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  1. SrPx

    Remove Glare in Photo

    My take at it, but.... Didn't what to do with my non Affinity apps, and as I don't have AP yet (blame the outstanding bills and my strict non allowance about changing the $ priorities, lol) and mostly because of this, because like the other day when I wanted to make an exercise (showed here) to see if AD's Pixel persona was featured enough to make pixel art for games/apps, and that was *way* successful as a test (I know now I can do pixel art with it), now wanted to check if one could do at least extremely basic retouch as well (I know this Persona is thought for concept drawing previous to doing the vectors in AD, but hey...) ...and yeepppp, this Pixel Persona can.... wildly limited compared to Affinity Photo, OBVIOUSLY, but it can do stuff.... I didn't went too far as got work to do, and also, as well, would need more tools, but to give it a try. Is quite capable. Instead of what I mentioned earlier,... just placing like another of those panels in the door, like in the other wall (glass?) panels, imagining that light comes stronger through that central one, as anyway, that glowing light is all over the place, destroying details. So, you see "some glow", but not that football stadium light... also, the image had too much compression/low (even taking the amplified version) resolution... But was for some fast fun, anyways. Every day I like AD more and more.... EDIT : Lol... Now I notice the fix is very similar to firstdefence 's solution... hadn't realized....Anyway, the main idea was to test AD p. persona for retouch, too.... PD: He was providing a much larger version than the forum embedded, if u click a pair of times...I'm providing the one at max res.
  2. SrPx

    AP future updates?

    Plus, and in consonance with Alfred's comment, consider that they are making a huge push for releasing a first beta of Affinity Publisher and some other stuff. You can't do magic even with a small army of ninja-unicorn-cats...
  3. It seems they're indeed at Amazon, and the entries are actually from Serif company (it seems ) : https://www.amazon.com/Affinity-Photo-Workbook-Europe-Limited/dp/1909581054/ https://www.amazon.com/Affinity-Designer-Workbook-Europe-Limited/dp/1909581038/ In my country (Spain) , purchasing from the company's online store, it costs 45 euros, which is actually 52 US $ at this very moment. And that is even without shipping costs. I mean, I'd pay more than the 50 US $ that costs in Amazon ! That supposing that Amazon would be able to ship it to your location, which I hope it would.... As for the price, it is pretty cheap for a book of this kind... At least in my local shops about IT stuff (I've paid like 65 euros for much worse books). Even more considering all the added content, print quality, etc. It's clearly a deluxe item. I often do this, locate the product's author site but then use Amazon instead of the actual shop cart from the developer. Even when it is available there...This has advantages and disadvantages, but Amazon is very serious... You can combine however the use of the book with video tutorials and the online help. I know a lot of people learn better with a book (I should "evolve", but I still need books....very heavily, even while I learn with all sort of video tuts and screen based tuts (Very seasoned in g. design and all, so, in my case, is mostly programming languages, and the FX motion stuff I'm learning) ). Sorry, you probably knew absolutely all this, but one never knows.... I really hope you enjoy your learning: is a nice journey.
  4. SrPx

    TIFF: 32 bit

    Leo.... Indeed, I believe even Owenr and I explained that in large extent, to more than enough depth . I don't think you are trolling, you could just have some sort of memory problem. In that case, there is no problem at all, just re-read all the thread as many times as you need it, even have it handy in your browser toolbar's bookmarks. As you seem to be very worried by this specific matter. Here is the thread : https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/59855-tiff-vs-png/
  5. SrPx

    Satori Sans - Free Font

    It lasted 22 seconds in my HD, lol... Good intentions from the OP, but wise advise by the others... The world of licenses is like that, better to be safe than sorry.... I entered the thread as the name reminded me of a glorious vector/raster package of decades ago, not existing anymore, I believe.... Satori Paint.... Dunno if someone here did knew it... Was offered free -old versions- in a bunch of computer magazines... Was quite cool, although, like anything from today, AD does a lot of things more, now....Edit: Seems unrelated to this font author.... In the About section, the guy looks way too young to be the developer of that one... And I guess Satori is a quite common Japanese name.....
  6. There used to be several issues with PNG metadata in the past, I used to fix those with a free tool called PNGTweak. Maybe is some library that Wix is using. happens in all browser exactly the same ? There are often differences, when not even know browser bugs or unsupported file header tags, or color profile tag issues. If you have an example of a PNG that does not work in Wix for you, and that you can upload to public safely here, I might take a look at it, at the header and etc with several freebies and meta data utilities.
  7. Python is used with Django for web development.... We are not mentioning one booming language and a forgotten in the shadows one. The case is more about two heavily trendy right now, with different scopes and syntax styles. And is quite a complete language, widely used too (salaries above JS, BTW. Although the offer (number of jobs) is much larger in quantity for JS). But yep, JS in front-end is booming. Python is very much used in AI stuff, machine learning, and well, a lot of startups choose Python to build about anything. Specially additional tools/plugins, even if for handling a faster library to do the performance critical stuff (well, much like would be here, I guess). Krita uses python for its plugins system. Blender has been doing so since a very long time. Also, Python reads almost like plain English. Is a known fact that people find it very easy to learn.... I think both are good choices... (but the developers might have much more important and specific reasons to make the choice)
  8. SrPx

