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  1. Hi I somehow am facing an issue with this, which got me really confused. I am not sure what or why and I cannot recall experiencing it before. I believe it is related to this problem you talk in here. So I have a 300dpi file that shows or displays different zoom views at the same zoom value between AD and AP and I am confused why this is so. If anyone can shed some light on this please? Attached the video showing what I mean. I for sure am missing something but can't see what. Test.mp4
  2. Ah thanks very much! I was looking for the select same tag colour option by selecting 2 layers at the same time and hence I couldn't find it. Now with your explanation I've seen how! Thanks so much very helpful 🥰
  3. Hi Been looking around and found some posts for linked layers topic, but I don't seem to find the answer to what I need, or if it is possible. I need to link several layers to simply have them related without grouping them because they are not stacked together. As I create more and more layers, I need to do as I usually do in Photoshop, which is simply right clicking to link several of them so when I need to move them, they all move together. This is really easy to do in PS, but I just don't find a way to do something similar in Affinity? Thanks
  4. I think this scroll bar should not even exist. It brakes my nerves. It makes it awfully hard to hide/show objets in the layers panel. I think is one of the thing I hate the most in AD. If only I could at least disable it. Does anyone really use that? Maybe in older versions at least it wasn't getting all the time in the way when hovering over that area? It looks so looking at the first post image but I can't really remember but really the way it is now is totally annoying to me. I can't find this to get rid of it >> System Preferences > General > Show scroll bars to "When scrolling". ---- It worked now. It worked even if I will have the scroll bars all over my system forever more 😶
  5. I know it's been reported before. But it's been there for years and still. Naming layers has a terrible annoying experience in AD. One click, or whatever, it tends to select the whole previous name and 80% times or more this results in having to repeat the action twice to get the naming correct. Thanks. NAMING_LAYERS.mp4
  6. Mine crashes right after it... touching nothing. But the file is quite full of objects and layers, maybe that helps it crashing after bugging hhhh
  7. Thanks very much for the video and help GarryP. ❤️ I should make a post with all the strange behaviours I find on my way when designing UI's... This is just one of them... but lacking time to record and report makes it harder. So I appreciate a lot your kind help. Cheers PS - did yours also crash? Mine crashes every time after this.
  8. Hi Garry, Thanks for your answer. Let's see if this helps... basically, rounded objects get squared when I do those actions and then it all crashes. I don't necessarily need to have anything selected. I just open the Document Settings dialog to change the dimensions or the actual zoom size and it does this, and then, crashes. Thanks again dimensions_.mp4
  9. Hi I have several rounded objects on a file that is 3840×2160px If I change this to 2560×1440, all the rounded objects in the design get squared, buttons, switch sliders, etc. Same happens if I change on document settings from iPad retina to Default in the list for "Actual Size Zoom." Also, once I click Ok on the dialog Affinity crashes time and again. I have a video, but being client work, I prefer to not post it here, in case it helped. Any help to avoid this? Thanks
  10. Thanks that was it. Thanks guys! Someone else mentioned the clip to canvas but I was unable to find the option via keyboard. Thanks!
  11. Thanks Bruce.. no bleed nothing. I had checked that even if the previous posts Miguel said itis not a bleed but a margin for the canvas. The thing is I had never had it until today. And as said, the only way to avoid it is reusing a file created before today. Ridiculous, isnt' it? See both attachments.. the one with the bleed dialog is what i get from today. The otheris my normal canvas as it was always. I dont want that line, dont need it. Dont even like it hhh Thanks very much!!
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