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  1. Thanks for your report @Dennison - this is marked as fixed in 2.0.4, which has just been released. Please update to the latest version and let us know if this issue continues for you
  2. Honestly, I'm not certain. I don't believe any of the URLs will have changed with our restructure, as the forums simply use /topic/XXXXXX-TOPIC-NAME, regardless of where the thread is actually located, so that they will always resolve correctly. Apologies, although the Questions from the V1 cycle were moved to an Archived section, I'm referring to our decision not to create a separate 'V2 only' Questions section, instead allowing these to be mixed V1 & V2, albeit in a new Questions section.
  3. Thanks for updating us here, though I'm sorry to hear of this new issue. I'm going to need some sample files to test further - are you able to provide a copy of your .afpub, and screenshots of your export settings to the below link for me? https://www.dropbox.com/request/2YjkOAdIEwHj3yrsPC0p Many thanks in advance!
  4. Welcome to the Affinity forums @Psychoduke & sorry to hear you're having trouble. At the time of the above posts, the only resolution we could offer was to uninstall the Windows updates, to stop the specific crashes that were occuring due to changes in these updates. Since these posts, we released V1.10.6 for Windows, which resolved these crashes and allows for the latest Windows updates to be installed, without issue. If you aren't using 1.10.6, then I'd recommend updating to this version from the following link - https://store.serif.com/update/windows/publisher/1/ If you are using 1.10.6, then the crashes you're experiencing are almost certainly due to other reasons than those explained above & will require further investigation by our team. If so, please create a new thread from the below link and our team will be sure to assist ASAP. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/5-affinity-on-desktop-questions-macos-and-windows/&do=add I hope this clears things up.
  5. Hi @nicanorrr, Thanks for your report and our sincerest apologies for the delayed response here. We are exceptionally busy following the release of V2 and we thank you for your continued patience and understanding here. I can confirm I've replicated this issue here with your files and I'm logging this with our developers now. (AFB-7182) In my testing, I had this issue occur once, which seemed to occur following an 'undo' command after updating your TOC - though I haven't been able to replicate this again yet. Out of interest, do you notice this occurs for you following an attempted undo, or when using other tools/features? This will likely be file specific, if you have any files that show this issue can you please attach them here for me? I haven't been able to replicate this in my testing, but if you find a reproducible workflow for this, please do let us know! ____________________________________ Thanks for the further reports here @MikeTO, I can confirm the following: Replicated & logged, I'm pretty sure this is the same cause of the issue reported by OP (AFB-7182/AFB-7183) Replicated & logged (AFB-7184) Replicated & logged (AFB-7185) Replicated & logged (AFB-7186) There are a few issues already logged with our development team regarding this, especially regarding files becoming out of sync, or opening in a 'read-only' state incorrectly & I will be updating these reports with the information here now. (AFB-6837/AFB-7008) I've tried replicating this, though thus far I've been unsuccessful - I appreciate you can't provide a sample document, but are you able to recall the exact steps being taken? ________________________________________________ Thanks for your feedback here and we're certainly sorry to hear work has been lost due to this - as above our developers are working on resolving these issues ASAP
  6. Hi @Max1113, Thanks for your report and our sincerest apologies for the delayed response here. We are exceptionally busy following the release of V2 and we thank you for your continued patience and understanding here. I can confirm that the grid presets are Unit specific, meaning if your document is set to use Pixels as the measurement unit, the options shown here will differ than if you are using millimeters, or other unit types. In the files you have provided, your Photoshop document is using Pixels and the Affinity document is using Millimeters - this can be seen & changed on the Context Toolbar with the Pan (Hand) Tool selected. I hope this clears things up
  7. Thanks for your report @Old Bruce & our apologies for the delay. I can confirm I'm able to replicate this here when changing the UI from dark to light mode - it appears as though the background colour for the Studio is 'cached' when the app is launched, so launching in dark mode and switching to light mode retains the dark mode background colour for the studio. Launching in light UI and switching to dark retains the incorrect grey background for the studio. For both of these, restarting the app clears the cache and then the correct colours are shown for the studios. I'll be logging this with our team now
  8. Hi @max1josef, Thanks for your report and our sincerest apologies for the delayed response here. We are exceptionally busy following the release of V2 and we thank you for your continued patience and understanding here. As confirmed by my colleague in the referenced thread above, and by myself here - For this reason, you will need to change the shortcut keys for your keyboard language currently, though this is logged as an improvement with our development team for automatic language detection and alternate shortcut presets to be considered in a future update. I can confirm this is expected behaviour, as the 0-9 numerical keys along the top of the keyboard are set to the Opacity Quick Keys shortcut, as described here: https://affinity.help/photo2/English.lproj/index.html?page=pages/Layers/layerOpacity.html?title=Layer opacity These shortcuts can't be disabled or changed, therefore any custom shortcut you set will need to use the numpad - else you are invoking the opacity shortcut. I hope this clears things up!
