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  1. @Greg EThanks, but I wasn't looking for a workaround (I know the workarounds). I'd still like to see it in the Export dialog as it used to be in PagePlus. @Hilltop@rah1861 We cannot possibly know whether they have any intention of ever including this, and I prefer not to make assumptions either way.
  2. I did - before you joined. For those of us who remember the halcyon days of the old Serif Forums, this really is a poor relation. There's always been an unpleasant undertow. I hope it improves for those of you who frequent it nowadays. As for me, I'm off. Good luck!
  3. This is why I left and didn't post for a long time. I have only returned because of the V2 release, but am now about to remove my bookmark to the forum (again). It seems to be full of trolls these days, and some particularly nasty ones.
  4. I think you just answered your own question. I made it clear that I was making a general statement: this sort of price reduction (and the company going quiet, for that matter) ahead of a new version launch is common across industries. It is not peculiar to Serif. FACT. That is all I have to say.
  5. It's pretty common across all industries for something to be sold at an extremely tempting lower price just before a new version is released: it's something I tend to look out for as an indicator that something new is on the way. Not making a judgement on the practice, but just saying that it is quite a common practice.
  6. No, but if you work on COPIES of your existing V1 files, then you will always have a back-up.
  7. Short of actually giving it away, there will be backlash whatever they do: there will always be a proportion of people you can't please.
  8. Serif's Patrick Connor advised forum members NOT to expect any further reductions (i.e. NO Black Friday deals) in another thread.
  9. Serif's Patrick Connor advised forum members NOT to expect any further reductions (i.e. NO Black Friday deals) in another thread. 14 December is quoted here:
  10. Thank you for this - it is very clear and I hope that those who are complaining all read it in order to understand the rationale. I think the vast majority understand the difficulties and that Serif is still a remarkably small outfit. I look forward to the V1 to V2 upgrade 'thank you' bundle. 😀
  11. I have invested in other software because there is no DAM with Affinity Photo. I use ACDSee Ultimate 2023, which has everything I need for DAM, development and processing under one 'roof'.
  12. That would be because Serif is running a business, not a charity. The reason for this has been addressed by Serif staff in other threads on this issue, but essentially they have no way of knowing who bought the product and when unless it was bought from Serif direct. There's the lesson: if you stick with them, buy directly from Serif.
  13. When you run up V2 for the first time, it should ask if you want to transfer V1 customisations across - does that not work for presets?
  14. I had no way of knowing this. Patrick's explanation shows why I could not have known this.
  15. No, there isn't. There are many threads about this today, and Patrick Connor from Serif has expleined the pricing rationale in a couple of them. Do a search for his posts today and you will be able to read this for yourself.
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