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  1. I reinstalled 1.8.4 with hopes of improvement, but actually the font preview only works the first time, re-selecting a different font no longer shows the preview. This is the case in all Affinity in-store programs and versions, including Beta on Mac BigSur 11.0.1 On Windows 10, the preview works normally.
  2. Am I the only one having the font preview problem when selecting a font from the font drop-down list? It drives me crazy. This preview also does not work in 1.8.6 Publisher and the latest Beta releases. Imac 27 inch 2015. BigSur 11.0.1
  3. Exactly. Previewing fonts from the dropdown font list does not work in Designer, Photo and Publisher 1.8.6. in BigSur MacOS. You can't work like this. Is it possible to go back to version 1.8.5?
  4. Previewing fonts from the drop-down font list does not work in Publisher Beta on BigSur MacOS. The worst part is that this preview also doesn't work in Designer, Photo and Publisher 1.8.6. in BigSur MacOS. When you hover over a font name, you should see a preview of that font, which is not working.
  5. Why the Photo and Publisher install files are .zip and Designer has a .dmg file Designer is installed without any problem for me, but zip after unpacking does not start programs.
  6. Since Affinity Beta programs are downloadable as .zip files, I cannot run these programs on my Imac 2015, MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 I unpack the zip, copy the app's directory to the Applications directory and after clicking the beta Photo or Publisher icon, pop up for 1s. program start window and turns off. After which the error report appears.
  7. OKAY. Everyone knows everyone has their own workflow and habit. I personally would prefer 2 Persons in Publisher: 1 Persona - Publisher with Designer Tools included 2 Persona - Photo When working in Publisher, this would solve the continual transition from the Publisher persona to the Designer persona for the sole purpose of temporarily rounding corners or extending the outline. I use Publisher almost 24 hours a day in my advertising company: we design logos, business cards, leaflets, advertising banners on cars, we cut them out of foil and use a laser plotter, etc. So I spend a lot, a lot of time with Afiinity software, so that's why my observation is here. Besides, Affinity still has a lot of bugs and shortcomings - but I would gladly give a lot more money to develop and refine the software. Regarding Designer himself, of course, I agree that there is a lack of a font manager and a fix for a lot of unpatched bugs and shortcomings.
  8. My point is that the publisher could take the tools from the Designer, such as Corner Tool, Contour Tool, Pencil Tool, Vector Brush Tool, creating symbols and creating Artboards. And already. And we have a very nice show. Of course, Photo as a separate program due to many other tools. Although Photo begs to add a few tools from the other two, eg Transparency Tool, and I can't understand why I can't create a bleed in Photo.
  9. More and more I come to the conclusion that only Publisher and Photo should remain of the three programs. The publisher should absorb the Designer tools and the trouble will be out of your head. As of today, the designer has few vector tools, and even fewer vector tools, so it's better to transfer them to Publisher and there are only two programs left for development.
  10. The contour tool does not work properly. A 50x50mm rectangle is drawn on the screen. Using the contour tool and the 118.2mm setting is actually 10mm. And somehow I don't see an improvement in setting the slider with values greater than 50 or -50. If I design large elements, e.g. 2 meters, and would like to apply a contour shift, what is 50mm? I know I can type manually, but this is a stupid limitation. And the reset button for this tool is missing, or at least double-clicking on the dot on the slider could reset to 0. And yet the scaling of this tool is missing exactly the same as the scaling is missing in Coorner Tool. I wonder if it would not be better if the original of the object remained when using the contour tool (as in CORELDRAW, for example).
  11. Thank you for your help. Indeed, you just need to group the match layer to make it work for all other pages, but you don't have to do Master B, you can put it all in Master A, just a match layer in the group of course (yes, only one item in the group).
  12. How do I have the Publisher put Master A Adjustments Levels on the page and have the Adjustments settings affect all other pages in the document with Master A. Now in 1.8.4 Levels it only works within Master A, but not on other objects in pages with Master A set. I mean, I have a scanned book of 400 pages to make. You need to darken and sharpen all scanned pages a bit. It would be enough just in Master A to set the Levels to darkening and all pages could darken, but at this point it does not work and I would have to insert Adjustments Levels on each page of these 400 pages.
  13. I wouldn't count on it. Maybe only in version 2.0 or 15.0
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