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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, but this is not really a solution because I want the photos to remain in their original folders. Thanks, I've got to try this out. Still not ideal though IMHO. It needs a proper drag and drop.
  2. Any progress on this? This looks to be a highly requested feature. I do batch jobs quite frequently and it's excruciatingly slow to navigate every single folder by hand in order to collect the images. Right now I'm doing a batch job that requires sourcing 2088 images in 513 folders. This will take me at least an hour when it could be just a simple Windows search and then drag and drop the images in the program. 1 hour vs 1 minute! It's been 2 years or longer since this has been requested by myself and others and still nothing on this front. I can't image it to be THAT hard to implement, is it?
  3. There's still this bug that blurs Image layers when I rasterize them. This happens only if I have an Unsharp Mask layer in the layers panel. Please check the attached screenshots. Notice how the Image layer's dimensions and coordinates change when I rasterize it. This doesn't happen if I delete the Unsharp Mask layer before rasterizing. I'm using Photo version
  4. I've just updated to Affinity Photo 1.8.4 and noticed that the brush crosshair is not centered in the middle of the circle. I could be wrong, but I don't remember this being the case before I updated. It's most noticeable when the brush size is smaller. Please see attached a photo that I snapped with my phone. You can even count the pixel
  5. That's an interesting question. What kind of driver should we use with Affinity Photo as a rule? The gaming or the studio version?
  6. +1 It's extremely sluggish even with a small amount of images. Today I had to batch process 165 images and on my 32-core Threadripper 3970x it took about a minute for the files to appear in the list. Doesn't make any sense. Also, it would be great if you can add a drag and drop feature. It takes ages to source the files by browsing each folder from the batch job window.
  7. Thanks for the help. You are right, when I save a new file, the filesize goes down considerably to the same amount - 100mb. Maybe it would be helpful if there was some kind of a "purge" option that flushes the unnecessary stuff when one is with a project?
  8. I've got not that big of a file (16 megapixels, 8-bit and a couple of raster layers) that after saving shockingly took 700 mb of my disk space. I copied all of it's contents in a fresh document with the same dimensions, saved it again and BAM! - 100mb. What causes this colossal difference in file size when the content is 100% the same? I've noticed this is a persistent problem with Affinity Photo. When I finish with a project, I always have to transfer all the contents in a new document before saving otherwise I'd have clogged up my disk by now. Any way to avoid this or is this a bug?
  9. Still broken in the just released 1.8.3. 😕 Isn't this a major bug that should be absolute top priority? I mean, this is a photo editing program and brushes are used probably 90% of the time. The suggestion above about releasing left click first doesn't work. This bug was introduced when brush Rotation-Width-Shape mode cycling was implemented with ALT+RMB+LMB. So I think the bug stems from there. Is there a way to disable this mode cycling? Maybe this will fix it. I would rather trade this functionality that I never use for properly working brush resizing without teleporting my cursor all over the screen.
  10. Currently, applying a macro changes the current tool to View Tool [H]. Is there a particular reason for this? I think it would be better if the tool I was using didn't change after I apply a macro. I think it's unnecessary and confusing.
  11. Thanks, a lot, @walt.farrell , I'll give it a try! Do you think this can break anything if I restore the original value before updating/uninstalling etc.?
  12. I'm now running the older 1.7.3 version of Photo due a bug in 1.8.2 (cursor teleports while resizing brushes). The problem is that every time I launch the program, I'm greeted with a window that says that there's an update available which gets a little irritating after the 20th time. Is there a way to disable/remove this message? At a quick glance in settings I couldn't see an option that disables it. Maybe I missed it or I disable it another way? Thanks in advance!
  13. First, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to report a bug that exists both in the release and the Beta, so feel free to delete the thread if necessary. So to summarize, it's exactly the same bug as the one in the latest official release that I reported a month ago.
  14. I just saw that the new Beta is out and it seems that the bug is fixed there, thanks!!
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