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  1. @SteveL Just to confirm: you have followed ALL the steps in that FAQ, including using the Microsoft Uninstall Troubleshooter? This latter has proved to be the ultimate solution for a number of users but I accept, it may not work in your case, for some unknown reason. Jeff
  2. @Venyer Read this thread in the forum to see how you can go about this. HTH Jeff
  3. How do you know that someone tried to log into your account? I very much doubt even Serif staff, who can look at a user's account details, would attempt to "log into" any such account. Jeff
  4. @anotherhoward The Affinity licence allows the purchaser to use any of the apps he owns on as many machines using the same OS as he controls. So, on your new Mac, simply log into whichever store you originally purchased from, MAS or direct from Serif, using the same log-in credentials as you used when you made your original purchase and you should be able to download and install AD to your new machine without problem. Jeff
  5. @pixelstuff I have an Adobe subscription (for just one app) and I've never considered accessing it via the Windows Store, especially since it is "updated" etc via the Creative Cloud app installed on my computer. However, in this case, the licence "check" is via that CC app to the Adobe server, as I understand it. (I've actually just checked and my specific app is NOT available via the Windows Store.) Affinity apps purchased direct from Serif include a licence.xml file installed on the user's computer, i.e. the "verification" is "local", not via a remote server. The coding of the two licensing "systems", "local" or via the MAS or Windows Store, is clearly quite different to the extent that the two could not easily be set-up to both run simultaneously I think. Jeff
  6. @DaleH Because you purchased originally from the Mac App Store, that purchase will never show in any Serif Store account you may create because the two purchasing systems share no data with each other. HTH Jeff
  7. @TorontoITpro Welcome to the Affinity forums. I'm not sure whether you are asking a question, or confirming that you can use the Affinity apps on more than one computer which have the same operating system? Assuming it's a question, then yes, use on multiple computers running the same OS and all of which you control is certainly the case. HTH Jeff
  8. @MuyGrafikka Welcome to the Affinity forums. If your bank rejected the transaction then no purchase was actually made and no money was taken from your account. The fact that your bank recorded the two card charges is simply reflecting that you made two attempts to purchase, using the card. No debit of your account has actually occurred and, within a few days, you will see that those "transactions" will have disappeared from your account. In the meantime, you really need to ask your bank why the transaction was rejected. Only when that is resolved will you actually be able to purchase the apps. As to why you have not received any reply to your emails to Serif, in the current pandemic situation I know the staff have all been working from home for several days so any reply may well be delayed, possibly for some time, sorry. 😢 Jeff
  9. @UkeyD If you bought the full version of Publisher direct from Serif then you will not be able to update it from the App Store, or vice versa. The two sales avenues are completely separate, with no interchange of information possible. HTH Jeff
  10. @Yezzzzzz I am another user, not a member of Serif staff so I cannot check the download link, sorry! However, @Mark Ingram I think this is one for you! BTW, many thanks for joining this thread earlier. 😀 Jeff
  11. @popncorn Please read Walt's post! File>Export not File>Save as Jeff
  12. @Yezzzzzz The error log shows the following as the problem: +Error: The cabinet file 'Main.cab' required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used I remember this error appearing for another user and the advice, because a core installation file is somehow corrupted, is to redownload the installer and attempt to run this new one again. However, since this is NOT the first time that a user has reported this issue perhaps Serif staff @Mark Ingram @stokerg et al ought to be made aware of it? HTH Jeff
  13. @Alfred Thanks! I had a feeling what I wrote was not entirely correct! Jeff
  14. @PhilJ Welcome to the Affinity forums. My impression, based on replies to other posts asking a similar question, is No, licences cannot be transferred to a different email address. BUT, if it is only a few days since you purchased the "wrong" licence you can email returns@serif.com (I think that's the correct address) and request a refund for the "wrong" licence and then buy the "right" one. HTH Jeff
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