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  1. In my opinion the third paragraph is acceptable in all three cases. It would look nicer if the paragraph was somewhat longer. Would you ever use a drop cap on paragraphs with fewer lines than the drop cap is high? That seems like bad design indeed...
  2. I've noticed this as well. I think it existed in the previous version(s) too. Not really a big deal, but there is no reason to show the thumbnails in bright colors.
  3. Well, I've noticed that when the frame is selected, the overflow icon is often not displayed to make it easier to select the frame handles. Maybe that's why you need to zoom in like that on a smaller frame. When the text frame is not selected, the overflow icon appears as a red dot when the text overflows. The red dot even appears on all connected frames. Even the one where the text starts, so you know there is still an issue (or no longer) at the end of the text.
  4. Wim Daniels

    Text tool very unresponsive in v. 133

    @jmwellborn I don't have this issue (on v133). I can type text, switch to the image frame tool to draw an image frame, then return to the text tool and go on typing. The same for figures or the image tool to place an image. Whenever I pick the text-frame tool again, I can continue working in the text. It even works the same if I pick the artistic text tool to work inside a text frame. Something must be different in your settings. Maybe try it with a new document...
  5. Wim Daniels

    Freeze on startup

    In build 133 it seems to work fine. At least, I can do these steps with no problems.
  6. Wim Daniels


    When I save a combination of figure and text as an asset, it works fine. I can reuse it anytime with no mistakes. The text can even be artistic text or a text frame, it works all the time. What I think is strange is that the selection you used to save the asset, looks wrong. It seems like the text-frame around the B is outside of your selection... Are you sure the B was copied to your assets panel?
  7. Wim Daniels

    tab stop for bulleted list

    Indeed you can't add tabstops to an existing bullet-list. That seems like a bug. Though, if you start with a paragraph that already has tab stops, it seems the bullet-list will keep the tab stops. Be aware that bullets can (and should) be defined in the paragraph settings. But they don't follow 'normal' tab stops; I'm not quite sure what I think about that... Anyway, creating paragraph styles with the tab stops included and a definition for bullets seems like best practice to me.
  8. Converting an image box to curves seems to work fine in build 133. I can do that with or without an image in the frame.
  9. Are you sure you set the colour format of the Publisher document (Document Setup) to CMYK/8? Default is RGB/8, which is strange to some extent...
  10. Wim Daniels

    Clicking text to select

    Whenever I train new people at work, navigating text using the keyboard is about the first thing I tell them. It still surprises me how few of them know about this. It is so essential if you want to work efficiently. The benefit is you can use it anywhere: e-mail, word, blogs, this forum,... and hopefully soon in Publisher as well.
  11. Wim Daniels

    Master pages are not applied

    There seems to be an issue with margins regarding master pages indeed. But it is only the margins that are not being applied to the pages. Any objects on the master page with different margins are copied as they should. In a way there is logic behind it: any objects on a page should remain untouched by applying a master page. Only master page objects should be removed when applying another master page. When a page is first created it 'inherits' the margins from the document settings. So applying the master page does not change that: the margins are part of the page, they're not from a master page. From a user perspective one expects the margins of the master page to overrule those of the page. So yes, it is a bug. And I have it too!
  12. Wim Daniels


    I think there is some confusion about the Spelling feature in Publisher. At least I was confused at first. When using 'Check Spelling' Publisher will look for the next word with an error and highlight it. Indeed it is strange that there are no options there to do anything other than correcting the mistake. If it is not a mistake, you have no option to add it to a dictionary. People who expect this behaviour should use the 'Spelling Options' feature. That's the dialog most editors will want to use to spellcheck their story. Here you do have options to ignore or learn mistakes. This option has a shortcut key, because it is the most likely tool to do spellchecking. Using better labels could solve the confusion I guess, something like this: Spelling Options => Spellcheck (or Check spelling with options) Check Spelling => Find next spelling error
  13. Wim Daniels

    all guides hidden bleed glitch

    I was wondering why I couldn't replicate. Indeed, I didn't have Show snapping candidates active.
  14. Wim Daniels

    Soft return gives hard return only

    You can adjust it in Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts. Look for 'Insert > Line Break'.
  15. That is weird. I just placed a png on a spread page, copied it and pasted it on a master page. No problem, here...

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