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  1. Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums. Please read this rather long thread about how to import files in Page Plus format into Affinity Publisher. Yes, you do need to employ a workaround (export to pdf in PP) and then open that pdf in Publisher. Currently, there is no other method of opening .ppp files in Publisher and the chances of Publisher being coded to be able to directly import .ppp files is very remote, if not out of the question. Jeff.
  2. emmrecs01

    filterforge 7.0

    @Andreas Franke @Filter Forge Yes, I can reproduce this, though I do not experience an immediate crash; rather the error message in the attached screenshot appears, every time. Perhaps the error message will help either the APh developers or the FF developer who I know is a member of this forum to diagnose and resolve the problem. Jeff
  3. emmrecs01

    filterforge 7.0

    @Andreas Franke I'm running the same versions of both AP and FF as you. I've just tested this (open an image, open FF) on my machine; FF opens without problem and certainly doesn't crash AP! Can you post the specific image you show in your screenshot so that other users can test it on their machines? Jeff EDIT: it might also be useful to know which filter you were trying to apply, though it appears from your screenshot that the crash occurs before you can select a filter.
  4. @Chris_K Yes, the app is still working fine. I guess it's just my curiosity as to why it should be creating these Memory Dumps/Crash Reports when it's not actually crashing! It seems to happen every time I use APub (I need to verify this by more careful checking) so is a very strange situation. Thanks again, Jeff
  5. @mike21 I think you must be looking at a different page! ALL the ON1 Effects Plugins listed are shown with an "X", i.e "not compatible". Jeff
  6. I'm not even sure whether this is the correct forum to post this, since it hardly qualifies as a "bug", but: I regularly run CCleaner, especially at the end of a working day. One of the file types it highlights and suggests for deletion is any Memory Dumps/Crash Reports stored on the computer. Several times recently I see CCleaner reporting that .dmp files have been created, either by Affinity Publisher Beta (latest version) or by the included Help files, even though neither app has actually crashed for me. I've tended to ignore these files and simply selected to delete them; APub always opens on the next time of asking, no message about Errors or Crash Reports. However, I wonder whether one of these reports might be useful to the developers in possibly diagnosing why such reports are being created (normally at least one every day) even when Publisher itself is rock-solid and has never, to my knowledge, actually crashed on my machine! Hence, they are attached below. If anyone can suggest why they are being created (in effect it's every time I run APub) I'd be delighted to learn! TIA Jeff Publisher_exe.1652.dmp Help_exe.10536.dmp
  7. I apologise in advance for what I am about to write but: We really do NOT need another thread asking for compatibility between file formats produced by products in the former "Plus" range and those of the new Affinity products. Serif staff and the developers have posted to numerous threads asking for this (and yes, as a long-time user of most of the Plus products over many years, I understand why this compatibility would be very useful) to explain why this is very unlikely to happen soon, if ever. I'm not going to repeat the reasons here, they're quite easy to find in several threads in the forum, and the pdf export option from the Plus range is, IMO, a perfectly reasonable method of transfer between the two sets of apps, at least for now, and possibly for ever!! Just my opinion! I'll wait for the brickbats to fly in my direction! Jeff
  8. Hi. I think this page might give you an answer! It appears that, at the moment,no ON1 plugins will work with Affinity Photo. HTH Jeff
  9. @kjs There are a number of "alternatives" available to use instead of Acrobat! My personal choice is PDF XChange Editor but there are a number of others. I suspect this particular market is not one which Serif might wish to venture into, at least for the foreseeable future. Just my opinion! Jeff
  10. Both these posts refer to Affinity Designer, but have been posted to the Affinity Photo area of the Suggestions forum. Perhaps they should be moved?
  11. @Stuart FR Welcome to the Affinity forums! I would wholeheartedly agree with what @SrPx has written. The spec of your machine is, regrettably, very much what would be considered today "low", for all the reasons SrPx gives. If you are able/willing to invest in a new computer I strongly suspect you will be "amazed" at the difference you see in ALL apps etc. you run, not just Affinity (?Photo?). (I think upgrading your existing computer will not really bring the range of benefits that you seek. The fact that you are running on a Celeron processor, for example, because of the type of socket your motherboard must have to accomodate that processor, dictates and highly limits the possibility of upgraded CPUs. You could check whether your existing computer might have the possibility of additional RAM but I wonder whether doing that, if it is the only update you make, will actually benefit you very much at all!) Jeff
  12. @motoscoddie Welcome to the Affinity forums. Perhaps the latest posts to this thread might offer some guidance to help you? I know it refers to Designer but the core code base is common to all the Affinity apps; just make sure you read SeanP's post, the fifth in the thread. HTH Jeff
  13. Just for the "benefit" of other Windows users who might stumble upon this thread: it appears that version is MAC only and is intended to help the developers check the "AutoUpdate" facility on the MAS. Jeff
  14. @Graham Have you seen this page on the Affinity Spotlight site, where James Ritson, one of the developers of Affinity Photo, writes about IR photography? Jeff