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    Anything that pulls me away from the mundane, namely: computing, gaming, photography, music composition, general arts, physics and the sciences, astronomy, the universe according to Stephen Hawking, the universe according to me!

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  1. AffinityJules

    New convention art WIP Metropolis

    Absolutely! That film is definitely a classic. Seen it a few times - more so in the past, but not lately.
  2. AffinityJules

    Location, Location

    I always wondered about that. When I first joined the forums my location displayed as expected, but I altered the format and it went all awry. Thanks for that, I'll try it.
  3. AffinityJules

    Timelapse of making artwork

    I went over to YouTube and watched your recorded live stream, many techniques you used I already know but there was one which left me wondering how it was done. When you created the 2 white circles and used the blur tool on the one behind to create that dense cloud effect what type of brush did you use? I tried to replicate what you did for experimental purposes but the technique did not work for me. So I figured that the brush you used was customised to your needs. I messed about with brush settings for a while but I still couldn't get that effect. So how did you do it?
  4. AffinityJules

    Timelapse of making artwork

    Ah. . .interesting.
  5. AffinityJules

    Timelapse of making artwork

    That sounds useful, I didn't know you could do that because I never had cause to slow a video down before.
  6. AffinityJules

    The Summoning

    "Hell hath no fury. . ." seems a nice girl. This got really complicated as it developed - different layers with different blend modes & opacities. The problem with doing something like this is: when you want or need to merge certain layers they never merge as you expect them to; the layers never keep their individual properties but default to the highest setting and then the effect you had is gone. Time to undo and stop playing with fire!
  7. AffinityJules

    Timelapse of making artwork

    Very nice picture and all that. . .I just wish I could tell what the hell was going on! Don't mind these speeded up videos - the only problem for any learner like myself who likes to see other peoples techniques is that they are too fast to be instructive. Great picture though.
  8. AffinityJules

    Underground Spherical Phenomenon

    What a grand title! All day in the making and another "live" composite which steered its own course; I just went with it.
  9. AffinityJules

    Surreal Beach Dream

    Ah! I think I get it now. . .I think? ?kniht I. . .won ti teg I kniht I !hA.
  10. AffinityJules

    Surreal Beach Dream

    That's odd, and unless I misunderstand what you've just described, I did that with the final image - scaled it down and placed it within the ball.
  11. AffinityJules

    Miraculous Organic

    I too have quite an extensive prog-rock collection - been collecting since the 70's. What with the onset of the digital age I don't collect much anymore I now get the CD versions of albums that I want.
  12. AffinityJules

    Surreal Beach Dream

    That's a good idea that never occurred to me. I tried many different things in the name of experimentation, but after a while I settled for it as it was.
  13. AffinityJules

    Miraculous Organic

    Thanks GarryP, There was a time while I was doing this (took about 8 hours in total) when it reminded me a bit of that Dali painting "The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus." I had what looked like an egg which something was trying to hatch from. So much for originality. I like the rock album suggestion and in fact over the years there have been similar design concepts which have found their way on the cover of vinyl records.
  14. AffinityJules

    Classic Race Bikes

    Never mind the gaussian blur, these look amazing.
  15. AffinityJules

    Miraculous Organic

    Apart from the backdrop (virtually gone) this image was created with photographs of water. With help from the liquify persona and blend modes I was able to realise this particular visual experiment.