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  1. I think, that in my link is very interesting regarding your problem.
  2. Pšenda

    Install issue

  3. Pšenda

    View mode Split

    Therefore, I would expect that both images will not be the same (though they are not the same, but they show the same situation from the same application).
  4. Pšenda

    View mode Split

    Attached images are from Affinity Publisher.
  5. Alternatively, it is good to check a similar topic on the forum.
  6. I use this feature in Fastone Image Viewer.
  7. Photo is for editing photos, Designer is for drawing, and Publisher is working with text. I am glad, that Serif keeps this strategy of specifically targeted applications, where everyone chooses the right one according to their needs, and does not create a monster application like PS.
  8. Even though you are in PS power user, I suggest you go through the Help, vimeo Tutorials, or Affinity forums. Then you will not have these elementary questions. As the toltec writes, something just does different - Affinity is not a copy of PS. So it can be a bit of a problem for a longtime PS user.
  9. The object size setting node could always be displayed in half of the displayed part of the object. It would therefore appear relative, not absolute.
  10. https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/pages/Workspace/expressions.html
  11. This is not exactly accurate - you can edited data from this file, but you can not write it back. However, you can write to another file.
  12. Morning firstdefence, I also think holding Ctrl down will move it in increments of 0.1 :-)
  13. Use snapping, alignment is easy and accurate. It would use the Symbol for this (ADe), but unfortunately also copies his Blend mode. It is a pity that Symbols can not set which properties and parameters are to be synchronized.