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  1. @smolny82 Which versions of the apps do you currently have installed and what OS are you running (Mac or Windows)?
  2. @Tamaleus Check under Preferences>User interface, "Monochromatic Iconography". I suspect you need to untick it. HTH
  3. @Lee D Thanks for the latest message, but I'm not the OP! I have Designer and Photo on both desktop and iPad and I suppose, a) I didn't read the OP's post carefully enough, and b) I don't know how to draw a straight line (as per the OP's request) on the iPad.
  4. @Hachmi Welcome to the Affinity forums. Where exactly was your work saved before you uninstalled the app? By default, I believe, the save location is within the iPad's sandbox; you have to specifically select a different location if you wish to ensure your work is not removed in the event that you need to uninstall and reinstall the app. In other words, in your situation, if you did not save your work outside the sandbox I'm pretty certain it is not retrievable, sorry. If I am wrong about this I am sure someone else will give you the right answer.
  5. @Lee D Hi Lee I may be completely missing something here, but where is the Shift key on an iPad? Jeff
  6. @jolson42o Welcome to the Affinity forums. The licence is permanently linked to the email address given by the purchaser at the time of original purchase, so I think that what you are asking is not possible, sorry.
  7. @Fritz Schwarz @Komatös I don't think Serif can offer a refund in this case. The iPad version has to be purchased from the iPad store so only Apple can issue a refund, I think.
  8. @michaelyounglondon Welcome to the Affinity forums. What OS do you run and, assuming you downloaded the free trial from the Serif store, where did you purchase your product key?
  9. @Tiamariacat Welcome to the Affinity forums. Which OS do you have and where did you originally purchase the app(s), direct from Serif or from the App Store appropriate for your OS? Depending on your answers to these questions we can then advise you further. But, as a general point you do not need to remove the app(s) from your old computer in order to be able to download, install and use it/them on your new. Which of the apps do you actually have?
  10. @Faisal Bahari Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. Sine at least two of the images you have posted include your personal email address can I strongly suggest that you remove them or at least obscure your address as a matter of urgency so that Spambots cannot harvest your email and potentially deluge you with spam. If you are not receiving the email to allow you to reset your password I think you need to email affinity@serif.com and request their assistance.
  11. @itsvivekdesign As I understand this, I don't think that the developers can bring in what you are wanting because there are features within PSD Smart Objects that are proprietary to Photoshop, i.e., they are "locked" to that app. I suspect that, if they could do what you are asking, the developers might have done so already. Of course, I may be totally wrong about this!
  12. @Black Diosa As @Alfred says, the MS Store version does not need a product key! However, since you say you have the program installed but apparently cannot run it, I wonder whether you have actually installed the Trial version from the Serif/Affinity website but later bought it in the Microsoft store? If so, you need to uninstall the version you currently have and then download and install the version in your Microsoft Store account, as @Alfred details above.
  13. @CPL Welcome to the Affinity forums. Affinity app licences are OS-specific. MAC, i-Pad and Windows all have separate licences. So, in your case, you would need one licence for Windows and one for MAC. However, once purchased you are allowed to install the software on as many devices of the same OS as you own or control. HTH Jeff
  14. @Chills I have MS Publisher currently installed (though never used) as part of MS Office. Checking it, I see the option to Export as pdf. Could your originators of these files use this option to help you? Worst case scenario, perhaps: assuming not too many files and that you would be prepared to share them (or a couple of them) with me I'd be happy to try opening them and then exporting as pdf for you to test, if that would be helpful. PM me from the forum if you're interested. Jeff
  15. @telemax I don't think the Resources section is appropriate for such a thread. As I understand it that section is designed for users to offer, essentially, self-created or self-discovered "add-ons" etc., which other users might also find useful. Though I do agree that the content of the various Benchmark threads ought, perhaps, to be combined into one, and pinned, possibly in the Announcements thread??
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