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  1. Alex_M

    Wahoo! Linked Files!

    I can't get an image to be linked even if I select "Prefer Linked" in the New Document dialog. When I drag and drop a big JPG image (~20 mb) in the document and then save that document, the file size is quite big (~25 mb). So I don't think the link thing is working. Isn't the main purpose of linking to keep the document size small by referencing a file rather than having it physically in the document? Also, where can I find Document Setup dialog and Resource Manager? I searched the help but it didn't return any results. I'm using Photo (Beta) Thanks!
  2. It would be immensely convenient if we could drag and drop folders and files in the New Batch Job window.
  3. Are you sure about that? As far as I know, this is true only if one or both businesses are not VAT registered. If both are businesses are VAT registered, then VAT should not be charged.
  4. Thanks for these examples! The Apply Image filter actually seems to work best. I had to change the Opacity parameter at the bottom to 50% to make it look good otherwise I get a white outline.
  5. Sure, please see attached. EDIT: I Think the problem stems from the way the alpha is saved. The PNG format always saves alpha premultiplied so rendering against black background produces halos around edges of objects. In Photoshop the halo can be removed with Matting > Remove Black Matte and in After Effects you just tell it weather the alpha is premultiplied or straight. How do I do that with Photo? TGA format allows choosing to save the alpha as unpremultiplied (straight). Then I don't get the black halos in neither Photoshop nor Photo. faucet.zip
  6. Ok, please see the attached image. You will notice the black outline around the objects on the faucet to the left. It should look like the one to the right - no black outline. Do you have any ideas on how to get rid of the outline?
  7. Is there a way in Affinity Photo to premultiply the alpha against black color? I'm doing some renderings and I'm getting black halos around my objects. In Photoshop there's "Remove Black Matte" and in After Effects there's "Premultiplied - Matted With Color:" What about Affinity Photo?
  8. Alex_M

    [AP] Lock Children bug

    Ok, please see attached. lock_children_bug.afphoto
  9. Alex_M

    [AP] Lock Children bug

    Thanks for the reply, @Chris J. The pixel layer I'm moving only has a mask. Let me know if you want me to send you the file.
  10. Alex_M

    [AP] Lock Children bug

    When I use "Lock Children" with masked layers and then I start moving the pixel layer with the keyboard arrows, Photo moves the pixel layer and the mask when only the pixel layer should move. This doesn't happen if I use the mouse to move the pixel layer instead of the arrows. Video attached below. Photo version is lock_children_bug.mp4
  11. Thanks, Aammppaa! That was exactly what happened. I had put them inside the thumbnail of the layer which makes them act like masks when I should have put them in the name of the layer. Now I can select whichever child layer I want. I'll try to remember this slight but significant difference.
  12. I have a pixel layer with 4 adjustment layers. How do I select only 2 of the adjustment layers? Once I click on one they all get selected along with the pixel layer.
  13. Yes, quite a bit. please see attached. photo_1.6.5_panning_CrashReports.7z BTW, how do I safely revert back to 1.6.4 without losing my user settings?
  14. Not if you're using a pen tablet. I'm using a Wacom Intuos and panning is done by holding Spacebar and moving the pen across the surface which is basically an equivalent of Spacebar + Left Mouse Button and this results in the same crash.