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  1. @Chris B & @MEB Thanks for the quick response. @MEB tested: you are correct. Thanks in advance. Fritz
  2. Has already been reported multiple times; was working until 1.6.5.xxx Thanks Fritz
  3. Thanks for the new Videos on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQZN-kIrZUQyoTnexM3jJAw/videos (James Ritson likes to spend his vacation in Malta, right? ) I think, those new Clips are shorter than the old ones which may be the reason why they are harder for me to understand. (are the old videos are still around somewhere?) Example: the Video "Affinity Photo - Luminosity Masks from layers" does not explain what "Luminosity" is or how to adjust what is selected by CTRL-ALT-LMB. None the less: Thanks a lot for the Videos! kind regards Fritz
  4. Thanks for the quick fix. Why not as update to the Release-Version? kind regards Fritz
  5. Fritz_H

    Floating windows issue with tabs

    @TEcHNOpls since I am not sure if I could explain my suggestion for a workaround (!) properly in english, please check the attached animation. kind regards, Fritz
  6. Fritz_H

    Floating windows issue with tabs

    @TEcHNOpls Suggestion: do not combine floating Windows but add Images to an already floating Window by dragging the additional Images from the File-Explorer onto the title-bar of the floating Window. (since the old days Windows handles this very much like "File - Open") Fritz
  7. Fritz_H

    Floating windows issue with tabs

    I see; the whole floating Window is changing its size (not just the tabs) because Photo handles the floating Window as if its 2 Windows with 2 different size-settings. This effect incl. the issue you found (images moving around) also does happen on my system, but I never noticed before.. possible work-around: do not resize the floating Window as soon as it contains 2 or more images. kind regards Fritz
  8. Fritz_H

    Floating windows issue with tabs

    @TEcHNOpls 1.) Sorry, I can not see this issue on my system (APhoto RC2, Windows 8.1-64 Pro) 2.) regarding your question about "the same size": if you refer to the Zoom-Level of the shown Image: You can use the Zoom - Keyboard-Shortcuts (like CTRL-0 (zero)) to adjust the View. kind regards Fritz
  9. Fritz_H

    Masc icons

    @Chris B I do confirm: issue still exists in RC1. same file (see attachment) open in both Versions of Photo. (Windows 8.1-64 Pro german, 16GB RAM, NVidia 1050Ti) kind regards Fritz Unbenannt.afphoto
  10. ? trying to be funny or just a language-issue between the 2 of us? The Translation is missing - regardless the question of file-(in)compatibility. Fritz
  11. OK.. but are you going to provide a correct translation? kind regards Fritz
  12. Hi Affinity/Serif, I guess, all Forum-Members are interested in contributing to the development your products in one way or the other. Because of that maybe it´s not just me, who is interested in how many licenses of your applications are already sold? How big is our "family" ? (Mac vs. Windows vs. iPad) Thanks in advance! kind regards Fritz
  13. Fritz_H

    1.7.x file format

    @Pšenda I am not worried about costs (well, not primarily..) but about compatibility in case Version 2.x+ does not offer a "Save as 1.x"-Option... kind regards Fritz
  14. Fritz_H

    1.7.x file format

    @Alfred true, but if Version >= 2.0 has no "save/export as 1.x " - Option, all Customers with Version 1.x are f.... left alone. Fritz
  15. @Fixx I fully agree. Thats not Shortcut but a "work-around". kind regards Fritz