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  1. A translation agency will not work on Publisher files. There is no translation tool that can read those files, as far as I know. They need compatible files, that are usually IDML files. If the source material is very short, they may copy & paste the text, do their translation, and then reassemble it in the layout. But this will probably be charged as additional layout work. Paolo
  2. I noticed that Adobe has greatly changed their target in the ads of the latest couple years. Where looking at their graphic creation was pure joy before, they are now proposing some grudgy videos and images. Overexposed, badly-cut and fake-color videos. Bland urban backgrounds with the same character replicated as is. Skyes replaced with fake colors. People smiling at the phone while walking around proposed as "working". One of their most recent series on Facebook shows pets over a uniform-tint background. Thousand of comments, all focusing on the pets and not on the technique. They have obviously saturated the falling professional market, and are pointing to a growing amateurish one, the type where you just want to put Santa Claus' hat on a dog with a click. (By the way, this is called artificial 'intelligence', ins't it?). Hopefully, Serif will go for a niche of resisting professionals, still in need of fine-ceasel tools. Without wasting their forces after too many toys. Paolo
  3. All these words just to say goodbye?!? Just kidding, but it is a good thing that people unsatisfied with a software don't insist with it. There is plenty of software for everything, and putting yourself in a situation in which you feel the need to complain is bad for you and for the community. Paolo
  4. For some reason, the ePub discussion has been continued in the thread about footnotes. To restart here, my personal view is that PDF is a dying format, and ePub is the one that should be targeted now. Yes, there is still room for PDF, in particular as a support for printing, but the reading devices are now better served by fluid formats, instead of fixed ones. Hopefully, Serif is taking note of the most recent trends. Paolo
  5. I fear an additional feature in Publisher will not improve the sloppiness of so many publishers with their ebooks. One of the reasons for so many badly conceived ebooks is maybe the reliance on an idea of instant single-sourcing from the same InDesign file they use for print. They export an EPUB, and that's all. It shouldn’t. Paolo
  6. We really need a Whining section in the forum. So, I'll have a place where to write myself things like "WHY THE FEATURE I ASKED YEARS AGO IS NOT YET THERE?????? WE NEED A ROADMAP!!!!!! OTHERWISE SERIF IS DOOMED!!!!!!!" Paolo
  7. Lee, this not a business enquiry, but a feature suggestion (integration with another software). I'm not the owner of the other software house. Paolo
  8. During the Nineties there were people vigorously defending that real men didn't need icons. I feel like that web site may have been developed by someone who was convinced of it. I would hesitate to consider that as part of the same modern communication world that came after PageMaker. Paolo
  9. Hi, Realmac Software, another smart independent British software company, has just announced RapidWeaver Elements, the next step in their easy web site development software. RapidWeaver is a software for Mac allowing easy creation of simple web sites without coding. It also allows limited coding, for quick customization. It also includes extension plugins. Among these plugins is Stacks, on which frameworks like Foundry or Fusion can be installed to create sophisticate modernly-designed web sites. As a result, RapidWeaver + Stacks + Foundry/Fusion can become a very powerful web site creator. RapidWeaver Elements should further develop the concept of building by blocks. Drag & drop CSS elements and scripts, and build your web site from pre-made pieces. I wonder if a collaboration between Serif and Realmac can be imagined, to make Publisher and RapidWeaver integrated in making a single-source, multi-output package allowing for creation of web sites, web help/tutorials, magazines, ebooks, starting from a common source and with a minimal amount of adaptation. Serif is multi-platform, while Realmac is Mac-only. Maybe that this type of integration can be offered, for once, to a single platform. A bit like iPad support being offered, without support for Android. Paolo
  10. Thank you for the hint. But – alas! – the website itself seems to come out of the Nineties! Paolo
  11. If this isn't reserved information, may I ask you why this is made in PDF, and not on a web form? Paolo
  12. Apple Photos supports several Hasselblad models. Maybe yours is included? Paolo
  13. No program that I know can read InDesign files. They may be nearly-equivalents in features, but this doesn’t mean they can open InDesign files. I see two solutions: - If you still have InDesign, export your old files as IDML files, and then open them with Publisher. - If you can no longer access InDesign, you can try opening the PDF files with Publisher, and probably be able to recover most of your work. Paolo
  14. All I can say is that InDesign CS6 works great on Sierra. Not so great on High Sierra (sometimes you need to scroll to refresh the display), and just passably on Mojave (it crashes even more than usual). These are all modern operating systems running on the latest Intel Macs (apart for the most recent ones). Assuming you just need to do minor works, you can even run it on Parallels Desktop with a Sierra virtual machine. I'm not encouraging anybody to do it, but it may be the last line of resistance before Publisher 2.0 arrives and rescues all of us. Paolo
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