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  1. Alfred, The same is true for Designer. Just press "H" and you see in the context toolbar the same option to choose any measurement. To be honest, I found this out by accident. Chris
  2. Hi Zychoo, It seems we are in the same boat. I am using Affinity Designer and Photo. For drawings I use definatelly Designer. To be honest, I use Designer much more than Photo. Designer is fast and already very powerful. Learning curve can be a little steep, but there is a workbook both for Designer and Photo. There are also many Designer and Photo courses on I mainly use Designer for drawing, nothing else. Together with a Wacom Intuos 5 medium tablet, drawing is very powerful and easy. If you also do photographs, then both are a very good investment. With the upcoming Publisher, we will have a very good arsenal of tools. Hope this helps. Chris
  3. I had exactly the same problem and posted a few weekends ago about it. I got a very nice solution from Owenr which worked out greatly for me. This is the solution which worked out for me : Switch on "Force Pixel Alignment" and make sure "Move by whole pixel" is off (disabled). The annoying white line disappeared. Mostly my lines are aligned "inside" to the object boundaries. Despite the white line WAS visible in Affinity Designer, I found out that when I placed it in Construct 3 (game creation development tool) as a sprite, it was no longer visible. Before the solution I received, using a Wacom Tablet or the touchpad on the laptop, did not make any difference. For a long time I was thinking that I did something wrong or my drawing was not accurate enough. Hope this helps. Thanks again to Owenr because without his advice, I would have been stuck. Chris
  4. Hello Owenr, A "special thank you" for your very skilled and professional help. I do appreciate the time and efforts you spent on helping me with something I could no longer solve on my own. I enabled "Force Pixel alignment" and disabled "Move by whole pixel' which exactly respected the dimensions of my object when it is exported. Also I was not aware of the possible misalignment when there are multiple Artboards present. There are indeed 3 artboards present. I agree with you that the option "Force Pixel Alignment' is our best friend. I already corrected the file and now everything looks as expected. The graphics I am creating now are for a "Sorry!" game I am making in Construct 3 for our small daughter. When it is finished, I will give you a copy if you like (it does not contain adds or any bloatware). You did made my day and improved my (limited) drawing skills. I wish you all the best and a very nice day. Chris
  5. Hi all, I have a small but irritating problem with two squared objects with the same color. I have two squares which are filled with yellow (RGB). The line width I set to 0. Now when there is for example a black background behind those squares, and I choose "zoom" --> "Actual size", a very thin line is visible where the objects touch each other. However, when I choose 100%, 200%, 400% or 800% the line disappears. What I also find strange is that when I export an object which has dimensions set as 32 x 32, those sizes increase with 1 pixel (png). So those 32 becomes 33. Can you tell me what is going wrong here? I think I should not bother about the visible line, it is probably a glitch of the laptop screen. I am using the latest version of Affinity Designer on Windows 7. Thank you very much for your help which is appreciated. Chris
  6. Just was looking for the same feature to add notes to objects. So +1 for me too.
  7. I also want to add, that when I am in doubt about a color for example contrasting with another, I am using the HSL color wheel to check it. Depending on the kind of drawing I use different selection methods.
  8. On the right of the sliders is a box where you can select what kind of sliders you want. Just click on the arrow and you will see "RGB sliders". If you choose that option, you will get exactly the same sliders as in the image here. I tried this in Designer but should be the same for Photo. Hope this helps. Chris
  9. Scribus is free and can get help you out until Affinity Publisher is released. When the beta cycle starts, you can use the beta also but I have to warn you, it is risky. I am planning to use the beta version together with Ragtime (which I use now just until aPub is released). I also have Designer and Photo and I do not want to use anything else anymore. But like somebody else has said, if you can master the free Scribus, that can help you also. I would not recommend PagePlus because there is no longer any development anymore. Also those deprecated "Plus" applications are not compatible with the much better Affinity range.
  10. Hello Walt, Thank you for your reply and your information. You are correct, the difference in dpi is the cause that the ruler no longer works on any resolution than 300 dpi. I only use two resolutions, 96 for web and 300 for print. So I have to make another ruler for the 96 dpi which I need to make in pixels measurements. A friend of mine suggested to use a macro for the rulers. However, this seems not available yet for Affinity Designer. Wish you a very good day. Chris
  11. Hi again, Just a few moments ago, I also noticed there is no "snapping" to the individual measurements (lines) on the ruler. Whatever I do, even ungrouping them, make no difference with or without locking. Any idea how to solve this problem? Thank you again. Chris
  12. Hello everyone, Because I cannot move the rulers position to any place inside the drawing, I created my own ruler. The ruler consist of a dark grey background with 10 mm divisions (the main division) in aquablue. Then the 2 mm divisions are orange and a little bit longer than the 1 mm divisions which are white. Then I grouped the 10mm divisions with each other, then the 2 mm divisions with each other and lastly the 1 mm divisions with each other. Then in the end I grouped the background rectangle with the 3 other groups. The subgroups are locked. Now I have to select the main mm group in the layers panel to select the ruler and drag it around. This works as expected. Inside this drawing I can choose other measurements and the ruler still keeps correct. The ruler is designed for print documents. However when I change the document to "web", it still shows the correct distance. Now I created another new document as Web with pixels and copy the ruler to that document. Now the ruler is no longer correct. I have two questions : 1. Do you know the reason why copying to another document with different measurements, the ruler is no longer showing the correct measurements while changing in the ruler document the measurement is still correct? 2. How can I create a template from this document, so I can have new documents based on the ruler original? When this is not possible, do you know a method how to make the mm ruler available standard to each document? I included the Affinity Designer document together with this post. If it is usefull to you, you can use it as much as you like. In case you have any suggestions, I will be very happy to hear them. Your help will be much appreciated and thank you in advance. Have a nice day! Chris mm_ruler.afdesign
  13. On 16 october 2015, MEB was writing : Now we are more than 2,5 years later, using Affinity Designer 1.6.104 and I can still find no place where I can change the colors for the guides. Also a much requested feature for placing the rulers is still missing. Any update if this will be implemented in the near future? Both features especially the last one, will improve Designer significantly. Like Affinity Designer and Photo very much. Nicely done! Chris
  14. I never experienced it in Affinity Designer myself. However, I name every layer because I find it easier to locate objects. I have to admit, it is extra work, but I find it worthwhile. This surely pays off later when you need to find an object again among hundreds of others. Edit : Forgot to mention, I am using Affinity Designer for Windows
  15. Last night I bought a Udemy course about Affinity Photo (Solid foundations), which hopefully will prevent me from asking stupid questions like the one above. Anyway I am now on lecture 3 and already learned a lot about Photo. I should invest more time in learning thouroughly instead of trying to figure everything out myself. I appreciate the Affinity range very much and will surely buy Publisher when it comes available. I can hardly wait.