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  1. There is also a very good Quick Start Affinity Designer tutorial on YouTube : Affinity Designer Quick Start It is two hours and a half but the explanations and examples are very much to the point, clear and very good structured. For a newbie and even experienced users, a treasure of information. Chris
  2. Hi all, I am mainly using Affinity Designer/Publisher on Windows. I also have Nuance PowerPDF creator installed (paid version). I exported the same file with Nuance PowerPDF and Affinity (Designer) PDF export. I cannot see any difference in the resulting files. With Nuance PowerPDF I am using the "Print..." command. Despite the same results, I like to know if there is a difference (I didn't see) and which of the two methods is best. Thank you much for your input, which is much appreciated. Chris
  3. Hi Wosven, Thank you very much for your explanation and the link to the Affinity website. Please, accept my apology for this very late reply but I could not find my own posting so I thought a moderator removed it because it was not really involved with the Affinity products. I found it by accident when I checked my profile. Your link does the trick and leads me directly to where I want to go. Thank you again, your help is much appreciated. Chris
  4. Hi all, I like to use Serif software for years now, however, I can't believe what I see on their new website. There is a screen-filling image, below kind of "Learn more" button and then links to their legacy software which is much clearer than the Learn more button. Then finally I click on the "Learn More" button and then have to click again on the "Menu". I don't know who designed this website layout, however, if it is Serif intend to promote their legacy software above the new Affinity range, they succeeded with a glance. First I was thinking of a mistake but it is now for more than one day. This is the standard example of doing things in a hurry. Please Serif, for your own good, change this and make sure your Affinity website is easily accessible.
  5. Just out of the top of my head. Can't you make the background white and then use the "opacity" to reduce the white? The text you can use brown for. By changing the opacity, you are also reducing the needed ink.
  6. Hello Walt, Thank you for your reply and you are again correct. First setting the "Left indent" and then the "First line indent" solve the problem. Maybe Serif should put first the "Left Indent" field and then "First line indent". I do not think it is a bug, because when doing it in your order, everything works fine. Chris
  7. I restarted the laptop and everything is fine again. Now indents start from the start of the text frame not the start of the page. However, I still do not expect the first line indent to change with the left indent. When I choose a value of 20 for the left indent, I expect the first line indent to be 0 and in that case, it should start at the same position as the left indent. Nevertheless, now I know it is easier to deal with. Chris
  8. Hi again, I just found another bug in this dialogue. If you change the "Left indent" field" then the value of "First line indent" changes too. In my case the value for First line indent became 10 when I changed Left Indent to 20. How can the First line indent value change when only changing the Left indent value? How will I ever get this job done in time? Chris
  9. Hi all, I just experienced very weird behaviour when setting text indents. First, place a text frame on the page. Then type some text which takes two or more rows just to see what I mean. Secondly, create a style for the text and set a left indent of 20 mm (can be any value). Thirdly, apply the text style to your text. You will see that Publisher count from the left edge to the page and indent 20 mm from there. I see clearly what happens because my text frame has a blue background. In fact, I took a rounded rectangle and just converted it to a text frame. In my opinion, the indent should start from the left side of the text frame. Which in this case is clearly not the case. I find this a serious bug or flawed thinking of the development team. Anybody else experiences this or if you disagree with me, feel free. Chris
  10. I completely agree with 2mi about Publisher. Very nice job done for the Affinity team. A colleague of mine told me that in her opinion, Designer and Photo are for professionals, Publisher is for hobbyists. She cannot be more wrong. The integration with Designer and Photo makes the whole suite very powerfull. With Publisher, we have a complete graphic studio at our fingertips to create our documents and artworks. Do I have other wishes? Yes, I do have. But for the moment, I am still too busy to learn the ins and outs of Publisher. If I can make some suggestions myself these are the ones : Graphics, illustrations, photo's, icons which are flowing with the text. However, pinning them works fine for me. A knife tool in Publisher, Designer and Photo. Mailmerge based on a database (SQLite or XML) Saving directly to the cloud (Google Drive, OneDrive,...) I am glad I am an Affinity user from the first second. No other application let me do what Affinity let me do. It is a pleasure to use and I do not look back to the Plus range. I am sure in the years to come, we will see a lot of innovations and improvements in the Affinity range. Nice work Affinity Team! A job very well done. Chris
  11. Thank you Walt, your guess was correct. In my base style (this is the style I base all other styles on) inside the "Position & Transform" section, I selected "No break". That was responsible for the continued text outside the text frame. From the moment that was deselected, the text ran fine. I appreciate your support very much. Have a nice day. Chris
  12. I have a text frame (not artistic text) on my document. When I type text when it reaches the right border of the frame it just continues outside the text frame. I assume that this is a bug because text should go to another line when reaching the horizontal end of the frame. Anybody else experiences this problem and a possible workaround? Thank you very much for your help. Chris
  13. Bad_Wolf

    Affinity Word?

    I replied years back on this thread. I am still using Atlantis Wordprocessor for typing long text. Even when it has to be imported in Jutoh, I use Atlantis. For people also interested in creating ebooks, you can create an epub directly from your text in Atlantis. When then copying or importing your text in Publisher, you have an epub and printed version at the same time. When your styles created in Publisher are well and carefully thought out, you will deliver nice documents without too many efforts. Needless to say, planning and creating your styles is essential and can be complex at times. Chris
  14. I am very sure 50 euro is a very affordable and good price for such a product like Publisher. As a registered user of Publisher, you will get a discount when there is a major update. At least, this was the case with the Plus range. However, I will gladly pay full price for a major update even when it is next year. I really fail to see why asking 40 euro a year for an update will be a slap in the face. Are you serious? When you create a business card for a customer today, will you still update that card over one year for free? That is your answer. If you do not want to pay for software, then you have to go the open source route. I do that for Blender but decided to support them every month by getting a subscription. From the money their customers pay them, they support the development. The same is true for Serif. Implementing new features will cost a lot of money, which has to come from their sales. By the way, I paid for 2 Designer, 2 Photo and 2 Publisher licenses despite the fact we are also operating from Botswana. When we decided on the Affinity Suite, we were not bothered about the price but if we could use it or not. We just bought a license from the very beginning of those applications and start using them. We did not regret our choice for one moment. I had a discussion a few weeks ago with a colleague which claimed that Designer and Photo were for professionals (she started using those a few months ago), but that Publisher was just for amateurs (she does not use Publisher). I do not understand why people get that perception, but Publisher together with Designer and Photo are aimed at the professional market. Anyway, I create nice things with the whole suite. That is what counts in the end.
  15. Affinity Publisher does not have a brush tool. So you can only use brushes in Designer. Maybe you can draw your line with the brush tool in Designer and then import it into Publisher? Chris