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  1. Affinity, Windows 10 64 bit, Intel I7 6700Q Nvidia Gforce 960M By using "Nvidia Surround" with 2 monitors Affinty goes black on right screen on the left side its working. Open in fullsize on left side | Works: Open in fullsize on right side | Don't work: If i use Microsoft PowerToy (Fanzy Zones) it works fine. Example 1 | 2 zones: Example 2 | 4 zones:
  2. Inside the colorpicker should be 8bit too and not procent numbers.
  3. If you merge two object inside a Artboard the Position behave like it should, its stay in the same position. But if you make this same procedure outside the arboard the new object move to the top.
  4. I now sit on a project for 10 minutes and wait for the Affinity Designer to convert the selected objects into lines, It only uses 1 core of my CPU. AD need more Multithreading for this art of tasks.
  5. Only for Information in beta 1.7.424 this bug still exist and the Checkbox "include Bleed" is on two places.
  6. Even the font itself was rasterize what should not happen by applying shadow. I found the problem with the rasterize font. Don't use empty effects on a groups.
  7. In version 1.6 it was possible to include bleed on selected Artboards, in AD 1.7.1 the checkbox is grey.
  8. My point is that it is not transparent whether errors are acknowledged or processed. The code should be serif property and not visible also patches themselves only the status of a report.
  9. Use a Bugtracking software like: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org to see what bugs fixes are in work or what bugs are new. Using a forum for this is only a big mess and non-transparent.
  10. Affinity Team please compiles a Linux Version. Adobe was the only Software what hold me back to switch to Linux. I have to use always a Virtual Machine for my Web Dev, now I switch to Affinity because of the Cloud shxx from Adobe. But even here the Community can't understand the freedom of choice using different Destributions. Its look like there is no hope at this point, befor the Management itself don't understand what movement they cloud start by supporting Linux. It would help even if wine could be supported by using mono instead dotnet.
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