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  1. Since we are in the world of PC and SW, the analogy with a bicycle is a bit off. Better analogy from the PC world - I locked the file. Although I can't move it to another directory (okay, that's why I locked it), but I can edit it, and maybe even delete it (thank you - but this lock is completely useless). If I'm talking about understanding the meaning of the lock by the "user", then the link to help - that is, understanding the meaning of the lock by "Serif", is useless at all. Even if I read the help a hundred times, "my" understanding of the lock (see previous text) is co
  2. Then thank you for the link to Help, which has nothing to do with what I wrote.
  3. The purpose of the fiber (according to the first post of the OP) is why the "locked" bottom layer can be "selected" if it works properly elsewhere. That there are some reasons for this is one thing, but another thing is - why the user is intentionally confused with the "lock" symbol, when it does not work as a lock at all. And in the bottom layer, this is doubly true. So let Serif use other some symbols instead of the lock symbol that will better describe the current pseudo-locking.
  4. Great - it's also appreciated 🙂
  5. I'm sorry, but I don't think you understand the meaning of what you're referring to. I write about the fact that the "user" somehow understands the meaning of locking, and not how he understands it and describes Serif in his help. By the way, exactly what is described in the help is often criticized here - ie insufficient protection of the content of the layers.
  6. But maybe you confused the meaning of this thread. It's not a "question" - how to replace the awkward non-locking of layers that Affinity is doing now, but a "requirement" to implement locking that would really lock. And as requested by MEB (moderator), this is also a list of situations where complete locking is needed. So advice on how to replace and bypass improperly implemented locking is probably not entirely appropriate.
  7. Yes, even though it's mainly *.afphoto, which is what photopea does - photo editing.
  8. Maybe because he uses it as a source for cloning? Or does it use only parts from it to create a collage? Because it uses it as a basis for clipping? Because..... P.S. Finding reasons and excuses for why a "locked" layer should or should not be locked is, in my opinion, equally secondary. The main problem is that the lock is not a lock, and users are not allowed to "protect" the contents of the layer according to their needs and their understanding of the lock.
  9. Just to show how the web Photopea approaches to locking layers and their content, where the user has a choice of "3" options/types of locks. P.S. Photopea can process Affinity files.
  10. And why shouldn't it be possible for the user to choose (in Preferences) whether to keep the open image unlocked (and allow all its modifications, even completely destructive), or to lock it completely immediately after opening (and then prevent any modification thereof)?
  11. Donut (with Start/End Angle and Thin width)? https://affinity.help/designer/English.lproj/pages/Tools/tools_dnut.html
  12. P. S. Affinity use standard Open dialog from OS, so it's the same as in most applications.
  13. On Windows it works with the right mouse button (super combination. Why can't they use some reasonable combination - like Ctrl like a Mac). Unfortunately, it is not stated in the Status bar - so the finding is therefore a trial-and-error method, and the user must remember it forever 😞 Edit: To complete - right-click inverts the option in Preferences so that it works for both types of selections (it always changes to the second type).
  14. It might be interesting for other users with a similar problem as you solved it.
  15. Unfortunately, this does not provide the required protection of the "content" of the layer.
  16. ICC Profile for monitor in OS? ICC profile for document? ICC profile for printer?
  17. It is difficult for anyone to advise you, if you do not even write how the tool works and how you expect it to work. Pixel layer?
  18. And isn't it more of a Mac OS error, that changes the cursor type and doesn't return it to its previous state?
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