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  1. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/50103-set-rotation-resolution-in-preferences/&do=findComment&comment=251708
  2. Just adjust the width of the panels.
  3. I use FastStone Capture, which capture and join screens automatically.
  4. So, of course, it was meant - the signature is entered in the user profile.
  5. firstdefence - anyone who welcomes a new user, should let him know, that their queries need to indicate what product and OS the query relates to. Alternatively, put that basic information into your profile. So you do not have to follow these questions: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/profile/73835-firstdefence/content/
  6. Exactly - no. Before operation open area is closing (this can be done by the user by connecting the endpoints of an open curve with a straight line) - and then the operation are done with "closed areas" :-) However, your example would be helpful (it should be in Help), it is much more clear than a textual description of the operations.
  7. Although this has long been required and promised, this is unfortunately limited.
  8. Draw circle. Draw first minute marks. Show Rotation Centre. Move it to circle center. Copy minute mark (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V), change Rotation to 30°. Ctrl + C, V, Rotation to 60, 90, 120, ......
  9. Boolean operations works only with closed areas. Your example would be called dividing by zero:-)
  10. "co-ordinates" = X, Y? But it is adjusted. Or W, H? But they remain the same is correct.
  11. Affinity sometimes has a problem updating the content and redrawing it. Is not this the case?
  12. Selecting a tab/panel to set and edit parameters does not mean, however, the immediate use of that property. When switching to the Swatches panel, you probably do not expect an immediate change of color.
  13. In my opinion, it would be enough to define the directory/folder absolutely. If it is defined relative (as it is now), it is necessary to specify "where", and dialog must be displayed. If it is defined in absolute forms, there is no need to enter anything.