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  1. Photo crashes all the time without me doing absolutely anything. It happens mainly when it's minimized in the taskbar and almost every time I work on any given document. The worst part is I'm not losing personal work but work that I do for clients with aggressive deadlines. I'm sad to say this but I'm really disappointed with the stability of Photo. I can't even remember when Photoshop last crashed on me. Anybody else experiencing crashes like this? Can you please fix the stability issues and crashes?
  2. Yes, it's a file for a client that should stay private so I will PM you a download link to the aphoto document. Thanks a lot for your help so far!
  3. Yes, I tried flattening before converting to 16/8 bit but it didn't work. The artifacts still appear.
  4. Anybody? It's urgent, I need to deliver the images and I can't give them this.
  5. I've got an image that I have to deliver any moment and I've got a problem that prevents me from doing so. Photo produces strange pixelated dots when I save it to TIF or JPG. It also happens when I convert the document from 32-bits to 16-bits or 8-bits. How can I fix this? Please see screenshot below.
  6. The color overlay effect works too. Thanks a bunch!!!
  7. Ok, this sounds way too complicated than I expected but I might give it a try, thanks. Or just use the erase white paper filter since it worked well too.
  8. The Erase white paper trick worked, thanks! I would still like to know if there's a more direct way of doing this. Also, the smoke is a pixel layer, it's not an alpha channel. You can see that it says "pixel" right on the layer in the stack.
  9. Yes, I'm positive it's not grayscale. It's RGB 16 bit, I triple checked. I've attached the document if you want to have a look. smoke.afphoto
  10. I'm unable to apply adjustment layers to a specific pixel layer. This is the first time I have this problem. Please check the screenshot below. This is a photo of smoke with transparency. No matter what adjustments I apply on top, they don't have any effect on this layer. In the example I've used Recolor but others don't work too (exposure, levels, curves, brightness etc..). Any help is appreciated, I need to make this work quite urgently. Thanks in advance! EDIT: I've just found out that they start working if I fill the transparent background with color or put another pixel layer underneath. WHY? Can't I modify the smoke's colors without adding another layers underneath? I absolutely need the background to be transparent!
  11. Nope, still doesn't work. Besides, why does it matter if the background is transparent or not?
  12. I've just tried your suggestion by setting the Color Chooser to HSL mode, dropped down the H and S sliders to 0 and tried various different grayscale colors with he L slider and my brush strokes still don't have any effect on the fill layer. It still completely subtracts from the fill layer no matter the grayscale value of the brush. Does it work for you? Rasterizing the fill layer defeats the purpose of it.
  13. I would like to be able to snap the crop tool to layers. This is very basic functionality that I can't believe still doesn't exist in Affinity Photo.
  14. Thanks, so I can just use Curves and adjust the curve in the Alpha dropdown. That's all well and good but there are still some issues: 1. How do I see the result of the Curves that I applied to the mask? I mean, when I isolate the mask with ALT+CLICK to check how it looks, I still see the mask without Curves applied to it. This makes it impossible to see how the colors of the mask changed. 2. After I'm happy with the curves correction to the mask, how do I collapse the mask and curves into a single mask layer?