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  1. Not everybody works alone, and just sends the finished PDF to the printer. There are many who collaborate with other authors, designers, translators, proofreaders. Many of them will still work in InDesign. Being able to exchange files with them would be necessary. For what I can see, IDML import is already very good. I expect well-formatted documents to be imported and exported without any issue. Paolo
  2. I hope they will get the opportunity not to implement it as in InDesign or any wordprocessor. Notes in a creative publication are not always at the foot. They are sometimes in the margin, in line with the reference. I hope Affinity can do something new in this area, starting from the analysis of the best art books. Paolo EDIT: Sorry, I saw only now the post above, saying the same things, but better.
  3. The Resource Manager is great, but not quick. To find something in the Finder, you have to click the object in the page, see it selected in the Layer panel, and then go to the Resource Manager to find the Show in Finder command. A right-click on the object in page would be much quicker. Paolo
  4. All Mac apps have a very useful feature to quickly find the original location of the open document: right click on the name of the document on top of the window, and you get a tree view of the path to reach the document. This is very useful to quickly go to the document parent folder, when you have multiple document open (and this is typical of my way of working, with multiple versions and languages of a document in the work at the same time). This would also be great in all other Affinity apps. Paolo
  5. A very handy command found in nearly all Mac apps is 'Reveal in Finder'. You right-click an imported element, and the context-menu also offers this command. If choosing it, you are automatically kept to the original file in the Finder. I find it incredibly useful, to quickly locate files whose original place you are not sure about. Also, a way to see a list of all linked objects would be very useful, but I see this is discussed somewhere else. Paolo
  6. Hi, When placing a TIFF file into a Publisher document, the dpi of the image is the wrong one. Publisher says it is a 300dpi image. Both APhoto, Photoshop and Apple Preview say it is a 72dpi image. When resizing it in Publisher (menu on the top right of the window), the Scale value is increased over 100%. If I make it 72dpi, it is now a 417% of the original file. If clicking Original Size, I'm back with a 300dpi image. Did I something wrong, or is there a bug somewhere? Paolo Publisher 1.8.2 Mac.
  7. Sure, I'll report any strange behavior. Thank you for the solution! Paolo
  8. Chris, with Metal turned off in the Preferences, the lazo starts immediately. There is no delay when starting selection. Paolo
  9. I don't know if this video can help understanding what is happening. I'm trying to select the grey frame, but selection starts late, and is not accurate. Paolo aphoto-slow.mov
  10. Chris, sorry for being late in answering. Here is my Performance pane: I've just installed v1.8.2, and it behaves in the same way. Paolo
  11. Please let me propose a general definition: "IDML is to page layout what DOCX is to formatted text, XLSX to spreadsheets, and MusicXML (MXL) to music scores". While some are proprietary and some open domain, they are all accessible standards for data exchange. Paolo
  12. Please let me propose a general definition: "IDML is to page layout what DOCX is to formatted text and Music
  13. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/09/19/physical-books-still-outsell-e-books-and-heres-why.html And this is the USA, where digital book sales are stronger. Paolo
  14. Hi, My system is not particularly fast (Mac mini i7 quad), but all other features seem to fly. However, the rectangular selection tool is very slow. 1. Clic to point, and it takes nearly one second to make the lazo appear. 2. Drag to select, and the top left corner is moved down and right from the original focus. Is anybody else seeing this behavior? Paolo
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