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  1. Pšenda

    New Icons - PLEASE DON'T!

    Just a little thing - there is no shift (3D) in Designer icon. I think the shift could also be in the X-axis.
  2. Arc segments should be used to interrupt the square. Now straight lines are used, which does not correspond to the circle that creates the interrupt.
  3. I'm not such an optimist :-)
  4. Pšenda

    Problems with Affinity Designer

  5. Yes, I would expect it as well - the gradient should create a transition between color/opacity/noise that I "see" at point A, to color/opacity/noise that I "see" at point B. If I don't see any color in point B (let me quote @Alfred"I don’t see any red there in your screenshot: I see nothing but the transparency checkerboard." ), the sudden pinking in the middle of the gradient is unexpected.
  6. If all the functions of the individual applications were integrated into all the others, where they would certainly be a boon, these individual applications would make no sense.
  7. Which is the Color format? Colour Format—Sets the colour mode to RGB or Grey (8 or 16 bit), CMYK (8 bit), or Lab (16 bit).
  8. I’m afraid I don’t understand your logic. Because right-hand end is not "Red color with 100 % opacity", and "0% opacity", but "Red with 0% opacity", which means "no color with full transparency". I understand that they simplify the calculation. They first calculate the transition from start color to end color, and then apply the transition from start opacity to end opacity. In my opinion, this is not correct calculation method. I wonder how they do it in other programs.
  9. Right-hand end is correct - any red color, but why is in middle area? If left side gradient is white, and right side is without red, why is red color in your middle?
  10. Yes, this is a very unpleasant Affinity behavior.
  11. Try Google search "Variable Fonts site:forum.affinity.serif.com". For example:
  12. Export to PNG, JPG, TIFF? Export to vector fornat? Which one? For some, there is a problem have with vector gradient support, and there are a lot of posts about it on the forum.