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  1. I can shyly say that in the Designer Beta version -, the bug is still unrepaired.
  2. There is a corrupt bleed in the new document.Objects are not displayed even though bleed is running.You have to turn off bleed and turn it back on to display objects.Also when removing elements from Assets, the visibility of objects in bleed disappears. I know that if there is no information about it in the Beta Patch Notes, it means it's still not fixed. I just remind you about this error, because it looks like the store version 1.8.4 will be released soon - still with an unrepaired bug. Because of these errors, I don't use Affinity Designer at all - only Affinity Publisher. In general, Publisher only differs from Designer in that it does not have Corner Tool, Pencil Tool and Vecor Brush, but it has many other things you need, such as pages, text frames, tables, properly functioning bleeds, etc. So although I have all Affinity propgrams for Mac and Windows, I only use Publisher in my daily work. And I think it would only be better if there were only 2 Persona in Publisher: Publisher Persona (combination of Publisher and Designer) and Photo Persona.
  3. I have a question for Artsketch regarding the trackpad. I am thinking of buying this device. Can I design normally in AFFINITY with the trackpad? Or is it more precise than a mouse with buttons and a wheel in the middle? Drawing circles, rectangles, lines, inserting photos, rotating objects easier or more difficult? I have 2 additional 23-inch monitors connected to the 27-inch imac, so there are three monitors together. The mouse is used to operate the programs without any problems, one small move and I'm on a different monitor. How will this work with a trackpad?
  4. Yes, exactly, I want to be able to add these icons to the toolbar, after all the user can decide which icons he needs for his best work. Depending on the size of your monitor, it may add more icons. Why can't I add a second or third row of icons in the top bar. I personally have a 27 inch monitor (probably not the only one out of 2 million Affinity users) and I really have a lot of space to put up to 100 additional icons. I have been working at CorelDraw for 30 years. In this program it is possible to add or even create an icon to each command that is in the top menu. Please Serif: Give users more freedom to create icons in the top toolbar. (e.g. new, open, print, import, export, undo, redo etc.). Who will not want to clutter the screen, this will not add icons and others will have the option to add them. Of course, I don't want anything for free. Give Serif account number. I am happy to pay for these changes and others.
  5. I wish Serif would give me a choice if I need these buttons or not in the top bar (as are the other selectable buttons). Only at this point I can't select them as they are not available. I personally think this is a mistake and an oversight.
  6. Can someone explain why there are no and it is not possible to put these icons in the upper toolbar in Affinity Photo, of course you can mirror the object via the menu - Arrange - Flip Horizontal. There are these icons in Affinity Designer and Publisher, but not in Photo. What reason? aren't objects reflected in photo? This is it, and many other shortcomings in Affinity since its launch that have been neglected and continue right up to version Beta 1.8.4. If these basic errors in using the program are not corrected, they will move to the new version 2.0 Have someone from Serif handle the visual tweaks to the Affinity suite in addition to coming up with new stuff. I wrote about it many times - give Serif Account number - I will transfer money for these corrections. I use all of your Affinity suite on Windows, Mac and iPad.
  7. I don't see any changes or improvements in margin and bleed facilitation. In addition, there is still an unrepaired event: if you have set and visible bleed, and you drag the element from the resources to the bleed - then the visibility of the element on the bleed disappears, you need to enter the menu and turn off the visibility of the bleed, then turn on the visibility of the bleed and then the object on the bleed will be visible, but then you can re-drag another object from the resource and you will get an error again. And there is also an unrepaired bug since we have set bleed in the document and transform it into Artboard - then objects overlapping bleed are invisible. For this reason, even though I have had Affinity Designer for 4 years, I do not use it at all, I work at Publisher on a daily basis, and I install Affinity Beta only to check if any corrections have been made. I just hope that at least 5.0 will fix it. If Serif Money is missing, please provide your account number, I'll be happy to pay for these changes.
  8. I wouldn't count on it. Maybe only in version 2.0 or 15.0
  9. This question and request was asked several years earlier, last year: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/80489-is-it-possible-to-convert-an-existing-artistic-text-layer-to-a-text-frame-layer / comments & tab = # comment-424239 I have the impression that Serif is not interested in this topic. It also seems to me that in the Serif programmers group there is no person who works professionally on these Affinity programs - people who would know what really needs to be changed, improved or added to make the program really professional. I know that programmers are working all the time, but the latest beta versions are only minimal corrections of broken things. In my advertising and graphic company I work on Affinity programs on Windows and on Macs. The computer is on 24 hours. We design 95% on Publisher and Designer, the remaining percentage is CorelDraw, to which I have to import exported pdfs, because only CorelDraw works with machines: vinyl cutting plotter and laser plotter. So every day, every few minutes I have to fight adversities and deficiencies of the program.
  10. In Windows, I can copy the link address of an image and paste it in the File Name box in the Insert Image window. I have a new Mac and Catalina system. How can I do the same in the Insert picture window in Mac? Is this impossible?
  11. As I wrote earlier. on this screen, the 23-inch project open in Publisher MAC version is displayed as too large, while when you open this project in Publisher windows version in Parallels Desktop, the project is displayed correctly. (actual size). Before publishing this question on the forum, I did probably a thousand attempts at various screen settings, and unfortunately I could not do what I wanted.
  12. On the iMac monitor 27 inches displays correctly when setting the current size, while on the screen 23 inches when setting the current size - the size on the screen is incorrect (too large by 1cm)
  13. The most interesting thing is that the Project with this 10x10cm square running in Publisher Win in Parallels Desktop on this 23 inch screen displays the screen size at 100%. I have bought Affinity packages for MAC and WINDOWS.
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