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  1. I've noticed that adding a Gaussian Blur filter above High Pass filter creates white vertical lines which are visible in the exported image too. Please find attached a screenshot and the Affinity Photo document. The lines become visible when you zoom in past 200%. Thankfully there's a workaround which is to switch the places of both filters (High Pass comes above Gaussian Blur). highpass_below_blur.afphoto
  2. It would be very helpful if we could grab the crop tool at any point on the 4 sides of the rectangle, currently, we are able to grab it by the 8 the predefined points which is not always ideal because sometimes I need to zoom in very close at a certain point of the image and the 8 predifined points are often out of view. This is already possible in Photoshop so it should also be possible in Photo IMHO.
  3. Yea, this could work too, but I'm no UI or UX designer so I can't give any expert opinion. Although either will still be better than the current situation.
  4. After the last couple of Affinity Photo updates I've noticed that after editing alpha channel sublayers I am often stuck in them. Meaning, when I try to select other layers I can't unless I click on the little arrow to the left of the layer thumbnail. Anyone else noticed this bug?
  5. Hi, I've noticed that sometimes rasterizing a layer blurs it. Anybody noticed this? Why does this happen and how can I avoid it?
  6. Good to hear. BTW, I'm seeing the same behavior with other filters as well such as Gaussian Blur.
  7. Sent. Try rasterizing "TEST LAYER" which is an image layer. It should get blurred. Then try the same, but with the Unsharp Mask filter deleted.
  8. Sure. I'd like to have the private link since it's client work.
  9. Ok, I found the culprit !!! It happens ONLY when I have an Unsharp Mask filter somewhere in the layer stack. If I remove all Unsharp Mask filters, The Image layer no longer gets blurred after rasterizing. Should I report this as a bug?
  10. Ok, so what's causing this and how can I avoid it? I've noticed that it only happens sometimes, not always. It would be good if a developer could chime in and clarify this problem. In Photoshop I've never had this issue. I still think it's a bug because prior to rasterizing I'm always centering the layer (which has exactly the same pixel dimensions as the document) in the middle of the document so it shouldn't be misaligned.
  11. Ok, so I increased the decimal places for pixel values from 0 to 2 in Preferences and then after rasterizing I saw that the dimensions of the layer increased by 1 pixel and the position of the layer changed from 0;0 px for X;Y coordinates to -0.43;-043 px. A bug? This has become really frustrating problem for me since I often have to rasterize image layers.
  12. Yes, the dimensions of the Image layer are exactly the same as the document and it is positioned such as it touches all 4 borders of the document. I use the Alignment tools in the upper right corner to make sure it is perfectly centered and then I rasterize the Image layer.
  13. The color tagging of groups and layers (at the bottom of the right click context menu) doesn't seem to carry over when these are copied from one document to another. Wouldn't it be better if it did? I find myself always having to tag them again when I bring over stuff from other documents.
  14. I sometimes edit 32-bit EXR images and I've noticed that with the 1.7 version of Photo, minimizing the program causes the image to get washed out and the only way to display it properly is to close the program and reopen the file. It looks like exactly the same problem as this one.
  15. Maybe a basic question but how do I straighten a rotated/slanted line in Designer after I've made it?
  16. Is it possible to close all open documents with a single click without closing the app? In Photoshop you can right click on the tab of any of the open documents and then choose "close all". This closes all open documents but keeps Photoshop open for futher work. I can't seem to do this in Photo, is it possible?
  17. Same bug here. It happens also when I minimize the program or move its window.
  18. That was it! thanks, S. What about the transparent background? I want to make it checkered? It's currently solid white. EDIT: Ok, it seems that the transparency problem got fixed by itself somehow. Odd.
  19. Hi, Since I updated to the new version 1.7 of Affinity Photo I can no longer create adjustment layers as separate layers. They always become a child layer of the layer that is currently selected. I double checked Assistant Manager and I can clearly see that the "Adding adjustment layer to selection" option is set to "Add adjustment as new layer". To be exact, the version I use currently is Anyone else have this issue and how can I fix it?
  20. Any type - gaussian blur, unsharp mask, shadows and highlights, etc. None of them get added as separate layers. Also, why is my background white when it's transparent? It wasn't like that in 1.6, it was checkered. How do I change it back to checkers?
  21. Not really a bug, but I think I found a typo in the "Procedural Texture" filter. It says "decription" when I think it should say "description". Please check the screenshot below.
  22. +1 ! I use batch a lot and it's a pain to manually navigate folders, especially when the images are in different locations.
  23. Does anyone else get frequent hanging when closing tabs? This happens about once a day to me and I have to kill the application process in Task Manager, losing every other open unsaved document. I use the latest official release.