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  1. IsabelAracama

    Gradient Mesh

    And how would ppl receive a feature like the new Ai freedom gradient tool? I honestly never was a fan of gradient meshes cause I never ever needed them to do my illustrations at all, and when I used them all looked a bit artificial compared to my own techniques to achive this without a mesh, and cause I'm used to work things more "freehand", but maybe if I'd try something nicely created but the Serif guys I'd change my mind, who knows... I looked into this video, and really was not very impressed or at least not as much as the ones presenting it as "awesome". Maybe some users like it?
  2. Any clue how this is with a wacom stylus? It won't switch back to brush unless I click B on the keyboard. I can't seem to get it right and my workflow for digital painting is a workflow for digital pain. My hands end up a bit broken, really. I hope it's me not getting it yet. I'm quite new painting in APhoto and being used to photoshop, I'm getting a bit of a hard time to make it flow as I'm used to. Thanks!
  3. Trying to practice my "not-as-good-as-I'd-like" portuguese here with Miguel, ahaha... Besitos, baci, beijinhos, küsschen, kisses, bisoux , φιλιά, petons, and stop, can't say it in any other language haha.. I think... or not that i can remember now ^^
  4. Thanks a lot Miguel, I enjoyed a lot doing it as I enjoy seeing results - and I enjoy even more when people tell me they got to do soemthing they thought they wouldnt be able to do haha, that's even better. Kiss! Beijinhos!
  5. Here the article I just wrote. will be adding more as/if I receive more results from people https://medium.com/@isabel_aracama/the-results-of-people-following-my-flat-illustration-tutorial-on-smashing-magazine-1518c6463aa4
  6. Great info Alfred! Great info! I was writing now an entry on Medium about some of the ppls results, and would love to include this bit. I will of course quote you all. Thanks for letting me know!
  7. Hi Vincenet! That's fantastic! Thanks a lot for showing it here, I really love to see the results and the efforts of people after following a tutorial. I don't have an iPad, so I'm not sure how different the actual workflow was in the making, I guess not too much? Really good yeah, really good!
  8. My Smashing Magazine article was out last Wednesday, coinciding with the presentation of the new tools Serif showcased at the first Affinity Live: Affinity Designer for iPad and Affinity Publisher. I had the honour and luck to be there with them and to be sponsored to create this detailed tutorial: "How To Create A Flat Vector Illustration In Affinity Designer." If you want to learn how to create this, check it out, and please, whatever your questions, ask there in the comments section on the article itself. Thanks! PS - Source file is provided for you all to explore Here the link: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2018/07/flat-vector-illustration-affinity-designer/#top Cheers all and hope you enjoy it.
  9. Thanks really! Your stuff is also very good Kevin, so I'm very happy to know you also find some value in my videos. Thanks a lot for your comments.
  10. Thanks for subscribing! And very glad to know it helps even to pros like you! It makes me feel I am in the right track.
  11. Thank you very much VectorVonDoom
  12. Hi peeps, Here a time-lapse on a flat illustration for my learning channel on affinity vectors and bitmaps. As usual, you can slow down the video on settings to get better insights. Also you can ask questions and make comments on my channel. Cheers all! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-LChvQzzmM
  13. IsabelAracama

    Why naming layers is so hard?

    Yes I know it is related somehow with speed, so I have to do this super slow but even so sometimes not even this will make it work without an extra effort. In general, it makes my workflow a bit too slow and quite frustrating, as I have loads of layers to name. Thanks!
  14. IsabelAracama

    Why naming layers is so hard?

    Hi I wonder why naming layers is such a pain in AD or if this is only happening to me?. Not sure about AP but for a lifetime now I've been experiencing this behaviour. It's so hard usually, that I often have to end up rejecting to name them out of exhaustion. What usually happens is that I start writing and it will just write the first letter. or a random part of the name. The only way for me to get it do is to be overly patient and write very very slow and making sure the previous letter is not being swept, which I guess it's what causes this issue. Mac app. Thanks!