    Remove Glare in Photo

    There are several ways to fix this.... maybe a very rough Idea (photographers will tell you better) would be doing a lasso selection and applying a very high feather value. Then do any brightness or whatever change to tone it down. If it's kind of informal or among friends, and they give you "artistic freedom", I'm kind of a punk (maybe because I don't like when people tell me to do these gigs, hehe) and once having a perfect selection , or a mask, I'd replace that with a bit of vegetation, like a garden barely seen from a window. It seems it is actually having some blinds, but the thing is totally burnt by exposure. Problem is that the contours are destroyed by the bloom, so, generating something there (other than just toning it down) might prove tricky. But I'd do it, for the fun of it... For something serious, nope.... I'd have to talk quite with the person asking for this... You might need to make a complex selection / mask, mixing gradients masks and feathered selections. Or just painting the mask with the brush, might be more practical. Once you have a perfect selection, you can do whatever with it: just lowering the brightness, or doing something else, some composition. (depends on the type of gig that it is) Hmmm....yep, for this case, I'd probably just would use 'quick mask'. A brush with hardness at zero, large size and low opacity (ideally, using a pen-tablet) , and would go painting carefully that mask until I'd have what I want. Then, would do whatever I'd desire with that area. A good video tutorial for this here: https://youtu.be/0FLRYlXu6O8 Also very convenient to watch : https://youtu.be/jmPBKZMVOvU This can come handy in some details, refining selections : https://youtu.be/RXKEqOMK-bo Here several methods about making selections : https://youtu.be/F9Pvc_Pl0wY But I'd definitely go for the quick masks/mask layer & compositing methods. Seems the right thing here. Again, these forums are crowded by photographers, they'll tell you better. I'm putting a quick solution in case no one see this in time. Cheers,
  9. SrPx

    DAUB Pencils

    These look amazing... Thanks !
  10. SrPx

    Affinity products for Linux

    CSP is IMO superior to anything else for anything related to drawing and painting... PS CC 2018 can be configured for smooth painting and inking, perfectly, I tested it very deeply (an entire morning configuring OS files, the prefs, fine tuning, etc) with a fake but real (in specs, time and depth..during some time was considering going to the cloud) project, as I wanted to test it really fully. Just seeing it laggy at first open and call it a day wouldn't be enough for my purpose. I did know first usage would be so. You need a ton of OS optimizing, getting certain processes under control and apply some crazy optimizing tricks (some of them found in google, lol, other pros had faced it) in preferences, and disabling the GPU mode -with cards like my arcane one- but if a first gen 2009 i7 can end up painting AND inking smoothly... the capability is there. IMO, they've totally turned to the PROs. And all mates I have in studios -and when I was there, too- rarely complain about any of this.... Is thought for modern workstations. Is a pro package. If well configured, you get the taste of it as if you were using a much higher rmachine, and then u see its virtues. Am not gonna explain it here, it'd be extremely long and off topic. And there would be neither any interest,lol, as people is here 'cause dislikes Adobe subscription model, anyways... I recon am a freak, a too curious geek. And I was considering falling back to the cloud....So I had to really test that. Conclusion was VERY satisfactory : PS had done it finally, good line smoothing and good overall application for painting and any other uses. But also realized I had become really productive with CSP, and for image editing projects, while not many this year, it's all AP's field (and or, other alternatives. Is not PS alone, anymore. For a job, PS is, and will be, for long. No issues with that, either) With all the issues, is still more usable for illustration (PS) than Krita. Besides that there's more than plain painting for varied illustration gigs (ie, a proper text tool, better file preparation and color management, etc, etc, etc) it simply, once configured, works more reliably, and has not certain bugs-show stoppers (in both platforms, so the "in linux runs smoother " doesn't cut it). Indeed, I don't find Krita laggy in any way at all, neither with large brushes IN WINDOWS. But there are some workflow important issues. For this and other reasons I've been moving more and more to CSP the majority of my work. But will be needing a ton more a image editor (which Krita isn't, and CSP, while having more features of that kind, isn't PS , either), as one does all sort of projects, so, AP is totally the most important app, anyways...Indeed, if the amplifier (shown when painting) gets removed in the color picker (as an option,not even default) and some polishing performance in there, and in the brush, I could easily do a 50% of my illustrations in AP, or probably more. CSP anyway is just too good, is gonna be there always, unless it becomes subscription based for desktop too... tho it does not seem likely. (a large portion of its users are teenagers, and professional comic artists, not willing in anyway to get into subscription model... it'd be the way of the Dodo for them)
  11. SrPx

