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  1. Uploaded. Thank you for your assistance.
  2. Not a showstopper at all, just noticed this lately. You can add the shape tools one by one or add the group marked with the triangle for the flyout menu. All is well. Here a constructed use case: a) The "shape group" is added and the QR Tool is added in the toolbar. The Rectangle Tool is selected by default for the "shape group". b) Now I click the QR Tool and add a QR code. Instantly the QR Tool appears in the "shape group" as selected. Perhaps I want to add a Rectangle to the layout. Why is the tool of the "shape group" changed to a tool that is already in the customised toolbar? Makes no sense to me. Others may think that this post makes no sense. 😂
  3. Du machst nichts falsch. Es gibt verschiedene Wege zu erreichen, was du möchtest. a) Clipping: Du legst ein transparentes Rechteck über das zuzuschneidende Bild und verschiebst das Bild in dieses Rechteck. b) Auswahl: Du legst einen Auswahlrahmen über das zuzuschneidende Bild, schneidest es aus und fügst es wieder ein und löschst das nicht zugeschnittene Bild. c) Wenn du noch Affinity Designer und / oder Affinity Publisher installierst hast, Datei > Bearbeiten in ... Dort gibt es Tool namens Vektorzuschnitt. Bild zuschneiden und dann wieder Datei > Bearbeiten in Photo. d) Irgendjemand hat eine bessere Idee, auf die ich noch nicht gekommen bin. Fände es auch besser, wenn Affinity Photo Vektorzuschnitt beherrschen würde.
  4. The error level seems to depend on the type of QR code. E.g. vcard has L, URL M, Phone Q. No, the levels cannot be adjusted (to my knowledge).
  5. Document from v1 attached, since I already updated to 2.5.0. But the effect is the same. This seems to be font related. With Arial, the textframe "needs" a 0,000001 mm lower height. With Milo OT you get an overflow and you need to give some extra height approx. the value I reported in my first post. Unfortunately I cannot upload the Milo OT here. frameheight.afpub
  6. How could this help with already existing textframes with variable sizes at variable positions? To me this is sloppy testing at Serif. A variance of height should be detected in internal testing. My fault. Next time I will test my work also in the betas. Lesson learned. 😌
  7. Example: A textframe that had a height of minimum 4,854156 mm in v2.4.2 needs now a height of 4,854312 mm. No joy with manuals containing hundreds of pages to correct the textframes one by one to get rid of the text overflow. 😡
  8. I would take the easy road. If the book printer knows his business (which he should), he can easily downscale the PDF. Just ask / tell him.
  9. For the caption box: Click the text frame, look at Paragraph panel > Flow Options and change "Start" from "On Next page" to "Anywhere".
  10. Nowhere. You can see it in the "summary" of the style at the bottom, when you edit the style.
  11. Thx, this is nice, but only a start. I hope this will be improved.
  12. Fails for me in both versions in German. A workaround: Mark the word SCHNELLHILFMITTEL and turn off Spelling in the Language section of the Character panel. Maybe the OP wants to create a Character style for this word. EDIT: What happens here? I turn off the spelling for a word and it changes its appearance? See image. Above no Spelling and below with Spelling.
  13. This one got archived for V1 and I would like to bring this to the developers attention again to implement it in V2 ... please. Select Same / Select Object is very nice - especially - in APu, but not useful if you are not able to narrow it down to selected pages / sections / whatever. A workaround would be to uncheck "Select Hidden Objects" on the "unwanted" pages. But this needs many clicks on large documents. Less clicks: If we could HIDE pages. Lesser clicks: If the scope of the selection could be done in the Select menu itself.
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