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  1. @dmstraker 1 yes no need paint with solid grey, just paint with grey brush, with neutral we can add by example +20 (and play % opacity) ... 2 Curves we can use curve, by example, for dark or light,I use it with blend ranges (don't forget R, or B, or V option). 3 It's for me an another process with the same objective 31 extract Layer L, or Grey channel r or g or or 32 duplicate it mode Multiply, or darken or colour burn or ... For the "dark side" Same thing with the "clear" mode (Lighten, or...) 33 made a group with this 2 layers mode Luminosity or sometimes Soft light + % or 35 Or play with Apply image Grayscale, DI=SI*x chose x,by example 0.8 mode Luminosity or... adjust opacity, apply BUG = put mode in Luminosity and no Normal adjust with blend ranges. 4 Yes Dave yes I appreciate Aphoto for this , it opens up so much possibilities perhaps made state chart, workflow diagram, activity diagra 5 Adjustment exposure for local adjustment, in this case put mode = Soft light or (Vivid light with 35 -45%) and use bend ranges to restrict the effect locally. to explore. 6 more subtle Made a copy background go Tone mapping select a B&w preset or ... play with it, return it on Luminosity Mode (note... practice making it possible to produce relief effects on the image plane) “As with all editing tricks, we need to find what works best for us and then make it work better for us.” ianrb Yes ...
  2. Thank to you , ianrb, smadell, John, RNKLN I use a variant of these methods Above the Dodge curve, I use a pixel layer and I paint on it in Luminosity mode, with a brush that is a little more "vigorous" like this, I can see my effect, blur, ajust,move with rectangle tool... and modulate the opacity at any time. I can stack other pixels for this purpose Finally I separate this in a group Dodge Group Pixel layer Luminosity mode, Dodge curve, Background copy And I made an another Burn group with same structure Note if i put a second pixel layer in saturation mode I can desaturate locally, for me sometimes more consistent, in areas to darken
  3. Thank Dave Yes I saw that the truncation, or the rounding is more important than I thought. put a pixel layer with a solid color, add a white layer, and subtract another white layer. 1-1 = O => the effect should be canceled, and we should return to the original color. yes or no depending on the encoding depth.
  4. HSL separation test, I appreciated the explanation I still haven't understood why the Hue layer should be in multiply mode, but that's correct. Very good result in RVB 32 Bit linear. In RGB 8 & 16 bit (integer), little less precise color, truncation error in calculations, I think. Thanks Dave .
  5. Max P

    Makro for Raw

    Try this By example add 1 Ev in the exposure slider Add a preset for this click on the little icon just on the top, Right Ok now for the next raw, by default, Aphoto take this value. Note you have not the indication, so give an indication +1Ev You can correct other slider... this suppose you have the same adjustement for your Raw ? You can also many adjustement +1Ev, 1,5 Ev, 2Ev , 2,5 Ev,
  6. Yes Please, It becomes too heavy, for me read the result on a site giving the conversion RGB or HSL to lab. with lch angular version of lab, choose on a wheel, would be perfect, more instinctive..
  7. Hi, On Win 10, I create a Shortcut Icon to Clear the Clipboard with cmd /c "echo off | clip" It's okay, but no so pratice not in Aphoto (Concern Ctrl C Ctrl V, ctrl x, with Text but also for pixel, actually mixing in the" internal buffer of the PC ") Can you please integrate an equivalent as Edition > Clear > Clear the Clipboard or better >Clear the pixel Clipboard > Clear text Clipboard > Or more Clear ....Metadata >Clear history>... Tool for memory management sometimes it's confuse see Memory grow up. Free memory by user can be useful .
  8. HI it's OK just select a brush with little more Black, for this go to Swatches, Grey palette by example 65 % (65-50=> +15 ) If you want see before the effect it's possible fill begin withe an another Grey the pixel layer Overlay as 70% , or 40% and after return to 50 % grey For restrict to the midtones use the blend option https://forum.affinity.serif.com/uploads/monthly_2019_11/image.png.220baac63e15d6518b06f1865341adf1.png
  9. Hi interesting question, we must find the solution in accordance with our way of thinking ... with MEB solution (thanks for the explanation) at the end of the process I think is easier Use the CTRL M curve go LAB > L here is more efficient Increase the slope. Logic You can play with mode here add , but...
  10. my NEF for me is in SRGB, or Adobe-RGB, in the APN! (some APN have different raw Nikon D4 is in YcbCr, linear mode ) S for small, I choose adobe RGB, L*a*b* is a large Space In fact, the only solution, for this RVB linear => L*a*b* we must have this intermediate step (step visible or not ... ) a linear space to l*a*b* Unlucky no XYZ option in my APN and in Aph. OK I choose a linear profile Romm (prophoto like) or, adobe linear or a icc linear generate by xrite after calibration is better ? Here Developp > basic > Profiles the last item below Developp and after switch to L*a*b* See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERcKNCIhmUg&feature=youtu.be Yess, I see ROMM RGB is define for 8/16 bit… I think at this time on one side we have the space Linear, If mode is linear we could applied the transformation and on other side colour precision 8 or 16 or 32 bit. other link very interesting, see this with APh, if you use L*a*b*, you know the importance of the gray layer Human are https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_gray The human eye knows better how to distinguish different luminosities than different colors (more technically, it has a better luminance resolution than chrominance).
  11. I hope I understand what' s you want.... First remenber In Photo a mask Alpha reflect only a transparency map, no absolutely a grey layer. Like Krita by example. A For emulate it 1 Put a pixel layer in mode overlay with rubis color , or Yellow-green, or any color 2 Pierce this layer, with an eraser brush, il you play with option of the brush, ( Flow ,...) you see it's easy and fine. 3 After right click, Mask to below (No rasterize to mask) 4 You can go back to the last step with Release mask B For invert the result Duplicate, Rasterize, Filters > apply image here Use current layer as source, choose RVB or Grey modify DA=1-SA => inverse the transparency Macro? OR Channel , Pixel Alpha right click Create mask Ctrl I C Do not forget possibilty select Alpha Range, select partially transparent, a Plus in Photo .
  12. It's possible Go on the channel pannel click on the mask alpha and chose an option If you select Greyscale layer, you can edit as any pixel layer : =>You have pixel layer as a mask =>right click release mask => you have the pixel layer on the top =>After modified Filter blur, smudge tool, eraser, or .... => Rasterize to mask Or mask to below OK ? or no Repeat the loop until you are satisfied
  13. Hi, Callum sorry, is doesnt work always AF DEBUG photo I made a new preset in RGB and put it a new good directory export rename it and try import in another directory with another name => same impossibility Try import this in Affinity RELEASE same thing !Sorry my release is in french II 2 RELEASE french=> beta 1.8 2.1 Photo release RVB inverser bleu (inverse Blue) 1-B export on the desk 2.2 go on the beta import SUCCESS !!! 3 Try start with Release idem but with Lab equation this time comportment not logique impossible define an equation as I define above on my first message ! ( random input and output views) Sometimes big bug => stop affinity What's difference Relese and Beta on this point? My instructions in first message correct yess or no.? In live filter and with lab mode add equation show RGBA no L LA, LB, A mistake or blocked ?
  14. Hi Callum I reinstalled The beta, now the preset are in the good directory But always, The preset generate by beta is not recognize by Affinity Photo beta or release if I test export / import. (internal error syntaxe? At this time , the windows have no mixing mode LAB equation only with lab mode selected , I am on Win10

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