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  1. Hi @kyleol, Welcome to the forums I've checked this here and it appears as though these brushes are working correctly for me. Could you please provide a screenshot of your brush settings? Are you using a pressure sensitive brush? Which Tool did you use to draw these strokes please? Unfortunately I'm not 100% certain what you mean by 'sensitive to Wacom tablet slide' - could you please expand on this for me? Many thanks in advance!
  2. As an addition to this, our developers have asked to know a little more information: What is your workflow within Photoshop for this type of PNG? (ie what is the document composed of, and what export settings did you use?) What application are you colour picking the transparency in, where you are given colour values? We ask as thus far we've been unable to produce a PNG from PS with the 'white' alpha, so perhaps we're missing an important step
  3. No problem at all! The 'Canvas' is the working area of the document in any Affinity app, this is also referred to as your page/spread. This canvas is not locked down to any size and can be edited, enlarged or shrunk at any time during editing, regardless of the canvas preset size that was chosen when creating the document. The canvas size is controlled by 2 things, physical size and DPI. Any placed/linked/embedded layers in Affinity will have no control over the canvas size, regardless of this layers size or DPI. I hope this clears things up
  4. Thanks for letting me know and I'm sorry to hear this - I've enabled this Gsync notification but it doesn't appear to show for me when in the app, with my cursor focused on the canvas or the UI. It's possible that your drivers are outdated and this may be causing the slight 'lag' you're seeing - please visit the Nvidia website and download the latest version of the driver. During installation we recommend selecting 'Clean install' as this will remove any old driver versions that are installed on your PC. Please note doing this will clear your Nvidia Control Panel settings, so please make sure to take note of your preferences here before running the 'clean install'. If this doesn't help, a screen recording showing the issue would certainly be appreciated
  5. Glad to hear this! The choice is yours, the beta contains new features and optimisations (as well of course as bug fixes) however as it's a beta version we don't recommend doing any critical work, the below is from the beta post - we strongly recommend that you do not use this beta for real work as data could be lost and the files you save are not guaranteed to open in previous or future versions of Affinity Publisher. We hope to soon be able to release this version to the retail build, however we have no steadfast date currently. I hope this helps
  6. Hi @CommandoBambi, Welcome to the forums I've spoken with our developers regarding this and unfortunately it's not possible currently to change Affinitys behaviour to match PS, my apologies. However they did mention a possibility of adding an option to export that would include any 0% transparency layers (as these are currently not included when exporting for streamline purposes). This would allow you to add a white, 0% opacity layer to the background of your image and then this would allow you to replicate the same results as PS. I will log this as an improvement with our devs now, I hope this helps!
  7. Hi @lapinobel, Welcome to the forums I personally use a GTX 1070 with Gsync enabled and I'm not seeing the same issues in Affinity apps - you should find that the following Gsync settings work as expected for you: Does changing your Gsync settings to match the above affect your Affinity app, or does this continue to work correctly?
  8. Hi @Robin Gurney, Sorry to hear you're having trouble! I can confirm this is a known issue on Big Sur and has recently been fixed in our latest beta versions. I have seen confirmation of this in Designer, but not in Publisher yet. Can you please download the beta from the below link and install this alongside your retail version (so that you have 2 versions of Publisher installed), then try exporting your PDF from the beta? Many thanks in advance
  9. I believe this may be the known issue with the Pen/Pencil tool in Designer when drawing multiple lines in quick succession, which has been fixed in the latest 1.9 beta and we hope to release to retail shortly
  10. Hallo @lumiere Willkommen in den Foren Wenn das Zurücksetzen nicht funktioniert, lassen Sie es uns bitte wissen und wir können dies für Sie weiter untersuchen!
  11. Unfortunately not, drag and dropping objects will place these into your document as new layers and not replace any existing layers. As far as I know, the Replace Document dialog is the best way of doing this in Affinity, my apologies!
  12. Hi @Barry Gall, Welcome to the forums Sorry to hear you're having trouble! Unfortunately I'm not 100% certain of the issue you're having currently - could you please provide a quick screen recording of the steps you're taking? If you're unsure how to take a screen recording, please check out our FAQ linked below - Many thanks in advance!
  13. Hi @Hadriscus, Your first screenshot shows 'Master B' being created at A5, then you second screenshot shows 'Master A' at a different size. Can you please check the size of Master B and let me know if this is showing as an A5 sheet for you? It's likely that this document was originally created as A4 and likely resized to A5, as the 'Master A' (which is generated when creating the file) would have been for a double spread (ie 2 pages) at A4 size. The document that you've uploaded here shows that only one master page is available, albeit at the incorrect size. You can select this Master Page, then navigate to File > Spread Setup, here you can change the dimensions for the Master Page. However - I have tried these steps on the document you've provided and I can certainly see that the Master page is not updating as it should! I'm unable to create a new document that exhibits the same issue though, as in any new document the above workflow can be followed and you're even warned that the master page no longer matches the spread size. Can you recall the last few steps taken with this file, specifically in regards to the Master Page?
  14. Hi @ChrisPubl, Welcome to the forums Usually the Affinity apps will use any installed profiles from ColourSync within the application, however there is a known bug currently on Big Sur that causes this to fail, as described below - Whilst our developers work to resolve this issue, you can use File > Import ICC Profile to manually add any colour profiles into Affinity Photo. I hope this helps!
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