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  1. …something you can do with the older Macs, but not with the new ones! 😁 Paolo
  2. Not that I'm objecting to the export functionality, but the DXF format is usually asked because it comes directly from the CAD, and there are no dangerous conversions in the middle. If the original drawing is made in Designer, it is likely that an SVG exported from it is more accurate than a DXF converted with another program. Paolo
  3. I would say that the world would have more and more problems, if we really consider a computer from less than four years ago an obsolete one… https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/article/e-waste-monitor-report-glut I'm using a Mac from 2013, and it works perfectly fine. It can even install the OS from the end of 2021, and with a little patch it can run with the current one. I could install 64 GB in my obsolete Mac, and could have installed twice of that, while the most recent Macs struggle, or can't have that amount of RAM at all (the one just introduced stops at 24 GB). And I have tons of ports, including 2 x Gigabit Ethernet. And yes, I barely use 1/3 of its CPU power when rendering a full orchestral simulation. When this 1/3 will really get old, I'll use the remaining 2/3… Paolo
  4. I'm not sure it is totally this way. I own the perpetual version of 2021, that freezes the features of that year. The 365 version has continued to evolve, but I can open its files with my version. Also, I would think that the DOCX and XLSX file formats can be opened with any version of Word and Excel from a few years up to today. Only, the missing features are ignored by the older versions. Paolo
  5. The really secluded program is, in fact, Publisher. Both Photo and Designer have export options that may help sharing with V1 and with other programs. Not so with Publisher. Paolo
  6. Maybe. But do you have any idea about why they should do it? I've assisted, even in companies where I have worked in the past, to discussions about preventing users to save to the file format of a competitor, to forbid them to go/return there. I've always found this completely fool, in particular when the other company is a much bigger one, and an established one that wouldn't need compatibility with the data of the smaller company to survive. At the same time, the smaller company suffered lack of interoperability, therefore of easy reuse of their customer's work in a more general context. This made the tools of the smaller company useless, despite their appeal, good quality and lower cost. Paolo
  7. It could even be IDML. If Publisher 2 could export this format, Publisher 1 could open the exported files. With the obvious limitations imposed by the different features available in the source program. A single interchange format would solve so many problems. Paolo
  8. I would add that not only native speakers would find support for non-Roman languages useful. Even professionals and companies writing in English, or other Roman-based languages, need their creations or products to be delivered worldwide. The omission of large areas of the world makes Publisher unsuitable for this type of job. I understand how difficult it is to implement this support, and the many years Adobe needed to give imperfect support testifies it. However, I think the importance of this issue shouldn't be underestimated. Paolo
  9. Unless you have already tried, I would rebuild each note one by one. In the word processor, I would insert a note, and then paste the source. It's a very long work, for which I would probably advise against using Publisher. I'm not using it myself for this type of work. Sadly, the lack of export functions can be a very hard hit for some of us. Paolo
  10. Its advantage is, however, that you can type directly in Publisher, with no need of exchanging data with Designer. Until there isn't direct support from Publisher, I would think that 30 USD (or less, if you purchase the multi-license) is an acceptable price for an easy solution. Paolo
  11. And you could still print the open source colors yourself! All you would need is something like Pantone reference cards to make them… Paolo
  12. FontBook can do it. Just create a dedicate smart folder. Paolo
  13. It would suffice if Publisher did as InDesign: export a story in a linear way, with all the styles applied and the images in the text, converted to a format that RTF can support. But I would greatly appreciate if Publisher could export linked images, at least as an option, as links that it can then rebuild when importing the same file. If RTF, now a rather obsolete file format, can't do it, DOCX could maybe do it, or be able to be adapted to do it. This way, one would be able to export the story as a DOCX file, have it edited or translated, and be able to have the linked images reappear in the text when one imports it into Publisher. Paolo
  14. If you just need text, maybe copying from Publisher and pasting into Word may work. I've done some tests. Copying from Publisher V1 and pasting into Mac Word 16, all the paragraph styles are preserved. Character styles are not applied, even if the character appearance is there (you can ask Word to select similarly-formatted text, and apply the character styles from the list). Images are not pasted. Accented character are not pasted. Tables are not pasted. With Apple Pages 10, nor paragraph or character styles are pasted. You have to select similar text and create the styles again. No image or table is pasted. Accented character are pasted. With Nisus Writer Pro 3.3, all the paragraph styles are preserved. Character styles are not applied or imported, even if the character appearance is there. No image or table is pasted. Accented character are pasted. Paolo
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