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  1. I do not know MacOS, but should not be this path x\y\z\drawing.pdf (slash instead of backslash)? Like in Windows, where this is corrected directly by APhoto.
  2. Before you look up close :-) I think, that with the present APhoto tools a better result can be achieved.
  3. If this is so necessary for you, why not use the export in some other program (such as free FastStone Image Viewer).
  4. Yes? :-) Why path is relative, not absolute?
  5. Why path definitions not accepted drive selector? https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/50970-multiple-destinations-on-export/&do=findComment&comment=256730
  6. Is not a problem in layer clipping? https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/pages/LayerOperations/clipping.html
  7. How to uninstall existing keyboard drivers and have them reinstalled? You have not installed any new application with a new keyboard, that brings some additional "gadgets" and "super features"?
  8. Have you read your post?
  9. When creating new forum topic, most authors forget about what product the topic is about, which often makes the answers more difficult and leads to further questions. Would not it be advisable to allow product type to be entered using checkboxes directly on the input form?
  10. Standard computer users may not, but graphics/photo users certainly yes.
  11. Hover the cursor over the number, and adjust it by turning the mouse wheel.
  12. Why??? https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/index.html