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  1. IsabelAracama

    Transparency tool question.

    Hi Miguel! I have tried what you say and it does exactly that. Thanks for the help.
  2. IsabelAracama

    Transparency tool question.

    Lovely explanation carl123. That is it! Thanks a lot!
  3. IsabelAracama

    Transparency tool question.

    Also interesting. I tried to replicate but it doesn't do this. Also, in my case I got that with a solid color when applying a transparency.
  4. IsabelAracama

    Transparency tool question.

    Hi Callum! thanks for your reply. I'd say my square is not skewed though, and I am trying to replicate it on a skewed object as you say, but nothing happens now, other than the usual transparency behaviour... I have no clue how to reproduce this again. Could you give me an additional hint? Thanks!
  5. Hi! I've done this with the transparency tool... now I can't replicate it.. does anyone know how did I do it and what it is exactly? Thanks a lot!
  6. I guess so.. but strangely I got this one... but not the rest... Thanks Alfred!
  7. Thanks for the reply. I'll check all this when I update to 1.7 Why on earth I'm not getting any kind of notifications now for the threads... sorry I reply always so late!
  8. IsabelAracama

    Overlapping nodes behaviour

    Sorry I didn't reply any sooner, but I hadn't seen any new notification for this thread. I'm not sure if you meant my file, as you didn't quote it, but just in case, I attach it here. Flipped curves. I am still on the beta, if it's of any further help. Also about the hint line, it's a bit hard to see or even remember it exists sometimes, even knowing it is there, cause I know, but I forget, time and again. I just miss it sometimes let alone if my screen is split in two. I can imagine some people not even seeing it at all in cases like this, where all you get is a small text to the left that says "Hover to copy the node" cause its a bit far apart and blended in with the rest of the UI. A bit of colour or something more obvious wouldn't hurt. My 2 cents. Cheers! flipcopynode.afdesign
  9. IsabelAracama

    Pencil tool

    Kath, if you decide to watch the tutorial and still have doubts, do not hesitate asking me. It shows you how to use the pen tool the easiest way possible, and after taking it, I'm sure you'll be able to draw your paths much better. It's specially thought for beginners, and it will have you getting things looking right, smooth curves and paths. But if you want to learn how to use it further than this very simple method, you can always take the advanced class I linked there in the description for the video. One of the exercises is about tracing a letter accurately. Or you can simply ask me about your doubts in the comments. Thanks!
  10. Oh.. all of those?? So far I had just seen it was disabled with the node tool... It's really not something I see why it should be as is now in the beta... I really hope they put it back to how it was if possible, as I flip and rotate a lot and this means extra clicking.
  11. IsabelAracama

    Overlapping nodes behaviour

    Neither do I... but sometimes I don't see the use of something until one day... "oh! I could do this using that" ... So probably there mut be a good use to it haha...
  12. IsabelAracama

    Overlapping nodes behaviour

    Yes I could see the icons, but didn't remember to look at the status bar with the info so I wasn't sure what they meant... it's a bit down there to the left and I didn't even see the hint, even knowing one always gets that info in the bar for extra help It all works very well now
  13. IsabelAracama

    Overlapping nodes behaviour

    Thanks a lot, Aammppaa. I got all until the 5th point... although I was not 100% sure about the use of it... Now I get it! After all, it was the "long" wait that got it all confusing, as it seemed to be sometimes working, sometimes not. Now I wait a bit longer and it works all the time. And Alfred was right, the fact that the starting and ending nodes are flipped, makes them swirl like this. Solved then! Thanks y'all! Kiss, I.
  14. IsabelAracama

    Overlapping nodes behaviour

    Thanks both for the reply. I am still struggling to get this to replicate on the mac. Even getting the nodes to perfectly overlap which is what happened when the curves changed (if that's what it is supposed to be doing when the icon changes to just 1 square from the original 2), it's hard to get done as it seems to happen (or work) 10% of the times only, which might be also a bug? Seems to be easier in the windows version though. It has happened several times to me that when overlapping 2 nodes from different curves, the paths change to something different. No idea if intentional or not yet... haven't made up my mind hahaha.. So 2 issues here I'd say I find, if I'm understanding this right: 1. Hard to get it to do this overlapping consistently (change from 2 little squares icons on the node tool to just 1) 2. Change of curves in one of the 2 paths when a node in being overlapped into another curve's node.
  15. Is there any good reason for this? I really find it uncomfortable for my workflow. Before one could use the transform optios no matter if one was using the node or the move tool. Now one has to switch to the move tool when trying to use transform when the node tool is the one active. Is there any conflict in having it ON also for the node tool? Thanks!