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  1. Pšenda

    Italian translation

    Better, and perhaps more accurately, is to delete the value of that key. Windows then uses the default translated name corresponding to the selected OS language. This is the case with other applications with associated files.
  2. And for standard Frame Text this offset is not?
  3. Pšenda

    Italian translation

    Yes you are right. For other associated files, a national translation is used, only in Affinity is Open.
  4. Pšenda

    Italian translation

    And why do you report this as an Affinity bug? Write this to Microsoft :-)
  5. You use Move Tool, not View Tool?
  6. Pšenda

    Canon 550d RAW import cuts image

    Try turning off lens autocorrection.
  7. The problem is "marching ants," consuming a lot of processor power. Try Ctrl+H, or Esc.
  8. For example Google - "Affinity dashed line"? https://vimeo.com/affinitybyserif
  9. It works for me. I click on the first layer (not Ctrl+K), and Shift+click to next layer, and select all layer inside interval. Ctrl+cliks selects individual layers.
  10. Pšenda

    Text disappears in nested text frames

    And why are you doing this? If you want to group texts, use Groups. Probably occurs clipping, when the insided text is masked by the parent.
  11. Pšenda

    Affinity Designer does not close

  12. Kerning? https://affinity.help/designer/English.lproj/pages/Panels/characterPanel.html
  13. Pšenda

    Linux Support

    So why do not develop your own APh / ADe / APub? It will surely be a easy for you.
  14. Pšenda

    Smart Guides

    Even if I need to place them in the same place?