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  1. Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, @Will312. You just need to add the N and V together to create a new shape which will subtract correctly from the underlying shape. BTW, there is no need to hold down the Shift key when Alt-clicking to create a compound shape. Option/Alt on its own will suffice.
  2. I think we can assume that most of us are grateful that the point releases are free, but I don't think it's safe to assume that everyone knows this! There are frequent questions about the pricing structure, and plenty of confusion about the difference between point releases (free updates) and major releases (paid-for upgrades).
  3. Perhaps @MEB or one of the other mods will move this thread for you, but for future reference you can find the main Affinity Support section at the top of the forums' home page. Unlike the Affinity Beta Support section at the bottom of the page, there is a single 'Questions' forum for all products (with a subforum for iPad questions); please make sure that you specify your product and platform when creating a new thread there.
  4. Have you perhaps lost track of this thread? BTW, you've posted to the 'Photo Beta on Mac' forum, but as you are a new user I suspect you are using the retail version of Affinity Photo rather than the customer beta.
  5. No, Mike, you haven't misread anything.
  6. It doesn't have one yet! I think it was assumed that you were using Affinity Photo, since you were talking about working with an image to which you need to apply perspective. Always make sure to indicate which product you're using. I see that you did actually use the tag 'design' when creating this thread, but it would have been clearer if you had used 'designer' and/or included an explicit reference to Affinity Designer (or 'AD') in your topic title or your OP.
  7. I have fresh installations of both the retail version and the beta build here, and both automatically switch to 'Percentage' when I choose CMYK (or HSL or Greyscale).
  8. Thanks for the link, Mike. A generally very positive review, although the reviewer seemed to be under the impression that the History panel only retains edits during the current session: he apparently failed to discover the option to save the history with the file.
  9. The crucial point is that Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo only need to be able to understand and to modify linked text blocks: they don't need to (and apparently won't ever) be able to create them. This is no different from being able to change live filter settings in AD or edit artboards in APh.
  10. Rhetorical question, Mike? I've just discovered that it's #38 on this list.
  11. How did you expect it to work out, and how did it actually work out? If it were me, I would either publish as PDF or export to SVG from DrawPlus.
  12. Personally, I find forums where there are potential font issues expensive to visit... Like @MikeW, I personally find forums where there are potential font issues expensive to visit... Do we really need an excuse??