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  1. Sorry for the delay. I'm kind of swamped right now, but I promise to record the video as soon as possible.
  2. Hi Chris, It happens probably half of the time I work with masks. I will first try to nail down the reproduction steps and record a video.
  3. Please check the attached screenshots and .afphoto file to see what I mean. This is in Affinity Photo. Why does this happen and am I doing something wrong? Ideally, I would like to use only one mask in the Group layer and add some adjustment layers in the group, but this makes the edges look strange. This doesn't happen if the mask is in each of the adjustment layers instead, but this adds unnecessary complexity and is not as flexible, because if I want to modify the mask, I have to add it again to each of the layers in the group instead of modifying just a single mask in the group layer. mask_problem.afphoto
  4. I've been having this problem for the past several months and it's been bugging me so much since I work with masks a lot. It started after the last couple of updates IIRC. Does anybody else notice it? Often after I finish working on a mask layer I can no longer select any other layers in the Layers panel. I have found a workaround when this bug happens. First, click on the little arrow next to the pixel layer that the mask belongs to, click on the mask layer, click on the parent layer again, and then I am able to select layers freely again. Very strange.
  5. As the title says. Attached below are some screenshots.
  6. If you're asking about the contents of the document, it's just regular pixel layers created in 3D software as 8-bit images. The document's bit depth is also 8-bit and the color space is sRGB. Oh, and there's one live denoise layer which shouldn't add anything to the size AFAIK. I see. Thanks for clarifying. In this case would it be nice if there was an option that clears the save cache or whatever it's called so that I can save a "clean" document once I'm done with it to save on HDD resources. I wouldn't mind the extra few seconds that I'll have to wait if my document gets 3 times smaller in file size. Maybe I will make a suggestion in the appropriate section of the forums. Manually copying the contents of a document into another one is clunky when it could be easily automated by the program.
  7. I tried this, but they get only a bit smaller. The example file above goes from 132 mb to 100 mb when saved with "Save As" which is still much larger than the version where I copied the contents from the old document into a new one (41 mb). When exactly is this point? I tried saving the file at least 10 times without adding new layer information and it still grows in size. What's the idea and reason behind this? The document is an afphoto file, not a JPEG. Please refer to the last attached image in my original post.
  8. I've noticed that Affinity Photo documents grow progressively in file size after each change in the document without adding new information in it like layers, masks, shapes, effects etc. For example, if I delete some layer, undo, and then save, the document grows in file size. No matter how many times I repeat this, it grows more and more. I don't have "Save History With Document" enabled. The document I am working on right now has grown to 132 mb. I copied and pasted all its contents into a new document with the same dimensions and then saved it and now the new document is more than 3 times smaller at 41 mb. What causes this and how can I avoid it? Thanks in advance!
  9. Currently to toggle zoom you need to press SPACEBAR+CTRL in exactly this order. However, sometimes I press CTRL before SPACEBAR and I end up accidentally painting over my document instead of zooming. It would be immensely helpful if we could toggle zoom irrespective of the order we press the CTRL and SPACEBAR keys.
  10. Sure, please see attached. Affinity_Photo_2019-10-11_14-17-12.rar
  11. When I drag out a horizontal guide from the ruler it comes out vertical. For this to happen, you need to drag the guides from the bottom 1-2 pixels of the horizontal ruler. If you drag even a bit above this point it won't happen. The same bug is not reproducible on the vertical ruler. I'm using Affinity Photo version
  12. Thanks a lot, @carl123 , I'll try this!
  13. I wanted to make a macro that rasterizes all Image layers I've selected because currently the Rasterize command doesn't work on more than one selected layer.
  14. Is it possible to make a macro apply to each selected layer individually? Currently when I run a macro it applies only to the topmost layer out of all selected ones.

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