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  1. Yes but only with huge files on my pc.
  2. I started to work with affinity designer 2 hours ago. It's around 0 and 6% ...
  3. Wow ! This version is really cool ! I try to let a file opened and cpu usage stay low. I export a large pdf file, it seems to be faster and the cpu usage does not exceed 67%... I had a problem with render refresh when I was zooming... Not anymore. Thank you ! \m/
  4. Burny

    Design large format for V33

    Hey ! Another man from Belgium ! Affinity, with its way to trace lines and its magnetism management is a great tool to work with perspectives and vanishing point. And with big files like that, illustrator would be really slow and annoying. I was afraid to print it with a pdf generated by a "not adobe" product... but the result is perfect ! Definitely happy to work with affinity products !
  5. Final result of a job. Printed in large format (500mm * 997mm 300dpi) and sent to print this week. Entirely done in affinity designer/photo. I must say that without affinity, I would have gone crazy. : p
  6. Thanks for the work on the text styles ! It works great !
  7. Burny

    AD 1.6 text styles

    Fixed issue in version! Thank you ! I'm dancing in front of my pc ...
  8. Burny

    Colour AD vs Indesign

    My bad ! I was using png instead of jpg ... And I realized that microsoft's screen capture software changes colors ... I'm really sorry. Please excuse me for the time you lost by my fault. Thank you !
  9. Burny

    Colour AD vs Indesign

    It is AD stuff in ID... The colours are really different in the two programs with the same color code, the same color profile... If I import an image made with AD in ID, if I make a screenshot of the two versions (AD and ID), I get the same result... The solution, for now is to work with a vectorial format. The color code is interpreted by ID and therefore the color is correct. But if I rasterize, the colour is bad. So I wonder if the colours really correspond to the code in AD.
  10. I think in some cases, having a look at recent files could save time.
  11. Burny

    Colour AD vs Indesign

    Thanks, MikeW ! But I already use percentage and not 8-bit...
  12. Burny

    Colour AD vs Indesign

    In the document.
  13. Burny

    Colour AD vs Indesign

    It happens when I import a document rasterized with AD in indesign. If I make a screenshot of the colors in each software, I observe the same difference.
  14. Burny

    Colour AD vs Indesign

    Hello, here is a color. C : 0 M : 46 Y : 86 K : 0 On the left, the indesign version. on the right, the AD version. Same color profile. Why is this color different in AD? Is there a solution?
  15. Burny

    AD 1.6 text styles

    Thank you ! Text styles are a very important feature for me to work.