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  1. Hi @Vixi, Welcome to the forums I'm sorry to hear this! Can you please confirm for me, does the app open at all for you, and then crash when creating/opening a document - or does it crash before loading? If you could provide a screen recording showing what's happening we can assist further. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi @konstantnnn, Sorry to hear you're having trouble - I've forwarded this thread to our developers for further investigation, hopefully they will be able to repair this file - I'll be sure to respond here as soon as I hear back from them
  3. Hi @CC CreationZ, Welcome to the forums and I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble! I haven't yet heard of this being reported for version 1.8.4 - so it's possibly system specific. Could you please provide a screenshot/screen recording showing the issue you're referring to? Many thanks in advance
  4. I've had a response from Adam, one of our Publisher devs, who confirmed the below; "All of our Windows printing goes through Windows GDI to the driver which only supports RGB. Whether or not the driver can send CMYK data to the printer is irrelevant." Windows GDI only supports RGB, and I've found an article from Corel where this is explained in further detail - https://www.corel.com/content/pdf/cdgsx5/Color_Management_Guide.pdf Patrick (Head QA) is also correct. To get true CMYK printing you need to use a Postscript printer/driver but we don't currently support Postscript Passthrough on Windows. The link provided by the user in the other thread (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/print/supporting-cmyk-color-space) is related to drivers. So, Adam is saying that if the driver supported CMYK the data it would receive from our app through Windows GDI would still be RGB. If you export to PDF, a pro printer will be able to print to CMYK. This works by default on macOS because Apple use Postscript for printing and we simply use the OS printing API. You might also find our Affinity Spotlight article on this interesting - https://affinityspotlight.com/article/designing-for-professional-printing/ I hope this clears things up - as someone relatively uninitiated in printers & drivers this has been an interesting learning experience for me
  5. Hi @marvelustees, Welcome to the forums It sounds like you're trying to follow a tutorial video - could you please link this here so we're aware of the feature/brush you're looking for? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi @Matthew Banaszak, Welcome to the forums! Please do let us know if any of the above doesn't help and you're still unable to use Styles
  7. Hi @Que, Unfortunately Affinity Photo doesn't have any direct replacements for these filters in Photoshop - depending on the effect you want to achieve you can likely do this manually. We do hope to add these types of filters in the future, however we have no timescale for this currently, my apologies!
  8. @SourBeerFan Apologies for the delayed response - I'm unfortunately still unable to replicate this here! Could you please provide a screenshot showing your workflow and issue here? many thanks!
  9. I've bumped this again with our developers and included a link to the forum post above - unfortunately there's no further updates regarding this issue I can provide currently, my apologies for any inconveniences caused.
  10. Sorry to hear this! Could you please provide a screen recording showing this? Including your methods for duplicating the brush etc. Many thanks
  11. My sincerest apologies for the delayed response here! I can certainly see the issue here, but I'm not able to replicate it yet. Just to confirm your setup; I have the JPEG file provided, and I have zipped this into a .zip file. I then open that .zip and without extracting I double click the JPEG to view it in 'Photos' the Windows 10 preview app. Now, I right click on the image preview and select copy, then select any page in Publisher and CTRL+V (Paste). Is that correct? Using this above workflow, with your image and document and I'm still unable to replicate this, my apologies. Could you please provide a screen recording of your workflow that causes this? Many thanks in advance!
  12. I'm very sorry to hear that - for some users the new Win Tab is not working as expected, however running the above flag has resolved these issues - I've not heard of it stopping pressure from being recorded. What tablet are you using here please? Version 1.8.4 was in beta for months before release and was tested both internally by our QA team and externally - unfortunately with such a 'wide net' of users with drawing tablets, it's essentially impossible for us to test every tablet on every system type & setup - so there's bound to be issues for certain customers, as with any piece of software.
  13. Apologies for the delayed response here @thomaso - I can confirm your main 'parent' file is with our developers and once I receive a response I'll be sure to update you here
  14. Hi @Lisi, Thanks for your email and I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble. Can you please confirm for me, if you select this text on one Mac, then transfer the file and select the same text on your other Mac - does the font name appear the same? What font is 'changing' when transferring the document? Can you possibly provide a copy of this .afdesign file and a screenshot of how it appears on both Macs? Many thanks in advance!
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