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  1. From what you write this sounds to me like a problem with the settings in your printer. I assume the "Letter Art Paper Margin 30" is a setting which you select via your printer's control panel? If so, are you able to access, view and possibly edit/alter the details of that setting so that the image prints in the centre of the paper? Perhaps if you are able to compare the settings which work for the non Fine Art Paper with those for the Fine Art Paper which do not, you may see differences which could account for your problem. Jeff
  2. @R C-R This thread is remarkably similar to the current one. In that thread I remarked that "The export screen within AP says that the maximum size allowed within the jpg format is 65500 px." so there is a warning, albeit not a pop-up one!
  3. @Rodney47 I think Callum needs the exact location of that folder on your computer! i.e., something like C:\Users\{Your User Name}\ ... It is possible that whichever location you have currently chosen has some sort of access permissions problem and that is what he is trying to help you with. It is also quite possible that you have not had these problems previously but a recent Windows update might have tried to change permissions to something which it (Windows) considers "safer" or "more suitable", even if you are quite happy to keep the old settings! Jeff
  4. Hi Chetram. Your image is (full-size) 79200 px x 28800 px, making a total size (assuming my maths is correct!) of 2,280,960,000 px! The export screen within AP says that the maximum size allowed within the jpg format is 65500 px. Small wonder that AP is unable to export it! Why do you need to export it full-size, even assuming that was possible? (Just to add, on my reasonably powerful machine, simply opening the Export screen and selecting .jpg for your image caused my computer to grind to a halt!) Jeff
  5. I suspect this is one of the "commoner" problems! "Save as" will always save to the afphoto format. To save to a different type/format you need to "Export" (on the file menu). That will allow you to select the format you wish to export to. HTH
  6. Each to their own (and I run AD and AP on Windows, not MAC) but I, for one, quite like the Affinity logo exactly as it is (in both apps!) Since I'm not a MAC user I clearly don't know what app belongs to each icon you show, apart from the "obvious" ones Like Photoshop, Illustrator and Settings, but I see nothing so vastly different in the Affinity logo.
  7. @counterprojects/Marc "Oh - and PC keyboard shortcut cards please." Here? HTH
  8. Hi, welcome to the Affinity forum. I can't answer your questions, unfortunately, I'm very much a "basic-level" user, but why not download the trial version of AP from this page (you will need to scroll to the very bottom of the page) and test it out? You just need to be aware that it functions for only 10 days from the day you install it. HTH Jeff
  9. @SheilaDoak, welcome to the Affinity forums. The betas of both Designer and Photo require that full versions of whichever app you want to beta test are already installed on your computer. IOW, if you attempt to install either or both of the betas the installation will first check that you have a purchased version already installed and, if it does not find one, it will ask you to enter the serial number/product key you were given when you bought the app(s). If you are interested in trying out either Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer there are trial versions downloadable (for Designer) here. Just scroll to the very bottom of the page. HTH Jeff
  10. Hi André, I downloaded your image, opened it in AP, selected the Topaz Adjust filter, and the filter interface opened as expected; see below: I then selected a random preset, applied it and the plugin window closed and the altered image appeared in AP. So, regrettably, I think there must be something on your computer which is preventing you using Adjust in AP, even though it clearly works for you in other apps! I honestly don't know what to suggest! Jeff
  11. André, I think you need to do what I wrote before, and post one of the files that you have been using and for which Topaz Adjust does not open, either by attaching it to your next reply or posting it somewhere and providing a link to download it. Jeff
  12. Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums. I've just tested this, using Adjust 5.2.0 in both the latest release version of Affinity Photo, and the latest beta, and in neither case did the plugin or AP crash. I tested it on a variety of jpg files so I suspect your crash may be being caused by something unusual about the image file you are using. Can you post the file here or provide a link to it so that other users can test it out? (I may not be able to check it on my machine until tomorrow but would be happy to test it.) Jeff
  13. @ray223 Affinity Designer is not intended to be a replacement for PagePlus so I suspect the "limitation" you are concerned about may not be changed in the short-term at least. The more "correct" replacement for PagePlus should be the yet-to-be-released Affinity Publisher. Hopefully that may allow an unlimited number for printing? Jeff
  14. Thanks for the heads-up! I had missed any announcement of this release! Jeff
  15. Apologies if this is posted to the wrong forum or is deemed inappropriate here; "Feedback" seemed to be the only suitable area to post it to! As a user of the "x-rite colormunki display" monitor calibration tool and software, I received this morning the attached email, I don't think it's only available to registered users but might prove interesting to users more experienced than me? Jeff View this email online. Join this free webinar hosted by Coloratti Ambassador Martin Dörsch to find out more Date: Wednesday, 17 January 2018 Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM GMT English Webinar Presenter: Martin Dörsch What to expect? Martin will demonstrate common workflow techniques that professional photographers use within Affinity Photo Workflow items covered will include retouching, frequency separation, extracting images for composing, liquify, colour correction and much more Martin will also be explaining the importance of a colour managed workflow for the best results. Register here About Martin Dörsch Martin is a software trainer, photographer, media designer and Coloratti Ambassador. Martin works with companies such as Wacom and Eizo as both a trainer and partner. Additionally, he teaches at the university of applied sciences in on photography and digital workflow. You can find out more about Martin and his work at: https://www.martindoersch.at r mailing list.