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  1. Does your wife already have an Apple Pencil? If so, it’s almost certainly a version 1 Apple Pencil, not version 2, which will limit your choice of new iPad unless you’re prepared for the extra expense of a new Apple Pencil at the same time.
  2. More info here: https://support.apple.com/HT204144
  3. It works for me, and (like @jackamus) I’m in the UK. I’m not sure why Jack is having a problem! I think I actually went straight to https://www.blender.org/download, but the ‘Download’ link on the Blender home page takes you to the same destination anyway.
  4. The ‘Thanks!’ page that I see here says ‘Your download will start automatically. If it didn’t start, download manually.’ https://mirrors.dotsrc.org/blender/release/Blender3.6/blender-3.6.4-macos-x64.dmg The above download (for Intel Mac) is 277.6 MB.
  5. The opposite of text curving from right to left inside the ellipse is text curving from left to right outside the ellipse. If you want the text to face the same way as it was when you created it, you simply need to adjust the Baseline value on the Context toolbar.
  6. You can’t get something that doesn’t exist! Purchases from the Microsoft Store or the Mac App Store are tied to your Microsoft account or your Apple ID, respectively, so there are no product keys because there’s no perceived need for them.
  7. There were clearly some major problems in early releases of iPadOS 17 beta, but I haven’t read anything about whether they were resolved or not. I’ve only recently upgraded to the latest release of iPadOS 15, so those issues haven’t affected me.
  8. I have an iPad Air 2 (so not exactly top of the range!) and I have several hundred fonts installed. I can’t say I’ve ever noticed any problems with font loading in any of the Affinity apps.
  9. We already have an established Unicode symbol for ‘Because’, namely ∵ (U+2235).
  10. It’s easier if you just use one circle with two lines of text. Type the top text, press the Return key and type the bottom text to get something like this (screenshot from AD version 1, but version 2 should be the same): Drag the green triangles to adjust start positions of the two lines of text: Select the second piece of text: Adjust the baseline to move it outside the circle:
  11. The positioning problem has been reported numerous times. Many of us agree with you that the position shouldn’t matter, but it currently does. ‘Force Pixel Alignment’ works as you and I would expect if (and only if) ‘Move by Whole Pixels’ is disabled. When ‘Move by Whole Pixels’ is enabled, it overrides ‘Force Pixel Alignment’.
  12. Because I’m a master of the unwarranted assumption, of course! Understood. It’s a pity that the forum notifications system doesn’t flag up edits, but I don’t think that’s something Serif can tweak.
  13. As you’ll no doubt have seen, I edited my post to reflect that. I didn’t watch the newest video until after I posted!
  14. As I said in an earlier post: When you select a closed curve with the Node Tool, the ‘Break’ button will be enabled. When you select an open curve with the Node Tool, the ‘Close’ button will be enabled. Those two buttons are never both enabled at the same time.
  15. Quite correct. The video posted by @Mainecoon364 shows an attempt to the layer option ‘Merge Selected’. Both of those commands are available via the ‘Operations’ section of the Edit (‘…’) menu in AD1 on iPad.
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