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  1. Yes, there will never be a replacement for Illustrator. Affinty programs are rather toys, not suitable for work, too many bugs, too many missing essential features, not even tracing. (even inkscape has it and it's free)
  2. Sorry for the late reply...windows 10, only happens when pressing comma , on my keyboard, NumPad has period only, not decimal (European decimal). Everything with period works, everything with comma doesn't.
  3. When will this bug be solved? Has been over a year and it's still a problem. This drives me crazy, everytime I click on 4,2mm it transforms it into 42mm, OS and AD are both set to english US.
  4. the comma is a dang annoying issue, especially with this case (image upload) I chose 0.42cm as font size and it turns it into 42 cm.....
  5. I dug around, this issue seems to be present since 2017 and/or earlier, so there wont be a fix anytime soon. It's really bad since it's one important key feature when working with vector graphics and makes this program actually unusable. It's fine if you end up with raster graphics anyway but I need vector graphics. I will have to stick with illustrator until this is solved... I hope they will solve it, has been over 5 years now.
  6. Hi, it's a non-paid job, for the Scout Movement, so I guess it's okay to upload the file. I'm now redoing everything in illustrator, since I can't export the file in any given format without having the strokes to weird out. Expanding the strokes and exporting the image seems to share the same issue. bibber4.afdesign
  7. I exported my image as a PDF and it completely screwed my strokes up, because Affinity is a buggy mess. I decided to expand my strokes and to try it again. My strokes have pressure on it (I used the Vector Brush Tool) and now I have to deal with another bug, which thins my strokes and does a few other things...Does anyone knows a work around this? Rasterizing is out of option, it has to be a vector image. I found a tip here about changing size variance in brush editor but that doesn't work either.
  8. and still not solved, this makes this program unusable for me
  9. No, I'm not upscaling. Original size. I still tried your steps but the issue is persistent I tried that too but nope, not working. Whole pixels don't make any difference
  10. I need those colors to create a palette but whenever I create a palette, I get millions of colors instead of 64... I guess because it does this strange anti aliasing. So how do I turn it off to avoid exactly this: (dimensions are rounded up, there are no decimals or whatever)
  11. crashed now 3 times had to force shut down the program 2 times because it was not responding 10ab17cb-3f15-4c10-a64d-dad062b8d48a.dmp
  12. I made something in Affinity designer, clicked on "edit in Photo" and the tools do not work at all and yes the layer is unlocked, selected and it's a pixel layer.... do I have to click on a special button to get it to work, a hidden mechanic or what's wrong? Edit: turned out I forgot to update Photo... it worked once it was updated as the same version as designer.
  13. Is there an option or a trick to keep the color whenever I create a new curve with the pen tool. It is a bit tedious to create a curve, add color, create curve, add color x 1000 times, since my selected color goes from color to nothing (as shown in video). It would make my life much more simpler if I just have to create a new curve with the color already selected. JkCWXsb8s3.mp4
  14. In illustrator owe have the scale tool to push two anchor points or nodes towards or away from each other, symmetrical and in equal amount, in Inkscape it's possible too. In Affinity Designer it seems to be an eyballing thing and I'm not an eyballing person. Is there a simple way around this? I tried with shift and alt and ctrl and don't know what else but none of these works. I'm aware of the point transform but unless it has some hidden functions I'm not aware off, it can not do the job. Edit: found it finally, it is not point transform, for whatever reason I thought it is. it's the transform option (and hold CTRL). image n°3
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