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  1. No, the first link from my search led me to the attached very old thread, which compared to all the "answers" here (including yours), is far more relevant because it is from the developers themselves. But the OP can easily wait for some more well-founded information and answers, I personally prefer to look up these "answers", because that is significantly faster and more comprehensive.
  2. As far as I know, in V1 the adjustment icons did not appear in collapsed layer. You can even double-click on them, and you can adjust their parameters. So in most situations (smaller number of adjustments, adding adjustments that I really need so I don't have to turn them off) the user can do with a collapsed layer, which makes the layers stack significantly clearer. That was probably the reason for this change in behavior.
  3. Google will also find the answer to your question: https://www.google.com/search?q=Why+is+the+native+Affinity+Photo+file+size+so+humungous?+site:forum.affinity.serif.com
  4. Why shouldn't this work in version 2? I have no problem with the Boolean Divide functionality.
  5. Try looking here: https://www.google.com/search?q=slow+performance+V2+site:https://forum.affinity.serif.com
  6. Must be Pixel perfect (position and size to whole pixel, without decimal part). Set Snapping: Force pixel alignment to On, Move by whole pixel to Off.
  7. For the sake of interest - if I run V2.0.0, I will only be prompted to update to version 2.0.3. After clicking on Install and downloading for a while, these two messages pop up: After clicking on Install, "something" is downloaded and installed again, and these two messages pop up again. The second message disappears after a while, the Welcome screen is displayed, and only the Crash report question remains. A bit messy and non-standard update process.
  8. But this can happen even in the current "one-line" solution. Simply, when the length of the text together with its size exceeds the boundaries of the line, undesirable and often unexpected deformations begin to occur. For multi-line text, vertical alignment could be applied, so that the lines would be centered around the guide line, the line spacing could be changed, which, unlike the N.P.M. still kept correct/undeformed spacing, etc.
  9. It goes without saying that a visual distinction between node and handle would certainly benefit clarity. But I have to say for myself that whenever I need to manipulate the nodes and their handles, which are squeezed on top of each other and there is a risk of them being selected incorrectly, I still have to zoom in, because otherwise the manipulation/setting will not be accurate enough. I once suggested (but it was a slightly different situation) that a "Magnifier" would be suitable for these cases for a temporary enlargement of the place where the adjustment is currently being made. Edit: Just for the sake of interest, a topic with a similar problem, where it is necessary to increase the working area for proper manipulation and control.
  10. Multinode? After delete. Edit: "Random" line is weird, maybe some artifact from the Contour creation - just poke these nodes and weird shapes will start to form. I would try to delete this part of the curve and redraw it. But maybe it's a bug in the Contour tool.
  11. Is it all one single closed curve? Are there any multinodes (not overlapping)? Alternatively, insert a file.
  12. It's a shame that you can't use Shift+Enter to write in two/more lines. Defining a shape/curve using the Warp Tool is not that easy.
  13. And how else would you like to define the name of the two exported files/slices? You can rename them according to your needs, but there will always be/must be two.
  14. Yes, the second item is the name of the output file, and it reflects the set parameters (the first item) in which the dimensions of the exported image are defined.
  15. It is already clear from the name of the slice that the image will be "2x" larger than the original. Try this
  16. Unfortunately, your description is not exactly accurate and understandable. How are you trying to drag nodes? What tool? Move Tool? Rectangle Tool? Any other tool? Is the rectangle layer locked? ..... And many other possible causes that are difficult for anyone to detect without providing additional information/screenshots/videos.
  17. If you have purchased the product (version 1), it is still available for you on the AppStore and can be reinstalled at any time. But since V1 is no longer for sale (it has been replaced by V2), it is understandably unavailable to other users on the AppStore.
  18. Since there are already several similar/same requirements here, it would be better to add an opinion to a similar one or supplement it. https://www.google.com/search?q=Remove+All+Guides+site://forum.affinity.serif.com
  19. There are already several requests of this type. https://www.google.com/search?q=dashed+line+alignment+site:https://forum.affinity.serif.com
  20. You mean Merge Selected, Merge Visibled or Document/Flatten? https://affinity.help/photo2/English.lproj/pages/LayerOperations/merge.html
  21. ... or Uncheck this options, and value stay in document units.
  22. Just curious - how does the attached dashed line image relate to the icons request?
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