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  1. Hello, the bug also occurs in the beta! I'm working with a Wacom graphics tablet and pen. The freezing of the program always happens if you don't hit the gap correctly when moving the layers and "slip off".
  2. Hello, I often have the problem that Affinity Photo freezes when moving layers. I've noticed that it often happens when I undo a lot of work and then move layers. I assigned 60% of 16GB RAM in Affinity Photo. The graphics card (GTX 1060 6 GB) renders with OpenGL As a precaution I have attached a memory dump of Affinity Photo as a RAR file. Photo.rar
  3. Windows has an "pdf-Printer". You can covert Word documents in a batch. Set the PDF-Printer as the default printer. Then mark all documents you wish to convert. Click with the right mouse button at one of the marked files and chose "Print". All marked files will now be printed as pdf-files.
  4. I understand the solution to fix it! But i don't understand why Serif don't use the Font Cache like other Programs e.g. Photoshop, Corel PSP?
  5. I've the same issue! Both with AP and AD. The start takes much longer with the current version of both programs than with the previous versions. I installed an older version of Paint Shop Pro for testing purposes. PSP starts within seconds!
  6. I can confirm, that A. P. and A.D under Windows 10 are not affected.
  7. I have some multi-layer PSDs like this one: http://www.pixeden.com/texture-packs/psd-water-drops-background-texture This file has approximately 1400 layer Affinty Photo / Designer takes up to 30 minutes to open it. Photoshop needs only a second. So I want a performance improvement when opening multi-layer PSD. :D
  8. Komatös

    Knock on Wood Styles

    Good work, many thanks.