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  1. Alfred

    Butterfly Girl

    I know it’s not meant to be photorealistic but I think it would look better if the girl’s fingers had three joints instead of two. And the poor butterfly on her head it missing two of its legs!
  2. Interesting. The groovyPost article that I linked to described a series of steps to switch back to S mode but the Windows 10 FAQ article is quite unequivocal about it:
  3. This article suggests otherwise, Darren. Is it out of date?
  4. Your Windows 7 machine must be using the Affinity Store version of your Affinity app/s, so you would have to buy it/them again if you wanted to keep using Windows 10 S (since it only installs apps from the Microsoft Store). The alternative would be to upgrade the OS from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro.
  5. I’m guessing you meant to type ‘Sandy Bridge’!
  6. Alfred

    My registration number ?

    And if you’re seeing both versions, just drag the trial version to the Trash (and empty the Trash to get rid of it completely).
  7. Alfred

    My registration number ?

    Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, Piero. If you installed the app via the Mac App Store (MAS) it will be the full purchased version. The trial version is not available from the MAS. As @SFurniss posted while I was typing, you don’t need a product key for the MAS version. The purchase is tied to your Apple ID.
  8. Just to clarify, the post by @stokerg in the other thread mentions macros as being unavailable. You can, of course, use macros via the Macros Studio in Affinity Photo on iPad, but you can’t record macros in the app. It’s worth noting that the macros need to be exported from the Library panel, not the Macros panel, in the desktop app: the iPad version can only import *.macros files (i.e. collections of one or more macros), not single *.macro files. There is also no support for global colours or searching for colours, and we don’t currently have spot or overprint options.
  9. Alfred


    Via the search box near the top right-hand corner of any forum page.
  10. Alfred


    When you do a search, you get a ‘More search options’ link below the search terms. Clicking on that link reveals options to ‘Search By Tags’ and ‘Search By Author’.
  11. Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, @Barfly1959. Affinity Designer is more like Adobe Illustrator than Adobe Photoshop, but even in Affinity Photo there is only an ‘Erase White Paper’ command. For a coloured background you would need to first make a pixel selection and then delete it; there is a Background Erase Tool, but although you can adjust the tolerance it doesn’t have a ‘flood erase’ mode as such.
  12. I’m afraid I have bad news for you, @Pariah73! The promise was that they would patch any ‘legacy’ applications broken by a Windows update, but only if they were still selling them. As of ten days ago, Serif are no longer selling any titles in the Plus range.
  13. Alfred


    A single tap with two fingers works for me!
  14. The roadmap was removed from view several months ago. If you try to follow the link in my previous post to this thread you’ll find that it no longer works.

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