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  1. Latté anyone? Curious to see if I could realistically replicate latté-art. Created with Designer v2.3.1.
  2. I recently illustrated a Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly (Protographium marcellus) for my brother. He wanted a photo, which I did not have, so I decided to create an illustration for him instead. I used AD v2.31., but spent a lot of time in the Pixel Persona. I also made a few trips to Affinity Photo for a few features that AD does not support. Hope you like it.
  3. @R C-R Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely try that. Another thing that seems to work is using Cmd-Shft-A, followed by Cmd-[. Rather irritating, though. I've found a lot of people with this Finder refresh issue in a Google search. Some "fixes" work, some don't, and it seems to vary by Mac OS release. It's an Apple issue and has been around for some time. I've always wondered why it takes so long for my "Last 30 Days" folder to refresh and list new files (I use an external SSD for storage via my thunderbolt connection).
  4. @Callum Thank you. Good to know. 😀 BTW, Finder on Mac OS appears to have a "refresh" issue at times, which is why I had to move to a different folder and back to the AP2 Autosave folder to refresh the time stamp and file size.
  5. Thanks for the response, Callum. Yesterday, after my crash and data loss, I changed the time interval from 300 to 200 seconds. I tested it quickly this morning. I opened a RAW DNG file in the Develop Persona (RAW layer linked, which is my standard workflow), made a few adjustments, then developed the image. That was at 7:00am. I did a few minor edits in the Photo Persona, waited about 8 minutes, then looked in the ~/library/application support/affinity photo 2/autosave folder. It initially showed a time stamp of 7:00am 8 minutes later, and a very small file size in KB, which I assume just recorded the parametric changes made in the Develop Persona. I made a few more edits in AP, then looked again...the time stamp is still 7:00am and the file size is still small. In my Finder, I switched to a different file folder, then back to the AP2 autosave folder, and it then showed that AP did autosave with a new time stamp (7:13am) and an appropriate larger file size for a linked RAW file (3.5 MB). Maybe Finder needs to switch folders and return to show the new time stamp and file size? I'm still typing this message and checked Finder again, and it still shows a time stamp of 7:13, even though the time is now 7:30am. Perhaps that is per design, since no more edits have been made while I was typing. I assumed AP would autosave every 200 seconds, even if no changes were made. Just curious is this is expected behavior. I don't care as long as my files are autosaved and recoverable in the event of a crash. The above was with an image that I have NEVER saved as an afphoto file (on purpose, for this test). It was an unsaved DNG file, developed and brought into AP for editing. I wanted to see if Autosave is working with a DNG file that was developed, yet unsaved. Seems to be working. BTW, many of my crashes (which are not all that frequent) occur when I am dragging a standard mask (or a pixel based mask in Erase Mode) from one layer to another. That's what I have observed so far.
  6. I've actually had this happen before with RAW files opened in the Develop Persona. If AP crashes, and if I haven't saved it first as an afphoto file, opening a recovery file seems to revert back to the original RAW file and I have to start from scratch in the Develop Persona. This evening, I opened the same RAW DNG file, but after opening in the Photo Persona, I immediately saved it as an afphoto file. In checking the Autosave folder, I can see that autosave is updating the file's time stamp from time to time while the afphoto file is open in AP. Once I closed down the the file from Photo, that autosave entry is deleted from the autosave folder (which seems correct to me, as the file is now safely saved and closed). I'm beginning to wonder if you have to first save a file as an afphoto file for autosave to work? I'm not sure.
  7. Thanks, Walt. Hmmmm....why isn't "Autosave" saving? Am I doing something wrong? Does the file have to be saved before autosave kicks in? Do Mac preferences need to be deleted or updated? What good is an autosave feature if it doesn't...well...Autosave!
  8. I'm not having any success recovering a file after AP v2.3.1 crashed. I'm on a 2017 MacBook Pro, Ventura. I never saved the file, but I had it open for at least an hour. I usually save more often, but I was experimenting with some techniques, so I didn't save it at all this time. I started with a DNG RAW file, opened it in the Develop Persona (RAW Layer linked), then did a lot of work on it in the Photo Persona. I have my recovery time in Settings set to 300 seconds, but I couldn't find any record that autosave ever saved my unnamed file anywhere. I looked in ~/library/application support/affinity photo 2/autosave. Nothing is listed there from today.. When relaunching AP, it asked if I wanted to recover the file and I said Yes. It opened the original DNG RAW file in the Develop Persona, which was useless to me. Shouldn't autosave save a copy every 300 seconds, per my AP Settings (preferences)? Is there any way to recover this file? If so, where do I look and how? Thanks.
  9. @Komatös Ahhhh....I see....very long words....like snakes! Donaudampfschifffahrtskapitänspatent is a very LONG word. I'd never heard that expression before. Thanks.
  10. @Komatös Haha..."word snakes?" Thank you for letting me know. I hope it is of help to non-English speakers.
  11. @DavideDozza Thanks, Davide. Maybe I'll make one for my wife! She'd definitely wear it. 😀
  12. The plural of "rabbit" is "rabbi", right? Well anyway, here's an illustration I did for my wife (the rabbit fanatic...we have owned as many as 7 at one time!) Done in AD v2.3.1, with a few trips to the Photo Persona and Affinity Photo for some filter effects. I created two Artboards in AD so I could create different versions. Hope you like them. Cheers.
  13. Maybe this has been posted previously, but it's worth mentioning in this thread. James Ritson (Affinity Photo Product Expert) has created a LOT of great Macros to generate artistic effects, photo editing effects, Sharpening routines and other cool filters. Many of his Macro packages are FREE to download and import into Affinity Photo, and a few are available at very low cost. His JR FILTER GALLERY MACROS V4 is free and has a lot of very cool effects, artistic filters, etc. Most of them are highly customizable too. Many of these effects use Procedural Texture Filters (good for learning about how to create them), and I think all (or most) of his macros are non-destructive. Worth checking out! https://jamesritson.co.uk/resources.html
  14. Attached is Rev B of my Color Negative Conversion Tutorial. It's essentially identical to Rev A, but for completeness, I added the 'optional' Threshold step (from my Dec 1, 2023 post in this thread). It includes a few minor wording changes and corrections, but nothing of any substance. If you already have Rev A, you don't really need to download Rev B. Adding a Threshold Adjustment Layer is an added step, but I find it often results in better, more accurate conversions...and in the end, it often saves time. 😁 Processing Color Negatives in Affinity Photo-Rev B.pdf
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