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  1. Following the release of Affinity 2.2, our team have discovered an issue on macOS where using the scroll bar to right-hand side of the canvas, or showing/hiding the UI (TAB key shortcut) can stop the app from displaying certain selections, highlights or document properties until the user zooms over the document, forcing a re-draw of the canvas. This includes, but is not limited to; Bounding Boxes Text Selection Text Flow Indicators Text Caret ("I" beam) Our team are aware of this issue and we're working to resolve it as soon as possible. Unfortunately there's no way to stop this issue from triggering when using the above 2 methods, however simply zooming over the canvas should return the missing UI elements.
  2. Following the release of macOS Sonoma, our team have identified an issue with setting custom keyboard shortcuts within the Affinity apps. These shortcuts can be correctly added under Settings > Shortcuts as expected, however using any custom shortcuts will not invoke the action they are assigned to. This has been logged with our development team and we're working to resolve this issue as soon as possible - unfortunately we're not aware of any workaround at this time, though the default shortcuts will still continue to function correctly.
  3. Please keep this thread on-topic for the users experiencing crashing issues in Affinity, so that our team can assist these users in the easiest and most clear-cut way. If you wish to discuss the ~lock~ files themselves, or the contents of the aforementioned FAQ, then I suggest creating a new thread. Many thanks
  4. Welcome to the Affinity Forums @EEN Thanks for providing these file for me! I can see a few interesting things from these; Your AMD driver is 3 years old, and is a known pre-release driver that can cause crashing behaviour. Please see the following AMD guide on how to remove and update this driver - https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/faq/56879-1-00 "AcerRegistrationBackGroundTask.exe" is crashing often on your PC - this may be unrelated but as that app is using .NET runtime (which Affinity also uses), its possible that the background crash of the Acer.exe is affecting the Affinity app. You may want to investigate this issue and remove the offending app if no longer required. I suspect that removing and updating the AMD driver issue should resolve this for you, as the behaviour you have described sounds like an issue between Affinity and your driver - but should you still be having trouble after completing this, please do let me know and we can assist further!
  5. Many thanks for providing these for me and my apologies for the delayed response! I've tried exporting your spread here and I'm not seeing the same issue, Though this may be due to the following: I'm missing resource "5B10 top.afphoto" which is the file where this issue occurs in your exported PDF I'm unsure of your current PDF export settings Can you please upload a copy of the aforementioned document to the same Dropbox link, and provide a screenshot of your PDF export settings here for me? Many thanks once again
  6. I'm sorry to hear this is continuing to crash for you on macOS - I must admit that I performed my tests on Windows, though as I was seeing the same initial error, I had assumed the same resolution would be compatible on macOS. I've manually deleted the Inline PDF from the Layers Studio for the Master B page and saved this document as a new file. Using Dropbox, I'll send a copy of this file for you now, which will hopefully stop the crashing on your mac - please do let me know
  7. Vielen Dank, dass Sie das bereitgestellt haben! Ich entschuldige mich für den kleinen Übersetzungsfehler Unser Team empfiehlt, nur von lokalen Standorten aus zu arbeiten und dann ein Duplikat Ihrer Datei zur Sicherung auf einem externen Speichergerät zu speichern. Dies sollte niemals Auswirkungen auf die Darstellung Ihrer Dokumente haben. Stattdessen empfehlen wir, nicht mit externen USB-Geräten zu arbeiten, da dies gelegentlich zu unerwünschten Beschädigungen in Affinity-Dateien führen kann. Können Sie in Bezug auf die unter „Performance“ angezeigten Einstellungen bitte die Einstellung „Retina-Rendering“ auf „Hohe Qualität (langsamste)“ ändern, dann die App neu starten und Ihr Dokument erneut öffnen? Verhindert dies bitte, dass das Problem auftritt?
  8. Unfortunately there's no setting to change the default behaviour of Groups currently - as Walt mentions this is expected to use the 'Passthrough' blend mode, though can then be manually changed by the user as required. There is an internal improvement request to allow the user to change the default blend mode used when Grouping, so I'll be sure to add your 'vote' to this now. I hope this helps
  9. I can confirm our team have replicated this issue here and it stems from the same failure of reading these installed ICC profiles correctly. I've covered this further in the below FAQ - Both issues are logged with our team and we're working to resolve these ASAP
  10. Welcome to the Affinity Forums @Guntis & I'm sorry to see you're having trouble! Thanks for providing a copy of your file and screen recording - I'm not seeing the same issue here currently, though I do note the PDF document opens using a Colour Profile I have not seen before ("sRGB2014") Can you please navigate to Affinity Designer 2 > Settings > Colour and provide a screenshot of your settings here for me? What Colour Profile are you using for your monitor, set within macOS settings please? Many thanks in advance
  11. Many thanks for providing that for me and the further information - I can see a similar issue has been logged with our development team previously so I'm going to 'bump' this now with your thread/file, to bring it to the teams attention once again. I hope this helps
  12. Thanks for your report @iconoclast, As the above link shows, this is definitely a bug within 2.2 and has been logged with our team to be resolved asap I hope this helps!
  13. Hi @QuinnTheHuman, Welcome to the Affinity Forums & sorry to hear you're having trouble! Can you please confirm for me: If you use File > New to create a new file, does the app also crash? What location are you trying to open this file from? (ie local folder, Cloud sync'd folder, external USB device etc) If you move the file location, for example to your Desktop, does the crash continue to occur? I'd also like to request some further information from you to try and determine the cause of this crash. Firstly, please open Windows Run (Windows Key + R) then paste the following string, depending on which Windows version you have installed, and press OK: Affinity MSIX - %USERPROFILE%\.affinity\Photo\2.0\ Affinity EXE - %appdata%\Affinity\Photo\2.0\ In the window that opens, please select log.txt, then attach this to your reply here. Secondly, in the same folder as above, please open CrashReports and then reports - if any reports have been generated, they will be found here. Please attach the latest 3 .DMP reports from this folder. Finally, I'd like to request a copy of your event viewer log, to generate this please do the following. 1. Open Windows Run (Windows Key + R) and type the following - eventvwr 2. In the window that opens, select the Windows Logs drop-down list on the left and then Applications 3. With the Applications logs selected, navigate to the right side of the window and select Save All Events As... and save them as .evtx (the default option). 4. Attach this saved file to your reply here. Can you also please confirm that none of the following apps are installed on your PC? Your reply should hopefully include the log.txt, the 3 most recent .DMP crash reports, and the .evtx event viewer log. Many thanks in advance!
  14. Thanks for verifying that for me! Our team has investigated this further and I can confirm we're seeing the same issue here - which appears to occur after updating to macOS Sonoma. I've logged this as a bug with our team and we're working to resolve this ASAP. I hope this helps
  15. Welcome to the Affinity Forums @mancillaanxelli & sorry to hear you're having trouble! Can you please confirm for me, what location are you saving/loading to? Is this a local Folder, a Cloud Sync'd location, an external USB device etc? If you save/load the document from your Desktop, does the same issue occur? Are you running any Cloud backup apps or Antivirus software, which may be scanning your files actively etc? Many thanks in advance
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