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  1. Sadly I can not see the issue you are describing - perhaps it would have helped drawing a circle around the correct and the wrong font-display. As far as I know, the Affinity-Application do not (yet) support variable fonts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Variable_fonts Did you purchase the variable version by mistake?
  2. Well, an option that does not work is useless and may therefore be considered a bug.... to be fixed.
  3. so, what are these options good for? some more Usability-Nonsense?
  4. Hi, triggered by this posting: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/129579-affinity-all-never-purge-useless-data-at-saving/ I tried to see this issue myself: created an empty document, drew an empty picture frame, clicked on "replace image" and chose a JPG-file of about 11 MB and made sure that "EMBED Picture" is selected saved that Publisher-File and closed Publisher. The size of the Publisher-File (about 520KB) was, well: suprising. I renamed the JPG-File and opened the Publisher-File. Result: ???? Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit, german. Publisher:
  5. Perhaps there is some misunderstanding here: This changed application-behavior is only available in the most recent beta -> Serif can and will change features during the beta-phase (-stage); that is what it´s used for: check and change things (if necessary) .
  6. OK.. so tell me please: which problem does this change solve? What exactly improves by using ".JPEG" ?
  7. Nobody needs a checkbox in the Prefs for a feature nobody needs and nobody asked for. Just trash that stupid idea.
  8. I don´t see a single problem Serif solves by changing the default from .jpg to .jpeg but this change will for sure CAUSE problems and inconveniences. I ask Serif to quickly remove this nonsense and focus on fixing the real issues. ( like usability finally? ) Thanks.
  9. I think such an "export selected images to PDF" - Feature would perfectly suit into a DAM-Application...
  10. @mikeindevon You are right - I don´t know the UI-Design of Photoshop but Tabs like every modern WebBrowser offers, would be far more intuitive/useful.. (BTW: one of the many usability-issues of the Affinity-Products... <sigh> )
  11. Well, not referring to the main topic? I will take this as an answer, Thanks.
  12. ? "devalue" ? did not see it that way - Your answer just made me unsure (uncertain?) whether I could explain my idea properly/intelligibly...
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