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  1. Of all the options I tried, I hadn't considered disabling the embedding as other software was able to read it correctly... how strange! Thanks MikeW, I'll look into why this might be happening
  2. Hi Tapatio Unfortunately Affinity does not yet have the black point eydropper, although it has been previously requested here. You can usually achieve a similar effect using a Levels adjustment (CTRL + L) and a Curves adjustment (CTRL + M) but it will need to be done manually.
  3. No problem at all, please do let me know as it's certainly a head scratcher!
  4. Dan C

    Fonts not being deleted when added from settings

    I've tried multiple orders, turns out it's not the order they've being imported but how they're being deleted! I can see from your video that you're using the delete icon, which works correctly when the font has been imported correctly, but clearly does not update the list when the fonts have imported with the aforementioned error . I had not previously replicated this as I use a slightly different method to delete the font. You can swipe on each font from right to left, a 'half swipe' will show a red delete icon and a full swipe will delete the font outright. This is the way I delete fonts from the list (as I find a full swipe to be quickest) and using this method the font is successfully removed first time. Deleting Fonts.MP4 I've updated our developer log with this info, hope it helps!
  5. I too am still receiving the same error. I've checked every setting and even tried forcing ICC profiles on export, from Photo and then moved through to Designer, including converting to a different colour space, then back to CMYK and rasterising the layer. No matter what, Allied Media will not detect the profile correctly, however I believe this is down to their software and not our export. In each of my tests, as I've shown above, various different programs show both the image and the PDF to be the correct colour space. Irfan Viewer: Acrobat Pro: Illustrator: And Affinity Designer opening the PDF: I've got no idea why Allied Media is not detecting this as CMYK, as in every other instance it is being read correctly. I'd recommend using Affinity Photo to export your image as a JPEG (checking you've set up CMYK of course!) and then using Allied's Design studio. Instead of uploading a PDF you can select 'Design Now' and use a blank template of theirs, upload your image and crop it, then arrange on the card as you wish!
  6. For the time being you can switch on a Zoom functionality for your iPad. Under General > Accessibility there is the option to enable 'Zoom'. (You may already know about this so apologies if I'm teaching you to suck eggs!) Here you can enable a Zoom gesture which works anywhere on your iPad, as an on-screen magnifier. Once the option has been enabled, simply double tap with three fingers on screen to bring up the magnifier. Triple tap with three fingers to bring up further settings for the magnifier, such as zoom level and lens size. You can use this tool to magnifier the text in the help files of Affinity, I appreciate it is not as intuitive as pinch-zooming but I hope it is a viable workaround for now
  7. Dan C

    Fonts not being deleted when added from settings

    No problem at all, glad to hear you have it sorted now!
  8. Dan C

    Fonts not being deleted when added from settings

    Thanks for that. I've been able to replicate this issue, I'm not so certain as to why this is happening with your font family provided, as I don't get the same results with others. Unfortunately I can't replicate the deletion issue, ever font I've installed so far (even when the list didn't update) is able to be deleted and does not show in my font list, even after re-starting Designer. Please see my video below showing the fonts list not updating with your fonts. Font List Not Updating.MP4 And this quick video showing another family being installed and the list updating as it should. Font List Updating.MP4 I'll get this issue logged with our devs now, thanks for helping us here
  9. Hi glancep, Welcome to the forums Unfortunately there isn't currently an option to change the temporary data folder within Affinity. Even if the program is installed on a different drive from boot, the temp files will be written wherever your %appdata% is set through Windows, which is usually always the boot drive. You can change this setting in Windows, but you then may need to re-install Affinity for the changes to take place, and do bear in mind this will therefore change your app data for all other programs on your system. There is the option to create a symbolic link between the Affinity appdata folder and a location on a separate drive, but this may slow down the program and it has not been tested internally and therefore you may experience oddities with the software.
  10. Hi meitnik Unfortunately we don't have a PDF version of the help guide. I'll pass your comments through to our documentation team to ensure we do all we can to make Affinity accessible to everyone.
  11. Dan C

    Blocky & Slow

    Hi PrinceVultan, Welcome to the forums Is the slow/blocky issue only appearing when working in one specific document, or across any image edits? I see no issues with your spec laptop, are your graphics drivers up to date? Please check this list and ensure none of this software is running in the background. Your software may need re-setting to defaults, you can reset your app back to its default settings by holding down the CTRL key while launching the app. When the Clear User Data window appears, click Select All and then Clear. Be aware that resetting your app back to its default settings will lose any custom settings such as keyboard shortcuts and brushes etc. To backup such settings before resetting the app, please watch our Affinity - Exporting User Settings and Keyboard Shortcuts video.
  12. Dan C

    Fonts not being deleted when added from settings

    I've downloaded a full font family called Mesmerize from 1001fonts.com and uploaded them to my iCloud. I then followed your above steps and installed the fonts from iCloud into designer. I selected all 80 fonts at once and imported them in bulk. The list updated almost instantly, showing all 80 fonts and allowing me to delete them if desired. Could you possibly send the .ttf flies in a .zip directly to me through my profile? I will only use them for this reason and delete the files completely once finished, as I too do not wish to violate copyright. @Yezzzzzz I've downloaded 7 fonts from the link you provided and I've imported them using the aforementioned method of iCloud. All 7 imported correctly as below; are you seeing an error message when trying to import the fonts on your end?
  13. I've recreated this issue on a newer iPad that supports P3, interestingly enough if you export the image back to Photos then it is still correct, meaning the gamut is not being clipped but it is not being displayed correctly in the app. I have informed our developers of this and I'll have this thread moved to our bugs section of the forum. EDIT: Having spoken to our developers I've been informed the iPad version doesn't currently support P3 display. The colour profile is available such that your colours are not clipped if working on a P3 document as I mentioned above. We support P3 display on compatible iMacs, so this is something we may bring to the iPad version in the future.
  14. I'll look into it, thanks MEB
  15. Strange, the option was not appearing for me earlier with the pen tool selected after I checked this function was switched off... back to the drawing board for me today!