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  1. If the Studio Panel is docked, it lacks a button to close it quickly. The only way to close it is a long way through the menu View, Studio and finding the corresponding panel. The second option is to undock the panel - click on its Tab, and drag outside the panels, when the close button appears. The disadvantage of this procedure is that when the panel is displayed via the View menu, it is displayed again undocked, so it must return to its original position. The use of keyboard shortcuts for switching on/off individual panels is already difficult to remember due to their range. An easy and logical solution is the context menu - right-click on the panel Tab, which we want to close. Thank you
  2. Preferences, Performance options, File Recovery Interval?
  3. Transparency Tool in Affinity Designer. In Affinity Photo use Mask with gradient (with Gradient Tool = 5 sec :-).
  4. If I understand the OP query correctly, it is not a question of checking the correctness of individual words, but of sentences. So separate words "Wycliffe" and "Well" are incorrect, but "Wycliffe Well", is already correct.
  5. Manually: Transform panel, Anchor point selector to Center, set X, Y to Node position.
  6. I'm afraid this is not possible at the level of the spell checker used (Hunspell), because it is word-oriented.
  7. It works properly for me, but how do you export? Did you create a Slice using the Layers panel in Export Persona? In this case, you need to group the Adjustments layer and the source layer using Groups. Or use default/background slice?
  8. Rather than the panel technology itself, a particular model is probably more important.
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