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  1. Does Affinity software even Install, let alone Run, under XP??? Jeff
  2. emmrecs01

    Scanner support

    @John Rostron As you say, the lack of 64 bit drivers for scanners is what prevents Affinity apps from directly accessing them. Your workaround, perfectly reasonable, requires the use of 32 bit TWAIN drivers rather than 64 bit WIA. But how is a 64 bit app (Affinity) able to work with 32 bit scanner drivers? I do understand what you are asking for; however, I think it cannot be made to work because of the different bit depths. Jeff
  3. emmrecs01

    Affinity Software

    @Mark Conway But did you buy the app from the Microsoft Store or direct from Serif? If from the store, simply log into your store account on your new computer, taking care to use the identical credentials as for your laptop, and you should find the app listed as available to download and install. If you purchased from Serif, simply go to your Affinity account, sign in and follow the instructions to find and download the product and key. There is no need to remove the previous installation from your laptop unless you need to do so. You can happily and legitimately run it on both the machines you own and control. HTH Jeff
  4. @Ari Safari Welcome to the Affinity forums. Since you bought the app from the Microsoft store the answer is essentially the same as that given to @dondiego You will need to contact support at the Microsoft/Windows store to ask for their help. Jeff
  5. emmrecs01

    saving pctures

    +1 for Faststone Capture. Jeff
  6. @kennykayz Since you purchased from the app store you will have to contact it for your refund, not Serif.
  7. emmrecs01

    Nik Plugins

    @ddill I also have the DXO version of Nik, running AP and the latest beta, under Win 10 1803. I don't experience the problem of small font and preview panels, so it would seem this is something specific to your computer. Just as a test, I tried dragging the left and right edges of the plugin window, but that simply shrank the image (centre) window and left the side panels untouched. Jeff
  8. Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums. This is a question which has been raised before. I think this thread might offer some clue about why it happens and, more importantly, how to avoid it. HTH Jeff
  9. I too run Win 10 and previously used the Google NIK plugins and now have the DXO version. The latter all work, whereas at least some of the former did not. (Honestly can't remember exactly which ones did or didn't work.) I also have plugins from Topaz Labs and Photowiz, amongst a number of others, all working properly. I think the title of this thread needs to be changed: Some plugins still don't work! Jeff
  10. Hi. Welcome to the Affinity forums. From Patrick Connor's reply in this thread. HTH Jeff
  11. Yes!! All my Serif and Affinity apps, along with the great majority of my other programs, are installed on my dedicated Programs drive, D:\. HTH Jeff
  12. emmrecs01

    Setup failed

    @Anchises Is this Windows article of any help to you? https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/17588/fix-problems-that-block-programs-from-being-installed-or-removed
  13. Is that correct? I thought it was only .8bf plug ins that were supported?
  14. emmrecs01

    Changing OS

    Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums. Each operating system, Windows, Mac, iOS has its own separate licence so you will need to purchase a new licence for your new Mac Mini. Jeff