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  1. Well, I was just going by to see if this feature was somewhere because it's so basic that I couldn't believe a ON/OFF switch for FX didn't exist. You do realize that the only a few people do take the TIME to register to a forum to do feature request? So your "no one mentioned it again" is so disrespectful to those doing it... Feel free to think that nobody wants it, but every designer I see trying Designer ditch it after a few minutes when they see stuff like that is missing...
  2. I use this app since the first betas and have done my fair share of more polite tones. It doesn't happen by itself of spontaneously. It's a result. So far nothing improved, years passed, features get ignored and dev when they reply ignore the reality of designers and get defensive about the fact that their product managers ask them to do features that are conflicting each others. On top of that, they over market buggy features as production ready. I am not alone and a lot of threads are complaining about the serif ways of not listening and / or being arrogant / dimissive. On my side I made my company purchases multiple licenses of affinity on Mac last year and we still never got our final software and are stuck with old versions (1.5) without any roadmap or date to when we will finally get what we paid for. As a customer, I am just tired to hear the "it's not like that inside" stories. Same crap when Apple release laptops with bad keyboards. Finding excuses. Every. Single. Time. IDC. We pay for a service and whatever is happening inside doesn't change the result we get. And communication with customers is also the responsability of a company anyway. So if they do a bad job at it, too bad, still their problems. So please, before judging others, apply your advise to yourself. You don't know the background of ppl posting here. Thanks
  3. While Serif is sleeping and providing bugged iOS 11 UI elements, Sketch teamed up with Apple to get the always up-to-date iOS UI Elements and just released a new one for macOS. https://sketchapp.com/libraries/mac When will Serif wake up? We do not know. Until then, Affinity Designer is still not competitive against Photoshop (full UI widgets provided by Apple in PSD but not compatible with Affinity), Sketch or Paintcode which allows you to use your UI straight in your App. Yup, the tone is a little sarcastic, but those issues have been raised all the time, ignored by the forum staff and Serif. It’s not much to do, but seems that nobody is willing to do the extra step to be competitive again. Sketch is clearly widening the gap with all it’s productivity tools. ++
  4. Hi, I agree with this request. iOS UI relies heavily on blurred background. Affinity Designer needs this feature to be able to compete with other tools on the UI side.
  5. I add my +1 here. You need to be able to filter layers by name. Affinity is lagging behind the market in terms of automatisation of the workflow.
  6. Hi, Following the previous request, one thing missing in Affinity Designer and present in most competing products: a mobile App to view design live on the device. As I know you have the skills to make Apps, it would be helpful to create a viewer App on iOS which allows to see the design from Affinity Designer on iPhone and iPad (and Watch?) and tweak it live. Cheers
  7. Hi, Some iOS 10 assets are provided by Affinity Designer but they are incomplete, using an outdated Font (SF UI Text instead of SF Pro) and not providing upcoming OSes like iOS 11. Right now, Apple provides all the latest designs here: https://developer.apple.com/design/resources/ However, they are providing it for Sketch, Adobe PS or Adobe XD. While Affinity Designer is able to open the PSD files (with some warnings), it is useless for any UI work as it's loading pixel layers instead of vector layers. So in order to compete with existing UI design tools, Affinity Designer should either be able to import PSD documents provided by Apple correctly or provide it's own full and up-to-date UIKit assets. This is limiting the use of Affinity Designer a lot for mobile designers as recreating all standard widgets is time consuming and making the price of Affinity Designer non competitive (a few hours to create the missing UI elements * hourly rates = a lot more than buying Sketch). I bet that Android designers would want full material assets too. Please consider making Affinity Designer more competitive for the UI Design market. Cheers PS: another alternative would be to request Apple to add the affinity designer file format to the list provided. Good luck with that. But you won some ADA, so may be they would listen
  8. I +1 this request. I have shown Affinity Designer to designers at my new job (nobody knew it BTW). They all loved it but the deal breaker is no invision plugin they use today with Sketch. It saves them so much time that they are not willing to switch even if they saw that Affinity was better in a lot of way than Sketch. The ball is in your court now. Your move.
  9. Actually even with snapping turned off, the "whole pixel" move and alignment do not work correctly. If an object is at 36.1pt, it will move by 0.5pt and not check if the object was pixel aligned in the first place. Basically the code supposed to align objects is just doing +-0.5pt when you check the options. Not smart at all.
  10. I can't believe this is a problem in 2017 but it is and no reaction from Affinity about this. I got the exact same problems in UI design. It's either you get snapping or pixel perfect but not both. This is a huge problem to make Affinity Designer usable. And I am not even talking about the results in the PDF format. You can see gap which do not exists in Affinity appear in the PDF. I was questionned about it during a meeting, making me look unprofessional...
  11. Hi! I have seen multiple people request animation tools in Affinity Designer but some said it would be too complex. However it's more and more a requirement for UI Designers so I was wondering if Affinity had a plan to compete with After Affects. As they are already taking over photoshop, illustrator and later inDesign, sounds like another good take from Affinity :) And with good compatibility with After Effect file format, it could be great to work with Airbnb Lottie. https://github.com/airbnb/lottie-ios/blob/master/README.md Cheers
  12. I think your request follows the one I posted yesterday: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/37239-open-file-format/
  13. So you are implying that downloading a file as the same ecologic impact as cutting trees?
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