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  1. That was it! thanks, S. What about the transparent background? I want to make it checkered? It's currently solid white. EDIT: Ok, it seems that the transparency problem got fixed by itself somehow. Odd.
  2. Hi, Since I updated to the new version 1.7 of Affinity Photo I can no longer create adjustment layers as separate layers. They always become a child layer of the layer that is currently selected. I double checked Assistant Manager and I can clearly see that the "Adding adjustment layer to selection" option is set to "Add adjustment as new layer". To be exact, the version I use currently is Anyone else have this issue and how can I fix it?
  3. Any type - gaussian blur, unsharp mask, shadows and highlights, etc. None of them get added as separate layers. Also, why is my background white when it's transparent? It wasn't like that in 1.6, it was checkered. How do I change it back to checkers?
  4. Not really a bug, but I think I found a typo in the "Procedural Texture" filter. It says "decription" when I think it should say "description". Please check the screenshot below.
  5. +1 ! I use batch a lot and it's a pain to manually navigate folders, especially when the images are in different locations.
  6. Does anyone else get frequent hanging when closing tabs? This happens about once a day to me and I have to kill the application process in Task Manager, losing every other open unsaved document. I use the latest official release.
  7. + This would be so handy! Please don't forget to make this work for selections of more than 1 layers! Currently, if I want to rasterize many layers, I have to do this on each layer one by one which is quite tedious.
  8. I use Topaz Jpeg to Raw AI to convert JPGs to 16-bit DNG files. I noticed that Photo and the latest beta of Photo ( open the DNG files with wrong colors. Why is that? Adobe Camera Raw opens them with correct colors. Please see attached some screenshots along with the original JPG image I used to convert to DNG with Topaz Jpeg to Raw AI. Generic tree A5 - A6-jpeg2raw-new.dng
  9. Thanks for the tip. Will I get the same range of colors and dynamic range with TIF though? DNG images created by JPEG to RAW AI are 32-bit color depth while TIFs are 16-bit. Also, why doesn't Affinity Photo read these DNGs similar to Adobe Camera RAW? Adobe Camera RAW seems to read the colors very close to the original JPG.
  10. It is attached in my original post just above the DNG. Does it not come up?
  11. I've got a 16-bit ProPhoto document that I want to convert to to 8-bit sRGB. However, when I do this the image changes colors. Why is that? I thought that only Assign ICC Profile changed color. Isn't Convert ICC Profile supposed to keep colors unchanged? Please see attached. Notice the reddish tint of the on with the converted color profile.
  12. Oh, I see. Thanks for the clarification! I'll just do some manual retouching until they match then.
  13. The only thing that pops up in my mind is to remove the concrete images from the rectangles, add a Gaussian Blur filter to the rectangles to soften their edges, rasterize the rectangles, and then bring back the concrete images.
  14. I noticed that the Develop Persona in Affinity Photo crushes colors of RAW files. Whatever I tried in Develop Persona, nothing could fix the crushed color. This happens both in the latest official release and the latest beta. Please check the image below. This was taken with my Nikon D5000 DSLR, but exactly the same happens with my mirrorless Panasonic G7 too. I tested the RAW files with the latest version of Photoshop Camera Raw too and it doesn't crush the colors like Affinity Photo. Is the problem on my side or is it a bug in Affinity Photo? Please check the image below. Original JPG is the JPG taken alongside the RAW by the camera. I shot the image with the RAW+JPG option.
  15. Hi, @Dan C Thanks for looking into this. More info below. 1. Windows 10 x64 Pro, version 1809 (OS Build 17763.437) + Affinity Photo The same problem happens with Beta 2. I haven't changed a thing in any of the editors. No corrections were applied to the images after loading them in Affinity Photo and Photoshop Camera Raw and I can't salvage the crushed colors in Affinity Photo no matter what I do. I've just sent you the original NEF file on that Dropbox link as well as the original untouched JPEG as processed by the camera, taken along with the NEF. Don't mind the dates on the pictures. I changed camera batteries and didn't bother to set date and hour.
  16. Hi, I was working on a document in Affinity Photo and when I tried to save the file the following error appeared (see attached). Why did this error appear and how do I save my file now? It would be a major pain in the *ss to start all over again with this document if I close Photo. All my disks have plenty of space (hundreds of GB) and I can freely copy/paste files to any location. I'm not able to save the .aphoto document even on the desktop. The strange thing is, I can save to JPG fine, it's only when I save to .aphoto that I get this error. What now?
  17. Save failed... again! I tried saving everywhere - my documents, my SSD, my HDD, desktop... nothing worked. I had to close the document and lose my work.
  18. TIFF files can't be read by Topaz Sharpen AI with Beta I get an error - "ImageImport::Wrong input image". I tried with several different images. This doesn't happen with the latest official version of Photo (
  19. A strange thing is happening when I move or resize a layer with "Lock Children" turned on. Please see attached the video I recorded. This happens both with beta and the latest official release. layer_flashing.mp4
  20. A strange thing is happening when I move or resize a layer with "Lock Children" turned on. Please see attached the video I recorded. This happens both in the latest official release and the latest beta. layer_flashing.mp4
  21. Thanks, @GabrielM I've just uploaded the files. By the way, I think I found where the problem is coming from. This issue happens when I've nested adjustment layers by dropping them in the layer's name instead of the layer's thumbnail. You'll notice this when you open and test the 2 files I sent. I generally like to drop adjustment layers in the layer's name because it's easier to select more than one nested layer. If I drop them in the thumnbnail, I can't easily select more than one nested layer at a time.
  22. Unfortunately, I can't share the document publicly with everyone. I can share it with the developers only for the purpose of fixing the bug.
  23. I really like how the beta of Photo is going. Especially now that we can color code layers/groups and adjust the layer thumbnail size. Awesome stuff! One thing that would complete the layers panel makeover for me is to make the layer/group visibility icon take the full space of the layer bars the same way the thumbnails take up the full space of the layer bars. They don't have to be square. A rectangle would work too and will save some space for the layer names. One of the things I'm struggling the most with Affinity Photo and that I still can't get used to after 2 years of using it daily, is reliably hitting the visibility icon which is TINY. Literally 12x12 pixels (yes, I measured it). I have to really focus my attention in order to do the simple task of hiding/unhiding things as it's not easy to hit the tiny icons. I have nothing against minimizing icons and saving space on the interface. I say go for it. But when we are talking about icons that you click on multiple time a minute, wouldn't it be a good idea to make them a bit easier to use? If this can be addressed it would make Photo THAT much more fantastic and easier to work with in my opinion. What do you guys think? Full size visibility icons or the tiny ones work well for you? BTW, I was unsure where to submit this thread. Please feel free to move it to the appropriate forum section if its place is not here.
  24. OMG, this made my day! Thank you!