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  1. Hi ! Most of graphic designers needs to see the colours separations to correct errors due to insertion of bad logos who could contain pantone colours, work with overprinting... Realy need this to finalize a document before send it to impression. Does someone knows an alternative to acrobat DC with prepress options to see color separations, color profiles, Inking Rates ?
  2. It works with
  3. Hide the UI stops the refresh of the display after zooming...
  4. I see like a ghost of my UI when I hide it with "tab" key. First time today.
  5. I sent this file to Sean P. yesterday... Sorry for the lack of communication !
  6. Hi, See what happen when I group these objects...
  7. Hi ! I can't adjust the position of a text on a path. I can select the orange cursor but nothing happen. Impossible to choice if the text appear inside or outside an ellipse.
  8. Hi, Sometimes I need this feature and I have to use some tips to work without it but it takes some more time... I'd like to be able to align nodes from different objects and redistribute spaces between it. Thanks !
  9. Thanks for your help !
  10. Oh sorry ! I did not see your answer... Same result in both versions, you can check my files... Thanks ! zombietv1.5.afdesign zombietv1.6.afdesign
  11. Wow ! The fonts classification system is just wonderful ! Would it be better if the search input was not case sensitive ? It crash when I try to directly open a file. Have a good day !
  12. It seems to work better when I draw slowly.
  13. Hi ! I don't know if it's a bug or if I do something wrong. When I join some shapes with "add" button, sometimes, some shapes disappear... I really need this to work. The shapes are strokes (brush tool) converted into shapes ("expand stroke"). Thanks for your help !
  14. Hi ! Text on a path : I can't move the end points where they are inside the selection box. It's like if the text takes the focus when the cursor is inside the box... Here I can select it : Here I can't... Thanks for your great job on Affinity Designer ! (And sorry for my english...)