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  1. Max P

    Visibilty mask no update

    Thank Carl123 on a selection with mask nested "with a left click and pressed ALT key the mask becomes visible. " Gnobelix... If the mask affect an adjustement, I can edit it refine it but no update with ALT in real project this induces difficulties understanding, I save me with the release mask option, for view my action
  2. Hi, the treatment on a mask is well done, but the display of its thumbnail is not updated Similarly, the masking display is no longer visible on the beta version beta while it was OK on the file generated on version charte_gris.afphoto
  3. Big thank Just at 3:09 for applied the gaussian blur on the vector rectangle. OK with 1.6. For the 1.7 Beta, I must do, before rasterize and trim (I m' not exactly understand the item) Nice job, your worflow, give me a flexible way, which is very often required for adequat correction
  4. I come back on this post, the first time I had not understood the subtlety... Concerning the layer M intended to realize the future mask, it is more precise to do it according to the layer L * without colorimetric interference therefore go (Channels, clear A clear BOpponoent). After Duplicate It is possible to invert with ctrl I, subtract, in fact obtain real masks of luminance in 16 bit Remenber : L * = white (L +) vs "black" (L = 0) a * = red (a +) vs green (a-) b * = yellow (b +) vs blue (b-) more... It is possible to create a modulation of transparency (alpha) according to the opposite colors (red, green, yellow, blue ...) mixte with evenutally the luminance.. very powerful
  5. Max P

    Subtle Sharpening

    fine, not agressive, tested on pictures with many elements, it allows to bring out certain details, including colorically with subtlety Thank
  6. Max P

    Saturate a photo using subtract mode

    @ john sorry , english is not so evident for me. I try the macro with only one background layer, I send you the file. 1.7 Version I hope it's good. Say me if you want a 1.6 version. usually modulate opacity on the color layer or the duplicate is enough. L layer with curves for correct the global images or part must be use in some cases.s @Hanshab, it's ok for me and I understand your comment. John.afphoto
  7. Max P

    Saturate a photo using subtract mode

    Hanshab, In a precedent thread about Saturation mask you have propose the Mode L*a*b* for this. This message incitate me to explore it, as you said at this time, it's more easy more logic My 1.7 macro lab Lab .afmacros Process use I tried The image of John Click on the macro You have Luminance L and Color (ab) at this point nothing new compare with background desactivate this last one Duplicate color layer put in saturation mode and made groupe Multiply mode adapt with opacity, Big effect.. eventually use Luminance layer curve , here not use perhaps local correction on over lumonosity on white inflorescence, here white is not color) here not use perhaps local correction for the "over luminosity" on white inflorescence , here white is not color
  8. Max P

    LAB color Lightness decoupling and use

    here is my file Lab 2.odt with the good link. I see my pdf have some problem about it...
  9. Hi, I write few pages about L*a*b* worflow for trying promote this space about decoupling Color & Lightness in L*a*b* here Lab.pdf this macros is on 1.7 version , not compatible with 1.6 Lab.afmacros Just read this answer Nothing new reinvent the wheel... But perhaps, some one, may have better understanding of this color space and more easy color apprehension, more easy color manipulation Sorry for my bad english, not my maternel language Have fun
  10. Yess excellent and very useful
  11. Max P

    A few free macros - tested in AFP 1.6 & 1.7 Beta

    Thank you, nice
  12. Chris I try in these conditions, Dodge and Burn OK but impossible to paint, with sponge tools, on the pixel layer Test all light mode... same thing no action.. But OK destructive mode (on the layer) idem with the last Beta Bug?
  13. Ok AlainP I ' trying, found a solution in non destructive mode if possible, like a pixel layer in saturation mode, on the top like the burn tool for example Ok seems is not possible !..? oupss HSL ( sorry TSL is the french equivalent) Thank for your answer
  14. Hi I want test the sponge tool Photo 1.7 windows for compare it with TSL, paint with low saturation brush on saturation layers , ... Sponge brush tool have no any effect on the image when I tried to use them on the gray fill layer,or a transaparent layer, Please, how use it.
  15. Hi A very interesting exchange ... 'What makes a good photo good?" I am sensitive to the influence of landscape picture painting and found this interesting link https://www.davemorrowphotography.com/color-theory-photography Dave, I finally saw no difference with Tony Kuyper's approach explained in his second page about saturation, a regret Photo is not compatible with his panels