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  1. Yes, I know that, but after entering the appropriate size, e.g. 150mm width and moving to the height field, the width size will be automatically changed to px, and I would like this value to remain on the screen in mm, even if I want to export something later. This is my request for this possibility, it really facilitates work, and yet the point is to make the program pleasant to use. Truth?
  2. I suggest you do that. Make this version of Affinity free for those who are satisfied with existing features and do not need anything else, and make paid Affinity Pro (much more expensive than the current price) where the program will have the real things that people working on these programs and earning money expect. I can pay more, so far I've been paying about 700 Euro for a year for the Adobe package. So I would like to pay more to fix the program with errors and provide basic graphic functions. I am not talking about cosmic functions but about properly functioning basic ones. Let new features be created in version 2.0. The program should now be stabilized.
  3. Please Serif - add the option to add icons (e.g. New, Open, Print, Import, Export) to the Toolbar. I know that not everyone wants these icons to be there permanently, but give people the option of adding these icons, as you can now change other icons, add and remove them. In CorelDraw, you can create icons yourself and assign them to the appropriate functions. I'm sure Serif developers can easily give Affinity users the ability to add and change icons other than those now available. The figure shows a 2017 proposal.
  4. So I would like to have selection of units of measurement when exporting, to see exactly what size, e.g. in mm I export (if the document is set in mm) so that the size of the selected object is correct or that I can change the size of the exported object in the export window instead of changing it physical size in the program.
  5. We already wrote about this functionality in 2017. but Serif seems to have more important things to do. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/52011-drag-selection-while-creating/&tab=comments#comment-262750 I would also like to make it possible to move the selection to the right place while creating the selection by pressing the space key. As I wrote - when creating a selection.
  6. It is puzzling that almost all dedicated users say that something is completely unnecessary or unnecessary. Forum users present their suggestions for changes and improvements in Affinity depending on their workflow and this should be respected. Personally, I never thought that an idea or improvement for someone was unnecessary. When it comes to Affinity Photo, I also often start working with, for example, moving an object or clicking an object to check its size. And I would also prefer the Move Tool to be the default tool or let me set in the preferences what tool should be the default (to satisfy everyone) .
  7. I don't believe that only I need this unit selection feature during export, there are probably 2 million users of Affinity software already. Not everyone uses this software for fun, according to the developers it is professional software, so how can you say that what I suggest is not useful? Imagine that even if in Affinity Designer I set the document resolution to e.g. 150 dpi, I would draw a protocol size 600mm x 45mm and export to * .jpg (export settings show the size in pixels 3545px x 2658px) and open this file in a program for printing on large format printer, it displays information about the file that is expressed in cm, and shows me the correct size 60cm x 45cm, although the export units were pixels. Even if I import this * .jpg file into CorelDraw (document settings CorelDraw 300dpi), it shows me the object size 600mm x 450mm 150dpi.) So Affinity exports well, other programs interpret it well. So I would like to have Affinity selection of units of measurement when exporting, to see exactly what size, e.g. in mm I export (if the document is set in mm) so that the size of the selected object is correct or that I can change the size of the exported object in the export window instead of changing it physical size in the program. This is normal in other graphic programs that I use in my advertising company.
  8. I would like to point out that I use Affinity programs for work, not play. I run an advertising company, we make signboards, banners, posters, business cards, etc. I also use CorelDraw since 1992. Please see the pictures, there is no problem with changing units when exporting to jpg, png, tif, bmp etc. I can choose different units of measure when exporting. Also, such a file, e.g. * .jpg, is imported into a program that supports a large eco-solvent plotter (PhotoPRINT DX) and is displayed in mm in it. I can't imagine how I would handle such large prints, e.g. 250cm x120cm if they were expressed in px. All products not related to screen display require units of measurement in mm, cm and meters (Europe, Poland). I still have a foil cutting plotter and a laser plotter in my company, for some reason these devices do not work with Affinity because there is no raster vector signal to the devices. And these devices require a vector signal. So it would make my daily work much easier if I could set different units of measurement than px when exporting to bitmaps.
  9. The same applies to exporting objects. Not always if I export objects to * .jpg, these are files for websites - of course then in px size. In most cases, in my daily work I need to export objects to e.g. * .jpg in mm size, e.g. designs for signs and banners for a printing plotter. Then I need the size in mm. And although the whole document is set in mm, the size of the objects in the transform panel is displayed correctly in mm, in the export window to e.g. jpg it is not possible to set the units in mm, the information is displayed only in px. A long time ago I wrote about adding the option to select units in the size boxes, but you can see Serif has more important priorities. I would like to be able to choose units when exporting. E.g. Right click on the dimensions window in px, a popup menu will open with the units to choose from. This is a necessity for normal work. After all, Affinity is professional software.
  10. 1. Unfortunately: Disable View> View Mode> Crop to canvas not working It's about choosing objects on the other side and more. It works fine on the first and last pages. 2. Indeed, enabling this preference will work, but in 99% of my work I don't need this option, so I would have to turn it on for a moment in the menu, which would be very bothersome in normal operation.
  11. It seems to be a mistake. How do I select all objects on the second page (there can be 3 pages, for example) if the objects go beyond the page format area ... Of course, I can select them in the layers panel, or click to select everything, but how to mark with a mouse click. It's not possible. You can select all objects on the first page and the last page with the mouse, but it is not possible on other pages. zaznaczanie.afpub
  12. Unfortunately, I don't see any visual or technical difference between 1.7.3 and
  13. Tweaked Vector Crop tool so that we offer a hit handle for narrow shapes Someone can explain to me what's going on?
  14. I would like to be able to add my own name in the Pages panel to existing names Page 1, Page 2 ... If we create a dozen or several dozen pages, it is easier to find logically signed pages, not just Page 1 or other. This should be done exactly as you would now add your own names to objects in the Layers panel.
  15. In general, the selection of objects with the Shift key is corrupted.
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