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  1. Yes, that's my experience with Windows 10. As Walt Farrell says, specifying the export options is a change to the document and is saved in the history; thus the afphoto file wants that change to be saved.
  2. @Pedro Soares Excellent! Thank you, Pedro, for sharing your Affinity file of the highlight fix. There's much more to it than I was expecting. Once you open it up, there's a whole masterclass going on inside! Very generous. R
  3. Mean prizes?
  4. Astonishing. This is graphic art! With your shading, the subject is no longer the earthy photo-realist artists' model of the original, but an ethereal nymph. It seems she hasn't tasted the product yet...
  5. Beautiful! That really is quite something. Viewing full size really shows off the work you've put in. Well done, m-b.
  6. Psychic? Glad it helped.
  7. @Greg Booth Just a reminder that after processing your RAW file, save it as a 16 bit TIFF file (if possible) rather than as a JPG. This will maximise the quality of subsequent manipulations in Affinity. Keep working in TIFF until you're finished. Affinity has great capabilities: you want to maximise this. Don't unnecessarily restrict the software by saving down to JPG too soon; you will be discarding image information that Affinity could have used to keep the image quallity higher. Best only to go to JPEG once you're ready to print or upload.
  8. I don't know! but it happens with me too. I must have something wrongly ticked either in my DAM (ACDsee) or in AP but I don't know what, despite plenty of fiddling. Applying the answers given to others on the forum over the last several months still hasn't got me there yet. Hopefully one of the wise owls hereabouts will swoop over this thread and drop us a morsel of wisdom.
  9. For future reference; whatever the question,Toltec's method is better. He is a reliable source of practical knowledge.
  10. Glad to hear I'm not alone. If I make any breakthroughs I'll keep you posted. R
  11. Carl123 Thank you for your quick reply. You certainly know your onions. I however just keep having difficulties with attempts at refining selections. One of my New Year resolutions must be to wrestle Affinity's selection process into submission. It's such a basic procedure to get right. Pompel And a happy New Year to you too!
  12. Hi Carl 123 I've just tried the macro and it is excellent. No halos! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. One related question: How to tidy up the selection after the fact? I say this because I find that no matter how long I spend making an accurate selection, when I hit refine it seems to be a lottery as to how the refine engine interprets what to include or mask off. And so I then find myself having to try to add/remove parts after the selection has been made. See this screenshot. How should I remove the unwanted extras around the wood? I've a feeling it should be very simple to just paint out the parts I don't want, but I cannot figure out how. (... In the Affinity videos, Refine Selection always seems to behave itself...) Excuse me if it seems I'm hijacking the thread. But I thought it was related. R
  13. @Wikinger Of course! What an excellent, quick and low tech solution. Just put a glove on. Lovely idea.
  14. I was going to say she looks familiar... but that could just be wishful thinking on my part. You've certainly got that vintage look spot on. Clicking on the image shows much richer colours. A great idea brilliantly executed. Well done.
  15. I love that turtle! Such a great idea.