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  1. Hi. Yes, this book does exist. My copy is currently sitting on my desk at the side of me! I have absolutely no idea why your copy has not arrived. However, in order to offer any additional advice we would need to know where you ordered it from and in which country you live, I think. I have read other threads where Serif staff have stated that there are certain countries that cannot be supplied, for whatever reason, something to do with the fact that the distributor does not deal with those countries. Jeff
  2. Also running AMD driver 17.11.1 but not seeing the problems being discussed here. Also just checked Windows update and my computer is, apparently, fully up to date. (I've not yet been "offered" the 1709 update so I don't know if that's significant or not in this case.) Jeff
  3. MikeDoy, If you enter either of the bolded text lines in Mark's answer to you to the Run dialogue of your computer it will take you to either the Photo or Designer folder. He would like to know whether the named file, log.txt, is present there. If it is/they are, I am sure he would appreciate it/them if you attach it/them to your next post. Essentially, he is asking you to let him see the log data that both Photo and Designer create as they are starting up. HTH
  4. Hi. It's not clear what you have actually tried but the "skies" cannot be imported to the library; they are merely images which you can use to substitute for the sky in an existing image. IOW, they are stored on your computer as "source files", to be imported as needed. Macros are imported by clicking on the small hamburger icon at the top right of the Library panel and choosing Import Macros. BTW, it is very helpful to other users who might have ideas to offer you, if you give your post a title which at least hints at what you are asking about! After all, despite the title of this thread, you are not really asking a question about yourself! HTH Jeff
  5. Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums. I have Bullguard Internet Security and can access the tutorials etc. without problem so I don't think Bullguard is the source of your problem. (If it is, and assuming you don't know how to tell Bullguard to allow connection, I'm happy to help you.) But, a very quick Google search on the error code leads to this (as the first of many pages). It would appear that the code suggests something is potentially quite seriously wrong with your Windows installation or its configuration. Perhaps one of the articles on that page will help you? Jeff
  6. But it did! See this screenshot of the relevant section of the email. I assume all registered user received the same announcement?
  7. Does it not appear on the program's splash screen when you first run the new version? I'm on Windows but that's certainly what happened for me. Jeff
  8. @Mark Ingram Requested log attached. This was using beta 87, am currently downloading 88. Jeff Log.txt
  9. Confirmed here also! Many thanks. Jeff
  10. Just another user reporting the same problem with Huion 610PRO and the latest beta of Photo. No problem with the release version, nor with either the latest beta or the release of Designer. Log file which @Mark Ingram requested in an earlier post is attached, but unlike the previous poster's file, I can see no reference to a WinTab problem. Also Crash Reports (2) submitted automatically for the same error, including my personal email address. Hope this helps to resolve the problem. Jeff Log.txt
  11. Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums. I suspect this is something you will need to ask at the Mac App Store. I know the Mac version can be purchased only there and Serif themselves have no access to your user details on the store. Jeff
  12. Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums. Unfortunately, your screenshot is too small to be able to really see any details but have you checked under View>Studio>Symbols that the latter is ticked? HTH Jeff
  13. Hi. My pdf viewer of choice, PDF X-Change Editor, shows the native dimensions of your posted file as 82.8mm x 85.9mm. By default (I think) AD opens your file as "maximum" view. In that scenario, it does indeed appear pixellated and, because I don't have the font you used, the text is "wrong". However, if you change the "displayed" size (via View>Zoom>100%, shortcut Ctrl+1) you will see your design without any pixellation, in both AD release and latest beta. HTH Jeff
  14. @Littletank I suspect the difference between 4GB and 8GB RAM would be barely noticeable for @Hofmanfoto. The real "slowdown" for his/her computer is the age, capacity and speed of the CPU. As @MEB, I think, infers, Photoshop CS2, at least, is now very "old" software, designed to run on machines of a much lower spec than are currently common. Hence, his advice to continue using it. Jeff
  15. Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums. A computer running an Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU at 2.4GHz, with only 4 GB RAM and a 64 bit operating system is very much at the very low end of what is needed to run modern software like the Affinity range, IMO. There has been much comment and debate in these forums about the time taken to open Affinity Photo and particularly, to open RAW files. I honestly don't think the spec of your current computer is really sufficient to allow you to benefit from the many features of Affinity Photo. What other software do you run on this same machine? Do you see similarly "slow" opening and processing times? Jeff