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  1. No, I'm not sure at all! That was certainly my understanding but I may well have got it wrong. I often do!
  2. Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums. Are you aware there is a strictly time-limited free trial available to download here? This would allow you to test whether your plotting machine will work with AD as it is now. Just remember that the trial period is only 10 days starting from when you install it, not when you first use it. If it doesn't work currently I suspect only the developers can say whether your specific machine will be supported in the future. HTH Jeff
  3. @t w stevens could I ask why you are unwilling to download and install the latest customer beta(s)? They exist totally independently of the installed latest release version, but do allow the user to test any new or upgraded functionality which is being added to the next full release. The Beta Release forums also offer the opportunity to "have your say" about anything new or different and, perhaps, to actively contribute to development of the app(s). Jeff
  4. But the OP says he is using Affinity Designer! Filters>Sharpen are Photo only, aren't they? @schmety if you are wanting to "sharpen" an image you really want/need Affinity Photo. If you have only recently bought Designer, then I think you can request a refund of the purchase and then buy Photo. Or, better still (because the two apps are completely complementary, download the trial of Affinity Photo and then buy it to add to Designer! Jeff
  5. I have no previous knowledge of Photoshop. Indeed, I've never used or owned it. To me, the workbook projects are "demanding" but certainly do NOT require prior experience with PS. Just my view!
  6. emmrecs01

    Huion H610PRO

    I have the Huion 610Pro, the same as the OP asked about, and can happily report it works, for me, without problem in both AP and AD. Jeff
  7. emmrecs01

    Crash when opening PNG

    Hi. I downloaded your file, unzipped it and attempted to open it in AP (latest release version). No joy, AP crashed immediately! Only Irfanview, 64 bit, was able to open it. BUT, I see the image dimensions are given as 62993 x 45000 pixels, with 1 bit depth. From other posts I've read in the forum I suspect that the combination of image size and bit depth is what is creating the problem. However, I am NO EXPERT at all; hopefully others with much greater experience and skill will also download your file and offer their ideas! Jeff
  8. emmrecs01

    Can't open any file (RAW or JPEG) in Affinity Photo

    Indeed you can! Never come across this before! Many thanks @walt.farrell
  9. emmrecs01

    Can't open any file (RAW or JPEG) in Affinity Photo

    But don't you still have to then use the Cortana "box" to search? On my system (Win 10, 1709), pressing the Windows key merely displays the beginning of the alphabetical list of installed programs and the tiles panel.
  10. emmrecs01

    Can't open any file (RAW or JPEG) in Affinity Photo

    @Chris B I think your first instruction to JMEdinburgh should read: "Press Windows key +R on your keyboard"
  11. Thanks Chris. Good to know it's not a problem being created by my system!
  12. But now, having just tested this again, the adjustments window lower edge is off the screen! Interestingly though, it is not as "far off" the screen as in your screenshot; I can see ALL the graph but not the buttons below the graph. And I've just repeated the test, and 100% of the window is visible!!!!!
  13. Also 1920 x 1080 and on first use I see the same problem. But, if I "correct" the error, close the program and re-open, the adjustments window now appears correct, everything visible.
  14. emmrecs01

    Scanning images

    @George McKenna, first. welcome to the Affinity forums. Assuming you are referring to PhotoPlus X5 and X8, the former is 32 bit only and the latter can be either 32 bit or 64 bit or both, depending on which "version(s)" you selected to install. I suspect you are actually using the 32 bit versions of both. Jeff EDIT: beaten by walt.farrell
  15. emmrecs01


    My understanding of this topic is limited (to say the least) but since APhoto has no facility to connect directly to a camera (download of images is either by drag and drop from camera to computer or by using software supplied by the camera manufacturer for the purpose or, I think, using something like Lightroom) I think it is highly unlikely that "Tethering" will be possible, at least in the near future. I could of course be completely wrong in my understanding of this!