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  1. Or check out brushes from Frankentoon, for example https://www.frankentoon.com/product-page/comic-book-kit-affinity-designer, or DAUB https://www.daub-brushes.com/affinity/#essentials.
  2. Pšenda

    FAQ forums are now visible

    Hi @Patrick Connor I should suggest adding another type of forum (as FAQ) to the "Knowledge Base" category. Serif has on affinityspotlight.com a lot of nice and informative articles type "news, learning resources, and inspiration" that forum users may not even know about. It could therefore be useful to create a "spotlights" forum, where links to individual articles would be placed with a brief annotation. This way they would be well-arranged displayed for forum users, and most importantly, the topics contained in them could be available when searching in the forum.
  3. https://affinity.help/designer/en-US.lproj/pages/Workspace/customizingShortcuts.html
  4. https://affinity.help/publisher/English.lproj/pages/Text/tabs.html
  5. I wanted to read something about the new features in version 1.8 (as the thread title says), but unfortunately I bump again to this monotonous promotion of their views, so I won't read anything :-( I don't have for it time or nerves, i'll wait for the official feature introduction.
  6. Yes, see the link I have already added here. Once again - https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/53810-locking-layer-contents/
  7. So support my request to lock "content" - perhaps it will sometimes be heard.
  8. However, this should still move one pixel - not 0.8. Even if the decimal part is hidden, it should be hidden even after the nudge. So increasing the number of visible decimal places should only specify - how much the nudge is wrong (!= 1px).
  9. Document in pixel? - yes. Document in milimetres? - no.
  10. JPEG does not support transparency, you must use eg PNG. ADe: Pixel Persona, Elliptical Marque Selection, Del. Document with Transparent background (set in Document Setup).

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