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  1. Okay Thank Alfred Here the Macros MP l & C.afmacros see it's not work on the Beta 1.9 Photo Windown, merge down problem, i Think, butwe have the L layer
  2. Hi ,Dyadichev I'm not on Ipad, but perhaps it's good Use this macro, LumaAND Color.afmacro Studio> Macro, Import Macro on the panel Macro (Top panel on the right) It' give you the L component. ( and colorcomponent) On the Top, of this layer, use Level Tool and put the gamma slider at 2 duplicate this, eventually, Triplicate ... Good result with my try.
  3. Variant of this I use in L*a*b* on a duplicate layer 1 Extract L * Clear A * and B *opponent Rename the layer L Star mode Luminosity 2 Above I fill with any color with Food Fill Tool [G] using a modulation of the opacity on the color whell (To be adjusted later) begin with 50% for example the red color is a good option sensitive...Erase MODE; for simulate Divide 3 Make a group, with 1,2,3 Colour Dodge & Colour Burn or linear burn or some time more easily linear light 3. 6 % 4 Above the layer 2 in Erase mode you can use an alpha LAB or gray 16 bit Alpha curve (optional) Adjust by modulating the transparency of the initial opacity of the opacity of erase mode , the opacity of the group and locally with the alpha curve
  4. Hi Big Swifty perhaps on the part of the image to be adjusted add a vector shape (rectangular? ) whose edges would possibly be blurred for the overprinting progressiveness and then play with the HSL, or with the luminance (gray%) gradient...?, and then you can be rasterize the this patch,
  5. Hi, Perhaps, select the option on the right side Panel preferences
  6. Yes for my part if i use Blend Ranges , I add the word "cog" next to (Pixel). More obvious...
  7. Hi Dan C The sreenshot Here the symbol add is not visible ( 2 cross, a cross with a smaller) make me only another selection at the new position No problem with substract drag+Alt option
  8. HI , I also confirm on Windows, and version Same observation as Danette
  9. Hi, See on develop on Basic the Default exposure is set at 0.73. Is you or the value by default.
  10. it looks like a compression ratio too high, see jpg option File > export setting > start with quality 100%
  11. Hi Altheus Okay, you use an image not a pixel layer Right click rasterize it and you have a pixel layer Go select / tonal range / Select highlights you have your selection, CTRL C, CTRL V, you have a pixel layer HL😉 But in this case select manually is better I think, click on HL pixel Select Samples color pixel play with tolerance Have a good day
  12. Okay with this anon2 , understand we have a function as effect * 1 / zoom multiplicande... but, is not my question if i compare the result full screen before develop buton (compilation equivalent , for me...) and see immediately after in personna, differential effect, and the color is litte different ( i made zero adjustement in color here, only in persona)
  13. Hi callum very interesting exercice, the differences are not constant and seems to depend on the intensity of the corrections here for one that of the clouds I largely exaggerated to see the effect. Sometimes the difference is almost invisible ... Always remained 32 bit linear, in any case the recovery capacity of Develop is quite incredible and little known does it seem to me On the top In developp, below immediately in personna Thanks Max P HD_.tiff LD.tiff
  14. easy without mask put a pixel layer above fill it with grey 50 % mode overlay and paint Or if you want mask or see the effect in a preview put a pixel layer above fill it with grey 75 % or + or - % Mode mode overlay and add mask red more here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/105199-dodge-and-burn/&tab=comments#comment-567111
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