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  1. @owenr Great! As I said, I didn't read all the posts cause my time is a bit limited. Now there's also a video for ppl to watch as graphxlord requested plus advise on when and why to use this or what dutchshader proposed. Cheers!
  2. Hi again! So, I made a new video demoing the solution dutchshader proposed (thanks again!) plus the automated option I found out a few days ago! So yes, AD can do this automatically BUT, there's a bit of a downside to it, unless someone else knows better. Check the new x2 solutions here guys and please like it if you do and comment and so on, so it hopefully gets more views. Thanks so much. Kisses!
  3. No need to be sorry at all, all of the contrary! I did the video for the same purpose and I am VERY GLAD you came up with a better solution dutchshader... now I can use it too! I now would like to make a video with your method for more people to learn it, it is obviously the best method that anyone could come up with here. Thanks!
  4. Bravo, very clever and best solution so far! My video is outdated two hours after loooouuul.. I might do one with this option of yours if you don't mind?
  5. Ok, so here the promised video. I see now reading some of the posts that Alfred thought of the same solution as me, which I find the best so far, so now I hope it's a bit clearer for you to get what we mean with the video itself. Enjoy and like or something! Thanks!
  6. Hi graphxlord Been looking into this as I promised you a few days ago. Please check this attachment and let me know if this is the effect you're looking for. I couldn't read all the thread due to lack of time and not sure if anyone suggested my method before but it took me little time and was quite easy to achieve. If so, I'll do the video as I said the moment I have a sec. As you can see in the image there's no raster for the stroke. I used a workaround to do this as I could not see a way to do this "automatically". Wait for your answer.
  7. Hi, Just a quick question. Is there any good reason for the icon texts inconsistency between Windows and Mac versions?. It makes things rather complicated and confusing when trying to explain things to others (specially until one finds out about this). Some examples: "Geometry" (Mac) is "Operations" (Windows) "Align" (Mac) is "Arrange" (Windows) I can also see that some months ago "Geometry" was also called "Operations" in the Mac version. Why this change or more specifically why this inconsistency? Thanks!
  8. It is way better now! Thanks a lot all of you!
  9. Hi PÅ¡enda, I am attaching before and after gaussian images. It really does not show any banding before the gblur. I also attached a close up. I read several people talking about gradient banding before, but I'd say this is due to the gblur as it really won't show the banding before applying it. Weird it looks so poor. Seems like nodody was really having this issue, other than the guy on the other thread you pointed me to? Thanks!
  10. Hi Just wondering if there's any known solution to this banding I get when I use the gaussian blur and stack several layers of it... it really looks poor and can't get rid of it unless I get rid of the blur itself. Thanks
  11. Can anyone point me out what would be the best way to make my digital pen switch from brush to colour picker? Im used to photosop where B is just to select brush and so I tell my pen to select it by clicking one of its buttons and the other I use for colour picker. But I am new to Aphoto and I'm trying to set my pen for digital painting like this an I'm going a bit crazy as B selects so many different tools i can\t seem to get it right... Im on a cintq. Thanks
  12. Omg - Sorry again a confusing UI problem to me. I got it back now by clicking merge all insted of 'unchecking' the uncheackable... oh well. Sorry.
  13. Hi I'm lost. How is this reverted to the normal UI in AP? My windows are floating and the only thing i can do is merging them together, but I don't see how to just put is all as it was initially. Sorry... it's quite confusing to me. I even did a Reset studio but nothing changes here all is floating around. I also try to unchecl Separated windows but it does not work for me. Please se attached video. Im on a Mac Sierra if it helps. ScreenFlow.mp4
  14. Oh, there is the navigator.. i might use this instead