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  1. Hi marieanne, Welcome to the forums Text objects and Images / pixel layers are separate in Affinity, meaning they can't be combined but you can overlay text over an image. Could you please expand further on the result you're looking for?
  2. Hi Jeremy Bohn I'll allow it, but I don't like it... This is a bug that has been reported previously, I'll bump the development log with your thread now! Thanks for letting me know, I'm not certain why these have different titles, I've logged this with our developers for a fix
  3. We have no issue with our customers mentioning and recommending software to others, I appreciate your hesitance here but provided you aren't trying to sell the software or providing a referral link etc then you're welcome to name any software you deem is relevant to the discussion (apart from Ad**e, the lesser mentioned the better )
  4. Hi amourito, Welcome to the forums Unfortunately I don't personally use Instagram, however the following webpage provides lots of information regarding pixel size and aspect ratio for IG posts! https://louisem.com/37587/whats-the-best-instagram-image-size
  5. Thanks for that, what SVG export settings are you using please?
  6. Thanks for that kprice This does look a little odd, but it's not something that I can replicate nor is it related to this issue, I suspect it's a glitch in mouse pointer detection when taking a screenshot (assumedly using the Windows snipping tool). Your PDF is failing to export due to 2 separate objects, on page 7 & page 10. The text objects, circled below, both have a very strange decoration applied to them, as they both have a Textured Line style applied to them as a decoration, with a Linear Gradient fill, one end of which has artificial noise and a mitre setting of 1.414. Were these decorations intentionally added? Removing the decorations from these two text objects will allow your PDF to export correctly, I'm not 100% certain on why this combination is causing the export to fail but I've logged it with our developers as a bug now
  7. Hi hdb AFAIK there's no automatic option for this currently, Masters are always applied at the bottom of your layer stack by default. However you can manually move the whole master 'layer' on each spread to be at the top of the layers stack, this will ensure the Master Page objects are always drawn on top.
  8. Dan C

    Green Screen

    Hi MalcolmDaniels, Welcome to the forums Do you have an adblocker active on your iMac/within your browser? I've had another customer report that all videos were green, until he disabled his adblocker and all videos appear correctly.
  9. Dan C

    Batch Tone Map

    Hi TMX Photo I'm glad to hear it! Unfortunately the tone mapping process can't be recorded in a macro, therefore it cannot be used in a batch process operation at this time, my apologies. I'll move this thread to our Feedback section of the forums for our devs to see and consider
  10. Hi Worlok Unfortunately not, any effect like this would have to be achieved manually, my apologies.
  11. Hi rhinoxnation This is a known bug with selection refinement in a macro, it's with our development team to be repaired so I'll bump the thread with your report now. In the meantime, as R C-R has mentioned, unticking the refine option in the macro will stop the crashing- many thanks!
  12. Hi imamdwt Could you please provide a copy of your .afdesign file to the following link so I can look into this for you? https://www.dropbox.com/request/mfuWQjBAQQeOW5VPgcsx
  13. Grazie per aver confermato che, purtroppo, Publsiher al momento non supporta le note a piè di pagina e le note finali, speriamo di aggiungere questa funzionalità in un aggiornamento futuro!
  14. Hi PixelPest Could you please create a new thread in the bugs section so our QA team can investigate this? Thanks in advance!
  15. No problem at all, thanks for your file I've tried to replicate this using both the .tiff file and a saved .afphoto file, on both Mac and Windows and I'm not seeing the same behaviour here. Are you using Mac or Windows please? Could you please provide a crash log, if one is available?