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  1. NotMyFault

    Beta 376 RC2 Crash

    Hi, i get a immediate crash when: open/create any file select something Choose "edit selection as mask" from menu click on "Mask Layer" icon to create a mask layer
  2. AP1.7.333.denoise-crash.afphoto Hi, when i try to move the noise redeuction filter into the group above, AP crashes immediately. Reproducable with the file above.
  3. NotMyFault

    AF and older mask rendering bug

    Thank you for this explanation. Consequently, if alphaA or alphaB is below 1.0, you will always get a resulting alpha below 1.0. My target is to get a resulting picture with aplha = 1.0 for every pixel. To achieve this, it seems i will always need one "ground" layer without mask, and alpha = 1 for every pixel.
  4. NotMyFault

    AF and older mask rendering bug

    update: it seems the alpha channel (see below) does not combie correctly.
  5. Hi, i often copy layers, apply a mask to the one, copy the invert mask to the second. Unfortunately, both parts do not combine correct. My expectation is that both should combine to the original picture. In many cases, you see either some some artefacts where both mask crossover , or sometimes one layer stays half-transparent . To check, i merged all layers into a new pixel layer. This "merged visible" pixel layer will show the correct picture. When unselecting, the wrong rendereing is shown again.
  6. Hello, When you to this: 1. Open a document (any RAW image) in RGB 32 bit color format 2. In develop persona, rotate the image by 1°. Parts of the corners will get transparent. 3. Press develop 4. Then in Photo persona, select by tonal range (partial or full) the following error occurs: AF selects false parts of the picture. Mutiple pixels within the picture are falsly selected. When you change to RGB8 or RGB16, the select toal range works as expected.
  7. NotMyFault

    slow swicth to tone mapping persona

    Hi Chris B, tests with scaled down pictures of 6, 13.5 and 24 MPixel showed about linear time dependency to pixel count (4, 10 and 20 seconds minimum). 1.0 to 1.5 MPixel / s on PC is very disappointing compared to 30.0 on iPad. The GPU idles mostly at 1.5 to 3.5% utilization (measured with Windows task manager). CPU 25-50% util. Best, Timo
  8. When switching from develop into tone map persona, the window is sized to "fit page", but the right side menue covers the right border. To correct, you must press Ctrl-0 again. Very annoying, because it happens every time.
  9. Hello, once again i observe dramatic slow performance. Using the Image provided before: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxeIG1DQZBDebHFpQ0xFbGVCczQ/view from this thread With AF under Windows 10 build 17.134, it takes 1 to 2 minutes to switch into tone map persona. With AF Apple iPad Pro 9.7", it takes only 2 seconds for the ame operation. PC is high-end gaming, 32GB RAM, AMD Ryzen 1800X (8 + 8 Cores), Nvidia GTX 1080, Samsung EVO SSD, ... Tried all renderers (WARP and GTX1080 and DEFAULT (GTX 1080)). Any help apreciated.
  10. Hi there, after applying a perspective filter, i got drawing errors when zooming in. Picture is a hdr merge. RGB32 and LAB show same issue. The perspective filter leaves a small triangle on the lower right egde. After zooming in, large blocks are shown as transparent. Interestingly, merge visible or merge down or rasterize or copy flattened shows same issue.
  11. It gets even more strange when you manually select one of the transparent triangles and use inpainting. In this case., inpainting is applied to the original pixel layer, totally ignoring the perspective filter. The flase result is then displayed, with usage of the perspective filter. On top of this, pixel errors occur (blue dots and lines), and drawing errors at 100% zoom.
  12. Hi there, after applying a perspective filter, select alpha range (both fully and partially) does not work in spite of lots of transparent areas. When you try the opposite, select opaque, the complete canvas gets selected, including those 100% transparent areas. Regards, Timo
  13. Hi, when i 1. apply a live perspective filter 2. use "select by color" from menue The selection is shown without noticing the perspective filter (pic 1). I have to disable the perspective filter layer to get consistent display (pic 2)
  14. Beta shows much better performance, this issue seems solved. Thanks for help!
  15. Hi, based on a official video tutorial, i wanted to rotate a pixel layer by ~15 degrees and inpaint the missing edges. steps: open a picture (canon CR2 raw in this case) select pixel layer (but crop affects all layers?) rotate by using crop tool (in develop persona, or crop tool in photo persona) rasterize Select "half transparent" pixels press alt-backspace or selet "inpainting from menu" AFPhoto either does not finish at all after minutes, or shows irregfular results. In many cases, pixel outside the selected area will get black (or white). Tested with AFPhoto and Beta, same results. Issue occurs only for some pictures, after some editing (HDR stack, curve adjustment, highpass filter in this case) Edit: Issue might be related to color format. Before starting inpainting, i copied the pixel layer and used "insert from clipboard" into a new window. Issue occured with RGB32, but did not occur after converting to RGB16.