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    Anything that pulls me away from the mundane, namely: computing, gaming, photography, music composition, general arts, physics and the sciences, astronomy, the universe according to Stephen Hawking, the universe according to me!

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  1. Ah! I thought you were using Photo and not Designer. As I am not a Designer user, I can't help you with that. Someone who actually uses the program will be more useful than me.
  2. Yes. Place a live blur layer on top of the layer stack.
  3. You can use a live gaussian blur filter if that's what you mean? Or go to the 'filter' menu and select gaussian blur - both methods will blur out the entire image.
  4. Thanks. This was one of those pictures I couldn't decide on when it was finished. Then I thought, to hell with it, it's done!
  5. Nice. Would they be the new free download "Dreamphography" brush pack?
  6. I'd rather have Kirk banging on my window than seeing Negan tapping it with Lucille rapped in barbed wire.
  7. "If you go down to the woods today" dee dum dee dum dee dee. Loving the textures.
  8. Source photo (desert and woman) from unsplash. All structures created in Affinity Photo with shapes, textures, and an assortment of brushes. Planet built using Luna Cell (unfortunately Affinity does not support this plugin).
  9. Very nice. In actual fact I still use - to this day, a Tascam MSR 24.
  10. Affinity Photo V2 with a little help from GMIC plugin.
  11. I marvel at the speed in which you produce these other-worldly images. Just to satisfy my own curiosity - how long do you spend on an image?
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