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  1. Because this only happens when exporting, it must be something in its settings - like Matte color? Standard is Matte disabled (no fill), maybe GT70 has set Matte fill in Export dialog.
  2. Artboards? Export Persona? Corner Tool? Point Transform Tool? Pencil Tool? Vector Brush Tool?
  3. Isn't it better to use text styles consistently? This ensures the correctness of the entire appearance of the text, not only "less than 5pt", which is probably quite important for a book.
  4. Surely you've noticed, that Serif doesn't comment on requests for function, and certainly never promises anything.
  5. I have already noticed the effect of a factory reset on the forum for a new installation. Edit: Cmd key?
  6. Blind shooting only - try copying the document into a new document, such as Ctrl+C and New from Clipboard, not making the document as Artboard, ...
  7. 👍🙂 Quick Exam - Windows 10, PNG OK. If the output is correct/assumed, then others will find it difficult to find fault, which only happens to you 😞 I would try to turn off individual parts of the image - what effect it will have on the exported image. For example: Emergency brake - Factory reset you tried (application start with Ctrl)?
  8. Although such secrets are made here with the problematic file, so that other members of the forum cannot advise you, I would try to gradually delete parts from the original image that do not affect the erroneous/incorrect output in any way. In the torso of the file, I would leave only those parts that cause the error. On the one hand, this will help clarify what this is probably about, or you can then provide it to others.
  9. Try read FAQ forum, or search in forum: https://www.google.com/search?q=chromebooks+site%3Aforum.affinity.serif.com https://www.google.com/search?q=Linux+site%3Aforum.affinity.serif.com https://www.google.com/search?q=Android+site%3Aforum.affinity.serif.com
  10. That wasn't the point of my posts, but it doesn't matter. Maybe other users with the same/similar problem would be interested in how this was solved.
  11. Select object/objects, Create Artboard from Selection, or Copy, New from Clipboard.
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