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  1. Hi all I bring a time-lapse more than a tutorial for this week. However, I explain how to slow it down so you can follow along if interested. You can also ask me how I did this or that, as usual. Kiss!
  2. I tried your method and works very well. I'll pass it on to this guy. Kiss!!!
  3. Thanks so much JimmyJack. Yeah, I thought of something similar, just was wondering if there was a real way to do this. Somebody asked me if this was possible in AD and I really couldn't find a way other than working around it. Again, thanks a lot!
  4. Hi Anyone could help me understanding if there's a way, and how to snap the center of an object anywhere I might choose on a given path? Thanks.
  5. Thanks a lot Alfred. Yes, it was the word in every designer's mouth some time ago and for some years, especially well known cause of Apple's past design style. Now we're in the age of flat design, which makes good sense if well done, but skeuomorphism is very used for many other design projects, like for example in game art. Thanks for your comments
  6. Jer, how nice of you letting me know this detailed list of tips you found useful Thank you very very much. I am happy to know about this.
  7. Hi peeps, I leave here a tut on how to create an skeuomorphic volume knob. I'd say this kind of simple pieces is how I started learning how to "read objects" in order to reproduce them in a realistic way. It is pretty simple to follow through even for newbies and results are quite nice. Hope you enjoy it, and if so, comment, like and subscribe for more. Thank you all. Isabel.
  8. Thanks Sean. Good it helped. I definately have this misplacing problem quite a lot. Not sure how the other one I reported months ago is going, but I couldnt find a solution for it other than being patient. It was really bad having all objects moving randomly somewhere else in the canvas. Never knew more about it being solved or not. Thanks.
  9. Hi Sean. I just uploaded it. Thanks! I.
  10. Hi Sean. Yes all this you say is right. Mac App Store 1.5.5 version. If you're so kind, could you pass me a private email or similar where I can send you the file? It is work so I rather not post it here. Thanks a lot. Isabel.
  11. If this helps, to avoid this annoying bug, I solve it cutting the objects from the canvas. Then pasting. Then I group again and it usually groups properly.
  12. Hi I have again a problem when ui designing. I somehow see some relation in this new bug with what I experienced before some month ago (and still suffering it). Please check the video I attached here and the other issue I reported months ago. Now the issue is when I group objects, sometimes, some of them go crazy and fly somewhere else int he canvas. Before it was when moving them via cursor arrows. group.mp4
  13. Hola, Some people wanted to know how to achieve a NEON lights text effect in Affinity Designer, so I created this new tut a bit related to the 80's retrowave one I did some weeks ago. Two simple effects in the FX panel and choosing the right font should be enough to create a nice looking neon graphic. Cheers!

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      New video on my channel. Little by little I'll go adding more, so subscribe if you think it could help you.