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  1. Same Problem same Error message) like Affwin and MikeRose. Im Using win7 64bit. deinstalled reinstalled -> works
  2. In the Toolbar you can findt it under Text->Insert->em space. (en-space, em-dash odr en-dash are also aviable. 2018-09-25 16-33-54.mp4
  3. You can find it here: Layer->Geometry->Add, Substract, Intersect, Divide, Combine. You can also right-click on the toolbar and choose <customize Toolbar>. There you can choose the single icons or a "geometry icon bar". With left-click you can pull it into the toolbar.
  4. Bladehatched

    Delete Table rows

    Hello Forum, I use Affinity Publisher for Windows. If I want to delete several rows in a table, AP only delete the first selected row.