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  1. I do not believe I'm working on Windows 7 only, what's the downside of adding these tips to the progress bar? It would be nice to see what happens with a large rescue project. Sometimes it takes a long time to save or export, and it is not known whether the program has been suspended or is still in the process of writing. It will certainly make it easier to work in the program.
  2. In version in Windows 7, when you save large files, there is no progress bar. When exporting large files, you do not see the progress bar. I suggest adding only numbers with percentages on the progress bar and this will be very OK.
  3. I think you only need to add the possibility of choosing the color of the left-click fill and right border color, leaving the current way of choosing the color. This will make the job easier.
  4. I am reiterating the question about Polish. In Poland there are many users of these wonderful programs.
  5. Designing the entire day in the program uses every moment to choose the color of the fill or the border and you need to aim at the tiny color picker icon and still tiny icon without filling. It is very annoying if you work a few hours. So I think the best option is to choose the color of the left mouse button fill and right border color. In Coreldraw I have been working continuously since 1991 since version 3.0. From the beginning it was so organized and it is very practical because you do not have to switch any icon to choose whether you want to color fill or colorize the border. I bought the Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo program and I am doing a lot of projects in these programs and I really like them. Some designs can be done in Affinity Designer very quickly and efficiently. Although in CorelDraw I have been working for 26 years, I am more and more often designing in Designer, although I still have errors.
  6. In version, icons for selecting fill color and borders were larger and more comfortable to handle. Version is smaller and less handy. It would be better if the color of the fill was left-clicked and the color of the border was the right mouse button, as in CorelDraw.
  7. OKAY. Thank you very much, now you can do everything. Cheers
  8. Hello Still lack the capacity to set the line (stroke) width to 0,001 mm, ie the thickness of the hair, it is necessary to cooperate, eg. From the laser to cut out shapes. The thinnest line (stroke) to set terz in Designer is 0.1mm, too little.