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  1. Yes, I think that preventing this from happening would be really nice! No matter how hard I try, I can't get this issue to happen with normal saving (CTRL+SHIFT+S). It only happens when exporting.
  2. I am not interrupting the export process. You can see it in the video. I invoke the export settings after the file has been exported. I'm just doing it quickly after it has been exported. Besides, is it not possible to not delete the previous file until after the new one has been properly exported? What happens if power goes out in the middle of exporting my file? My old image I was overwriting gets deleted? This doesn't sound well thought through and will result in loss of files in such situations. Any way this can be improved and change the behavior to deleting the old file only after a successful write operation?
  3. I found that in certain cases when I export an image, the image doesn't get exported and can even delete the one that I want to overwrite. This happens when I confirm the export and then very quickly do CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+S to invoke the Export window again. This happens only with the Export functionality. I can't replicate this with saving the AFPHOTO document (CTRL+SHIFT+S). Please see the video I recorded: export_problem.mp4
  4. Hi, Affinity team, I'm still having this problem regularly with the latest version of Affinity Photo. This happens only when saving to a mapped network drive and thankfully I can safely save the file on my desktop when this bug happens. Please see the screenshot below. I am not using Windows Defender (I have Kaspersky anti-virus though). Affinity Photo is the only software I use that sporadically refuses to save and it's really bothersome. Sometimes I even lose documents I was unable to save on the network drive because I saved them on the desktop and deleted them by mistake when cleaning up my desktop. Can you please look into this?
  5. I'm on Windows. Also, there are no pixels outside the canvas in my files. Not sure why this would inflate the file size though given that for JPG and PNG Photo exports only what's inside the canvas.
  6. In both cases I resized the image only once - either in the Resize Document window or in the Export Settings window.
  7. Ok, so I found another document where the opposite happens. If I resize it in the Export Settings window, the file is larger compared to resizing prior to export. Afphoto attached below. pattern1.afphoto
  8. There's something very peculiar I just found out. I have a document which If I resize prior to export, the exported image is quite a bit larger in file size compared to resizing it in the Export window. All quality settings are the same. When I open and compare both files, they look the same to me, no visible quality difference. The format I export to doesn't seem to matter. I tested PNG and JPG and they both exhibit this issue. Why does this happen? Please check the AFPHOTO file and the video I recorded. same_resolution_different_file_size.mp4 waves.afphoto
  9. Thanks! I would much rather have these options active with any tool active if I have a layer selected in the Layers panel. Not sure how the opposite can be harmful. If anything, it's just unnecessary clicks to make the Move tool active only to be able to flip a layer when I already know which layer I want flipped and have it selected in the layers stack. But hey, that's just my personal opinion.
  10. Layer's name filed should become editable only after the left mouse button has been released. Currently the name field becomes active when you just press and hold the left mouse button which can be an issue when dragging a layer up and down the stack - the layer's name field flashes briefly which can be unsettling for the user. Please check the screen recording I made that demonstrates the issue. Notice how the name field flashes. This can be prevented if the field becomes active only after the left mouse button has been released. layers_name_field_flashes_when_reordering.mp4
  11. Photo doesn't seem to properly select layers in the Layers panel when I move one of them and then SHIFT+click to select them all. I'm not sure if I can explain it well so I recorded a video. As you can see, even though I'm holding down SHIFT, Photo selects only one layer instead of all the layers from top to bottom. Layers_panel_selection_bug.mp4
  12. Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear enough. I want to move layers even if the starting point of my mouse drag is not exactly on one of the selected layers. I can do this in Photoshop, but can't seem to do this in Photo. Please check the screen recording I did. This is Photoshop. See how I don't really need to click on the object in order to move it? Photoshop_move_layer.mp4
  13. I noticed that I can't use the flip and align commands in Arrange menu when the View or Zoom tool is selected. Is there are reason for this? I can use them with the Crop tool so why not with View and Zoom tool too?
  14. Undoing transforms on linked layers causes them to "teleport" in random places. Screen recording and afphoto file attached. linked_layers_transform_undo_bug.mp4 linked_layers_transform_undo_bug.afphoto
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