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  1. htaccess is useful for complex addresses... But when I use something like QR code, it's my costumer choice, not mine. A professional software must allow me to meet the demand of my clients. (QR code could be useful but no one use it. Useful but obsolete).
  2. I think it's a bad idea... It's better to keep this option in the saved presets or in both... When I work on a magazine, I use 3 or 4 presets. The export takes time and separate options is a source of potential errors.
  3. The "include bleeds" option has disappeared. So, impossible to include bleeds in a pdf...
  4. " Frame text column guides added as an 'Object Geometry' Snapping Candidate " \m/
  5. I recently worked on a project. Out of 8000 people, only 5 used QR codes. The QR code is obselete BUT it was a request from the client. And this request, it is often done to me ...
  6. Burny

    AD - overprint color

    Here is a vidéo. In the first file, the overprint is ok. In the second file, the black become rich, like if I rasterize all... https://i.imgur.com/P4ltAEB.gifv test-icc-overprint.afdesign overprint-fail.pdf overprint-ok.pdf
  7. Burny

    AD - overprint color

    Hi ! Strange things happen when I create overprint colour. The first checkbox seems not memorize the overprint option. Why does my CMYK values change ? Is there an option somewhere to disable ? https://i.imgur.com/WajUVmB.gifv The overprint does not work when I change ICC profile to export to pdf. Sometimes I need different ICC profile depending on the type of paper. Have a good day !
  8. Burny

    No bleed in pdf AD...

    The fact that AD cuts rasterized objects is a real problem when you work with bleeds. I'm always forced to move them before rasterize it and put them back in bleeds ... I think the best choice would be not to cut or give the choice to the user. I have the same problem in AP.
  9. Burny

    No bleed in pdf AD...

    Ok ! Could you help me to accelerate the pdf export too ? It's a problem that I encounter very often ...
  10. Burny

    No bleed in pdf AD...

    Yes but I can't send it here... and I can't send you a message...
  11. Burny

    No bleed in pdf AD...

    I created a preset that works with a simple file. Bleeds appear perfectly. When I use it on the other file, it does not work. So, the problem comes from my file. I tried to disable this adjustment layer and ... BINGO! It works. But for me, it's a bug. A bad bug who takes me 1 hour... I prefer to add 3mm manually than to have the wrong colours ... Thanks for your help, MikeW !