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  1. This seems to work, but it's a very slow to do it this way. I need it to snap without wasting time preselecting things. It's fine for a few shapes, but I have to do this for tens of different shapes. Thanks. Seems like they've logged this problem, so hopefully they will fix it in an upcoming update.
  2. I'm unable to move and snap shapes to curves that are inside of groups in Affinity Photo 2.2.1. Am I doing something wrong or is this not possible at all?
  3. I have the same problem. Any update on this? My monitor is Eizo CS2420 which, from what I've read, supports the display of gradients without banding. I can see that the gradients are mostly smooth in the final 16-bit exports, but when I'm editing in 16-bits inside Affinity Photo they have banding.
  4. Hello. Any update on this issue? I'm still seeing banding in JXL images loaded in Affinity Photo. Again, it's only Affinity Photo that shows the banding. XNView doesn't show any.
  5. Hi. I've got a group with an adjustment layer inside it. I also have a mask with soft edges applied to the group. This results in an ugly mask with strange green and dark red colors along the soft edges. If I move the mask from the group to the Curves layer inside the group, the masked edges look correct. Please check the document attached and the screenshot below. How can I prevent this? Or is this a bug? group_mask_problem.afphoto
  6. I've just installed the final 2.1.1 release (not the beta). The problem is still there.
  7. Hi. Please check the .afphoto document attached. When I convert it to RGB/16-bit colors, the mask layers get messed up. Hardware Acceleration is turned off. convert_to_16bit_bug.afphoto
  8. I have my mask inside the adjustment layer (White Balance). Pretty simple setup. No need to share the document, I think. Interestingly, @NotMyFault says it's a known bug. I went to his thread and learned that having Hardware Acceleration turn on causes this. So I disabled it from the settings and voila! I can use blending ranges with masks again. Seems like there's always something that Hardware Acceleration breaks with the software. If I were the developers, I would put a big warning on this option warning people that it's unfinished and may cause bugs like these. It's the right thing to do. Who knows what else is bugged when this option is turned on. From now on, I'm not going to use or recommend Hardware Acceleration. Too many headaches. Thanks for the tip, @NotMyFault ! Should I report this issue in the Bugs forum section?
  9. I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen, but if I add a mask layer to my adjustment layer, the blend range I've set in the Layer Blend Options suddenly stop working. It's as if I've hit the Reset button in Blend Options. As soon as I remove the mask layer, my custom blend ranges work again. Is this normal? I don't remember this happening a few versions back. Is there a way to have both a custom blend range and a mask at the same time?
  10. Hi. I have a document with transparent background. When I go and export a TIFF image, the background is not transparent. This happened after the last or the past couple of updates. I didn't have this issue before. Please see the screenshot below. Notice that the preview doesn't show a checkerboard pattern. The exported TIFF image also has a white non-transparent background.
  11. Hi, @NathanC and sorry for the late reply. The JPEGXL image was exported through XNView.
  12. Hi. I have a document with a few layers placed into a hidden group. When I merge the layers into one (CTRL+SHIFT+E), I get an empty layer. Is this a bug?
  13. Hi. I'm seeing color banding when I view JXL images in Affinity Photo 2.1. This isn't the case when viewing the images in XnView MP. Please check the screenshot below. Notice the banding in the wooden planks and how there's none in XnView MP (on the right). Original JXL file is also attached. jxl_banding.jxl
  14. I forgot that I opened a file on the network drive so when I saved I got the error message and lost all my work. This is an extremely serious issue with this software and should be fixed ASAP. I hope the Affinity team works on the fix.
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