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  1. ...that´s why I started my posting with "This is not about an issue about the Affinity-Products..." Those postings regarding "Pexels not working" triggered/reminded me to write this. Since the search-results vary a lot, the user-experience and the user-satisfaction of using the Stock-Panel may vary too - depending on the language used. As I already wrote: take it as a reminder - esp. since the search-result is not in the hands of Serif. PS: no, the Pexel-Panel does not work for me; the pexels-WebPages does work = they are online. perhaps they changed the Data-Interface... Fritz
  2. Hi, This is not about an issue about the Affinity-Products but just sharing my observation regarding Stock-Image Collections. to cut it short: at the majority of them the search-result is very language-dependent. I found that only big commercial providers like Getty Images etc. are able to provide similar search results regardless of the language used. (= they use proper key-wording. "Wasser" = "water") Back to the Stock-Panel of Affinity-Products: only pixabay provides very similar search results: (hits and images) unsplash is horrible: Pexels is somehow mixed: similar number of hits (not shown below) , same keywords (Ocean, Sea..) but completely different images: Take this as a gentle reminder/heads-up since I noticed that the Affinity-Family/Community is very international :-) kind regards Fritz
  3. Fritz_H

    Brushes freeze

    I confirm that issue: Paint Brush Tool is broken. the larger the brush the more its choppy. Fritz
  4. @walt.farrell Thanks, I will check the video again and play around some more with Photo but I don´t think that solution is intuitive... Esp. since there is no visual difference if the nested Layer is just a selection. kind regards Fritz
  5. Hi, I was playing around with Photo (on Windows) recently - trying to find out how to merge two Mask-Layers - seems to be a crazy complicated task... While doing that I noticed that a Layer-Mask is not always shown at the same position in the Layers Panel (notice the indenting of the Mask-Layer) Why? Thanks. kind regards Fritz
  6. @Poto Lucky It´s also missing in the panorama-module.. Does the MacOS-Version support drag-n-drop? Fritz
  7. I already suggested that Serif might need to consult Usability-Experts (not just UI-Designers) to check their products. If you look closely, there are lots of postings in this forum that refer to flaws in the interface-design. It seems to me that Serif is flooded with customer feedback (feature requests and bug reports likewise). Perhaps they are victim of their own success? kind regards Fritz
  8. @bentastic Thanks for supporting my idea/suggestion. Since there are rumors that Serif is going to add a DAM-Module in the future, I expect such a "View&Compare - Persona" to be part of that... kind regards Fritz
  9. As far as I know, the default-Keyboard-Shortcuts are the same in any language Affinity does offer. In case this is still true: please re-think that. The default mapping assigns grow/shrink brush-width to these bracket-keys: " [ ] " Problem: on a german keyboard-layout these brackets are hidden behind ALT-8 and ALT-9 Suggestion: make the factory-default-mappings match the physical key/button but not the character printed on it. related to the bracket-example mentioned above that would be: " # + " (?) on the german layout. I know, there are different Keyboard-Designs depending on the shape of the Return-Key but perhaps there is a way..? Thanks kind regards Fritz
  10. @walt.farrell even if this does work: he would have to change his "natural" work-style. -> #Usability ?
  11. Fritz_H

    Export preview

    We did not pay to have to use a freeware workaround. It´s not exactly rocket science we are talking about...and they had more than 4 years of time.
  12. Fritz_H

    Export preview

    2020 - still no preview. Perhaps we should upgrade to champions league-Software and use "Paint.net"? :-/
  13. Hi Serif, I had the opportunity to spend some time here, reading lots of forum-postings. To me there seems to be a growing number of posts regarding usability-flaws and design-mistakes. (I recently had an intensive forum-discussion myself regarding usability-aspects...) I really think you should consult some usability-experts (not just UI-designers..) to have your products evaluated. Thanks. kind regards Fritz
  14. Fritz_H

    Info panel values

    @Callum Allow me to add this follow-up question: Does the color-picker work with correct bit-length/Color-Parameters? thanks. kind regards Fritz
  15. @MEB You are talking about both platforms? (Win & MacOS) Please make sure that all file-types an Affinity-Applications can import/export are covered: example: When exporting a File to PSD and Photo is associated as default-application for PSD. Thanks! kind regards Fritz

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