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  1. I wanted to chime in on this. This new version was super-slow at a lot of things. Like ridiculous. I turned off OpenCL and it cured it all. Such a simple thing.
  2. I had this crashing problem, the same way freezing when you hit the OK button after you set the files up. It was being caused by "Sage Thumbs" a 3rd party viewer for graphics files. After I unloaded it the problem went away.
  3. "Looks like a display artefact resulting from View Quality being "Nearest Neighbour (Atrocious)" in the Performance section " ---------------- Well thank you! That seems to be the issue. It's not something I've ever looked or toggled at in the prefs, I wonder why the issue started happening in the first place?
  4. When I rotate an image using the Crop->Straighten command, straight lines develop very pronounced steps. I end up rotating them in Nikon Capture, which does not create the steps. see attached before and after. The images below are at 200% magnification, but it's pretty apparent even at 100%. This was a problem in V 1.7 as well.
  5. "I have quite large number of photos and the space saving is quite big. Like more than two times in total. And I do not have original anymore. " ----------- I for some years did something like this with my Nikon raw files, my version of photoshop wouldn't convert the raw since it was an older version. So I would DNG them and then open them in photoshop. Seemed to work fine. But since then, I have discovered that the Nikon software is superior at converting those Nikon raw files and that's what I use now for raw conversion. Unfortunately, from that time when I was using the dng f
  6. Something is a little off with that .dng. I tried it a few ways -Darktable would not read it, messsage attached below, something bad in the white balance it thinks... -RawTherapee did open it, no apparent issues. -Afinity came out pink like you said. (white balance?) -Adobe Bridge was able to pdf and jpeg the dng. Some programs can deal with it, some can't it seems.
  7. Thanks Carl, that seems to be the reason, once the 96 one was set to 300 the difference was corrected.
  8. I don't know if this is a bug, sometimes when printing the pixel resolution shown in the dialog box is very low, sometimes higher using the same printer and the same settings for 2 different affinity files. 2 screens shots attached, one shows 800x1000 pixels, the other shows 2500 x 3300 using the same printer selecting 8.5 inch x 11 inch paper. Both files are similar size, one is around 4000 x 5000 the other 4000 x 6000 pixels Is that a bug or is there something I need to do differently?
  9. When making a panorama, there's an option for "Crop to Opaque" This is very useful, but I don't see the same option when cropping outside of the merge function. Would be great if "Crop to Opaque" was available for cropping in any mode.
  10. Just dropped it in. --->And so I went ahead and uinstalled Sagethumbs. And that seems to have cleared up the problem. Thanks for looking at this.
  11. And also here's a video of a panorama freeze. The first time is with 8-bit files, they previews load into the dialog box and it will work fine going forward if i don't cancel it out. The second time with the same files at 16-bit it freezes without loading the thumbnail previews, just as with HDR marge. -->And it freezes the same way for Focus Merge and for Stack with 16-bit files and it loads fine with 8-bit, which I just checked for the first time a minute ago. panorama crash.mp4
  12. see attached. cpu goes to 0% activity and it freezes. After that, I am clicking on various buttons and menus, no response. You can see that the thumbnails previews never load into the merge dialog box before it freezes. aff-01.mp4
  13. Same bahavior with the Beta software, freezes. I tried running in Safe Mode and it also crashed.
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