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  1. @firstdefence Thanks for swooping by with your advice! Yet another of your trademark replies: considered, supremely comprehensive, and offering plenty of food for thought. Excellent help as ever. Now it's time to count the pennies. R
  2. Hi @firstdefence Any suggestions as to which drawing tablet to buy? It could be time to give my mouse a rest. R
  3. Do you mean the software's name 'Affinity', perhaps?
  4. Now I'll never get any work done. ... Ever again! But what a wonderful place to visit. Lovin' it
  5. Phil_rose re: NSFW Don't worry. Your clothing options are perfectly suitable for work. Although admittedly here in our office we rarely dress quite so formally unless we're meeting clients. R P.S. Incidentally, for next year's calendar we're still missing a few images. As you've already made the effort to finish off your outfit with a star, will you be happy for us to pop you on top of the Xmas tree for December?
  6. @firstdefence Your Fractal Kaleidoscope Gif should come with a health warning! I've just lost half the morning being mesmerised by it... I eventually regained consciousness slumped in the chair with my chin on the mousepad. It's just too beautiful to look at. -Caution: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery in its presence.- ...however, I do thank you so much for posting it!
  7. Hi gewoonm Are you able to re-photograph your drawing and expose it so the paper appears white? i.e. increase the exposure by 1.5 to 2 stops? This will obviously be a better place to start from if you want the final image to accurately reflect your drawing.
  8. @simgonzalo Welcome to the forum. As you are asking for help, re-posting this topic in the Questions section (Forum: Home -> Questions) will allow more users to see it and then (hopefully) give you some advice. I will be just as interested as you to read the responses. All the best. R
  9. Hi I can't see the history either; though from the af.file, firstdefence's actions are clearly discernible. But yes, Save History with Document is ticked in the file. I'm on Windows 10.
  10. @flashgirl Welcome to the forum. Glad to see you've sorted the problem. Any other questions you have can be posted in the Questions section (Forum: Home -> Questions). This will allow more users to see them and give you help. All the best.
  11. This would be a sensible addition to show which are the non-standard layers. User memory can only stretch so far!
  12. ...not very often, if indeed at all.
  13. They are scouting for food. If you leave a jammy fingerprint on your screen they'll swarm around for hours. I think the lesson here is to always have clean hands before making selections.
  14. Yes, that's my experience with Windows 10. As Walt Farrell says, specifying the export options is a change to the document and is saved in the history; thus the afphoto file wants that change to be saved.