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  1. emmrecs01


    @JerJVerm Welcome to the Affinity forums. Yes it is normal. Studio Link is available only in Publisher. Each of Designer and Photo have a menu item, File>Open in Designer (from Photo) and File>Open in Photo (from designer). HTH Jeff
  2. @Paul Rozario I don't believe so! Serif cannot issue you with a licence key because they have no record of your purchase from the App Store since M$ and Serif never share any customer data. Jeff
  3. @Dan C @kneldakis has also posted this to the Customer Services area where he/she says the apps were bought from M$ Store in the Philippines. Does this advice re that dialogue screen also apply to M$ Store purchases? I thought they were validated automatically and no key etc. was needed? Jeff
  4. @kneldakis This is yet another post you have made about this problem. I recommend you do not post the same question in several forum areas or you are likely to be seen as, potentially, a spammer! However, this post does give the additional information that you purchased the apps from the M$ Store. I have no experience of this but I wonder whether you should you should do what was suggested in one of the other threads which was asking about the MAC App Store version? That was to uninstall the trial versions and then redownload the purchased versions from the M$ Store and install. You do not need and will not have any installation/serial key with your version of the apps. Jeff
  5. I see you've posted this same question to a parallel thread and in a thread from 2016 where someone asked a similar question, albeit for MAC OS. I suspect a moderator will move or delete that parallel thread. Are you using the MAC version or Windows? That could be relevant (there are replies in that 2016 thread which suggest how to resolve the issue on MACs) but, since the Trial versions of any Affinity apps run for a maximum of ten days from first opening I do not see how you could have purchased APu and APh "a while ago" and yet they still be those trial versions? How do you know that they are still only "trials"? Jeff
  6. @Paul Rozario Welcome to the Affinity forums. Exactly which "store" did you purchase from, Microsoft or direct from Serif/Affinity? I suspect from what you write that it was the former. In which case you will not have a licence key but the M$ Store will permanently record the sale of the app to you so that you can download it to any computer which you own or control and which is directly linked to your Store account. Please notice the underlined words, which are a part of the EULA for all the Affinity apps. So, any additional download of the app has to be to a computer logged into your store account. I believe the MAC App Store has a facility called "Family Sharing", whereby members of the same family can access and download apps that are "shareable" but I do not think the same is true for the M$ (Windows) Store. Jeff
  7. @pyxl.er Are you exactly following @Lee Ds advice in his earlier post? There isn't a Crash Reporter as such but rather you should have Crash Reports in the folder that Lee directed you to. If you're not sure how to access that folder do the following: Tap the Windows key (bottom left hand corner of your keyboard) and R at the same time. That opens the Run box. Copy and past the following into that box: %APPDATA%\Affinity\Designer\1.0\CrashReports. In that directory you should find a folder called "reports". Copy and paste to your next reply any file you find there that has a .dmp extension. I would be very surprised if you need to redownload and install the app. HTH Jeff
  8. @PhilipAC Welcome to the Affinity forums. Affinity Photo is not a "photo viewer" but rather a "photo editor". IOW, you can "open" as many photos as you wish in AP (each will be on a separate tab on the workscreen) but you cannot use it to simultaneously view all your photos, rather as you would in a photo album. What is termed a "Digital Asset Manager" (DAM) is the equivalent of that photo album; Serif staff have mentioned in the forum several times over the years that such an app is likely to be released at some time in the future but it is not currently available. However, there are a number of "photo album" apps available from various manufacturers, which you can buy, download and install, at least some of which allow you to set up Affinity Photo as the "editor of choice", so that any image you wish to work on can be set to open in AP, usually by means of a specific menu entry or shortcut. Perhaps the simplest method of viewing many picture files is to open their containing folder in Windows Explorer and choose View>Large icons, or even View>Extra large icons. If AP is set as your default editor for your photo files, simply double-clicking on one of your icons will then open the picture in AP to allow you to edit/manipulate it. HTH Jeff
  9. @pinecoast So you need to do everything that is mentioned in the final paragraph of that post; You've entirely correctly started a new thread, now you need to find and attach at least one crash report to any additional post you make.
  10. @pinecoast Have you seen and looked through the new FAQ section of the forum? This post in that forum will at least give you a possible starting pointer. HTH Jeff
  11. emmrecs01

    Can't find my license

    @amber monkey Welcome to the Affinity forums. Where did you originally purchase your Affinity app(s) from? And which app(s), by the way? If it was from the Mac App Store you will find no record of the purchase here on the Affinity store because Apple and Serif share no customer information with each other. Instead, you need to log into the MAS, using the same ID as you used when your original purchase was made. You should then find your purchased app(s) listed and so can redownload and install it/them. Also, if your purchase was via the App Store, there is no "licence number" to find since your MAS account automatically verifies your purchase and right to use. OTOH, if you did purchase via the Affinity Store then there should be an Affinity/Serif account, linked to your email address. But I would guess, from what you write, that that is not applicable in your case since you say "the site is saying I do not have an account". HTH Jeff
  12. emmrecs01


    @Diane Window 10 Desktop AD See the screenshot below, although from Designer it is common to ALL the Affinity apps. HTH Jeff
  13. @Granddaddy I have Windows 10 1903 and use an x-rite Color Munki Display to calibrate my monitor on a regular basis, normally once every four weeks. So I think that Datacolor's assertion that this "affects all manufacturers of calibration equipment" is not totally correct! (I just checked again and my monitor is running the profile that the Color Munki unit created on November 5, 2019, some weeks after the 1903 Win update was installed on this machine.) Jeff
  14. Sorry, but I have to ask, why? From what others have written it seems to be the only solution.
  15. @LordFlashHeart Another possibility is to simply reload the original brushes. In my experience this will create a new Category called, e.g. "Frankentoon Concept Master 2". Test them out, make sure they are what you want them to be and then simply delete the original category as @v_kyr suggested, if you wish. HTH Jeff

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