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  1. Another small GUI bugs: 1. Pixel layer with several filters - to select individual one with mouse two clicks are required - first one selects all of them and then second one on the required filter. 2. Double click when single filter is selected gives empty filter properties (mostly zeroes as paramteres)
  2. Any adjustment layer or filter added to a pixel layer can't be removed via mouse right click menu - "Delete" is greyed but keyboard "Delete" works
  3. As soon as you have epub2 export format I'm buying it
  4. I'll support common plea - an epub2 export is a must for me, please work on it ASAP!
  5. I'll support this. Please find a way to continue work on big focus stacking over several sessions. It impossible to check and edit 300 shots in a one go, we must be able to save work and continue later. I'm considering present Photo behavior of forgetting sources between sessions as a bug, and a long one as this is already reported here more then a year ago:
  6. Another vote for hot pixel filter as I just stumbled on them. It was mentioned a year ago here: hope Serif stuff didn't gave up from it.
  7. Hi Chris, catched the time to test deadly shots set on another PC (Win7 x64, Radeon 5760) Version was installed and I tried same thing twice - all went well - no crash, no UI errors Then I made an upgrade to latest production - "93" Frist trial and crash - unhadled exception without "phone home" dialog UI crashed as I already wrote above, screenshots attached. (crash, dead Tone Map menu and Crop menu without presets)
  8. can you try your files on a beta ??
  9. Hi Chris, I've had it exactly the same before on "59" production level but on another PC (Win7 x64, different graphics) Will certainly try that particular set of photos also over there, maybe tomorrow and will report here.
  10. Hello, Installed latest Photo and tried my usual way of merging 3 exposure bracketed photos into a HDR Full compliment of dangerous settings - denoise and tone map Photo crashed in a usual way (unhandled exception blah,blah...) entering a denoise part but this time successfully "phoned home" with an incident report. All of this is known for a long time and not yet solved yet but interesting is behaviour later: - I immediately used same photos with same settings into a beta 93 - no crash, went smooth. - Again fired in a production build 93 - this time no crash even there but UI is destroyed, after a crash Photo leaves some garbage somewhere - going into a Tone Map persona there is no more presets menu choices on the left (Natural, Detailed...) and no previews - just an empty grey area where they should be. - Crop mode dialog is also destroyed, not a single saved preset just main "Unconstrained, Original, Custom, Absolute" text - One of my open tabs in Opera browser was blanked and frozen. This looks like some collision with Aero/Desktop Manager. PC must be restarted - Photo is OK after reboot . Windows 10 x64, i5 with internal VGA, SSD, 16Gb RAM
  11. I always download these fine tutorials from Vimeo for an easier later usage. Usually in a 1080p resolution and have a question: why there are very often two files of the same resolution but different sizes?? (usually on higher resolutions 1080,2K) For example latest "Uplift Epic skies" in 1080p have two files: one 112,393Mb and other 103,971Mb Which one to use?
  12. Vignetting correction couldn't work you as it never worked and it will never work until someone make calibration and updates database. APhoto uses this database: http://lensfun.sourceforge.net/lenslist/ Last column is vignette correction and it is "no" - no auto correction for our camera! But Adobe also does not have vignetting correction for FZ1000 You have to use manual lens correction for FZ1000 wide angle shots
  13. what exactly does not work for you? if you expected vignetting correction it never worked as it is not part of a lens database used (I also have a FZ1000)
  14. krbo

    Focus Stacking, source pictures disappearing

    This problem is at least several months old, found this: but I have to test it on my other Win10 PC config (previous report was for Win7)
  15. krbo

    AP crashes on HDR with denoising

    it's here: I had to remember testing latest HDR crash on another PC with Win10