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  1. My suggestion would be to check the integrity of the downloaded installer file before redownloading. To do this, right-click the installer file in an Explorer window and choose ‘Properties’. In the Properties dialog, go to the Digital Signatures tab and click on an entry in the signature list to highlight that entry. The ‘Details’ button will become enabled, and when you press it and wait for several seconds you will get a message telling you whether or not the digital signature is OK. If it’s not OK, you have a corrupt or incomplete download and you need to download a fresh copy of the installer file (and if it is OK, the problem lies elsewhere and there’s no point in downloading the installer file all over again).
  2. Are you using the ‘Place’ command, or are you loading/opening the images? (The term ‘upload’ usually refers to putting a file on a web server.) Check the layer designation in the Layers panel. If it says ‘Image’ instead of ‘Pixel’, you’ll need to right-click it and choose ‘Rasterize’ to give you a layer that you can work with at the pixel level.
  3. “There is a trail version” ”Your welcome” My apologies, Dex, but that invitation was too tempting to decline!
  4. Alfred

    Can I specify Pantone colors?

    You can use Pantone colours but you have to search for them visually instead of being able to type in a name. Open the Colour Studio, tap on the ‘Swatches’ link at the bottom, and then choose the Pantone category you want.
  5. This isn’t a bug. It’s ‘by design’ that the tooltip for the ‘Combine’ button (not the ‘Divide’ button!) says ‘Xor’, since ‘eXclusive or’ accurately describes what that particular Boolean operation does.
  6. It looks as though your ‘outlines’ are strokes which you’re expanding (via the ‘Expand Stroke’ command) to create filled shapes. If that is indeed what you’re doing, the problem you’ve described is a known issue. As you’ve observed, the larger the objects the less noticeable the problem, so the workaround is to enlarge the objects, expand the strokes and then shrink the objects back down to their original size. In this particular case the strokes are circular, so you can achieve the desired end result more quickly and accurately by drawing the desired shapes with the Donut Tool.
  7. Yes, the new icons are rather flat and bland, but the desktop icons I’ve seen have relatively sharp corners.
  8. Alfred

    Designer and text in perspective

    Vector mesh warp is on the Affinity Designer roadmap, but it hasn’t even been added to the 1.7 beta version of the desktop app, so we’ll probably have to wait quite a while for it to come to the iPad version.
  9. Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, Stew. You should be good to go with that spec as long as you have Windows 7 SP1 with Aero enabled and the Platform Update installed. To check for yourself, you can download trials of Designer and Photo from the links below: https://affin.co/designertrial https://affin.co/phototrial The trial clock for each app runs continuously from the moment you first launch it, so if you want to try both of them it is recommended that you finish one trial before starting the other.
  10. It’s undated, I’m afraid, but I found it here: https://affinity.serif.com/careers
  11. Alfred

    Photo - Nature Design

    All of the time, or only now and zen?
  12. Alternatively, you can simply re-enter the number that you see. If it looks like (say) 25 pixels and you enter 25 in the box, it will then be exactly 25 even if it was originally 25.0002.
  13. Alfred

    Move back tool

    When you try to leave the Liquify Persona after making changes, you get (or you should get!) a warning about uncommitted changes.
  14. Check that the pixel dimensions are whole numbers (so you know they won’t be rounded up) and check that your artwork is aligned to the pixel grid.