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  1. Why do you opening a RAW files in an "Editor" (for RAW file developing), when you do not want to develop them? For view RAW file can be used any other "Viewer".
  2. https://affinity.help/designer/English.lproj/pages/Layers/layerClip.html
  3. If under "image" you mean Affinity source file *.afphoto, then Preferences, General, Save thumbnails with documents? Or other "image" file, like png / jpg / tiff, so it is a matter of OS.
  4. Are you sure? I am using the FastStone Image Viewer, and it certainly does not develop the contents of the RAW file. But because thumbnail is quite large (1600x1200 in the 3720x2800 ORF), it looks like a RAW file content view.
  5. Pšenda

    Publisher tutorials

    Only a question - preparing you a Workbook?
  6. It can be assumed, that some text-specific functions will only be available in Publisher, and some drawing functions will remain in Designer.
  7. Account, Account Settings, Notification Settings.
  8. Is it really "RAW" Viewer, or "Thumbnail" from RAW file Viewer?
  9. OP topic: "I only see AF logo on AF files". In name of the directory is "AI", which is definitely not the AF file :-)
  10. Preferences, General, Save thumbnails with documents?