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  1. Saw this afterwards. The scaling information differs after updating.
  2. Whenever I package a project and open it later on, the report tells no problems about modified images. Visiting the Resource Manager tells me, that the images are modified. When I update them, the position changes, the size remains correct.
  3. Solved. Uninstalled the betas and removed all license.xml. Thx for your assistance @walt.farrell.
  4. I bought the applications from the Affinity store. The betas were installed without the retail version installed. I just typed in key from the retail version when asked for it.
  5. Sounds strange. For testing purposes I installed the betas (registered on company account) on my personal laptop I am allowed to use at work. Now I bought all three apps also for private use. To my surprise, there was no place for adding the product key. How to change the address to my private mail address? TIA
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