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  1. After adding the Scale button, the elegant/compressed Transform panel was completely disfigured, so the Move/Duplicate button would definitely fit in here, and at least make use of the otherwise completely empty space.
  2. Yes, same problem with Expand (regardless of whether the leaf is in or out of the group). Edit: Interesting - just expand the leaf slightly, and Expand already works. P.S. I created an identical leaf anew (line, bend, close curve, bend) and it gives the same error. Leaf, problem with expand.afdesign
  3. What procedure? Can you try using the same procedure to create a similar sheet at the same level in the group? Can you use the Node tool to show the selected sheet before expansion?
  4. Visually yes, but not from the point of view of the Transform panel, which is what we are talking about here.
  5. If the center anchor was selected - then the position would jumped. But since the OP apparently did not understand the meaning of this shape, I assume that he did not even use it, and therefore that the anchor was set to the default state (top left) - that is, the position does not change when the size is changed.
  6. And is the document saved with layers? or is it a raster image? Can you provide a Screenshot/video (with Layers panel) of what this "open" file looks like in version 1 and in version 2? Can you provide the file?
  7. If you use Snapping, you can make the change "precisely" with the Move tool. In some cases, even more precisely than using the Transform panel. If you were resizing using the transform panel, why was the position of the circle changing? ("The new circle jumps to a new position")
  8. Unfortunately, we still don't understand why you can't open them? The fact that you are getting a warning is proof that you can open the files. Can you provide a screenshot or video of what is going wrong?
  9. Undo is used to undo operations performed on a document, not to restore application settings and work environment.
  10. Can you show said message? As far as I know, when opening a document from V1, a warning is displayed that if you save the file under the same name, it will no longer be possible to open it in V1 - and therefore it may be more appropriate to save it under a new name using SaveAs. If you no longer need this preservation of compatibility with V1, you can save it normally with Save.
  11. It is obvious that with the number of supplemented export formats (JPEG XL and WebP were added in version 2), this method will not be enough - the icon field will constantly increase, so either it will hit the limits of the recommended screens (not everyone has 4K), or they will have to shrink the icons - until they eventually become the version 2 pulldown menu.
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