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  1. IT'S THERE IN BETA 1.8! Now you can customize all the move/select actions! Yay! Yay! THANK YOU, SERIF! Paolo
  2. I'm someone who makes books in a team (and, frankly, it seems this is a very common publishing situation, unless your are self-publishing your novel). And I add my voice to the request for a book feature. Unfortunately, pasting separate PDF files is not feasible if you want to keep indexes and cross-references in synch, and importing is not practical for frequent updates of the book during work. Paolo
  3. Each configuration is different, but I tested ID CS6 on Mojave, and it didn't work. It did run, but opening any panel took forever. The usual font cleaning solution didn't work. I had to go back to High Sierra. I would be happy to read of positive experiences, so that I can try again upgrading. Paolo
  4. Unfortunately, this change has not been implemented in the new 1.7.3 version out today. Maybe the next one… Paolo
  5. I use conditional text in InDesign to extract two different versions of a book from the same master. Conditions like "Short Version Only" and "Long Version Only" can help preparing at once both version of a book, intended for different devices (print, screen) or audiences (beginners, advanced, or general public and the press). I don't know if there would be workaround if this feature was missing, but I doubt there would be any more easy to use that conditional text. Paolo
  6. On the Mac, a personal publishing app that can do – in addition to footnotes and endnotes – LaTeX (and MathML) in a human way is Apple Pages. You write as humans do, and when needed type formulas as a programmer. This could also be a hint for a later addition to Publisher. Paolo
  7. The Story Editor can be seen under a different, more general perspective: a Story Editor persona could be used to integrate an editorial system, where more contributors write text that will eventually converge in the final layout. Useful for checking on the designer side, useful for the writers to easily send text to the publication layout. At this point Publisher would not only be a great personal publishing system, but can work well for a small editorial staff. Paolo
  8. It works. For some reason, in the previous session it didn't work. By relaunching Publisher, it worked. It is following the same navigation rules as on a PC (Cmd-Up/Down for beginning of the current/next paragraph, Cmd-Left/Right for the beginning of the current/next word, Home/End for the beginning/end of the line. Oh, how would I love if it worked on a Mac as on a Mac! Paolo
  9. I heartily support this request. Having to constantly switch from one way of moving cursor to a different one is very annoying. All programs following the Apple guidelines use a system different than the one in Publisher, and you end up having to "change your hat" each time you switch from a text editor to the page layout program. An additional set of customizable shortcuts for keyboard navigation would be a mind saver. Paolo
  10. The same seems to happen with moving between paragraphs. In Mac apps, you usually type Opt-Up to go to the beginning of the paragraph, Opt-Down to go to the end. This doesn't seem to work. But it seems that neither Cmd-Up and Cmd-Down work as a replacement. Paolo
  11. Hi Pauls, I'm on Mac High Sierra, last revision, Italian. The issue happens both when I first resize the table by hand, and when I do nothing before. Attached you can find a video showing how it happens. Paolo afpub-table.mov
  12. Pauls, thank you very much for your answer. Yes, you are right, I tried with one of the standard non-QWERTY layouts supplied by Apple, and it indeed works. I don't know why my layout is not working. I've not edited it for years, so I must remember what I did. If you are interested to see it, here is it, in both the Unicode and Roman scripts. Paolo Italiano-moderno-a.zip
  13. Thomaso, it is something similar. I use a QZERTY layout. However, it seems Publishers is remapping my shortcuts to a QWERTY layout. Paolo
  14. Hi, 1. Create a table. 2. Put the text cursor inside a cell, and click on the lower arrow in the Cell > Width or Height pane. The cell width or height is not reduced, but increased. Values are only increasing, whichever the arrow you click on. Paolo
  15. Hi, I use a custom keyboard layout on my Mac, with letter Z where there a W in an US keyboard; and letter W where there is Z. When assigning a keyboard shortcut, I can see the letter I typed. If I type W according to my layout, I can see W in the shortcut box. This doesn't translate to actual use. The chosen letter seems to be hardwired. If I type Ctrl-W, I don't get the expected command. If I type Ctrl-Z, it is as if I had chosen the Ctrl-W shortcut. Paolo

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