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  1. I stick to my recommendation to not stack moon images (for noise reduction). The earth atmosphere has so much thermal disturbances, that even a high speed series of moon images differ largely in fine details, reducing sharpness and eliminating small details. The moon is so bright that you can always go with lowest ISO, so noise should not be a problem. Even if noise is a problem, stacking does lead to inferior results. Another recommendation is to keep a more flat contrast for a realistic look.
  2. looks far superior to the former tries. Good progress 👍🏼
  3. Hi, You can use styles to assign defined strokes or fills. Then, you can use color tags for layers to allow easy selection of multiple objects.
  4. Hi, i tried to replicate this method on iPad and failed. Is there any special pre-condition or flag to be triggered?
  5. Seems to related to Metal / HW acceleration on Mac.
  6. Unfortunately Affinity differs in how brightness works in Develop / Photo Persona. Exposure: applies a linear change all over the histogram area. Brightness in Develop: Same as Exposure, but in a much smaller scale, gives more fine control. (Tested on iPad) Brightness in Photo: Applies a gamma shaped curve. Preservers the darkest and lightest tones, but shifts all in between. To check it out, create a rectangle with a black to white gradient. Rasterize, then make the histogram and intensity scope panel visible, and try all the sliders, inspect the reaction of the histogram.
  7. It seems you have a protective cover both on front and on backside of the iPad, and you are holding it in one hand. All these factors could lead to issues to correctly detect touch gestures. It happens to me (long time ago, not in this case) Could you try for a test to remove all these protective covers, and put the iPad on a table (not holding it in a hand)? I know this advice may sound strange to you, but it helped me (i personally owned 6 iPads over the years, 3 still in use) more than once. Only the pressure at the edges by holding in one hand caused a lot of issues. Same caused by some accumulated dust on the backside of another cover. I tested the crop function again on iPad 2017, iPad Pro 10.5“ 2018, iPad Air G5 / 2022 (in a Logitech keyboard hull), and it worked well on all of these. iPad OS latest and one version older.
  8. Just to be on the safe side: the double tap gesture works when tapping inside the cropped area, not outside or at the edges.
  9. H, in case you switch to develop persona and execute a crop, but then cancel the develop persona, this does not create a history record and cannot be undone. You will loose the information of the former crop. The only way is to undo while inside develop persona, before canceling.
  10. Hi, There is a simpler way to do the job: add the 3 greyscale layers into one document set blend mode to „add“ add a color channel mixer to every image layer (save the below settings as presets for faster re-use in other documents): for red, set green and blue to 0 for green, set red an blue to 0 for blue, set red and green to 0 You can even record a macro to automate the process. Regarding your original question: if you can upload the file, we can inspect it and explain.
  11. Another option if you try to blend 2 layers using a mask: you can reduce the impact of the mask by nesting (to masking position) a channels mixer adjustment to the mask layer, and adjust the alpha channel offset to +50%. This will let shine through the lower layer, which is very helpful if you need to reveal from a mask and want to see the lower layer during the process.
  12. Hi, i have some difficulty to understand your request. The pen tool does not create a selection. It crate a curve shape. This shape can be used as a selection in a second step, but it is no selection. If you are in doubt about the actual name of a tool, just touch and hold the question mark symbol in the bottom right corner, it will show the names of all tools. Designer offers different personas, and „pixel selections“ are only available in pixel persona. It would be great if you could describe more what results you want to achieve. If you That is only possible with masks, or vector shapes used as masks. You can apply both as nested mask (or inherent mask on adjustment layers), and edit them later to change the impacted area. This requires a non-destructive workflow. That means you cannot select/edit an layer „in place“, but you add adjustment layers or a new pixel layer on top.
  13. Thanks for sharing this explanation. It fully matches what i observed that day. Unfortunately i did not see the Bussard again, despite he was in this area for multiple years. Seems the crows succeeded with their strategy.
  14. This is highly up to personal perspective and preferences. The current position in the edit menu has its advantages: Menu is always reachable with 2 touch gestures (one on the „…“ edit menu, one on the „duplicate“ entry). You suggestion has some disadvantages: The layer menu is often unavailable, e.g. in case you were in the blend options, or using any other right side tool. The layer menu requires more touches to reach the submenu showing „rasterize“ functions Duplicate is not actually a rasterize function. I would suggest to add „duplicate“ to the layer context menu, which shows up after long-pressing on the canvas. It would be available always in the same place, and always with only one gesture. But the design decision to have the entries horizontally limits the pace for adding more entries.
  15. To avoid this problem, you must plan ahead and decide how many half-circles you want to be put into the containing object. If it is a square, this problem does not exists. If it is a non-square rectangle, you must create it entering the number of semicircles as width and heigth.
  16. even more interesting: blend gamma is normally ignored in RGB/32. It has no effect on layer blending. Except in this strange case. layers with blend gamma 1 / 3 in RGB/16: visible effect (step 2) layers with BG 1 / 3 in RGB/32: no effect (step 1) rgb32 bR step 1.afphoto rgb32 bR step 2.afphoto
  17. Yes, can confirm. Seems like someone hardcore this 2.2 value into the blende formula. When i remover it right, all blend operations are done in an specific color format (HSV?), and there are lot of back and forth conversions. Using linear gamma would normally require to change the blend gamma of all layers manually to 1 for all layers. Affinity will create new layers always using the global default value of 2.2, which might be unsuitable in this context
  18. You can use a rectangle and set the corner type to curved, and use a stroke of the desired width. When ready, expand stroke, and continue to subtract the rectangles. PS: This method ensures the document (and export to e.g. SVG) stays in pure vector format.
  19. not fully, it is replaced by a different problem. If i activate a nested exposure adjustment (with „0“ setting), the colors will change, not visible as only the >1.0 values are impacted.
  20. Hi, I have a simple sunset image, and try to blend 2 layers using blend ranges. To my surprise, I get a fully saturated green rendering despite the info panel shows no change in hue in selected positions. Any ideas? Does blend ranges in RGB/32 (linear) behave different from gamma corrected color spaces? Blend range 100% -> top image fully opaque blend range on right node reduced by 1% to 99%: rendering becomes green, despite info panel does not chnage Another issue: For upload, I cropped the original 6k x 4k file to 500x200px, rasterised & trimmed both pixel layers and used save as (without history). The file is still >300 MB large, beyond any reasonable size. It seems blend ranges do not work correct in case images contain color values >1.0 PS: The file "rgb32 blend range bug" is far smaller and cn be used to reproduce the issue.rgb32 blend ramge bug.afphoto It shows a gradient from 0 to 4 for RGB (and grey) over x-axis. Once you start to change any node of the blend range, either source or destination, the rendering gets wrong. Activate the scope panel in RGB parade mode to spot the issue. You need to activate the exposure adjustment ro reduce the color values into visible range to use scope, as it misses the option to increase max (like histogram). 821246897_IMG_8654blendrangecropped.afphoto
  21. It might be possible (feature request) to use a modifier gesture or flag similar to „protect alpha“ to show only the brush size, without actually applying the brush. Using the zooming as suggested by Lee as workaround is possible, but sometimes you want to strictly avoid changing zoom unnecessarily
  22. Hi, unfortunately there is no such overview. You may create a feature request to get this added. You can use the „homescreen“ in Designer where it lists: Name Color Format (but not profile) Document size (in units selected in document) nothing else
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