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  1. You have to click on this seemingly inactive button, and from now on you can enter in the transformation panel - 10cm and the text on the path will increase proportionally.
  2. I installed the Publisher windows 2.0.3.exe version - it installed quickly. However, I am concerned that if it will be version 2.0.4 - then nothing is corrected according to previously reported errors - i.e. setting the line thickness in mm (which makes version 2.0.3 completely useless)
  3. That's right, I mean Vireframe view mode - X-Ray. There should also be a preview of bitmaps in gray or light color, but without the ability to click on the color or bitmap. And it would be perfect. Really, no one from Serif has worked in CorelDraw, (Vectorstyler and other graphics programs before, for example?
  4. Yes I know. For now, I do this with the arrow keys on the keyboard. But imagine that you are not working on A4 format but designing a 2x4m banner. I have several pages (several projects) and I just want to show in the lower or upper part of the project only some piece of graphic, and the graphic is 5m high. I move half of it and it already skips me to the next page. So I would have to move almost 2 meters with the arrow keys on the keyboard to get what I want. Very often I also need to place a piece of graphics in the bleed, which in this case is no longer possible with the mouse. (I'm still talking about the case when we have several pages). Stupidity. in Affinity 1 I do it by moving the mouse over the graphics faster - in 1 second. So the obvious thing - Affinity 2 to improve. (But probably in a month or more because Christmas and New Year)
  5. Personally, I consider this a bug in Affinity 2.0 in wireframe view mode - selecting objects on the page. In the Affinity 1.0 version, in this mode, we only see outlines and you can select objects without touching the outlines. It's great if there is an object hidden somewhere under other objects on the page, in this preview you can easily see and select it. However, in Affinity 2.0 this wireframe mode has added the option to color objects and preview bitmaps (which is cool) but unfortunately you can't select objects by moving the mouse anymore because when you click on a colored object it is selected. It is enough to remove this inconvenience - i.e. clicking in this fill preview mode should not select the object, but only by clicking the outline or selecting the area with objects with the mouse. How it works e.g. in Affinity 1 or CorelDraw also in wireframe view mode. If this is not fixed then what was the purpose of this mode in Affinity 2.0? In Vectorstyler, this also works correctly in Outline Preview mode. Affinity Publisher 2 2022-12-21 00-22-36.mp4 Affinity Publisher 2022-12-21 00-21-26.mp4
  6. OKAY Please correct these bugs in version 2.0.3 as soon as possible. You can't work like that. I'm back to work on version 1.10.6
  7. For what? Since it works in the Publisher 1 version without any additional frames. And I would also have to put each group of objects into an additional frame?
  8. For example, first a clip from Publisher 2 with an obvious error and working fine in Publisher 1. Of course, this is the case when I have more than one page in the project. Please Serif fix it in Publisher 2. Affinity Publisher 2 2022-12-20 19-57-27.mp4 Affinity Publisher 2022-12-20 20-01-17.mp4
  9. The red rectangle is just an example. Imagine a group of several elements that you need to place in the upper or lower part of the card, but only part of this group is to be visible on the card. And there are several cards. Or instead of a group, an image that is to be visible on the page only a piece. In Publisher 1 this works fine without artificially inserting into a rectangle. And in Publiher 2 the group is flipped to the next page and you can't just show a piece of a group or a piece of an image.
  10. For example, I recorded how it works correctly in Publisher 1. Affinity Publisher 2022-12-20 17-24-23.mp4
  11. Unfortunately, you are wrong. So how do I make a piece of the red rectangle on the other side? Unfeasible in Publisher 2. It worked fine in Affinity 1. As long as you hold the object with the mouse and the object and the mouse pointer is on that page then the object is visible on that page even though part of it is sort of on the next page.
  12. In windows 11, unfortunately, it is not possible to select the A0, A1, A2 format either with a new document or as it is already created. This is very annoying, and I don't understand how Serif could intentionally remove it. Who are these Affinity programs for? I work professionally on these programs, I use them every day in my work. And programs instead of swarming are broken on purpose. The Affinity 1 version was already good, you know there were still bugs. But in the version of Affinity 2 there were changes that nobody asked for. Instead of correcting errors, Serif made incomprehensible changes, including the removal of A0, A1 and A2 formats. Are these programs for preschoolers? For fun on an A4 sheet? People. I want to work on these programs. Serif, don't put a log under your feet. I'm willing to pay 10 times more for a program just to get it to work properly. Serif - give me your account number - I'll transfer you the money I kept for the purchase of the latest CorelDraw, which in Poland is 6 times more expensive than the entire Affinity package.
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