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  1. In the document.
  2. It happens when I import a document rasterized with AD in indesign. If I make a screenshot of the colors in each software, I observe the same difference.
  3. Hello, here is a color. C : 0 M : 46 Y : 86 K : 0 On the left, the indesign version. on the right, the AD version. Same color profile. Why is this color different in AD? Is there a solution?
  4. Thank you ! Text styles are a very important feature for me to work.
  5. I don't understand how it works... Here is an example. I create two paragraph styles "big" and "small". I create a text area and AD select automagically the "big" style. I want to select "small" but it keep "big" selected. So I want to detach "big" but it detach "small". When I finaly find a way to select only "small" style, I want to update it but... Maybe I do something wrong... https://i.imgur.com/lPKVqSa.gifv
  6. Hi, everyone ! It may not be a bug ... But paragraph styles have strange behaviours. Sometimes one style binds to another and I do not know why. I try to be very careful but once it happens, I can not detach the unwanted style. Also, paragraph styles do not retain character sizes or their weight ... It is very quickly unmanageable. Is there a tutorial somewhere to understand how to use that? Will text styles be improved? Thank you !
  7. I think it would be much more intuitive to apply the margins of the basic document to the artboard ... When it happens, the first time, I think that it is a graphic bug and I lose the confidence that we put in the software. I had other problems with the margins. As soon as it comes again, I send a gif.
  8. Hi ! An example of what happens when I create an artboard : https://i.imgur.com/zrsEYEf.gifv
  9. Hi ! Margins often disappear. Guides too. I am forced to disable them and reactivate them (document setup) to see them again. Sometimes, when I have two identical artboards, I see only one margin common to both.
  10. It is not impossible to work without it but it is uncomfortable. I think this feature is very important for affinity users and many are waiting for it.
  11. Sorry ! I had completely forgotten that I saved the history... It works great know and I'm happy the problem comes from my stupidity... Have a good day !
  12. I'm working on one file. The memory usage seems huge to me... Another problem appears when I move / delete an artboard. Before refreshing (20sec) After When you have to manipulate a lot of artboard, it becomes problematic... Have a good day !