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  1. Glad to hear I'm not alone. If I make any breakthroughs I'll keep you posted. R
  2. Carl123 Thank you for your quick reply. You certainly know your onions. I however just keep having difficulties with attempts at refining selections. One of my New Year resolutions must be to wrestle Affinity's selection process into submission. It's such a basic procedure to get right. Pompel And a happy New Year to you too!
  3. Hi Carl 123 I've just tried the macro and it is excellent. No halos! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. One related question: How to tidy up the selection after the fact? I say this because I find that no matter how long I spend making an accurate selection, when I hit refine it seems to be a lottery as to how the refine engine interprets what to include or mask off. And so I then find myself having to try to add/remove parts after the selection has been made. See this screenshot. How should I remove the unwanted extras around the wood? I've a feeling it should be very simple to just paint out the parts I don't want, but I cannot figure out how. (... In the Affinity videos, Refine Selection always seems to behave itself...) Excuse me if it seems I'm hijacking the thread. But I thought it was related. R
  4. @Wikinger Of course! What an excellent, quick and low tech solution. Just put a glove on. Lovely idea.
  5. I was going to say she looks familiar... but that could just be wishful thinking on my part. You've certainly got that vintage look spot on. Clicking on the image shows much richer colours. A great idea brilliantly executed. Well done.
  6. I love that turtle! Such a great idea.
  7. DxO are offering their FilmPack 5 Essential Edition free until 31st December. Clicking on this link takes you to their German website: Enter an email address and they send a download link with a serial number. You can choose your preferred language for the software. It's fully functional and free, but instead of the Elite version this is the cut-down Essential edition. I don't think it will work as an Affinity plugin; I am not sure about that. Even so I thought I'd give it a whirl to compare it with the Nik Collection. To the Mods: I hope this post about non Affinity software doesn't turn me into either a troll or some spam. If I've made a mistake please delete.
  8. As my zen master says, 'when you have found everything, then you can see you know nothing'. And such is Alfred! @codelearner Look upon his posts, young member, and be inspired. @Alfred For many of us on this forum, it would seem that you have more than just a passing familiarity with using this software...
  9. help

    Super responsive. Most excellently useful. For some reason I find it preferable to the in-app help. Along with the workbook it's the dreamteam. Thanks, James & co.
  10. Hello @MarkusUz I think the following thread is just what you are looking for. I stumbled across it over the weekend and was much pleased to do so. I hope it helps. R
  11. @m-b This is just the functionality I was after, even though I didn't know it was possible. Suddenly the screen space is five times bigger... Like an enormous virtual desk opening up before my eyes. Perfect. It is so useful to have this in AffinityPhoto. Thank you so much for posting the Artboard file.
  12. I keep zooming in, and the detail keeps coming! It's like something from the Bladerunner movie. But the most awe inspiring aspect is the artistry in the lines. He's captured the style with such feeling. And then the most astonishing thing; this modest throw away sentence: !!! Impossible! @Hokusai Haven't you heard of RSI? Don't you think we could propose him as the first recipient of the 'Affinity Medal for services to creativity'?
  13. Thank you, @smadell Clever stuff, and well done! And thanks too for the bonus extra of the Obama Hope poster. You've absolutely nailed it - It is superb: The most fun ever! (Now, whose twitter feed could we apply it to...?)
  14. Thanks for the info! That does seem a surprisingly generous offer. I may well take a stroll down the High Street for a quick glance tomorrow...
  15. Yes, they certainly are both helpful and kind. And they really know their onions! I've learnt so much being on here, and I've yet to post a question. It's (virtually) a great place to be.