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  1. This has never happened to me in the 4 years I've been using Affinity Photo since version 1. Yes, the parts that are cut out are exactly where the alpha is.
  2. Affinity Photo 2.0.3 removes parts of the image where the alpha channel is when I paste it or create a new document via "New from Clipboard". This didn't happen with the first release of Affinity Photo v2. How do I revert back to the old behaviour?
  3. I was stoked to learn that in V2 of Affinity Photo we can rasterize multiple layers. However, I was unpleasantly surprised that this doesn't work if I want to convert multiple layers to masks and I have to go through all layers one by one manually. Is this a bug?
  4. That's just crazy slow load times even for a first generation Ryzen CPU such as the 1700X. I don't believe it's CPU related. In any case, if I had the money, I would likely upgrade the CPU even if this wasn't the issue since 1700X is pretty long in the tooth now, especially for single-threaded tasks. It wasn't great for single-threaded stuff when released 5 years ago, and it's even less so today. You can upgrade to a Ryzen 5000 series CPU without changing the motherboard. This will be the cheapest option. An 8 or a 12 core CPU from the Ryzen 5000 series will be MILES better than the Ryzen 1700X. If you want to switch to an intel CPU, you will also have to buy a motherboard.
  5. I've noticed that my exported JXL images have poor quality for their file size. If I use the official JPEG XL encoder (version 0.70), I can get much better quality for the same file size. Please check the examples attached. BTW, why is there no option to pick the compression strength (AKA "effort")? There's only a quality slider. This is an important part of the encoder and should be exposed as an option IMO. Maybe the reason why the Affinity Photo exported JXL images are of poor quality for their file size is because it uses a very low compression strength by default? affinity_photo_JXL_quality-37.jxl JXL_0.70_quality-66_effort-7.jxl
  6. Sorry! I thought you were using the new V2 of Affinity Photo. Please see below the option in Version 1. Hopefully this works!
  7. Isolate layer (ALT+click) doesn't work properly with masks and clipping layers. This happens only if the layer containing the masks and clipping layers is expanded. If the parent layer is collapsed, there's no such issue. This issue doesn't appear in Affinity Photo V1. Please see the video below. isolate_layer_not_working_properly_with_masks_and_clipping_layers.mp4
  8. Good to hear I'm not the only one. This means it's a wide spread bug and hopefully it will be fixed? Just to add, this happens not only on mine, but on another workstation here too. Both on Photo V2 and Photo V1.
  9. Hi, Sometimes converting my documents from 8-bit to 16-bit causes some mask layers to break. This doesn't happen with V1 of Affinity Photo, only with V2. Please check the video below. I can send you the files if you need them, but I can only do so privately. converting_to_16-bit_breaks_masks.mp4
  10. If I change the brush hardness, the brush moves up or down depending on whether I make it sharper or softer. If I change the brush size, the cursor moves left or right depending on whether I make it bigger or smaller. This is very irritating to say the least since I constantly have to readjust my cursor position when drawing. Please check the video I recorded below. brush_size_and_hardness_bug.mp4
  11. The Affinity software is an integral part of my workflow for 4 years now. Keeping up with giants is not easy, but even with such a compact team, you're making big waves in the creative industry which is commendable. The suite of apps is moving in the right direction and I can't wait to see what's possible with the overhauled codebase moving forward. I happily upgraded to V2 on the day of release and it's been an overall great experience so far. Thank you for your continued user-focused approach!
  12. Hi, Affinity team, I'm still having this problem with the new version 2.0 of Affinity Photo. This happens sporadically only when saving to a mapped network drive (a brand new WD Red Pro HDD bought a few weeks ago). Thankfully, I can safely save the file on my desktop when this bug happens. Please see the screenshot below. Affinity Photo is the only software I use that refuses to save it's documents for unknown reasons and it's really bothersome. Sometimes I even lose documents I was unable to save on the network drive because I saved them on the desktop and deleted them by mistake when cleaning up my desktop. This bug has been plaguing Affinity Photo for more than 4 years now. Here's my first thread about it from all the way back in 2018 when a different HDD was used. Can you kindly look into this?
  13. Hi, There is a problem with undoing the first brush stroke in a mask in Affinity V2. Undoing it causes the whole mask layer to be deleted which shouldn't happen. There's no such issue in Photo V1. Please check the video comparison below. Photo_V2_undo_bug.mp4
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