  9. Interesting, as I can still navigate to and view the thread - both as a moderator and a 'guest' (not-signed in) user: However I can see that this is now not appearing in search results currently - I suspect this is the forum updating it's cache since we've only just made changes to these threads, but I'll continue to monitor this going forward. As above, these threads should all now be visible - but I can see they are not included in search results currently. This was discussed internally, but as there are users of Affinity V1 who are choosing to remain on this version, we need an area of the forums where new issues can be reported - for example if an OS update breaks the apps expected behaviour (such as the recent font search crash on Windows), and the V2 section would not be the place for this - therefore these threads were left as 'editable' by all users. As I understand it, 'Questions' was not split into 2 forums/sub-forums, as most, if not all, of the Questions asked and answered for V1 are applicable for V2 and vice-versa (unlike bugs, which is important to be distinctly version specific), so we decided that having all 'Questions' in one forum was probably best - but we're always looking at ways to improve this going forward. We only have a limited number of technical support & QA staff, in my opinion this wouldn't benefit our ability to provide support in a timely manner, as it would mean 'spreading out' the team across multiple forums, which is not ideal with the resources we have currently - but perhaps this is something we may look to from V3 onwards
  10. Hi @Pyanepsion, Thanks for your report! I can confirm this is expected behaviour, as Affinity Publisher uses the underline styles that are provided by the font - whereas other apps essentially add a 'fake' underline, which can be controlled with more options than the font itself supports. We'd recommend using Decorations for this level of control in Publisher and not font underlining. Apologies, I may be missing something here - at the end of the last paragraph in Word, there is a line break & this is also shown when pasting or placing the Word file into Publisher, and I can't see any other line breaks in the last paragraph in your Publisher document provided. Can you please expand on this for me? I can confirm I'm able to replicate this issue here and have logged it with our developers. I hope this helps
  11. Apologies for the delayed response here all - I can confirm our team are aware of issues with Boolean operations on text objects converted to curves and our team are working to resolve this ASAP. I will be sure to update our development log with this thread now and we offer our apologies for any inconveniences caused due to this in the meantime. I hope this helps!
  12. Just to verify, we've made these changes and this appears to be working as expected for me here - please let me know if you spot any issues with these changes
  13. Hi @Rowanfreemaker, Thanks for your report and our sincerest apologies for the delayed response here. We are exceptionally busy following the release of V2 and we thank you for your continued patience and understanding here. Are you able to provide crash reports from Publisher, as SrPx described above? Can you also please open Publisher then navigate to Edit > Preferences > Performance and provide a screenshot of your settings here for me? Many thanks in advance!
  14. I can confirm that the warning message shown will vary, depending on the state of the corrupted file. If some information is present, but not all, you may see a 'File appears to be truncated (shorter than expected)' warning, however I can see you've confirmed in your thread linked that the file being saved/opened is 0kb in size. With no information saved to the file, the Affinity app can't determine the type of file being opened, and therefore this error message is shown. However of course we're certainly sorry to hear this occurred with your file, and we offer our sincerest apologies for any work lost due to this. Our team are aware of issues caused by saving/opening files from Cloud locations and we have been investigating this further internally, however I believe this issue stems from the way that Affinity loads and retains files, prioritizing speed - meaning a fix may require changing the file i/o for all apps, on all platforms - which as you can imagine is unfortunately no small task.
  15. Thanks for your report @MikeTO, I can confirm I've replicated this issue and I've logged it with our team, as well as a few other inconsistencies between macOS and Windows with the Text Frame Studio and objects from a master. I hope this helps
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