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  1. Personally I’m less optimistic about the timeline. Maybe in 5.0.2 🧓🏼
  2. Selection from Layer converts the alpha channel of the chosen layer into a selection. If you have a layer with an open curve, no stroke, no fill, alpha is zero for every pixel. I don’t know what you want to say with „don’t work“. It definitely works, but maybe not in the way you are expecting.
  3. Yes, use „selection from layer“ via menu. But the path must be closed filled with color. It does what it does, since the App was created. I find this illogic, too. You may file a feature request in the feedback section. Technically, it is not a bug - because Affinity decided that's the way they wanted it to be.
  4. Another factor: the curves of individual layers are merged into one layer. when you separate the curves, group them, and apply erase curve to group, issue is avoided.
  5. Ah, in you file the curve in erase mode is an open curve with stroke only. If you expand stroke (Designer), issue is gone. This issue is triggered when strokes come into play -> explains why fonts are not affected because normally you use fill color and no stroke.
  6. can you tell us your workarounds? Those anti-aliasing issues drive me crazy. Some are easy to avoid or work around, others are unsolvable.
  7. Interesting. No curves if you keep them as artistic text / fonts. Start to show anti-aliasing hair line when converted to curve.
  8. Selections and masks are related, but different topics. you can have only one selection active at any time, but use unlimited masks in layers. you can use selections while editing masks, but not vice versa. If you convert a curve to selection, the curve gets consumed (deleted). If you create a mask from selection, the selection stays active and must be deactivated manually. the big question is what do you want to achieve - there are many possible ways with its pros and cons.
  9. Unfortunately with the addition that colour format conversions in Affinity produce really strange buggy results, depending on colour is applied to vector object or pixel object. and
  10. Found older bug reports after using correct spelling of colour afp-4393
  11. Hi, when using the big color chooser (double-click color panel), set to CMYK mode, and use mouse click to choose a color from the big gradient, or drag with mouse, the selected color jumps erratically between positions. If you click and hold mouse Botton, one color is chosen. When you lift click, a different color gets chosen. Happens independent form document color format. Might be reported before, searched but found no direct match. All 3 Apps, 2.0.4
  12. Recording was from Designer (mentioned in title of this thread, but this can be overlooked easily) For me it is more an UI trap / inconsistency. Photo showing background / foreground color even when dealing with vector objects (so you can't see in fill or stroke gets impacted) is another weakness of crippled UI.
  13. Hi, It seems vector objects and pixel layers get wrong colors if color panel is using a color format not matching document format. Example shows a RGB document with a rectangle with stroke above a pixel layer. when cycling through color models, CMYK and GREY render wrong. Similar, after converting document to CMYK, RGB color render wrong whereas CMYK renders correct. Someone should try all possible combinations. steps to reproduce Photo or Designer, create new document in RGB/8 add pixel layer add rectangle. Set fill to transparent. Set stroke to black. Set stroke width large, to be visible select both layers use color panel / Studio to change colors. Use CMYK colors alternatively, create CYMK document (or convert test document) and use RGB or HSL colors. FullSizeRender.MOV
  14. Bug still unfixed in 2.0.4. I found a much easier way to show bug: new document (sRGB) add pixel layer add rectangle with large stroke, no fill select both layers use color panel / color studio to set colors in various color modes results: RGB, HSL, LAB: ok CMYK: strong difference GREY: difference in shadows up to ca. 18%, then identical. While observation is correct an reproducible, this could be an unrelated new bug. i filed a new bug report for investigation. FullSizeRender.MOV
  15. This even happens if you have the hand tool active which should protect against unintended chages. So double check which layer is active whenever coming near to color panel. Could loose all pixel layer content without noticing.
  16. Hi, New file add pixel layer(s) brush in some content group pixel layers activate move tool set stroke color while group is selected in layers panel pixel layers inside group get filled with stroke color. Bug or feature? I know of course that you can use the fill tool on groups to set a fill on all contained vector objects. But seeing a stroke fills pixel layers while move tool or shape tool is active seems over the top. FullSizeRender.MOV
  17. To add one more argument why Mac might be better than PC: it uses memory compression, thus reducing need for swapping dramatically. I opened Photo and about 10 RAW files (6000x4000), developed some to RGB/32, made some edits / adjustments, duplicated layers and modified them destructively. RAM usage goes up from 1.6 GB (no file open) to about 3.5 GB (one file open). When opening more files, most was "compressed RAM" which is the key function of MacOS to avoid or reduce swapping. Of course, I copied bitmap layers dozen times, made (destructive) edits in layers to irritate compression etc. The "memory pressure" indicator in info panel increased, but the system kept totally stable, usable, and no "heavy swapping" occurred. Don't know how Windows would handle this (with equal 16 GB RAM). https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/activity-monitor/actmntr1004/mac Memory Used: The amount of RAM being used. To the right, you can see where the memory is allocated. App Memory: The amount of memory being used by apps. Wired Memory: Memory required by the system to operate. This memory can’t be cached and must stay in RAM, so it’s not available to other apps. Compressed: The amount of memory that has been compressed to make more RAM available. When your computer approaches its maximum memory capacity, inactive apps in memory are compressed, making more memory available to active apps. Select the Compressed Memory column, then look in the VM Compressed column for each app to see the amount of memory being compressed for that app.
  18. I would suggest to watch some of the excellent tutorial videos, available here, or search in youtube for “Affinity Designer beginner tutorial”
  19. Move tool is not a pixel selection tool - this was your original question. Move tool can be used to select vector objects. But better do this while in Designer Persona, not while using Pixel Persona. Some tools and panels which are visible in both personas work totally differently depending on persona, e.g. brush panel. This can lead to unexpected results.
  20. You issue seems identical to the linked thread. on iPad, i found one workaround: using „place“ into an exiting document handles alpha correct, whereas „open“ run into the issue.
  21. It is possible to unveil the background via channels panel, alpha, fill. But then, a white halo occurs around the ball. Can you save the afphoto file and upload when the issue occurs, together with the placed file?
  22. Your screenshot shows a gradient as background. Did you create this gradient in Modo? when the issue happens, please check the channels panel, and activate every channel individually. How do you drag n drop the files? From explorer to Photo as new file? From explorer to Photo as placed file? Or directly from Modo to Photo (no file involved)? Can you inspect the files if they contain any extra channels (beside RGB+A)?
  23. Can you make a new screen recoding (similar to my video) Designer V2 Designer Persona (don’t use pixel persona) Brush Panel should be visible create new document add rectangular shape set stroke as needed, using vector brush
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