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  1. Yes, the dimensions of the Image layer are exactly the same as the document and it is positioned such as it touches all 4 borders of the document. I use the Alignment tools in the upper right corner to make sure it is perfectly centered and then I rasterize the Image layer.
  2. Hi, I've noticed that sometimes rasterizing a layer blurs it. Anybody noticed this? Why does this happen and how can I avoid it?
  3. The color tagging of groups and layers (at the bottom of the right click context menu) doesn't seem to carry over when these are copied from one document to another. Wouldn't it be better if it did? I find myself always having to tag them again when I bring over stuff from other documents.
  4. I sometimes edit 32-bit EXR images and I've noticed that with the 1.7 version of Photo, minimizing the program causes the image to get washed out and the only way to display it properly is to close the program and reopen the file. It looks like exactly the same problem as this one.
  5. Same bug here. It happens also when I minimize the program or move its window.
  6. That was it! thanks, S. What about the transparent background? I want to make it checkered? It's currently solid white. EDIT: Ok, it seems that the transparency problem got fixed by itself somehow. Odd.
  7. Any type - gaussian blur, unsharp mask, shadows and highlights, etc. None of them get added as separate layers. Also, why is my background white when it's transparent? It wasn't like that in 1.6, it was checkered. How do I change it back to checkers?
  8. Hi, Since I updated to the new version 1.7 of Affinity Photo I can no longer create adjustment layers as separate layers. They always become a child layer of the layer that is currently selected. I double checked Assistant Manager and I can clearly see that the "Adding adjustment layer to selection" option is set to "Add adjustment as new layer". To be exact, the version I use currently is Anyone else have this issue and how can I fix it?
  9. Not really a bug, but I think I found a typo in the "Procedural Texture" filter. It says "decription" when I think it should say "description". Please check the screenshot below.
  10. +1 ! I use batch a lot and it's a pain to manually navigate folders, especially when the images are in different locations.
  11. Does anyone else get frequent hanging when closing tabs? This happens about once a day to me and I have to kill the application process in Task Manager, losing every other open unsaved document. I use the latest official release.
  12. + This would be so handy! Please don't forget to make this work for selections of more than 1 layers! Currently, if I want to rasterize many layers, I have to do this on each layer one by one which is quite tedious.
  13. Thanks for the tip. Will I get the same range of colors and dynamic range with TIF though? DNG images created by JPEG to RAW AI are 32-bit color depth while TIFs are 16-bit. Also, why doesn't Affinity Photo read these DNGs similar to Adobe Camera RAW? Adobe Camera RAW seems to read the colors very close to the original JPG.