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  1. Hi @arachiya, Welcome to the Affinity Forums The FAQ linked above is referring to the 'Legacy Plus Range', which is what we use to group together the older Serif software, such as PagePlus, DrawPlus etc. Unfortunately we cannot provide support for the PagePlus software here on the Affinity forums - however as John mentions above there are ways to convert and import PPX documents into the new Affinity range. You can find a link to the aforementioned Publisher trial below - https://affinity.serif.com/publisher/trial I hope this clears things up!
  2. Salut @Jean-Pierre Huguet Bienvenue sur les forums d'affinité Malheureusement, il n'y a pas d'option directe pour convertir tout votre texte en 100% K 'Black', mes excuses. Cependant, vous pouvez rationaliser le processus en créant un échantillon de couleur ou un style de texte qui utilise 100% K, puis sélectionnez le texte que vous souhaitez modifier et appliquez. Vous pouvez en savoir plus sur ces fonctionnalités ici - Échantillons de couleurs - https://affinity.help/publisher/fr.lproj/index.html?page=pages/Panels/swatchesPanel.html?title=Sous-fenêtre Échantillons Styles de texte - https://affinity.serif.com/fr/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/337305725/ J'espère que ça aide!
  3. Hi @patrick_h_lauke, Thanks for your report! I can confirm this is a bug which is already logged with our development team, therefore I am in the process of updating the information recorded & adding a new report count to this, to bring it to our teams attention once again. I hope this helps
  4. Hi @Colin Red, I can confirm that .JPEG & .jpg are the same, as outlined here - https://kinsta.com/blog/jpg-vs-jpeg/ The reason that Affinity uses JPEG in the export dialog is that this is the file format saved on Mac (which the Affinity apps were first developed for, later adding Windows support), though when creating the actual file on Windows, a .jpg is produced for the reasons outlined in the above link. I hope this clears things up
  5. No problem at all, thank you for providing these for me! I can see from your crash reports that the Affinity app itself is not crashing, instead it is an external framework crashing (part of Windows) - From your Event Viewer, I can see that multiple apps (OverWolf, TotalAV & Affinity) are crashing due to .NET runtime errors, which is one of the aforementioned frameworks - Therefore I'd like to try running the Windows .NET repair tool, which you can download here - https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=30135 Once run, please then perform an SFC scan, as outlined here - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/use-the-system-file-checker-tool-to-repair-missing-or-corrupted-system-files-79aa86cb-ca52-166a-92a3-966e85d4094e Finally, restart your PC and try launching Affinity once again. Do the apps now load please?
  6. Hi @NotMyFault, Thanks for your report! Entering the Develop Persona, applying a Crop and then cancelling the Persona action should not apply the crop - which is the main issue here. I'm getting this logged with our developers now, as it's been previously logged for desktop, so I'm updating this to include iPad also. I hope this helps
  7. Hi @gre, Welcome to the Forums Thanks for your report! My apologies as I was slightly incorrect in the above post - the Mini 3 is not a supported model, but the Mini 2 should be. I've downloaded a sample RAW file from the Mini 2 and I'm able to replicate the incorrect colours here, therefore I am logging this with our developers now. I hope this helps!
  8. Many thanks for the further issues reported - I've been able to replicate the subtraction issue and the divide issue is already logged with our developers - so I'll be sure to log/bump these issues, as required Unfortunately we don't currently have an ETA for our next Affinity update at this time, though our head of QA has confirmed; We hope to have more information to share shortly!
  9. My sincerest apologies, this issue is still logged with our developers - we hope to have more information to share shortly.
  10. Hi @MrBen, Welcome to the Affinity Forums Unfortunately the brush cursor will always show the 'shape' of the brush nozzle, as shown in your screenshot. There is currently an 'improvement request' logged with our developers to force a basic (or none, as user choice) brush cursor, regardless of brush selected - so I will be sure to add a 'vote' to this request for you now. I hope this helps!
  11. I'm sorry to hear this, usually this occurs when a third party application is affecting the Affinity files. Can you please confirm for me, do you have any 'cleaning' applications, such as CCleaner installed on your system? Are you using any installed anti-virus apps? Please also check the following list of known software which causes issues with Affinity - Did the above suggestion for forcing Windows to use your Nvidia GPU change any of the reported behaviour? I'd like to ensure your drivers are fully up to date, for both the Nvidia & Intel GPU. Can you please download and install the latest drivers for your system, as you have tried the 'Studio' drivers from Nvidia, I recommend trying the 'Game Ready' drivers instead: - Intel: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/detect.html - Nvidia: https://www.geforce.com/drivers Once installed, please restart your system and then try editing in Affinity once again. Please do let me know how you get on here
  12. That's certainly wonderful to hear, many thanks for letting me know! Personally, I always run applications as 'Administrator' to avoid potential security conflicts, however if the app is not crashing when not running as an Administrator, it might not be required for you
  13. Hi @psfetku, Welcome to the Affinity Forums This sounds as though you had 'Apply to Selection' enabled on the Context Toolbar with the Colour Picker active - which is therefore expected behaviour and not a bug. I'm certainly sorry to hear this - can you please open the Affinity app and navigate to Edit > Preferences > Performance and provide a screenshot of your settings here for me? The blue bounding box should visually match the size of the layer you have selected. Are you able to provide a screenshot/screen recording showing the layers that have a larger bounding box than expected? Please be sure to show your Layers studio in this example, so I can better understand the documents setup. Many thanks in advance
  14. Thanks for providing that for me! I can see Affinity has access to 2 different GPUs on your system, which may be causing crashing if Windows is 'switching' the GPU in use. Can you please follow the below FAQ to force Affinity to use the RTX 3060 GPU - Just to confirm with Batch Processing, what difference does having 'Parallel Processing' disabled? Does this stop the crashing behaviour but cause the batch process to take longer? As this is expected behaviour when the option is unticked.
  15. Thank you for trying that for me! Your event viewer logs point to a potential permissions issue also - if you close the Affinity app and then right-click on the icon and select Run as Administrator, does this change the crashing behaviour? Do you by chance have any Windows System restore points to before StarNet2 was first run? I understand this app cannot be 'uninstalled' in the usual sense, but it may have affected the .NET or C runtime that Affinity uses.
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