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  1. When you create the live blur filter, and with the filter highlighted in the layers panel, hit ctrl-i to invert the filter only. Then apply a brush to place the blur as desired.
  2. When you mention invert, is it the mask you're inverting?
  3. AffinityJules

    Photorealism from vectors

    Nice illustration but what is it?
  4. AffinityJules

    In space nobody can hear you scream

    That looks so realistic. Give Ripley a call.
  5. I have no idea as to why this should be behaving like it is for you. I've just double checked my opacity, hardness and flow between the healing brush and clone tool, they all change to the setting they were left at.
  6. That's odd. they work independently (settings) when I use them. Are you talking about photo?
  7. AffinityJules

    3D & Bevel/Emboss

    Forget that. I just noticed the link which is switchable. Solved. Doh!!
  8. I've just noticed that the "depth" option in the effects section for 3D & bevel/emboss is no longer an independent function, but seems locked with the same value as the "radius" slider. I don't remember it ever being like that. Is this normal for Photo?
  9. AffinityJules

    Affinity Publisher is Apple’s Mac App of the Year

    The only way is up! Congrats...
  10. AffinityJules

    Liz Fraser (Recolour)

    Arghhh! Can we cancel that date?
  11. Tutorials don't come better than this one. Clear and unrushed.
  12. AffinityJules

    Moon shots.

    Moon shots are never boring.
  13. Yup. I would have to agree on that one. It's a nightmare to try and refine. I've tried it and got nowhere.

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