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  1. Try to search the forum, it has been discussed many times.
  2. Pšenda

    Importing text?

    I'm not saying "you" have a font problem. I'm talking about the possibility that Affinity has a problem with assigning the correct code page, so instead of cyrillic it displays Chinese.
  3. Pšenda

    Importing text?

    Thank you. I tried both files (left resaved) to open in older Word (2003), and the display is not the same. This is probably because the resaved has the font Calibri CYR, which I do not have installed, so I replaced it with some other font. This, in the end, may also be the reason why it will appear correctly in Affinity. Try to use some other font for interest.
  4. Pšenda

    Importing text?

    And RTF resaved with TextMaker?
  5. Pšenda

    Importing text?

    Is not problem exporting document in Word as RTF. In the case of direct word documents support, there will be a big problem with different formats and their incompatibility.
  6. It is not easy way, but click on "fx" in layer stack, and remove/uncheck all settings.
  7. The problem is, that they are menu items, for which hint/tooltip is not usually displayed.
  8. Yes, without Shift = aspect ratio, with Shift = non-aspect ratio. As described in the status bar.
  9. I also have no problem with it. You may have trouble switching to noise definition - click Opacity. In the gradient definition, the noise is available directly.
  10. I personally think that the "essential" feature is especially for the Publisher. But if it is implemented, I believe, it will be transferred to the Designer.
  11. Why? It is not highlighted, but is there (panel spacing + change their size).