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  1. Of course you are correct. I was not reading the OP carefully enough. Interesting fact? If you have a 2-column frame and one column has a width of 0, the characters will still be shown. See attached image. Left frame has a gutter to make it more obvious.
  2. It is called "Balance text in columns" in the Columns section of the Paragraph panel.
  3. Did you use "Resize Document" or really "Resize Canvas"? Resize Canvas works for me (on Windows).
  4. Good question. The above table was the result of an edit of an edit of an edit. Maybe I am able to find the origin. 🤔
  5. Confirmed. Manually dragging the spread origin works with values greater 400 and these are correctly displayed in the Guides dialogue. So we still have to work-around here.
  6. It depends always on the used font, which super-/subscripted character it offers. But you can use the Superscript/Subscript dropdown in Character panel / Positioning and Transform.
  7. This is a long outstanding unfixed bug with IDML oder PDF. Hint 1: Reapply Text Styles (Text Styles panel) or Hint 2: Copy the complete text. Delete the old text frames, create new ones and paste the text back in.
  8. Strange. I tried again and have now no problems at all. Case solved! Thx for your assistance.
  9. It is still in V2. Go to Preferences > User Interface and increase the value for Decimal Places
  10. There are also German cheatsheets. Just replace en-gb with de for the above links. - for decreasing brush size is only working on the numeric pad for me in German.
  11. No bug for me. PDF (press ready)-preset is aimed at sending the file to print houses. PDF (print) sounds to me like printing to home printers. Creating a preset of personal taste is no rocket science IMO and done in a few seconds.
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