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  1. IsabelAracama

    Neon lights text effect

    Hi Bethany! Lived there for almost 5 years but now I left and only visit friends every now and then, as I consider Liverpool my second home. I loooovee it and will always be in a very special part of my heart.
  2. Very excited to finally being able to present this class: “REALISTIC VECTOR ART PRINCIPLES“. In this class you'll learn all the techniques, methods, tips and mindset to achieve professional results like you see in these samples of my own work. HOW to observe, HOW to think, WHAT to do and WHY. Watch the video to get all the information about this class. See you there! Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgYN2MRcl2w -- 10 FREE Udemy coupons for this class will be raffled among anyone asking for them with a comment on the Youtube video. I will reply commenting back with instructions for winners on Friday 13th - Good luck y'all
  3. All information is good and useful, so thanks a lot to you too, Alfred. Always helping. Kiss!
  4. Thanks a lot for this information firstdefence
  5. Hi, just a quick question: Could anyone confirm if the name for the Geometry icon label is the same now for the Mac and PC versions? Formerly they had different names "Geometry" for Mac and "Operations" for Windows. I am on a mac, so I'd need to know if this is now consistent or if I should prevent users about this when explaining the UI. Thanks!
  6. IsabelAracama

    Transparency tool question.

    Hi Miguel! I have tried what you say and it does exactly that. Thanks for the help.
  7. IsabelAracama

    Transparency tool question.

    Lovely explanation carl123. That is it! Thanks a lot!
  8. IsabelAracama

    Transparency tool question.

    Also interesting. I tried to replicate but it doesn't do this. Also, in my case I got that with a solid color when applying a transparency.
  9. IsabelAracama

    Transparency tool question.

    Hi Callum! thanks for your reply. I'd say my square is not skewed though, and I am trying to replicate it on a skewed object as you say, but nothing happens now, other than the usual transparency behaviour... I have no clue how to reproduce this again. Could you give me an additional hint? Thanks!
  10. Hi! I've done this with the transparency tool... now I can't replicate it.. does anyone know how did I do it and what it is exactly? Thanks a lot!
  11. IsabelAracama

    Pencil tool

    Kath, if you decide to watch the tutorial and still have doubts, do not hesitate asking me. It shows you how to use the pen tool the easiest way possible, and after taking it, I'm sure you'll be able to draw your paths much better. It's specially thought for beginners, and it will have you getting things looking right, smooth curves and paths. But if you want to learn how to use it further than this very simple method, you can always take the advanced class I linked there in the description for the video. One of the exercises is about tracing a letter accurately. Or you can simply ask me about your doubts in the comments. Thanks!
  12. You got it so right! haha... so one of the things was that the dev and I wanted something not overly flat despite the trends, but not totally skeuomorphic cause of the trends lol... So I proposed an in between and I think this got a nice not boring flavour, and very clean. I also think there's lots of room for skeuomorphism in the music industry and I think there will always be. And so I keep doing lots of it cause I love it! Yes, my Deviantart is there for experiments and other kind of artwork. Kissand thanks for taking the time to comment on this project!
  13. Thanks Marc! Yeah, this keyboard looks a bit curved but we had several designs for it to choose from. This would have still be fine-tuned probably, as well as the turn for the knobs or the 4 arrow button that eventually became only 2 buttons for the sake of being able to really use it with comfort. In the project I posted in my portfolio, you'll see there's another design for the keyboard. And I agree, yes I should post more! hahaha. Been working a lot lately in Photoshop and traditional techniques, so ... heheh.. well..
  14. This is a 2017 project I was not yet able to showcase. It was a fantastic project to create and design the iPad version ( plus a UI for the plug in version) from the polyphonic synthesizer Redominator (Audiorealism) that finally was not released due to business reasons out of my control. However, it was nearly finished both from design and dev points of view, and I'm showcasing it a couple of years later, so I can tell you that back in the day, apart from a couple of little bugs moving things with the cursor keys and some issues I had with the slicing part, the whole experience overall was lots of fun and I loved it, as much as the result. This is a preview of the interface. You can see many more details and a test demo video on this link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/75938293/UI-deisgn-Redominator-(Polyphonic-Synthesizer)-iPad-Air?
  15. Hi peeps! My first class for Skillshare is live and at the moment, totally FREE! The class is called “LEARN TO USE THE PEN TOOL on Affinity Designer”, and you will be able to learn how to use this tool FOR GOOD, learning the 3 different methods I use to get my drawings done. I’d be very grateful if additionally, you'd use the referral link to sign up for a 2 month free trial that you can cancel at ay time to help me financially. (Skillshare pays me, you don't!). This way not only you'd be able to watch my class, but all the classes in the platform for 2 complete months. I will be also happy to assist you with any doubts you might find along the course. You can find the referral link for this free class in the description for this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTLFnWXoP1k

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