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  1. As you’ve probably gathered, I haven’t investigated in any detail! However, if checking or unchecking the option makes no difference then it sounds as though you may have found a bug.
  2. Alfred

    trebuchet font

    What does it look like if you export to PDF?
  3. Unless I’ve misunderstood the purpose of ‘Scale with Object’, it should work the same way with effects as it does with stroke weight. If you draw two squares, one with twice the width and height of the other but both with the same stroke, and you then enlarge the smaller one to make it the same size as the larger one, it will only end up looking the same if ‘Scale with Object’ stroke setting is switched off; if ‘Scale with Object’ is switched on, the stroke weight will increase as the size of the square increases.
  4. Try ‘Filters > Colours > Erase White Paper’.
  5. I wonder whether Arnaud is thinking in terms of a node-based system. If so, it could be very powerful but it would be a such a radical departure from what we currently have that I don’t see it happening in the Affinity apps any time soon (if ever).
  6. Until last year the Mac versions of the Affinity apps were only available from the Mac App Store (MAS). An app sold through the Affinity Store requires a product key for installation, but an app sold through the MAS includes an encrypted receipt which ties the purchase to your Apple ID.
  7. It’s also available by direct download from here: https://affin.co/gradeuikit
  8. It sounds to me as though you’ve got it the wrong way around, @casterle. Either that, or we’re talking at cross purposes!
  9. I don’t recall seeing the ‘Reset Fonts’ option in my Windows versions of the apps, at least not in version 1.6.
  10. Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, @LOGerin1. Serif have indicated a few times that they currently have no plans to add animation features to any of the Affinity apps.
  11. I think it depends very much on the kind of project you’re working on. If you have a bunch of objects of various sizes but the same outline effect applied, you probably wouldn’t want that outline to grow or shrink when an object is resized.
  12. I’m afraid I slightly misspoke, Erica! Although the program’s font cache does update for me (so it can ‘see’ newly loaded fonts without my having to relaunch it) I find that I do have to close and reopen any files containing fonts which were identified as missing.
  13. I find that the tracking often gets messed up in PDF import (which is what you’re actually doing when you import/open an AI file in the Affinity apps). Try selecting each text run and setting the tracking value to zero.
  14. Alfred

    Jpg exported as 6400px

    Your thread title says ‘6400px’ but the body of your OP refers to ‘6400 DPI’. Which is it? DPI or PPI refers to print resolution. It's irrelevant for websites, since browsers only know about pixels: all that matters is the pixel dimensions of the image.
  15. That doesn’t matter. You can keep it installed on any laptop or desktop machines that you own or control, as long as no one else is using it for commercial purposes.