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  1. Is there a way to export all artboards at once as INDIVIDUAL JPGs or PNGs without having to go back and re-export over and over for each artboard?
  2. Podge, one more tip: you mentioned that you checked help before asking, and not sure if you meant the help files, or the forum, or what... and here is one other option... In the Help menu of each app, the first option is Search. You can go here to find what you are looking for as well... and, if what you are looking for happens to be part of the menu of options, it will actually show you where to find it in the menu as you type your search. So, for example, in Publisher if you went to Help > Search and typed "Clip to Canvas" it would show you where it is buried in the menu, and in turn if it has a keyboard shortcut or not. At least, this is how the apps work on Macs (not sure what it is like on Windows).
  3. Thanks for pointing that out; that would explain why I was having such difficulty finding reference to what I was looking for.
  4. Nevermind... just stumbled upon it. I had "clip to canvas" toggled on the first document.
  5. So I feel like this is a setting somewhere, but I've lost track as to where I would locate it, and the research I've done in the last half hour hasn't helped me find it. So I have a document that, when I move objects off of the layout in Publisher and onto the artboard, they become invisible. They are still there, I just can't see them. However, in other documents, the objects on the artboard ARE visible. I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to make the objects in the first document have objects visible on the artboard, but I REALLY need to be able to move object off of the layout and onto the artboard. Help me Affinity Forum; you're my only hope!
  6. @mattjabbar, I think you may be on to something. While I no longer know what fonts were causing my problems, I think they were fonts that were offered as part of Google Fonts; which my font manager allows you to sync with. But I'd happened to have some manually installed earlier. I've since stopped syncing with Google Fonts, and exporting PDFs has been fine since.
  7. @sbgraphic, since 1.7.3 this issue was fixed for me. What version do you have installed?
  8. So I have a newsletter that has page spreads, with left and right facing pages, and as such it also a couple of masters that are spreads with left and right facing pages. The left page has page numbers on the left, and the right page has page numbers on the right. Pretty standard. What happens: I apply a master to a spread, but have to reshuffle the layout. In the process some pages change their face, going from being on the left to being on the right. However, the master doesn't change. When a page is moved from left to right, it retains a left page master, displaying page numbers on the left side (now displaying along the inside of the newsletter instead of the outside). What I would expect: When the page is shuffled from one side to the other (left to right for example), I would expect it to adopt the other side of spread for that master.
  9. So I'm at a loss, and can't figure this out. Is there a way to zoom to a page, when I'm using spreads? Zoom to Fit zooms to the entire spread. Zoom to Width also zooms to the entire spread. Zoom to Document show me the ENTIRE document. Am I missing the ability to zoom to page, or is this not available in Publisher?
  10. Yeah, I've noticed that too. To get this to work, I first create an image box, and then place the linked document into the image box.
  11. So I'm creating an RSVP card that has a bleed, and eventually will be printed 3-up on 8.5x11" paper. In the past, with the software I'm used to, I create a master document of the RSVP card, with the bleed margins set. I then create a separate document for the 3-up, and place the master into this document 3 times. In this way, if changes are made to the master, the 3-up reflects those changes. When placing the master into the 3-up, the software gave me import options when placing the master, one of them being that I could crop to the bleed bounding box. After placing the master, I would create crop marks on the 3-up (which the software had scripts for doing). So I could use some advice as to how to replicate this workflow in Publisher, at least to some degree. In order to get crop marks in Publisher, it appears I have to export the master as a PDF. Which I've done. But when I import the PDF into my 3-up, it doesn't include the crop marks for some reason, even though I can see the crop marks when I open the PDF in Preview. I'm starting to think that I will have to forgo the ability to link to the master, and simply copy and paste the master into the 3-up. Not ideal, but that is the only way I seem to be able to include the bleed. And then I will need to build the drop marks by hand on the 3-up.
  12. @A_B_C, in LibreTraining's defense, he didn't post the reversed engineered font widely on this forum, just in a direct message to me. I was able to read your original post, and I think you bring up some good points. I had originally installed the font to emulate the UI of the phone in a mockup. Clearly my use in calendar is outside the license; I will look into other font options next month. Thanks again for pointing out the license.
  13. @LibreTraining So today is the day in which I insert the office calendar into our monthly newsletter, and I downloaded your fonts and installed them. My font manager app (Rightfont) didn't seem to like the FriscoProDisplay-Bold, as it never appeared in the font manager, but it did install the FriscoProText-Regular. So I switched the font in my calendar app (BusyCal) to use the FriscoProText-Regular, saved is as a PDF as I normally would through the printer dialogue, and IT WORKED. So thanks for that. So, to understand correctly, Publisher does better with OpenType fonts?
  14. @LibreTraining, this issue, I'm certain, will rear it's head when I put together my next newsletter in a couple of weeks. I'll try some other fonts then, and will report back. Thanks.
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