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  1. But I need a vector, not a raster graphic. So it doesn't work here at all? Which means I cant even finish my work....
  2. no its not accurate at all, DIN A4, 300 dpi, big image, strong deformation. Edit: Added file to attachment FILE: stroke.afdesign
  3. So, I made my shape with my pen tool, I paused to correct some other nodes, went back to my shape and now I try to close this gap as shown on my image. First thing I tried was "Add new curve to selected bla bla bla", it did add a curve but it's not connected and the join / close joint is greyed out... so how do I use the pen tool on already existing nodes? ..and yes, I know, I could create ten thousand shapes + Add function and it would be a work around but I prefer to be able to modify my paths.
  4. yepp, still no knife tool... and boolean operators, especially divide, are too messy and need an overhaul. Well it seems I have to stuck with illustrator for my current project.
  5. Thanks, looks good right now... except of a few thousands unnessary nodes on my shape. Well it seems I have to wait til boolean operators get better.
  6. I want from image one to image two... The best way I found was creating my paths, expand them and divide, so i can delete everything outside the shape.... and I got image 3... that would be a damn painful lot of work to clean this mess up. Is there no better way around... or way to do it at all? Divide is a mess in this programm... and let me guess, there is no live paint bucket tool?
  7. (Attached file) right click on your desktop icon, properties and at the end of the line --legacy-wintab
  8. I draw on Pixel Persona and after a while, ca 5min of drawing it just freezes up.... . And my PC is not the issue here. Drivers are up to date and my PC is more than good enough for a couple drawings. Issue was on 1.83 and still there with the newest update. OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.18363 Build 18363 Processor AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor, 3793 Mhz, 12 Core(s), 24 Logical Processor(s) 132 GB DDR4 Ram NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
  9. how to use custom brushes in pixel persona? I did import them, they show up in designer persona but not in pixel persona. It worked before but it crashed Affinity Designer and now it doesn't.
  10. Well that was the issue. I didn't knew about this because obviously, I don't draw with my mouse and my pen doesn't have a right and left mouse button and still, by pressing my pen on my tablet and pushing the alt button i could change the brushsize for ...10minutes? then the function disappeared and now it's a colorpicker. The very reason I'm actually confused.
  11. not for me, it change spacing and shape but not the brush size And I'm aware of the shortcut PDF thing and so on, but the docs weren't really helpful
  12. Affinity Photo Okay i draw with the brush tool, hold left alt and suddenly I'm able to resize my brush? few moments later I hold alt again and now it's a color picker? Is there a way to control this random behaviour?
  13. No, I needed the white to be transparent like this: That's true. ^^ I thought, hey buy Affinity Designer, jump in and do the same stuff as in illustrator... but that doesn't seem to work quite well ^^ To be honest I couldn't quite follow your steps (maybe because english isn't my native language :D) but thanks anyway, I choosed the easier way and went back to illustrator. ^^ I try to master the pathfinder tool in Designer another time... One thing... only out of interest ...(mhh I guess this would be better to post in a new thread?) anyways, ...i guess there isn't an isolate option in Designer? Want to select a single object: But even with double click i get the whole object: (they are not grouped, ungroup is greyed out) is there any way to isolate and transform individual objects like in illustrator?
  14. How to you merge shapes in affinity designer? That's the result i did with "merge" in illustrator and like to achieve: that's the result i got with affinity designer, add and combine:
  15. Okay.... gush this is a nightmare and actually an easy task in adobe illustrator.... so, I have this two forms: and i want to cut out the upper part, like this: first thing i tried, was substract, which doesn't work at all, so i went the old way and used divide and like illustrator i got many little parts. Okay, i cut everything out and get this: and now i only need to combine those lose parts, in illustrator it's "unite". Here, we have "add" and "combine" . So, i cklick on "add"and HOLY MOLLY, what a mess: even if i select only two individual parts and try to combine them, doesn't work. ... tried combine too, but it's still loading, after 76 minutes... every time I try to cancel it with esc, the program bugs completely out. (i can click on icons but it doesn't do anything) ... So, how the heck do I divide and combine my objects correctly? Edit: I know, i can create a path and cut out the upper part with ease but sometimes i just like taking this approach...
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