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  1. This is probably an oversight and inconsistency.The icons for Contour Tool are in the text version of Persona Designer on Mac, while in Affinity Designer and Persona Designer in Publisher for Windows they are in the icon version. And the bug was transferred to the final version 1.9 for MAC computers.
  2. This is probably an oversight and inconsistency. The icons for Contour Tool are in the text version of Persona Designer on Mac, while in Affinity Designer and Persona Designer in Publisher for Windows they are in the icon version.
  3. Just add a button on the Contour Tool toolbar - keep the original and of course the button - scale with object. The lower bar of the program interface shows that you can hold the ALT key while using the Contour Tool and the object will be cloned. Unfortunately, on Windows and Mac it doesn't work.
  4. Exactly. I have purchased Designer and Photo as separate programs just so that I can use StudioLink in Publisher. If all these good features exist in these two separate programs, I don't understand why they can't be implemented in Publisher. After all, the condition of the Publisher's full and proper operation is Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. I still stand by my decision that I want to donate the equivalent of the purchase of CorelDraw 2020 (711 Euro) for the faster development of the Affinity package and not making bad decisions for Serif.
  5. I am very disappointed with this answer. Although I have purchased all Affinity programs for Mac, Windows and iPad for my advertising company in Poland, until the basic errors in Designer and Photo are fixed, I use Affinity Publisher on a daily basis, using Persona Designer and Persona Photo for designing books, flyers, posters, business cards, logos, elements for websites, web banners, etc. I even gave up buying the CorelDraw 2020 update (I have been working on CorelDraw from version 3.0) waiting for the Affinity software updates. And here is such an uninteresting answer. I would like the money prepared for CorelDraw to be spent on development at Affinity. Please, Serif, enter your account number, I want to deposit 711 Euro so that you do not make bad decisions. Butryn Marek is a company for graphic designers from Poland.
  6. OKAY It works in this version. I checked in Affinity Designer Beta and there you can enlarge the export preview by 1% by turning the mouse wheel and holding the alt key. Wouldn't it be better to put + - 100% buttons in the export preview window. ? In general, this export preview is rather in a very early version. I hope it will change, but probably not in 1.9 as the full version is to be released in a moment.
  7. Excuse me. But I can't look for any change and improvement since the last beta in the export preview in this 212 beta. It's probably even worse, because I can't set the preview to 100% for anything. By spinning the mouse wheel, initially the percentages increase slowly by 10%, starting from 3%. So no chance to set 100%, it comes out closest to 103%. And those numerous improvements? Can you make the Export window not change its height depending on whether you choose png, jpg, gif, tiff, psd or pdf. ? After all, you can set one common bone for all options so that it does not jump on the screen. I think this panel is broken in this version. I also don't see any improvements and I can't do anything with it by selecting any objects on the screen.
  8. Added Mitre Limit to Contour Tool I praised Serif for repairing the Contour Tool. It really works well in this beta. Although I still miss the option scale with object. Please add this button and it will be really fun. This option is also missing from the Corner Tool.
  9. Serif, please do as it used to be, that the include bleed button was visible in the main export window. Now, in the three Affinity programs for Mac and Windows, this button, depending on whether you export as png, jpg, gif, tiff and pdf, is on the main export pane or in the More pane. In my work, where I use Affinity every day and design e.g. business cards, leaflets, posters etc., I need to export with bleed. I bought Affinity licenses for two Mac and Windows systems. And here's not that unified button. When exporting to Mac to jpg it is in the main export window (very good) in the Windows version you need to click the More button to select include bleed (very bad). It is similar when exporting to png, tiff, gif. So please tidy it up. I want to pay for it. Please enter the amount and account number.
  10. Repeatedly Serif has been asked for this function, but apparently IT professionals don't have time to deal with trivialities. Vectorstyler, although it is still in beta, can do it. I too, probably 2 years ago, asked for this function of converting artistic text into framed text and vice versa. Two years have passed and what?
  11. I reinstalled 1.8.4 with hopes of improvement, but actually the font preview only works the first time, re-selecting a different font no longer shows the preview. This is the case in all Affinity in-store programs and versions, including Beta on Mac BigSur 11.0.1 On Windows 10, the preview works normally.
  12. Am I the only one having the font preview problem when selecting a font from the font drop-down list? It drives me crazy. This preview also does not work in 1.8.6 Publisher and the latest Beta releases. Imac 27 inch 2015. BigSur 11.0.1
  13. Exactly. Previewing fonts from the dropdown font list does not work in Designer, Photo and Publisher 1.8.6. in BigSur MacOS. You can't work like this. Is it possible to go back to version 1.8.5?
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