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  1. Looking pretty good, Jack! How long has it taken you to get that far?
  2. I’m not sure now, either! I guess I was thinking that if it worked like Alt-dragging to create a duplicate there would be a separate ‘Close all selected curves’ step in the History (so that a single ‘Undo’ would leave the curve closed).
  3. So you’re saying that if you have an object whose x-coordinate is exactly 35 and you move it 2 whole pixels to the right with ‘Force Pixel Alignment’ turned on, its new x-coordinate isn’t exactly 37?? If so, that doesn’t sound right at all!!
  4. You need to make sure that the document setup specifies a transparent canvas. The option is in a slightly different place depending on which app you’re using, and I don’t have either one in front of me right now, so please post back if you can’t find it! For what it’s worth, I rarely use GIF for static images other than emoticons. PNG-8 files are almost always at least as small as GIFs, and by using PNG-32 instead of PNG-8 you can have alpha transparency (instead of a stark choice between fully on or fully off).
  5. Nicely put! If ‘Force Pixel Alignment’ always took precedence then we wouldn’t have this problem, but it doesn’t, so you need to turn off ‘Move By Whole Pixels’ in order for ‘Force Pixel Alignment’ to perform the promised forcing.
  6. To answer that, try a ‘Divide’ (or whatever) followed by ‘Undo’.
  7. @Pšenda was simply pointing out that open paths are always closed (automatically by the program if not manually by the user) before a Boolean operation is performed.
  8. Thanks for the clarification. I linked to the specifically to the Signature tab on the Account Settings page because the Edit Profile page doesn’t let you enter the signature text.
  9. Putting information in your profile requires other users to visit the About Me tab on your profile page to read it. The information in a user’s signature is more readily accessible.
  10. Same here! I was merely pointing out that the developers already see those things as useful and know how to do them.
  11. Marcel Duchamp’s “L.H.O.O.Q.” springs to mind.
  12. Serif’s own PagePlus has all three of those features.
  13. Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, @DeBorahBeatty. Affinity Publisher will indeed be a separate purchase, just like Designer and Photo, and it will include some features such as linked text frames which Serif apparently don’t plan to add to the other apps in the suite. However, we will be able to edit APub documents in Designer (or Photo).
  14. Instead of copying, pasting and rotating the pasted copy, you can duplicate the first mark with Ctrl+J on Windows (or Cmd+J on a Mac) and then rotate the duplicate. This will allow you to use the ‘Power Duplicate’ feature, whereby subsequent use of the keyboard shortcut will result in the same amount of rotation being applied to each new duplicate.
  15. Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, Donald. Several users here appear to be using Huion 1060 Plus tablets successfully with the Affinity apps. What is your OS?