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  1. Type the value into the field by using your keyboard …
  2. Yeah, some time ago I also had to rewrite one of the https://ke-complex-modifications.pqrs.org examples until it worked as a NumPad the way that I wanted. Which is strange because one of the early incarnations before it became "Karabiner" had a NumPad simulation built in. But that may have been on Leopard or Snow Leopard while there weren't that many system restrictions yet.
  3. In fact, I did exactly that on Wednesday: FH9 running in Classic on Panther. Haven't seen that in years! I didn't have the time to play with it though. And the toolbars are a mess because the last time I used it must have been with the Miro CRT display that I no longer have and that I don't miss at all. From what I recall, the toolbars are user configurable. Obviously I was also using quite a few 3rd party plugins. This screenshot is now on my late dad's dual HDMI Acer display which I can switch on the fly between the MacBook and the G4 – or just with the MacBook and running the G4 fullscreen via screen sharing. The G4 also boots OS 9.2, but then there's no file sharing with El Capitan whatsoever. I also remember that there was a reason why I never upgraded it to Tiger but I forgot why… Ah, memories. Now, where's my LC475?! I have the feeling that you & I have a couple of things in common.
  4. Great! Karabiner & Ukelele are essential tools. Karabiner ever since I got a MacBook Pro in 2008 to replace a PowerBook G4 because 1) I still need the Enter key where now the right Option key sits, and 2) fn-NumPad for InDesign CS text styles shortcuts…
  5. Thanks. It helps in the sense that now we all can collectively stop holding our breath. *exhales deeply*
  6. While we're at it, how about the lack of auto-kerning in Affinity with Mac Type 1 fonts? … and probably some more.
  7. Also, this version doesn't run on El Capitan or Sierra, as it's apparently dependant on system frameworks that came with High Sierra. Which would be a non-issue for me as I have Acrobat X. I'll try to install on Catalina then, as that's my primary target for this whole "exercise" anyway.
  8. Well, for the fun of it, I have requested a "product key", and this is what I've got: Not being "an existing labels/packaging company", obviously I don't apply. That said, I haven't tested the app yet.
  9. Apparently only in the Separated window mode, which has its slew of issues on its own…
  10. What's the requirements? Can it run in Crossover = Wine emulation? My Crossover license is outdated, but it can definitely run an XP emulation which I'm using from time to time for a few obsolte Win-only audio converters. I think Crossover can also make use of .NET, at least I vaguely recall having installed it (or tried to?) in the past on my old Mountain Lion hard drive, but it was somehow quite a p.i.t.a.
  11. For what it's worth, Apple's Preview.app can convert existing *.icns files to *.ico: open ICNS in Preview Save As dialog > option-click on the Format popup menu > select Microsoft Icon Doesn't seem to work from a regular PNG or from other formats though. That's on El Capitan. Your mileage may vary. Other than that, GraphicConverter can create *.ico files from virtually any bitmap format you'd throw at it. As a user since the 1990s, I can only say that GraphicConverter always comes in handy when everything else may fail, as in: it's not "the best" at anything it can, but it's pretty good at everything. Which is its intended purpose. And it's scriptable, plus it comes with a lot of Automator plugins, so a PNG-to-ICO conversion from Affinity can be fully automated.
  12. A truly helpful free app that I've been using since at least 2003 is earthlingsoft.net/UnicodeChecker It has a search filter, you can save favorites, and it also provides useful MacOS Services commands like display full info on a selected character, or percent and HTML entities escape conversion. (Sadly, Affinity apps are "immune" to MacOS Services so you may want to temporarily copy your text to TextEdit or BBEdit first.)
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