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  1. Very much appreciated and congrats again sacboi. If you have a Twitter handle I'd like to use it for the post. Cheers!
  2. Hey sacboi! I just found this by pure chance!! It is great and I am so happy I discovered it!! I love to see what ppl come up with, especially when the result is so good! Do you mind if I post this on my student's gallery and show it on a couple of posts? (with your name on it obviously hhh) It came out really well, and so did the Porsche 911! Pity I didn't see this thread before! Congrats and thanks for taking the class by the way
  3. aha, so this is Czech! Can't even figure out in my wildest dreams how "šišlat" is pronounced... In that case I think I'd even stutter haha
  4. hahaha... I have an accent! Changed now, thanks for the heads up 😘
  5. Finished artwork for the tutorial "Vector Illustration Techniques". I enjoy very much creating these pieces and explaining how I go about them so others can do the same. It's really satisfying at all levels seeing the results. The tut is available on my site https://www.isabelaracama.com and also a help group for questions and those wanting to share their thoughts and artwork. I have also set a challenge so those of you finalising their on take on the illustration, will get access to the source file so they can compare their work with mine. Thanks and a kiss for all.
  6. Thanks a lot for this Paul! I pinned it to the video so iPad users will see it right away.
  7. Thanks very much for the detailed replies to both of you. I have assigned the Alt/Opt key to the stylus, and it works as I needed. The main thing for me was not to have to refer to the keyboard or click anywhere on the interface to alternate between picker and brush fast, as I have always done in other apps when painting. Thanks again, you really helped me to clarify my confusion, even knowing the Alt option existed I hadn't thought of it
  8. UPDATED> I'm confused. I tried again now and it doesn't swap back to previous colour. Might be a driver thing maybe. Since I changed OS nothing seems to work for the Wacom as it should the first 10 attempts. /// Hi! Anyone knows if there's a way that I could swap colours on the colour panel chips via shortcut or stylus button? Having the wacom stylus 2 buttons one is set to pick colour but the moment I go back to brush, the colour I picked swaps again to the one before. I guess there must be a way but I cannot find how to do this effectively. I have attached a video. For the sake of making it more clear instead of using the stylus buttons or keyboard shortcuts I use the bar to select tools. Thanks! shortcut.mp4
  9. I know to have the new view option one has to be on the separated view mode. But so many times I find myself going back to the merged mode for the sake of some order in my screen and issues with the UI when working with several monitors that end up making me tired of looking for the next UI panel hidden somewhere. If the new view was only possible then, it'll be great. And it'd be great too being able to detatch file tabs from the UI without having to go into separate mode. I guess it might be not that easy to implement or something otherwise I am not really sure why this is like it is at the moment. Somehow it does not feel comfortable so many times working with these constraints. It's a suggestion from my own experience while painting. Thanks, Isabel.
  10. Any plans to have the chance to link two layers? Just like in Photoshop. Grouping doesn't work here as the layers need to me stacked separatedly. One is at the bottom, the other on the very top of the layers panel and in between, many other layers that need to stay there where they are. I looked around for a workaround but nothing seems as convenient as a simple "link layers" option. Thanks!
  11. Ok, then justlike me.. Iget it. Totally agree with you... not a fan os dark OS and would love for it to be back to light.. but... not big deal. Thanks again for your constant help!
  12. Hi R C-R! Thanks for the informations! So you mean you have the top menu background also dark? I get those fine and light... and good I do.. I much prefer them to be light for menus .
  13. Thaks v_kyr! I have it dark in AD as usual... but what I don't get is that, having the light mode in Mojave AD is still getting the dark OS mode when I open from within it... I tried and saw that making the AD UI light, it will display to light for the OS too... Summing up, I did all the combinations and the only one that will give me the light OS window whic is the one I have set for the OS, is the light UI in AD.. But oh well...
  14. Thanks! I will. So far I wouldn't say I have so many though. But good to keep an eye on. We'll see if this lasts as is now thanks again
  15. Well I have updated the OS, just to start somewhere, and I am in Mojave now, as I didn't want to be on Catalina yet. And it looks all issues have gone now. Some stuff in the AD UI look different, like the OS windows that now are dark if the UI is dark and clear if the UI is clear, but I can live with that... even though before I was on the dark UI and my OS windows where light and I prefer it... but I see I cannot change it now somehow. Also I put the UI light for Mojave, so I am not sure why it is showing it all dark when before it wasn't. Anyways... it looks like all the important things are fine now so fair enough. Fingers crossed!! Thanks again for the help everyone!
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