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  1. @iconoclast hahaah well... clever and marketing are a total oxymoron at least when you talk me... But I am open to ideas! hahaah
  2. @FrankSSt - haha indeed! To make things fantastic, I like to think this is some kind of synchronicity or even better... it's.... hahah 😅
  3. @firstdefence -thanks for the help I then imagine you have this option just as I have it now in Illustrator ... At the very beginning I had the icon on the left selected. When I changed to the other, It worked fine - Ididn´t even need to flip the circle in Ad or anything. Just touching that.
  4. Ok, good to know! I now am diving deeper into this issue and learnt by readin the links v_kyr left in this thread that it works just fine by changing the fill attributes into Illustrator. All solved and clear now. Not that it didn't work, just a small tweak when importing the svg into other software.
  5. Thanks for the links! I'll look at them now. Yeah, workarounds are good friends of mine hhh, but I don't always get to understand why some of them worked out when applying them, like in this case... it's a bit of a mystery to me, but I get it's an svg so I'll just take it as is, cause it worked and that's enough.
  6. Thanks iconoclast. Not sure if you mean you tried with an actual Donut shape from the pre-made shapes or you did this with the method I mentioned, which is using a subtract boolean to create the donut - not that I didn't know there was the pre-made donut shape, but more of a technical thing I wanted to understand cause it seemed strange AD was not behaving as Illustrator and other program were. So I imagine this is just a behaviour that is the same for both mac and win. Thanks a lot for the contribution though.
  7. Thanks everyone! Anyways if there was a mathematical explanation I'd be just pretending I get it when explained to me ahhahah
  8. Thanks Alfred and G13RL both worked very well! Yes more of a general solution to a problem.. But now.. why this? I cannot get to understand why if reversing or flipping it works? Some mathematical explanation that will send me bog eyed? 🤯
  9. Hi Old Bruce Interesting! Thanks. Been checking and trying. Now I realised it is only with the donut shape I created by subtracting that it doesn't work, cause if I apply a different subtract op to say, create a crescent, it works. So I guess there's nothing I can do to make it work on a donut shape? Thanks v_kyr you too !
  10. Hi Could someone explain to me why when I apply a subtract operation to a shape, and then export this shape to svg and finally open it in a different vector software (in this case it was Illustrator), the subtract boolean is not there anymore? Example attached of what I do in AD and what I see when I open the exported svg in Ai. I guess this is related to the nature of svg itself, but when I do the same in Illustrator and then open it in AD, it respects the operation. Thanks for the help.
  11. Om my, what have you done to me? I didn't know the song... but now I do! And guess what... been singing it too ever since in my head.
  12. The "No fill" and "No stroke" top dialogs display this miniature icon that is almost imperceptible. I guess it is not supposed to look like that?
  13. But this is not fixed... it's been like this for ages in both AD and AP and still is and it's terribly annoying. Can't paint straight lines fast. Just let me know if this is supposed to work like this, or if I am missing something and I think it should work as Photoshop does. I expect it to always create straight lines when pressing Shift while painting. Thanks horrid.mp4
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