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  1. The Release Notes section in the software updates splash links to the Affinity website's front page instead of the relevant forum post (and instead of displaying the release notes directly, but I'm assuming that's a WIP).
  2. I've only recently had to create a new palette, and I initially looked on the Swatches panel itself for a way to do it. It turns out the Panel Preferences menu is where it's done, but I thought an even more intuitive place would be right on the list of existing palettes. I realize there are currently three options for adding palettes, corresponding to three different scopes, but the single option seems less obtrusive.
  3. I have some feedback about discoverability for new and infrequent users. The issue is with the color selector, the tool that consists of the Color, Swatches, and Gradients panels. As those three panels appear inside the color selector, they look but aren't identical to their studio instances in that they're missing the Panel Preferences menu. The Panel Preferences menu is the only way to access certain options, such as adding new palettes in the case of the Swatches panel. I've found myself searching for ways to add a new palette when using the color selector, only to resort to the forums because searching the same panel elsewhere never occurred to me, as have others: Custom Swatches How to create a Swatch? The documentation isn't clear on this distinction. In fact, the chapter on selecting colors seems to imply that the Panel Preferences menu is also present when using the color selector:
  4. So I just realized that the Slice Tool can be used to select slices, after which they can be both moved and deleted using backspace. Having snapping enabled made that a little difficult to discover. It seems very eager to create new slices as opposed to selecting existing ones. Regarding the Slice Selection Tool, "Slice select not working" clears some of that up, although the ambiguous name is still misleading without that context. That leaves slices only snapping to the boundaries and half-way points of the canvas and other slices. The workaround is to use the "Create Slice" button in the layers panel.
  5. @Callum Sorry to revive this issue, but how come hitting delete or backspace doesn't work? It also seems you have to select the slices in the tab next to the layers panels in order to delete them despite there being a slice selection tool. And how come you can't move existing slices? Also, snapping doesn't seem to apply to anything but the edges and midpoints of the canvas. Is this deliberate?
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