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  1. @GabrielM Thanks for your reply. well, I understand - but what if i forgot to apply the lens correction and want to apply it later (for whatever reason..) ? Perhaps a "flag" in the Photo-Code would be useful to indicate if the effect was already applied of not. If it was not , the feature could/should be still available to be used once at any time later. ? kind regards Fritz
  2. Fritz_H

    color issue with panoramas

    hi all, I did a quick downgrade to 1.7.1 (without reboot etc..) as promised: same color-shift. well, I could have sworn it was not there in 1.7.1 and earlier.. Although I do not understand why single pictures a displayed properly but freshly rendered Panoramas are not, but I don´t want to bother you with this "issue" any longer. Thanks for the interest in my posting. kind regards Fritz
  3. Fritz_H

    color issue with panoramas

    @Chris B I am sure that my Screen can not properly display that gamut BUT I did not notice that color-Issue with Photo 1.7.1 and earlier. and: Why are the single pictures displayed properly and just the panorama is "broken"? The color-change happens in the very last second of the stitching and rendering process. I will try to downgrade Photo to 1.7.1 and test again... kind regards Fritz
  4. Fritz_H

    color issue with panoramas

    @Chris B Thanks for your reply. In the meanwhile I found out, that the color-issue only occurs, when Color-Prefs are set to ROMM RGB - regardless if the Input-Pictures are JPG or RAW (NRW). Maybe I misunderstood this Video on YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx-l7Avm8Bs (Published early June 2019) Since I saw this I switched my working-profiles to ROMM RGB to take advantage of the wider color-spectrum when working with RAW... On the other hand: When I open the panorama-pictures individually the Sky-Color is displayed correctly: Strangely I did not notice any of these color-Issues with Versions of Photo prior to 1.7.2.x In case I am not smart enough to understand all this color-management-stuff: just say it Scaled down Test-Images attached. kind regards Fritz
  5. Hi, in short: Photo forgets lens during editing. Open a RAW-Image, check Lens-Correction (Lens recognized, correction can be applied), develop image, switch back to Develop Persona: lens no longer recognized.. ?? see here: Thanks. kind regards Fritz
  6. @zambo23 Hallo, ja, diese Problematik existiert und wurde in anderen Foren-Bereichen bereits beklagt - der Hersteller hat offenbar noch keine Lösung dafür. Allgemein: 1. Wenn du deine Frage in englisch schreibst, erreichst du erheblich mehr Leser hier. 2.Wenn schon nur in Deutsch, dann solltest du korrekte Rechtschreibung (Groß-Klein-Schreibung) verwenden, damit die Forums-Kollegen und vor allem die Mitarbeiter von Serif/Affinity mit Übersetzungsprogrammen bessere Ergebnisse bekommen um dein Anliegen zu verstehen. lg Fritz
  7. Hi, In Photo 1.7.1.x I had a custom Export-Setting for JPEGs (80% Quality, sRGB etc..). After the Upgrade to Photo 1.7.2.x this setting is gone. Just on my Computer (bad luck) or a bug? kind regards Fritz
  8. Fritz_H

    Panorama: 3 issues

    @Chris B Hi, answering to: Let´s use images instead of words : kind regards Fritz
  9. Hi Affinity/Serif, I really do appreciate your licensing model (= no subscription) but tracking those licenses in a business-environment is tricky since the Affinity-Applications do not give a hint which license key is installed on this or that system. (All I found is the checkbox in the Settings-panel regarding transmission of diagnostic data showing the eMail-Address..) I know, proper license-management is job of the IT-Dept. and I also know, that you offer licensing for business. But I still think it is useful for small and medium-sized businesses (esp. growing ones..) to have some unique-ID shown in the Software to identify installed licenses. My work-around at the moment is to create an email-Alias-address for each License we purchase. (e.g. Affinity1@... Affinity2@ ...) Perhaps there is a smarter way? (how about 3 parameters? an eMail-Address (shown) 1:n linked to a License ID (shown) linked 1:1 uniquely to a License-Key (hidden)? ) kind regards Fritz
  10. hi, Since Version I see this color-shift when stitching panoramas: A+B = Pano "C" see the sky for example.. Is this a bug or a user-mistake? Between 1.71 and 1.7.2 I did not recalibrate my screen, change any settings nor update the graphics-driver (NVidia). I also already tried to reset the application-settings (ALT-GR - start) - no change. Any ideas? Thanks. Fritz
  11. Hi, I found those 3 problemes in the panorama-Module of Photo the Window showing the stitched panorama can be closed without any "are you sure?" - Warning. (I remember already having reported this some time ago... still not fixed or regression?) the Panorama - Crop-Tool offers "Crop to bounds" and "Crop to opaque". after clicking either of these two buttons, the grid behaves like "Mode: original ratio" when changed manually - even though its set to "unconstrained" click on the gear-icon: Application freeze (regression? since this has been fixed before, as far as I remember...) kind regards Fritz
  12. Fritz_H

    table cell adjustment (Arrows)

    @design punch as a quick workaround until this is fixed: you may also use the Mouse-Wheel to adjust the values as long as the mount-pointer hovers above the field; use Shift and/or ALT as modifiers.. (works with almost every adjustment in Affinity Software) kind regards Fritz
  13. Hi, this issue/problem/bug is present in both, the beta and the release-Version of Photo: The Stock-Image-Panel offers 3 sources; one of them is PEXELS. Although www.pexels.com does offer searching in german, german words do not work in the Affinity Stock-Panel: I doubt, that the issue is caused by pexels.com since they offer both languages on their webpage.. ...because pexels.com is from Germany: no big issue, I know... Thanks! kind regards Fritz
  14. @Chris B & @MEB Thanks for the quick response. @MEB tested: you are correct. Thanks in advance. Fritz
  15. Has already been reported multiple times; was working until 1.6.5.xxx Thanks Fritz