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  1. Bulk link change is a task for Resource Manager rather than "changing" the link type when replacing individual images.
  2. Export to bitmap image (PNG with high resolution), and try convert back to vector (for example https://www.vectorizer.io).
  3. Apparently there was a serious reason to change the default/predefined behavior, so why change him when exchanging pictures. For me, clearly leave embedded.
  4. And why should it be? Did Serif somewhere declare that it would be implemented in this version?
  5. If Create New document, then your "File name" is undefined (untitled), and your "Document Title" is undefined (empty), see on Fields. If Save this document (SaveAs, because your file name is still undefined), and "Document Title" is also undefined, then "Document Title" is setting according "File name" (that there was at least something in the field). If "Document Title" is defined, thus, of course, the "Document Title" will not change when file saved (Save or SaveAs). Try - create New document, insert anything to "Document Title", and Save document. In "Document Title" is anything or "File name"? :-)
  6. "Document Title" and 'File name" is not the same.
  7. Why don't you do it exactly as you write? Make new document (menu File, New), for example 100000 x 100000 px (or your image size + 2x border size :-). Insert New Fill Layer (menu Layer), and set required background color. Place (menu File, Place) your image, and adjust position.
  8. Stačí napsat hodnotu v procentech. https://affinity.help/designer/English.lproj/pages/Workspace/expressions.html
  9. I would definitely check it in the Transform panel (of course, after increasing the number of decimal places to display pixels).