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  1. A big thank you for your help and your long answer! This works perfectly fine - unfortunately just for one picture, but its great anyways. Is a "blur-beneath"-effect planned for Affinity (Designer/Photo) in the future? Even if i can't use it in my webdesign (because i wanted to do slideshow, where a little part of the pictures is under the website menu) I learned a decent new function of Affinity Designer. Thanks and have a nice day! :)
  2. Hey, I'm trying to get things blurry when they are under a certain transparent object. In the picture you see a picture under a transparent rectangle and I want any picture to be blurry, when it is under the rectangle. Could you help me to find out how? Thank you a lot! :)
  3. Dear Affinity, is there any chance that Affinity could develop a software for visual web design (like Adobe Muse) in the future? I can't find anything user-friendly for mac and I'm sure, You would be able to create the best software for mac, like you've done it with Designer and Photo! Greetings, Markus
  4. In the picture you can see my "work" and the layers on the right side. I want the Arm coming out of the hole, but I just don't know how!? Thank you for your help :)
  5. Hello, How can i turn off the spellchecker for Affinity Designer, which underlines "false words" (and everything else) in red? Thanks, have a nice day!
  6. From time to time, the context bar (and a little area beyond it) suddenly disappears. If i remember it right, this bug only appears while working in full-screen-mode (or just at changing normal/full-screen?). (Please also look at the picture I attached) I'm using Affinity on a Macbook air 2014. Thanks for your time! :) EDIT: I just discovered this bug in the "closed" section... When will there be an update in the App Store? (And how can you delete topics? ^^)
  7. Is there any tool or something, which can help me to create geomatrical objects, such as pyramides or cubes? Or do i have to do it by eye-measure? Thank you! :)
  8. Hi, I saw "Affinity Publisher" on the main webpage: When will ist launch? Have you already begun working on it? Is there already further information about it? This is probably an easy-to-find-out-question, but i couldn't ^^ Thank You!
  9. Just started exploring the world of designing...

  10. Hi there, I'm using the "Wacom Intuos S" and i can't use the pressure-function by using the brush. My tablet supports pressure and i selected a brush with pressure-function... Thanks for help! :)
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