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  1. Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums. If you have to use the MS Store to download and install your Affinity for Windows products previously purchased from the Affinity Store, unfortunately, you will need to purchase a new license. All the various "purchase-routes", Affinity Store, Mac App Store, Microsoft Store, have no "connection" with each other and so are not "interchangeable". Jeff
  2. @jstnhllmn Can I ask what evidence you have for this rather wild assertion? Jeff
  3. Any purchase of an Affinity app from either the Mac App Store or the Microsoft Store does not involve a serial number/licence key, since the particular app is automatically linked to the store account of the purchaser. I am not a Mac user but as I understand it, you need to log into the store on your new computer using the same Apple ID as you used for the original purchase and the app will then be available for download. Since you have set up your new computer with a different ID, apparently, I believe you will need to log out of that ID (on your new computer) and then log in with the old ID. Hopefully, a Mac user will see your post and can advise you whether there is any method by which you might be able to transfer the apps in your original ID account to be available to your new ID account. HTH Jeff
  4. @Alfred Good question! I have only the Bold variant of ArialMT Rounded installed, but yes, that does appear in the fonts list in 257. Jeff
  5. Not seeing that here. I have a total of 9 variants of Arial listed and accessible. Beta 257. Jeff
  6. Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums. You need one licence for all your Mac computers and one for all your Windows computers. (The licence agreement stipulates that all the computers concerned must be owned and used by you exclusively.) HTH Jeff
  7. I strongly suspect these are the settings which are causing the issue, especially "low quality", "bi-linear" and "12". Try setting the quality to "high" or even "best", use one of the Lanczos 3 resampling options and the slider to at least 75 or 80. (Personally I tend to use 100.) HTH Jeff
  8. emmrecs01

    Publisher, not printing book/double sided properly

    I think this post really belongs in the forum area for reporting bugs in Publisher here. Jeff
  9. I very much doubt it since it is as easy as one click to "Edit in Designer" from Photo and "Edit in Photo" from Designer! Similarly, Publisher will, in the not-too-far-distant future, allow rapid access to either Photo or Designer! IOW, you don't need to "switch programs" in the way that I think you are suggesting; using the "Edit in.." route opens the program concerned, with your file already in its workscreen and any changes you now make to that file are updated in the program you were originally working in! (I hope that makes sense!! ) Jeff
  10. Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums. Your questions are about Affinity Publisher but you have posted to the Affinity Designer suggestions forum. The suggestions forum for Publisher is here. Perhaps you should repost there. I'm pretty certain I have read more than once that ePub is not going to feature in the first release of Publisher; perhaps later. If you do a search in the forum on ID files you will find a considerable number of posts where Serif staff and developers have explained that the format of .indd files is proprietary (private, owned by Adobe) and so it is impossible to create an importer for it. I also understand that the related .idml format files will be able to be imported at some future date. Jeff
  11. @Denis Taylor You've posted to the "Suggestions for Affinity Designer on Desktop" forum, but your question is clearly about Affinity Publisher. I suggest you repost to the Discussions and Suggestions forum for Publisher here. Jeff
  12. @LHS Just a thought (and my apologies if this is completely wrong); your mention of having the apps running on your iPad makes me wonder if you are attempting to run the iOS installer, or perhaps a Mac installer, on your Windows computer. Mac, iOS and Windows versions each have their own installers and require separate licences. Jeff
  13. emmrecs01

    Beta download

    I rather suspect not, since each download is NOT a patch for the existing Beta but rather a complete "new version" of the program. Certainly, that is my understanding, anyway. Jeff