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  1. Dan C

    Corrupt file? .afphoto crashes on open

    Thanks for that! I'm not 100% certain yet. I can't personally recover any of the information, however I can pass the file on to our dev team to investigate, who may be able to recover some data. If so, I'll be certain to pass back any file we can recover
  2. No problem at all, thanks for that. This certainly sounds as though it may be affecting the print. Under Document>Margins, do you have margins ticked on? Does changing this to off resolve the issue? There's always this possibility, as it can be specific to the printers drivers. A quick way of testing this is by opening an image file in Google Chrome (you can use your aforementioned png), then open the System print dialog using Shift+Ctrl+P. This should use the same drivers/settings that Affinity uses. Can you print the image correctly from this window, or does the rotation in the printer preferences dialog also cause the same issue? If so, the problem is driver related, rather than the Affinity app.
  3. Dan C

    Corrupt file? .afphoto crashes on open

    Hi Runeson, Welcome to the forums Thanks for your report and crash log, could you please provide us with the file in question? I appreciate this is a large file but you should be able to upload it to the link below - https://www.dropbox.com/request/VylhuC7BTwPav3bzVx23 The file may have not been saved correctly due to it being an external hard drive. We've had reports here on the forums previously that files being saved to network/external locations do not always save correctly and their data may be corrupted, especially if the network/external drive is disconnected whilst Affinity is open. Depending on your computers power settings, when you left the file open overnight and the computer on (I assume locked or in standby mode?) the drive may have disconnected temporarily as USB power is not continuously provided in certain 'sleep' modes, and this may have caused the file to corrupt. Could this be an option?
  4. Dan C

    Crash After opening any File

    Hi jhzg, Welcome to the forums Could you please provide me with your log files from %APPDATA%\Affinity\Designer\1.0\CrashReports? Please double check that your GPU drivers are up to date, as this is usually what causes crashing within Affinity when leading documents.
  5. Dan C

    Tab Command

    Hi Nevett, Welcome to the forums Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Could you please open Affinity>Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts then change the second dropdown on the left to View. Scroll to the bottom of the list, is Toggle UI still set to tab? If not, I'd recommend clearing all shortcuts using the aptly named option here. If this does not help, you may need to reset Affinity to its default settings. You can reset your app back to its default settings by holding down the CTRL key while launching the app. When the Clear User Data window appears, click Select All and then Clear. The app will now open. Be aware that resetting your app back to its default settings will lose any custom settings such as keyboard shortcuts and brushes etc. To backup such settings before resetting the app, please watch our Affinity - Exporting User Settings and Keyboard Shortcuts video.
  6. Thanks for confirming that, could you possibly provide me a copy of the file also, so I can test with the same file open? This can be uploaded to the below link- https://www.dropbox.com/request/Uaj7Z5I85KNeYR7IQJ5m Please do let me know how your testing goes as I'm still unable to replicate this unfortunately! In terms of artifacting on your display, in my experience this is usually hardware or driver related to your graphics card. I have seen similar described 'blocks of colour' on a Windows machine before with an old Nvidia graphics card that was overheating, and again on a different system when the card was being stress tested. In the latter example, uninstalling all Nvidia drivers and re-installing them fixed the issue, however it may be hardware related so your results may vary. I'd recommend running a stress and health test on your hardware when possible, as well as updating/reinstalling your graphics drivers
  7. Hi 77rtoip, Welcome to the forums Thanks for your report, I've managed to replicate this bug and I'll get it logged with our developers. I can also confirm that having Edit > Preferences > User Interface > Show Selection in Layers Panel ticked also causes this issue, thanks @carl123. Hopefully this will be fixed shortly, my apologies for any inconveniences in the meantime.
  8. Dan C

    Affinity Designer does not close

    Hi gyan1 Please do let us know if the provided solution does not help, as deleting the contents of your temp folder (procedure below) should resolve this.
  9. Dan C

    Font Selection DropDown crashes AD

    Hi deeds Thanks for your report, we've seen this issue before and it is usually caused by a high resolution monitor or a specific font installed. Are you using a 4k/5k monitor? If so, do you have your monitor settings set to 'More Space' under System Preferences>Display? If you change it to Native (or scaled) and repeat your workflow, does the app still crash? If not, this is a bug we're aware of and working to fix. If the app still crashes, do you have many custom fonts/a font manager installed? If so, could you provide me with these font names, or upload them to the link below? https://www.dropbox.com/request/YzX8b00O5pU3SoGqIC0P
  10. Dan C

    Keyboard Shortcuts saving do not work.

    Thanks for confirming that, I've set the same shortcuts you've described on my Mac and will continue to use the program for a few hours to see if I can replicate the settings reverting knowing the provided info and update this thread with my findings
  11. Dan C

    HSV/Reflect inconsistency

    Hi dmstraker Thanks for your report, there certainly does seem to be an issue with HSV checked when using certain blend modes. Are you seeing similar to my recording below?
  12. Dan C

    Keyboard Shortcuts saving do not work.

    Hi andrewmarch Thanks for your report. I've tried replicating this and can't currently. Could you please confirm, did you experience any crashing or force quit behaviour after setting your shortcuts? It may be that Affinity crashed during your work and did not save the keyboard shortcut change, and therefore reverted back to Print. Could you please also check that the shortcut has been set for both the Pixel and Draw persona? As they can function independently you may have CMD+P set to print in the Pixel persona still, but not in Draw.
  13. Hi debraspicher Thanks for your report, we're aware of an issue currently in Designer on Windows where stroke width is printed incorrectly on a rotated object and our devs are working to fix it. I'll update their log with this thread, in the meantime it appears as though changing the join type does workaround this issue and I'll let our devs know this also, another option is to export to PDF and print this externally. Apologies for any inconveniences caused whilst we fix this.
  14. Hi Christopher O'Toole I can see in your screen recording that the opacity of the inpainting brush is set to 0%, hence the inpainting tool is having no effect. Please reset the opacity back to 100% and you will find the brush should work correctly! I'm moving this thread to Questions, as it isn't a bug in the software
  15. Hi Truenoverde, Welcome to the forums Could you please provide a screenshot of the print settings you're using within Affinity?