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  1. If you can program or you find a programmer, you can write an application which converts for you. Not an easy task but surely not impossible. I am willing to help you with the programming but I cannot do it for free. I will see if I can write a short demo this weekend if you are interested. Chris
  2. Welcome, Yoo to this community, Google translate result for the original post : "I want to know the Hangul support plan. You can expect marketability of Serif affinity in Korea." I think only Serif can answer your question. But like Wosven pointed out, others also asked for specific languages to support. While I can understand support for a local language, I think English is better because otherwise knowledge and information can be very fragmented. My native language is Dutch but when I have to look something up, I look on English forums because the Dutch forums are most of the times too limited. But for non-English speaking people, local language support can be very beneficial. Hope you find a solution and enjoy the Affinity applications the way I do. Chris
  3. An "Unhandled Exception" means that inside the programming, there was an error which was not caught by the code. This is nothing a user can solve, only the Affinity programmers can do the magic for you. I am sure the Affinity team will do their best to solve this problem. However, it can take a while. Also, take into account that the cause can be on your computer. If more people experience the same error, it is probably in Designer itself but when you are the only one, chances are that the cause is on your computer. At my laptop, Affinity runs fine without any problems. Yesterday Designer crashed but I cannot remember when it crashed before that. I hope your problem gets fixed soon. Chris
  4. Can happen to us all from time to time!
  5. True Alfred, there are tutorials on her Youtube channel too. However, one of the pen tool tutorials is more extensive on Skillshare. Both her courses on Skillshare as her Youtube channel are very interesting places to expand your drawing and Affinity talents. Isabel Aracama is a very talented and motivated teacher. Her teaching style is funny, clear and to the point. Maybe the Affinity team should hire her because her tutorials are better than the Affinity created ones. Despite the fact, I visit her Youtube channel regularly, I forgot to mention it. Please, accept my apology for my mistake which you corrected now.
  6. Also, Isabel Aracama on Skillshare has a very interesting course on the Pen tool in Affinity Designer. It is a very interesting, clear and fun course to follow.
  7. Why not the possibility to add a "Studio" icon on the toolbar, or give the option to put a "Studio" icon on the toolbar (customize toolbar).? I am using a 15.4" screen laptop and have room enough in the menubar to add a "Studio" menu. I find the suggestions I read on this topic interesting and worthwhile to investigate at least. Addin a "Studio" menu will increase productivity for sure. Chris
  8. There is also a very good Quick Start Affinity Designer tutorial on YouTube : Affinity Designer Quick Start It is two hours and a half but the explanations and examples are very much to the point, clear and very good structured. For a newbie and even experienced users, a treasure of information. Chris
  9. Hi all, I am mainly using Affinity Designer/Publisher on Windows. I also have Nuance PowerPDF creator installed (paid version). I exported the same file with Nuance PowerPDF and Affinity (Designer) PDF export. I cannot see any difference in the resulting files. With Nuance PowerPDF I am using the "Print..." command. Despite the same results, I like to know if there is a difference (I didn't see) and which of the two methods is best. Thank you much for your input, which is much appreciated. Chris
  10. Hi Wosven, Thank you very much for your explanation and the link to the Affinity website. Please, accept my apology for this very late reply but I could not find my own posting so I thought a moderator removed it because it was not really involved with the Affinity products. I found it by accident when I checked my profile. Your link does the trick and leads me directly to where I want to go. Thank you again, your help is much appreciated. Chris
  11. Hi all, I like to use Serif software for years now, however, I can't believe what I see on their new website. There is a screen-filling image, below kind of "Learn more" button and then links to their legacy software which is much clearer than the Learn more button. Then finally I click on the "Learn More" button and then have to click again on the "Menu". I don't know who designed this website layout, however, if it is Serif intend to promote their legacy software above the new Affinity range, they succeeded with a glance. First I was thinking of a mistake but it is now for more than one day. This is the standard example of doing things in a hurry. Please Serif, for your own good, change this and make sure your Affinity website is easily accessible.
  12. Just out of the top of my head. Can't you make the background white and then use the "opacity" to reduce the white? The text you can use brown for. By changing the opacity, you are also reducing the needed ink.
  13. Hello Walt, Thank you for your reply and you are again correct. First setting the "Left indent" and then the "First line indent" solve the problem. Maybe Serif should put first the "Left Indent" field and then "First line indent". I do not think it is a bug, because when doing it in your order, everything works fine. Chris

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