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  1. A few more for you: it looks as though you've used small capitals for most of the entries, but "Smirnoff Ice" is all capitals, "Budweiser" has a capital B and "Sierra Nevada" has a capital N (but a small caps S); "Jameson Cask Mates" should be "Jameson Caskmates".
  2. Would that be more than 70 degrees proof?
  3. Dave Nagel's brushes are available as free downloads for both commercial and non-commercial use:
  4. I presume you mean OneDrive, in which case it works OK here. You need to make sure that the icons are set to medium-sized or larger.
  5. I hope those prices are per case, not per bottle! "Absolute" vodka should be "Absolut". There's also a stray comma after (Skyy) "Blood Orange", and I wouldn't have noticed the apostrophes missing from "Tito's" and "Dewar's" if you hadn't correctly included one in "Jack Daniel's". Nevertheless, it's an elegant set of pages.
  6. For the red cracks which you posted about in another thread, use the image linked from this tutorial video:
  7. You might want to re-word that, Miguel!
  8. The options in the Alignment popup in the main toolbar will allow you to align the photos in rows, but it’s far from automatic! The Affinity apps don’t even have a photo frame that you could replicate to fill a grid, let alone an auto-fill feature which would allow you to populate that grid from a set of images in a folder.
  9. Have you looked at Font Awesome?
  10. Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, @KMZ. This thread is about a typeface with unusual font metrics not displaying correctly when imported as text from PSD. What proposal are you seconding? What are you having to type manually?
  11. Yup. My link was actually to your post here, John, rather than direct to the Hamrick site.
  12. Select the layer in the Layers studio, two-finger tap on the image in the workspace and choose 'Duplicate' from the options that pop up.
  13. If you're on Windows and you do a lot of scanning, you might want to consider using VueScan.
  14. When you click on 'Snapshots' in the 'View > Studio' submenu you should see the Snapshots panel in the Studio. There are four icons at the top of the panel: one for restoring the state to the selected snapshot, one for adding a snapshot, one for deleting the selected snapshot, and one for creating a new document from the selected snapshot. There's a brief video tutorial below (for APh, but the feature works the same way in AD):
  15. performance

    I've attached my copy of MBd's *.macros file. Select the 'Welcome...' option on the Help menu, choose 'View Samples' and load the 'bang' sample document. To use the macro, go to the Library panel and import it by clicking on the 'hamburger' menu at the top right of the panel, choosing 'Import Macros...' and browsing to the downloaded file. Look for 'drawing effect .2' at the bottom of the Library panel, and then click on that entry to run the macro. Macros_speed.afmacros