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  1. Maybe the OP mean the vertical justification? If so, than you have to adjust the vertical alignment of each text frame. The easiest way to do this is to use the Studio tab 'Text Frame' and select the option 'Justify Verticaly' under vertical position. The text frame you want to edit must be selected.
  2. Hi @Zeke Sethwill and welcome to the forums. As far as I know, what you see in the Finder (Mac)/Explorer (Windows) is a rendered preview with prettifications. Affinity Photo opens the RAW data as it was generated by the sensor.
  3. Damn @GarryP you where faster than me. 😂 Since most tools are also available individually, you can assemble the tools as you like. Use a smal blank separator to separate your self-created 'groups'
  4. Hi @Kim S and welcome to the forums. Resetting the wrap contour only happens when you make changes to the contour lines. EDIT: One more hint: The "cropped layer" is not really cropped, but only masked. You would have to rasterize and crop the clipped layer. Publisher_nkbVumqaaF.mp4
  5. Hi and welcome to the forums. Only Affinity Photo has a macro recorder that can record multiple manipulation steps. With the help of batch processing and a macro, your task could be processed.
  6. @byron37 There is no product key from Serif for programs purchased from a third-party store, such as the Microsoft Store or Apple Store.
  7. When you are on the updates page, you have the option to download the MSI/EXE versions instead of the MSIX. Use the text link(s) instead the blue bar button.
  8. For me it also works as it should. Windows is up to date? The gpu driver also?
  9. Hi @dpaint and welcome to the forums. Assets, brushes and all the other content are stored in a kind of data container, these have the extension .propcol You should find the overlays under Assets and the brushes under Brushes. Keep in mind that raster brushes are only selectable in Affinity Designer/Publisher when you switch to the pixel persona.
  10. Ah ok, spatanic in German refers to things that have only a small amount of equipment. An apartment with only a little furniture is therefore spatanically furnished.
  11. @R C-R Thanks for pointing that out, but how am I supposed to know that the Mac version is so spatanic. 😂
  12. Hi @Ross Hurley Go to Settings -> General an tick Documents open in a new floating window
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