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  1. Is there any news yet? I have a new scanner since today and exactly the same problems with it. Ciao Erwe
  2. It makes no difference whether Affinity Photo is already open or not. I had this problem with my iMac and it is also present with the Mac Studio.
  3. I very rarely have this problem too. I always end the editing with File > Save and then File > Close . In this case I open the Apple Document in Affinity Photo under "Rescent files". Then I open the photo to be changed via "Edit in Affinity Photo" in Apple Photos and copy all layers from the file opened first into this file. It's cumbersome but saves the job. What's more annoying is that I often have to click "Edit with Affinity Photo" several times in Apple Photo for the image to be submitted. It was with Big Sur and it still is with Monterey. Of course I don't know if this is due to Affinity Photo.
  4. Wie macht man aus dem Sommer den Winter (ohne KI). Wär was für den Austragungsort der olympischen Winterspiele 😀 Sommer_Winter.mov
  5. Here also. Incidentally, the performance has also become very bad since the last version.
  6. Yes. It is inconvenient to first send the pictures to the cell phone.
  7. Hi! Do you know a way how I can load more than one picture in Instagram in the browser on the Mac?
  8. try the following: after the error message appears, quit Affinity Photo and restart it. This works with my Epson Photo 1650
  9. I have restarted the computer now. This error does not occur at the moment but: I have opened and closed the same photo several times. Sometimes a too dark image is displayed after developing, sometimes it gets stuck during developing and occasionally no histogram is displayed after developing. The photos used are from the Canon EOS 600 which can be opened without errors in the version 1.6.7. I do not use an external monitor.
  10. When I click on Shadows / Highlights in the develop persona, the beachball comes and the program is no longer usable iMac 5K, Mojave, German version
  11. thanks for the explanation. Google has shown me the wrong word. I use this approach at the time and I was hoping there would be a simpler one. It is very cumbersome to select the individual images if there are many. Thanks anyway Erwe
  12. I mean with stack in photos when i take up a series (fingers at the trigger at theiPhone). Here a stack in photos: In Affinity, only the first image of the stack is loaded: I have to copy each image from the stack (or series, I do not know the English name) into a folder. It is very tedious.
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