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  1. Dear Affinity support, I am using the current version of Affinity Designer, but I have a problem. When I'm painting (Pixel Persona) and for some reason I stop using the Pinsel to use any other tool and go back to the Pinsel tool it returns with the wet Edges function activated or when I resume working with the Pinsel tool, and reduce or increasing the size of the Pinsel happens again, the wet Edges is activated automatically. This bothers me. Is it possible to configure Affinity so that it doesn't happen anymore? Thank you very much. I appreciate the attention and await the respons
  2. Dear Support Affinity Team, my name is Flávio Americo Persechino de Oliveira, I live in Germany and I don't know how to write English very well. I would like to know please if I install an GPU ASUS GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti Cerberus Advanced 4GB (90YV0A75-M0NA00 - NVIDIA, Grafikkarte) on my PC and using the Affinity Suite (D / P / P) accelerator (OpenCL) will I have a better performance than the current one, specifically in digital Painting, more speed with Raster brushes for example. ? Or will this procedure not make much difference and slow down? The basic settings of my PC are: Microsoft W
  3. Dear Support Affinity Team, my name is Flávio, I live in Germany and I don't know how to write English very well. I downloaded the new update for my Affinity suite (1.8.4) but I find myself in difficulty and for now I only tested Affinity Designer I have: Operating system and version - Windows 10 Affinity Designer / Photo / Publisher - 1.8.4 Intuos PS (Wacon / Model is not new) The problems I've encountered so far are (Affinity Designer): Problem with Wacom Tablet (For this problem I consulted the Forums and found some answers). I used the fo
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