silkypix itself and give you a highly Panasonic customized free version of software to be used with specific camera model. All other software vendors may or may not have (money!!!) that data.
  7. squeezer, I will not expect that Serif will solve color correction, saturation... for your camera by your expectation. I 'm not sure are develop assistant corrections camera model dependent or even RAW format dependent, but if they are - then including TZ95 may have some benefits. You are using well known Panasonic RW2 RAW format independent of the camera model and that is that - AP reads it and shows it to you as it was recorded by your sensor - the real meaning of RAW. Will you deliberately switch on some corrections in assistant is up to you but only way to get clean data is keep everything off no matter how dull it looks - that's why are you here to correct it as you wish instead some unknown japanese engineer making jpg out of it. Lens correction is another thing Serif has nothing with, they are simply using (as many others) ready made free data called LensFun database and to get your lens there somebody somewhere in the world must go through a tedious process of preparing a lot of pictures and making correction data for optical distortion, chromatic aberrations and vignette (for free in his spare time). Having TZ-70 and FZ-1000 before I know how horrifed you are with wide RAW shot, there were times I had no will to correct them and opted a JPG from camera. There are some good things: 1. you can do it by yourself, include it in LensFun project and help all other TZ-95 owners in the world 2. you can help LensFun database maintainers by sending required pictures and they will process them 3. or you can at least try to clone existing data of the similar model as we now can add external lens data into a 1.7 beta (as I see in LensFun compact-panasonic.xml data nearest match is DMC-TZ71 with distortion and CA data (no vignetting data)) detailed info about 1. and 2. can be found on LensFun home page: http://lensfun.sourceforge.net/lenslist/ for 3. search this fine forum about adding external lens profiles into a 1.7 beta
  8. Thanks Gabe, such feature will be a great help for big stack users.
  9. hi, recently a group of us, AP users, in "Affinity Photo - Tutorials" facebook group are discussing making a so-called FB 3D photos for which you need a photo and it's depth-map simultaneously uploaded where FB combines them in a 3D effect photo. so anyone trying this will have a really great help from depth-maps generated in a focus merge process only if we can save/export them in some photo format (Helicon and Zerene uses TIFF) I think it will be a very small effort from Serif developers as depth map is already there, just save it somewhere.
  10. that's not a bug, it's AP usual behavior I also wish editing a large stacks can be saved and resumed, wrote here once about that but nothing changed
  11. You would like to see thumbnail of raw format? I think it was said before AP will show you exactly what your windows version sees, no internal raw thumbnail viewer - internal Windows stuff only. As you, I also can't see Panasonic thumbnails as my Win10 doesn't know anything about it but I see DNG thumbnails from Pentax but no DNG from Huawei, no CR3, no ARW... If you need to see them and lot more and send to edit from viewer may I suggest you a Fast Stone Viewer - great free software
  12. maybe it's intentional, dunno
  13. krbo

    AP Closes randomly

    Win version - closes by itself after closing last picture, about 9 of ten times (so not always) on two different PCs sometimes after next start there is a warning about unsaved picture (even it was saved before closing) found, also not always no crash report or any error shown
  14. Would like to have option to reorder adjustments and filters in Layer panel via right-click menu entries like "Move Up, Move Down" (maybe even "Move to Top, Move to End") Sometimes it's tedious to grab filter, slightly move it with mouse, spotting a blue bar and release in right moment - simple right-click->"Move Up" will be much easier
  15. Hi, have some macro steps reorder problem i Win 284 beta: Here is macro (an old one which I reuse on every new version): so it's denoise-clarity-high pass order and after running I have: completely reversed now there is another problem: none of the nested filters can't be moved to a first position (directly below Pixel layer) with a mouse, I can move filters down or up as long as it is not top most position. moving and dropping on to a Pixel layer itself always put everything on a last position in chain finally tried to make a new macro in this beta version - also had to take steps reversed - first add high pass, then clarity and denoise to have them in proper order