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  1. You don't really need to check the "For most forums" checkbox. If you just paste the URL on its own, this forum will embed the image automatically but will also offer to display the URL as a link instead. Without the ?URL parameter, the "For most forums" checkbox will be checked automagically anyway, as demonstrated by the following links: You're welcome.
  2. Thanks for the education, @DM1!
  3. Thanks for the clarification. The problem you're faced with, as I see it, is that all computer images are rectangular, so your diamond-shaped photo is only ever going to be a diamond in a square bounding box. (If you view your forum avatar image on its own, you'll find that it's actually square even though it's cropped to a circle here.)
  4. Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, @Nelli. Perhaps I'm missing something, but if the original photo is diamond-shaped and you want the scanned copy to be diamond-shaped, couldn't you simply scan the photo in the desired orientation instead of scanning it with the edges horizontal/vertical and then rotating it?
  5. Or an expensive one, if you consider the expense to be worthwhile and your budget will stretch to it!
  6. Please see the attached AD file. I started with two blue links and two red links (which I grouped, but only for neatness) and then I duplicated the blue links, selected both and Alt-clicked the 'Add' icon in the Geometry section of the main toolbar to create a compound object/layer. I put a green circle at each of the three places where I wanted the blue link to remain on top, and again performed a compound 'Add'. If you go to the Layers panel, drag the green circles thumbnail and drop it onto the blue links thumbnail (so that when you hover before releasing the mouse button you get a short vertical pale blue rectangle instead of a long horizontal one) the two blue links will be cropped so that they are only visible where the green circles were. Reglico's-links.afdesign
  7. It might be your PDF viewer which is making it look fatter. What is the font, and what PDF viewer are you using?
  8. You can reduce the workload a little by adding the cropping shapes (via 'Layer > Geometry > Add') so that you only have one layer that you need to move.
  9. We know that 1.7 is in the works, and given the number of items remaining on the 1.x roadmap it seems very likely that there will be at least a version 1.8, so on that basis version 2.0 isn't going to be here any time soon.
  10. The target application is completely dependent on the formats that the developers of the source application have chosen to make available via the system clipboard.
  11. The Filters Studio might seem like a reasonable place for it, but I think the developers gave the Liquify feature its own persona because there is so much you can do with it.
  12. That sounds reasonable.
  13. Yes, of course. Well, what @v_kyr actually said is that it’s logical for it to be included in Designer, not for it to be excluded from Publisher!
  14. Yup, pretty much like DrawPlus, WebPlus, MoviePlus, etc. My point was that since Affinity is actually a suite, and especially since the apps share a single file format, it seems to me that the ability to publish to HTML really belongs in Publisher. (In case you didn’t know, PagePlus had a Web Publishing Mode before WebPlus was released as a separate application, and this was retained for several versions after WebPlus first appeared on the scene.)
  15. You can install it on multiple machines, but it’s not at all clear that it can be used on more than one at a time. Hence this thread.