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  1. Sorry if this has already been asked but I have searched the forum and have not seen a similar topic. Is there anything similar to the photoshop photo filter in affiinty photo?
  2. Thank you very much! I prefer the behaviour when moving to be like photoshop, but for now, the step mode you advised me is useful.
  3. thanks for understanding now! as you say it is with transparencies, can you think how I can paint a new colour on a shape without selecting all the pixels?
  4. Layers don't matter, here is an example from 0. It happens to me with all images that have pixels with opacity lower than 100%. sorry, I got confused when I inserted the video, here it is correct: vs--vs.mp4
  5. Hi @MEB ¿Can you watch the videos? I use that method but in contrast to photoshop, not all pixels are selected.
  6. In pohotoshop I click on the command key and at the same time on the thumbnail of the layer and select all the written pixels, when I drag all of them move. However in affinity photo with this method not all are selected. Is there another method? I want to do this to create a new layer with this shape and to be able to paint on it and other things. Pd: how can I insert a video in the forum? a.photo.mov ps.mov
  7. I need this! I already have publisher but I often use designer because it's more flexible using artboards, it's absurd that designer doesn't have it, I have to copy the text to publisher and bring it back to affinity designer, it's sad.
  8. Quoting your translated message was a mistake, what I wanted to say is that in Spanish the lock is not understood either. @Friksel
  9. It would also be interesting for pages/layouts in affinity publisher.
  10. In the same way that you can add comments in pages for macOS or in other 3D design apps like solidworks, I think it would be interesting to add a comment for each artboard. For now what I do is to add a text outside the artboard, but it's uncomfortable and ugly. I show how it might look on the interface when you click on the icon:
  11. I think a. designer is better, you have more freedom with the work tables and constraints that fit. It's the closest to Sketch. Too bad studiolink is not available from a. designer, it would be interesting. I can only access it from publisher. And icons/ butons library!
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