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    Anything that pulls me away from the mundane, namely: computing, gaming, photography, music composition, general arts, physics and the sciences, astronomy, the universe according to Stephen Hawking, the universe according to me!

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  1. AffinityJules

    Cold War Veteran Series

    Seeing these takes me back to my "Airfix" doodling days. Your pictures are very good.
  2. Great job, but you could have done more to match the skin tones, they don't go together that well.
  3. It must have been breast feeding, that guy on the right (bottom picture) looks to be enjoying a good mouthful!
  4. AffinityJules

    Atomic Universe (colour edited in Affinity Photo)

    Looks like someone's been over active with a spirograph set. It has a very complex look.
  5. AffinityJules

    Deserted Moon Base Near Planet O

    I wondered what happened to that comet?! Bloody things. . .here one minute, gone the next.
  6. AffinityJules

    Vintage rusted look

    Yes, I get that. It's just that I have an indelible memory of rummaging around junkyards as a kid, and all the vehicles were always enveloped with the local shrubbery. Rust & Green, a hard memory to shake.
  7. AffinityJules

    Vintage rusted look

    Nicely done. One thing though. . .Personally, I would've left the greens, green.
  8. AffinityJules

    Sketch concept

    Quick concepts?
  9. AffinityJules

    Astropad for iOS + Affinity Photo - mini test

    Count me in also. If one doesn't understand the jargon, then one is lost.
  10. AffinityJules

    astronomy photos

    Fantastic. The top image is quite remarkable.
  11. AffinityJules

    Another place to share work.

    I thought flickr was all about pure photography?
  12. AffinityJules

    Affinity Publisher Beta Layout

    Looks fine to me but, I have to say I'm a bit confused. Could this design not have been achieved using AP? After all, it's just a picture with various fonts. Please tell a Mr Don't Know what would be the primary difference?
  13. AffinityJules

    I drew a POTATO!

    Well. . .we all know that potatoes have eyes but that is ridiculous!
  14. AffinityJules

    Refine selection tool

    What you have to bear in mind is that the selection tool generates noise and other non-picture related scum when the refine selection is activated. Why it does this I don't know or understand. I avoid using it at all costs and much prefer using other methods to acquire decent selections. Good luck.
  15. AffinityJules

    Squid having a chat

    There's an old program which came out of India called Kaleidoscope. The program is virtually identical to what can now be found in Affinity Photo. It's ok but gets old very quickly simply because of the repetitive nature of the program.