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  1. Thanks Walt, you hit the jackpot! How do you people know these things? - I was clueless.
  2. I have those painting brushes but they are not the spray brush set I am referring to. The spray brush set was part and parcel of the original photo suite; this is more a question aimed at the staff and I hope they will now what happened to them.
  3. There once existed a range of spray brushes which were integral to the Affinity Photo Suite. However, since the last update and even further back, these spray brushes have suddenly gone. I used to use the spray '8' brush (now completely missing) constantly in some of my work and I find that the spray category is no longer included in the brush list but has now merged with spray and splatter brushes. What has happened to these original spray brushes and is there any way that I can get them back? The supplied link is an old conversation I had with someone using the same set of brushes. This is for real reference in support that at one time they really did exist. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/84064-timelapse-of-making-artwork/&tab=comments#comment-443392
  4. I myself have spent many an hour restoring photo's - mainly old family photo's and the occasional download for skill honing purposes, and afterward I sit back and pat myself on the back for a job well done. You should do the same.
  5. That's another one of those Affinity Photo software mysteries that has also affected me at times. I have no explanation or remedy for it. Each and every time it happened to me I double checked that I had not accidently altered any of the settings like 'flip' or 'rotation etc.' Nothing had changed but the expected behaviour of the tool had for some reason best known to itself. As I always do under such circumstances, I closed the program and restarted it - that usually clears any temporary fault.
  6. If you think that you're going to get help with talk like that then you may just as well leave these forums and never come back. jmwellborn was trying to give you solid advice with only help in mind. If you can do nothing but react like a child then you're really not worth bothering with.
  7. If honesty is the best policy then I have to say. . .I avoid the 'refine' selection like the plague. In my experience it makes more work trying to clean up the mess which it produces. For some images it works fine, but when it messes up - it messes up royally. This tool needs some serious improvement before I sing its praises.
  8. Thanks. My biggest headache was creating the oblong shaped portal entrance - spent days mucking about with that until I was happy with it. After that all I needed to do was put my special effects hat on and let my imagination soar.
  9. Not sure about the stroke/fill, but the black & white shortcut can be set up under preferences/file/scroll to the bottom and click on miscellaneous/set fill to black & white - then choose your preferred key.
  10. Once again I delve into the realms of fantasy and science fiction. All photographs sourced at Unsplash, special effects supplied by me and Affinity Photo. The main portal structure did not exist so I had a go at creating one in a perceived 3D space - I think I did ok. As for page turning - that's something I have never tried before until now, I actually held up a piece of paper and bent one edge over and copied it as best I could.
  11. The base picture came from one of my many nature walks, and with a bit of imagination I tried to create a fairy tale type picture. Yes I know. . .I'm out there! 😀
  12. Can you provide a screen shot with the tools/layers panel in shot?
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