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  1. OK.. but are you going to provide a correct translation? kind regards Fritz
  2. Hi Affinity/Serif, I guess, all Forum-Members are interested in contributing to the development your products in one way or the other. Because of that maybe it´s not just me, who is interested in how many licenses of your applications are already sold? How big is our "family" ? (Mac vs. Windows vs. iPad) Thanks in advance! kind regards Fritz
  3. Fritz_H

    1.7.x file format

    @Pšenda I am not worried about costs (well, not primarily..) but about compatibility in case Version 2.x+ does not offer a "Save as 1.x"-Option... kind regards Fritz
  4. Fritz_H

    1.7.x file format

    @Alfred true, but if Version >= 2.0 has no "save/export as 1.x " - Option, all Customers with Version 1.x are f.... left alone. Fritz
  5. @Fixx I fully agree. Thats not Shortcut but a "work-around". kind regards Fritz
  6. This is not a satisfying answer, sorry. sounds like: "sorry, that´s a feature company "A..." has a copyright on." Fritz
  7. Fritz_H

    1.7.x file format

    ...and what about Version 2.0? kind regards Fritz
  8. Fritz_H

    1.7.x file format

    Hi all, Since Serif offers its products as purchase and not as subscription (thanks for that BTW!), I wonder if a regular change of File-Type (causing compatibility-issues..) might be a way to "invite" Clients to purchase Updates...? Fritz
  9. Fritz_H

    Mask-Layer-Icons not updating

    Hi Gnobelix, Thanks for your answer. Please check the following screenshot: - launched APhoto 1.6.5. - created an empty pixel-Layer (red) - added an adjustment-Layer (HSL) with complete de-saturation - painted a spiral onto this HSL-Layer (since I have learned from James´ Videos, that in Affinity, every Adjustment-Layer automatically has it´s own Mask...) - saved the File - opened the file with the most recent Beta. Please compare the Layer-Thumbnails. What am I doing wrong? kind regards Fritz
  10. Hi, Perhaps a button to Reset the selection of foreground and background-Color to Black&White could be useful? BTW: is the noise-Option "hidden" intentionally? kind regards Fritz
  11. Hi, Maybe I am doing it wrong, but it seems that in APhoto the Preview-Icon of Mask-Layers is not being updated: kind regards Fritz
  12. Hi, I tried to open a file (created with APhoto beta with APhoto (german): 1. This one line is not translated. (not a big issue, I know..) 2. Why? Will upcoming Versions of Affinity-Photo/-Designer use a different File-Format? Thanks. kind regards Fritz
  13. Fritz_H

    Translation missing (german)

    To Patrick, Matt and Mark: relax :-) People from Germany are sometimes "very special" - believe me, I know... kind regards from a Country close to Germany... Fritz
  14. arrr.... Sorry, I failed to post this properly into: Reporting localisation issues in Windows Publisher beta #292 May the Forum-Moderator please move my post? Thanks! Fritz
  15. Windows 8.1 Pro, german. "la"? the language spoken in La-La-Land? Word "Gehrung" seems to be too long: 1. this palette is not resizable and 2. the display-glitch changes, depending on the checkbox at the bottom. I am not sure about this one: there are 2 checkboxes: one to use the baseline grid, another to toggle visibility of the baseline grid. although "show baseline" is checked the grid not shown until "use baseline" is also checked. Therefore I suggest: "show baseline" should be a sub-Item of "use baseline" and not an independent checkbox. kind regards Fritz