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  1. Alfred

    Mask button etc..

    Oops! Thanks for the reminder, Sara.
  2. Alfred

    Mask button etc..

    Clipping and cropping/masking are done by dragging and dropping in the Layers Studio: drag a layer onto the layer/object you want it to be clipped by, or drag the cropping layer/object and drop it onto another layer’s thumbnail to crop it. Unlike the desktop versions, I don’t know of any buttons or menu options for these operations in the iPad apps. For the Undo/Redo arrows, tap on the gearwheel in the top right-hand corner of the home screen to access Preferences, and then switch on ‘Show Undo and Redo buttons’ on the Interface screen.
  3. I think that’s how I would do it, but since I’ve never tried it I can’t say how well it works in practice. As with any panorama, you need to make sure there’s significant overlap (ideally more than 20%) between the pieces.
  4. It’s worth noting that Serif added embedded font support to PagePlus many years before they added support for PDF passthrough, but I don’t know how much significance to attach to that fact.
  5. I think that’s what it is. Comparing samples of SimHei and MS Gothic, it looks more like the latter.
  6. That looks suspiciously like SimHei, William! It certainly isn’t SimSun.
  7. As noted in the Microsoft Typography document, SimSun features a mincho (serif) stroke style. I would expect a sans-serif font such as Arial to be replaced by something like SimHei. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/typography/font-list/simhei
  8. Whichever one you think is the better choice, it would be good if we could type in either term to find the relevant Help topic.
  9. Hex colour values are not yet available in the iPad versions of the Affinity apps, but they’ve been available in the desktop versions at least since the Windows apps became available. As far as I’m aware, they’re only applicable to RGB colour mode.
  10. Go to ‘Account Settings > Notification Settings’ and uncheck the option ‘Play a sound when I receive a notification’ in the ‘Notification preferences’ section.
  11. For what little it’s worth, so do I.
  12. There would only be repetition if you included it in CMYK colour mode. For Pantone and other spot colours, the values would be the (nearest) CMYK equivalent; e.g. PMS.
  13. Any features which are partially implemented could be marked as such. If the precise details were thought to introduce too much clutter, they could be hidden between ‘spoiler’ tags.
  14. Alfred

    How to “add” background

    1. Make a careful selection of the bird, duplicate it and hide the new layer. 2. Use the Inpainting Brush Tool to remove the pelican and the rock from the original layer. 3. Unhide the bird layer and adjust its position as desired. 4. Merge the two layers into one.