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  1. @Patrick Connor I don't think anyone thinks you're doing it deliberately, after all it's you who's losing out, and the fact that you did, after all, make an .exe installer shows that you don't hold any grudge towards us .exe plebs I bought the V2 universal license in order to try out the .exe installers, they work like a charm. Again, thanks for making them and for listening to your community. One more happy customer for you :3
  2. @Patrick Connor What I believe the problem here is, is that you don't realize how widespread the hate for Microsoft Store and everything to do with it actually is, and how many people uninstall it first thing when installing Windows, hence the problems with the .msix installers. (Yes, I'm one of those people, thank you for listening to the community and providing .msi/.exe installers) I think you're really shooting yourselves in the foot by not having official exe installers before the end of the sale though, the aforementioned people will not have time to try the software before the sale ends, losing you potential sales. I know you've already extended it once, but a second extension might not be a bad idea.
  3. Aaaand 2 years and one major release that required a re-purchase later, we still don't have this core feature. /sad If your calculator app doesn't have multiplication and division, but you spend all your development time on the UI, you're doing something wrong, Serif.
  4. I recommend refunding now, and repurchasing when the .msi update does drop. Never buy things on future promises. At worst, you could buy again at 14 December before the sale ends, so you have as large as possible window for refund.
  5. THANK YOU! It only took the whole community with verbal torches and pitchforks for you to see reason. Definitely a step in the right direction.
  6. A quick message to Serif, if you think you can just "wait out the storm", while keeping radio silence, that may be so, but there may be no userbase left after the storm is over. When there are page-long threads about the same issues everyone is having and everyone is unhappy with your latest choices, I think it's high time you did something about it, or at the very least acknowledge the problem, don't you think?
  7. Serif, what the frick? Literally show me ONE user post saying "hey I wish the programs installed as apps so I have absolutely no control over anything on my pc and wish my programs don't even work". This is exactly what we mean when we say you don't listen to your community - you don't implement features they want, you implement ones you "think" we want. This "you think you do but you don't" mentality will not serve you well - it will repulse your userbase and they will go to the competing suites instead, as we have seen a lot of people in this thread have already done. Every basic feature you don't have, but your competition does is a reason for a user to switch over. And instead of implementing those basic features, you waste time and resources implementing what is essentially stripping the control your users have over their OWN software and OS, following in Microsoft's horrible example. This is a huge no-no. I don't think I'll be buying V2 any time soon either. I think the real reason they did this is DRM, but here is a reality check - people will find a way to pirate your software either way. Making regular users suffer for it is a terrible practice, because it will push more of them to pirate it without the horrible DRM you put in. I have diasabled Windoze Store on all my windows installations, so I'm not even able to try out your demo so I can decide if I want to buy it, how is that a good marketing practice?! And think of the linux users that have been asking for Linux support all these years, and instead you just shove the software deeper in Micro$oft's clutches, so they have even less of a chance to emulate it. I honestly hope you can see how much this change hurts your software and give us a regular exe installer. Otherwise I fear Affinity V2 will flop spectacularly, which is would be a shame.
  8. Same. Add the basic features the community has been asking for since 2019, then I'll consider re-buying your software, Serif. Honestly, I'm kinda happy that they're making some progress with releasing V2, but it does not meet expectations for a new release. It's definitely better than the radio silence we had for months (years?) though. But still, what I think Serif needs is to be more transparent with their community. Respond to posts more, let us know what features are in the works, and explain why some aren't and when they will be. I think there should be some kind of "Patreon-like" monthly subscription where users that want to can fund the development of Affinity software, and get some perks for it - like the ability to vote on features. This would solve 2 problems - insufficient funding, because of their single-purchase model, and the community feeling left out of the development process. I think it would be pretty good for everyone all around.
  9. This is exactly the problem. They don't share ANYTHING with their community. "Neglect" is the exact word I'd use for their attitude towards their own community - they seldom even acknowledge our existence. At first when I bought Designer I was so hyped, because it was *ALMOST* exactly what I was looking for, with some more work and features it would have been perfect. It's so frustrating to see them get so close, but fall short of expectations, and just sit on their thumbs and keeping silent all the time. A roadmap would be awesome to have, or even little teasers about what they're working on would do. Instead all we get is radio silence. Certainly makes me lose interest.
  10. More than three years later, we still don't have anything like that. You know it's useless to have a Suggestions forum when none of these suggestions ever get implemented, right? I'm honestly very disappointed in Serif, their software has such great potential, but they REFUSE to listen to their community and add the features that could make it rival industry standard software suites. The suggestions forum is FULL of threads from 2019 that request basic features that are STILL not implemented, with no plans to implement them either. I just feel like Designer hasn't been updated since then, I just don't see any noticeable difference in the feature set.
  11. Okay of all the places, I found a perfectly-working Voronoi Diagram Generator that was built into Inkscape. Open source software never ceases to amaze me. This is exactly the result I was looking for. Thanks for all the input everyone!
  12. I found a couple of videos and scripts that generate real Voronoi patterns from points, but they are all for Adobe Illustrator. Guess I'll use that then. @Old Bruce @Alfred The pattern I have is not "regular" at all - the points are placed seemingly randomly (athough I did follow certain mathematical calculations), so the end result won't have any regular hexagons or pentagons, besides the central one. I'll post it here once (and if I'm able to) I make it. But doing this manually is just not something a sane person would try to do.
  13. Sadly, that's just a filter that generates cells at random, not a real Voronoi generator. This is how it's supposed to be generated, from points, not a raster image:
  14. @NotMyFault Sorry, I need it to be this precise pattern. I did it mostly with geometry and maths - made a line of dots, spaced them evenly and started duplicating and rotating some of them, ended up with this. I've attached the file if you want it. @MEB Thanks for the answer, I'll look into doing this kind of thing in blender. Is it possible to import the vertex "vectors" from planes in blender back to curves in Affinity Designer? Also, the thing I'm trying to do is called Voronoi Diagram apparently - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voronoi_diagram Circle.afdesign
  15. @GarryP Well, it doesn't have to be calculated in such a caveman way. It could be an algorithm that calculates where the "seams" between these objects (or even just the centerpoints of the objects, they don't have to be seen as circles, just points) are and split a larger circle shape by these seams. I just don't know if such an algorithm exists or is possible to do in the program.
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