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  1. You've just described me!
  2. I just use the appropriate marquee tool and either use CUT or DELETE. Works for me.
  3. Space, man. . .I lurve space.
  4. I don't know how you guys do it?! RESPECT.
  5. Ha! I like it. I hope it's the chocolate the Raptor's after.
  6. I must say that I'm surprised this composite has not got as many 'likes' or 'comments' as I think it deserves. It has a quirky quality and a charm that I thought would appeal to many. Anyhow. . .I still like it.
  7. Yep. . . I like it. Come to think of it; you should post these pictures in their own thread rather than pile them all up, they might go unnoticed. Just a suggestion.
  8. Just my imagination running riot. . .again!
  9. I see a lot of vector drawings and they always look good to me. All I know about vectors is that they begin with the letter V. This picture reminds me of a backdrop to a computer game. Hey! Maybe you've found a new vocation. Nice work.
  10. Nice. Was this done using the V word?
  11. Fascinating. I am eager to know what went in to making the XXL so translucent looking? Maybe it's a secret? Haha.... Great design work.
  12. Ha! Maybe in another picture, another scenario, but for me it was always going to be Ripley.
  13. Very high quality work. Makes me speechless.
  14. I've only just found this. Thanks muchly. . .one can never have enough brushes.