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  1. This is a known problem. Please see this thread: Note the last post suggesting a fix is/will be available.
  2. I spent a frustrating half hour clicking back and forth this morning trying to get rid of this thing. I thought something had accidentally been enabled in my profile page. --------------------------- The Devs are welcome to put whatever experience enhancements they like in it, as long as it can be removed with user preferences.
  3. Roger C

    Masking Issues

    You will need to set the shadow radius above zero in order to see the shadow. The radius is the "size" of the shadow. And tick the "Scale with Object" box so it stays in proportion if you change the size. Also, see what Carl says above. Attached is my attempt. Feel free to pull it apart and have a root around. Result!.afdesign
  4. Yet another elegant and intelligent interpretation. Simply well done!
  5. This bright version is absolutely delicious! And Super Elegant. Yes, the Hokusai waves were a lovely surprise too. Delightful.
  6. Yeah, I'm already feline queasy. Is it pussible you could stop now?
  7. So the clunky and sub-optimal Search facility on this forum is a feature the website provider itself struggles with! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you @Hilltop and @Alfred ! I hadn't thought to search outside the forum to find things inside this forum, but it actually works; and so much better than what we have here. Yes, it's an extra step, but it ultimately saves the time and frustration of repeatedly trying to second guess what the forum's search engine might respond to each time...
  8. Thank you for your detailed reply. I look forward to seeing your next steps.
  9. This is interesting, and something I haven't seen before on the forum. I thought it would have taken much longer to achieve the result you already have. The colouring is intriguing. I meant to ask you: how did you choose the colouring and apply it? Is it purely hypsometric? (As some valleys don't appear to be so).
  10. It already looks very impressive viewed full size. This must have taken some time to create?
  11. @Scho Thank you for completing the thread and posting your solution. Yes, your post will be helpful to others. Always good to find the cause of problems. regards R
  12. A book of spells? The Magic wand tool could come in useful, perhaps?
  13. The Live Layer Adjustments have a grouping that in general make sense. The Layer Adjustments options appear to have been compiled by someone in a passive/aggressive mood who was being perverse just for the sake of it! Standardising on the Live Layer Adjustments layout across the board wouldn't hurt at all.
  14. Off the top of my head I was going to suggest Tokyo, but that would be an insane challenge that would take forever: the metro stops would have to be as crammed as the commuters! How about somewhere split by water? Have you tried Istanbul? Plenty of variety there. Whichever you choose will look good, I suspect.
  15. ... and each one is a masterclass, showcasing a variety of design styles.