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  1. Its make no difference with a white Backgound or transparent. I have still black in black channel.
  2. In my example i try to remove black channel color with blend options. But insteat to make the black channel transparent (k:0%), all other color channel are Removed. The same happend if i try to remove Cyan, Magenta, Yellow Channel. testBlendoptions.tiff
  3. Blend options are Broken in CMYK Modus: Bug: I try to remove a one color layer with "Blend option" but instead of removing one color its remove Multiple colors! (BGKru33tJI.gif) If i set "Source Layer Range" only to 0% (blendOptions.jpg) it don't remove the full channel color, still have black in my image. Future Request: What i would expect that in the background of "Blend options" should be a histogram for better fine-tuning. (blendOptionsRequest.jpg) Here some examples
  4. mondze

    AD Bug: Groups Cropping Border

    I want only group both elements with strg+g
  5. Some Groups Cropping borders like a mask Group crops - Bug 2.afdesign
  6. Old bug but still there. Group Bug.afdesign
  7. My point is that it is not transparent whether errors are acknowledged or processed. The code should be serif property and not visible also patches themselves only the status of a report.
  8. Use a Bugtracking software like: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org to see what bugs fixes are in work or what bugs are new. Using a forum for this is only a big mess and non-transparent.
  9. Affinity Designer version Grouping objects moves them. there is a another post about this problem but there is no fix. Group Bug.afdesign
  10. I made a document with 64 sites and 70 Images and my file has a size of 5GB! All images are Linked (Document - Resource Manager)
  11. Export PDFx3 without rasterized gradient background. Export PDFx3 with rasterized gradient background: Both exports should look the same. Testfiles. shadow drop bug by export to x3.afdesign shadow drop bug by export to x3.pdf
  12. I had the same problem. Affinity Photo Affinity Designer But what work is: Export your Affinity Designer graphic as TIFF. Open the file in Affinity Photos converting it to CMYK/8Bit. Add a Black and White filter. then export your image, choose Tiff CMYK. to prove if grey is grey i placed the new image to Affinity Designer:
  13. Affinity Team please compiles a Linux Version. Adobe was the only Software what hold me back to switch to Linux. I have to use always a Virtual Machine for my Web Dev, now I switch to Affinity because of the Cloud shxx from Adobe. But even here the Community can't understand the freedom of choice using different Destributions. Its look like there is no hope at this point, befor the Management itself don't understand what movement they cloud start by supporting Linux. It would help even if wine could be supported by using mono instead dotnet.
  14. Same Problem on Windows Affininty even on Export by JPG by using coordinates with subpixels.