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  1. try the following: after the error message appears, quit Affinity Photo and restart it. This works with my Epson Photo 1650
  2. thanks for the explanation. Google has shown me the wrong word. I use this approach at the time and I was hoping there would be a simpler one. It is very cumbersome to select the individual images if there are many. Thanks anyway Erwe
  3. I mean with stack in photos when i take up a series (fingers at the trigger at theiPhone). Here a stack in photos: In Affinity, only the first image of the stack is loaded: I have to copy each image from the stack (or series, I do not know the English name) into a folder. It is very tedious.
  4. Is there a simple way to load photos of Apple photos in Affinity Photo? When i draw the stack on affinity, only one photo will be loaded.
  5. Add an live adjustment layer -> Levels Klick on Master and select Red Move the Blackpoint-slider to the beginning of the histogram and on the other side the Whitepoint-slider to the end. Do this also with Green and Blue (Please excuse my bad English)
  6. Hi, what's the different between version 1.6.7 from the Mac store and 1.6.8 PK from the Affinity store?
  7. you can download both from the AppStore for free.
  8. You can also use Apple Photo or the other utility on your Mac. In german it's called "Digitale Bilder", I don't know the english translation.
  9. I'm looking for a tutorial that shows me about creating (not editing) a 360° panorama. Does anyone know one? Thanks Erwe
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