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  1. The zip archive at https://affin.co/coreskills — a resource which is available to everyone, so it’s all right to share the link here — contains the *.afdesign file that you mention. The file at that URL is core_skills.zip (but you don’t type the underscore or the .zip extension to access the download). Once successfully downloaded, extract the contents of the archive in the usual way.
  2. The ‘sketch’ JPEG is just one of the files in the zip archive for the panther project.
  3. There’s a single zip file for each chapter. Just type https://affin.co/ followed by the project name.
  4. Check that the canvas size matches the document size. If there’s no mismatch, please post a screenshot of the Transform (‘Xfm’) panel.
  5. I would be very surprised, too, especially since the trial download is a time-limited full version which can be converted simply by entering a valid product key (i.e. there is no need for a separate download).
  6. Oops! Thanks for that, Miguel. The iPadOS version in my sig (14.2) is correct, but I’m on version 1.8.6 of the apps, not 1.8.4. As noted in my previous post, I see width and height controls for the ‘Custom Ratio’ cropping option in the 1.9.0 beta. They’re also available for the ’Resample’ option, but only in the beta; I don’t have the ‘Absolute Dimensions’ option shown in the video.
  7. Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, @dirac. There’s a ‘Deselect’ option on the menu that pops up when you long-press anywhere in the workspace.
  8. Is your document RGB or CMYK? Your home printer uses the latter, so many of the RGB colours you see on your monitor will be ‘out of gamut’ when printing. This is particularly noticeable for bright green or orange, and yellows on screen may acquire a greenish tinge when printed.
  9. @Patrick Connor @PeteNice and @Nice ness seem to be two different usernames for a single user. It would probably be less confusing all around if the two accounts could be merged (as long as the user in question doesn’t object, of course).
  10. I think this feature is quite common, if not universal, in vector software that has a bitmap fill option. I’ve certainly seen it in two or three other vector drawing applications.
  11. I’ve now reworked the same designer’s ‘Multicolore Pro’ font. I had to use the EPS file because the AI files aren’t PDF-compatible and I can’t resave them because I don’t have Adobe Illustrator. I would like to have reworked ‘ColorTube’ too, but it was only supplied as an incompatible AI file. multicolore-v2-3902.afdesign
  12. Or rather, as many as he (or she!) owns or controls. If the computer is leased to you, you don’t own it but you do control it.
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