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  1. Hi. Easiest method to access the latest beta is via this pinned post at the head of this forum. I suspect build 337, the latest, is not yet on auto-update. HTH Jeff
  2. @tylermason72 You've attached a pdf file, rather than the "preferable" Designer file. Also, the supplied pdf opens "blank", giving the error message in PDF X Change Editor you can see in the screenshot.
  3. @EditionVVN @Wes Jacobs If I download the pdf file from the first post in this thread and place it in a APub document, I see the garbled notation, very weird! However, I use Finale's big rival, Sibelius for music notation. If I export to pdf from Sibelius, that opens in APub without any problem, see the file below, a very simple score. IOW, I think this problem is something to do with the way in which Finale exports pdf files, rather than a problem with the way in which APub imports pdf files. HTH Jeff Test score.afpub
  4. emmrecs01

    Buy again?

    Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums. If you do a quick search of this forum, in the Customer Service... area, you will see this is quite a frequent question! Unfortunately, the answer is No. Each different operating system has its own, entirely separate licensing system and there is no facility that will enable transfer from Mac to Windows or iPad, or any combination of them. Sorry.
  5. @Bad_Wolf I think you need to carefully re-read @Alfred's post above! He wrote: In other words, since you already own the licence, which covers as many computers as you own and control, as I read what you have written you do NOT need to purchase any new licence in order to install the software on to the "machine we do not use much".
  6. Hi. Welcome to the Affinity forums. I think the short answer to your question is No, sorry. I thought the use of the Aero interface was almost obligatory in Win 10? But similar questions have been raised with respect to Windows 7. This forum search will show you at least some of the posts on the topic. Perhaps one of the solutions offered there might help you? Jeff
  7. If you do a search in the forums for "DAM" you will see this is a much-requested feature which Serif have said/implied they hope to offer eventually. Specifically, which? I have a number of Topaz filters working successfully in APh, but perhaps not the ones you refer to? HTH Jeff
  8. @snaptreephotography Welcome to the Affinity forums. To download the software to a second MacBook (this clearly suggests you have already downloaded it to a "first" MacBook, or similar) the procedure depends on whether you originally bought the software from the Mac App Store or direct from Serif. If from the Mac App Store: simply log into the same App Store account as you used to originally download the product and download it to your second computer. If direct from Serif: log into your Serif account and you will be able to download your software and product key. HTH Jeff
  9. @GarryP Can I add one more app to your thinking? Paragon Hard Disk Manager Advanced 16. I've run various versions of the Paragon back-up software over several years; current version allows me to schedule back-ups (to run automatically), with ability to select either complete drives or specific files or folders etc within drives. Automatic verification of created archives is also user-selectable. It's rather more expensive than other software you've been recommended but I recently had to reload a back-up of my mains system drive (always a "worrying" time) and it worked flawlessly. It also includes facilities to create, resize, delete, merge etc. partitions and to create bootable CD Recovery Media for that time when the system just will not boot (I needed to use this for the reload mentioned above). HTH Jeff EDIT: I see from the Paragon site that version 17 has recently been released.
  10. emmrecs01

    PanoramaPlus X4

    Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums. You are asking for help with a Serif Legacy Product in the forums dedicated to the new Affinity range. You really need to repost to the Serif Community Plus forum here. HTH Jeff
  11. emmrecs01

    lost product key

    Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums. Since you mention having AP installed on an old imac I'm going to assume it was actually purchased from the Mac App Store. If so, simply log into the MAS account you used then and redownload and install the software. As an MAS purchase, you do not have or need a Product Key. HTH Jeff
  12. emmrecs01

    HDR Merge hanging

    @dmstraker I feel your pain (not that that is of any help to you) but do you have any recent back-ups of your main system drive that you could install? I ask because something very similar happened to me very recently. In my case, the attempted uninstall of an older version of my pdf editor, PDF Xchange, led to a non-booting system, not good! One of my deepest fears is of that type of occurrence, hence I regularly make automated back-ups of my main system and data drives. For this I run Paragon Hard Disk Manager, and it includes a boot rescue disc. Simply inserting that during another attempted boot-up loaded the drivers for the app and allowed me to reload the most recent full back-up, created some three days earlier. Needles to say, perhaps, during the (fairly) lengthy process of the reload I was biting my nails rather furiously! Jeff P.S. I almost feel that what I've written might be akin to "rubbing salt into the wound" but I really do hope you are able to resolve your situation.
  13. Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums. I downloaded your file, opened it in the latest release version of AD, selected to Export it to pdf, using the settings in the two screenshots, and immediately the file, attached below, was created. Can you post screenshots of those two settings screens so that I can exactly replicate what you are trying, since I suspect the problem may be in at least one of the settings used? Jeff Cover BUG.pdf
  14. Hi welcome to the Affinity forums. If both your notebook and desktop are running the same OS (Windows or Mac) and you own/control both machines, then yes, you can install the app(s) on both machines without any additional license. One possible caveat: depending on which "notebook" you have, you may need to check whether it can run any of the Affinity apps. Also, if that notebook is actually an iPad then all the above does not apply, because the iPad does not share its operating system and app licence with either Mac or Windows machines; its licencing is unique to iOS. Jeff
  15. @Mike_Hunter Welcome to the Affinity forums. Assuming you are saying that this version is installed, then you have the latest version of the beta. Jeff