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  1. Roger C

    Halftone tutorial?

    Yes, thanks @Dan C Super helpful selection of suggestions when you could have been otherwise engaged.
  2. Roger C

    When The Camera's Switched Off

    So you can travel back in time? As well as living on a different planet? This forum sure is diverse.
  3. Roger C

    When The Camera's Switched Off

    When The Camera's Switched Off... But...but...this is a photo, isn't it?
  4. Good thinking. As long as the now pixelated edges of the resized masks don't cause any visible artefacts in the full size image, you're good to go. For pixel accurate masks you may need to re-work problem edges. R
  5. I found the same myself, and assumed I was doing something wrong. Hopefully your clearly illustrated example will prompt some answers.
  6. Roger C

    "Apply image" filter gives wrong result

    owenr Thanks for your insight. Hopefully the Affinity team will now become aware of this. R
  7. FxRphoto This is a really useful discovery! Thanks, R
  8. Roger C

    Affinity.Graphics Resources

    Something about that avatar makes me feel cautious about clicking the link...
  9. Hi @Imphotoz, Any progress on this issue?
  10. Roger C

    Old PDA

    Like GarryP , for a few moments I couldn't work out why you had posted a photo of your PDA, nor how it still looked brand new after 17 years use. Remarkable: the plastic front looks so ... plastic! And that font is delicious. Bravo
  11. Thank you, Wosven. I'm Win 10 on Firefox, so it would seem it's these browsers that don't like to show mp4 files. Everything else is fine. Thanks for the download tip; I didn't know it was an option. R
  12. Thanks for the reassurance, Alfred. I think Wosven has provided a possible answer. R
  13. Thanks, firstdefence. Still nothing showing in the post; but I was able to right click, download, then view the mp4 file offline. R
  14. If it's easily done, then yes. But not if it's a bother. I don't know why the video(Gif) wasn't recognised. That hasn't happened before. R