    Affinity products for Linux

    Yeah, all what you want. But they (Max and maya) are the industry (in games they were even in those times) leaders. You apply to any job, and they require you to know one of those, mostly. Plus, no one is saying here that Serif should mimic any specific company path (they clearly have a very distinctive personality). But has its right to port to the platforms of its liking, and definitely, if anything, I've seen till now friendly pricing, users supporting attitude (yep, we can compare...) , extreme patience in the forums, no subscriptions (Autodesk Max's is right now crazy), and flexibility. I don't think they are doing in any way like Autodesk or Adobe. And BTW, I purchased XSI Foundation 4.0 just to see it go the way of the Dodo a bit later. And to my knowledge is that he company got in a weak financial status, and so, AD could make a not too good offer and acquire it easily. Mirai's company went the way of the dodo, and that was such a great package, way ahead of the times (I'm a maxer as that what has been requested around here since... always, but since many years in my personal work, and lately even at companies, I'm a Wings (and Blender) user, which reminds quite a bit to Mirai in the modeling department) , and certainly, a more realistic/business view of things, I would have preferred that for that great package (Mirai) to stay alive. Not to mention the bucks I did put to purchase Deep Paint 3D to see it ending pretty soon. A business take at things is too important. If I'd see Serif doing terrible things, I'd fear the monopolistic threats, but I see zero signs of that. And this is the company giving away for eons old versions in the magazines, totally functional, and for every usage. Hard to get friendlier... Making friends around... (that's for feral cats, tho, not domestic in-door ones. Arguable (there's no agreement about those studies), in any case. In terms of meat consuming, we could eat less of that, too, indeed, we can, but they are predators by nature (much of their food is made with the leftovers we wouldn't eat, tho).... WE are really bad for the environment, LOL, much worse than they will EVER be..Then...we should not "support humans", haha... And for cats overpopulation... bring coyotes, lol. Those kill cats as a sport. Wild cats kill a lot of birds, yep, this is bad... just don't let ur cat roam around....and as for the rats... that's a plague itself.... ). That said, I never specially liked cats for pets... I prefer dogs...
  12. SrPx

    Affinity products for Linux

    Yes, I understood that. But we should all consider that as well, there are other features lacking in the linux apps that are in Affinity line. And quite a number of them. Even more, for pro work, it is also important that a UI is fast and professional. Affinity very specially excels in that, apart from counting with a very large set of features, hard to beat by its own by the existing alternatives in Linux. Indeed, if Linux users wouldn't find AD more interesting in terms of features than their existing apps in Linux, they wouldn't be here pushing for a Linux port, as has been mentioned recently. ^^ This. Very much. BTW, I was testing Gravit Designer the other day.... is it not... too simplistic to compare to AD in any possible way ? I mean, even Inkscape seems more featured....Don't quote me on this, tho, as it was just some testing impression. Edit: BTW, Viva Designer has been mentioned... am seeing now it's almost 400 bucks for commercial use...Would we really not consider that an important matter to also factor in, specially once ported AD to Linux and the habit of paying for software in that OS ? Apub's price is probably going to be a bit above 50 euros...
  13. SrPx

    Affinity products for Linux

    It depends on the field. VFX surely no probs, but in games, where I worked at quite a while, you are required since the first interview to fully master Zbrush AND Photoshop, and pipelines/workflows around the two, like retopology, normal maps generation, etc. You cannot tell 'em "Hey, but I handle Gimp and Blender can do some of what Zbrush does" (not Blender's fault. ZB is a specialized tool, like Mudbox. Max, Maya and Blender are general 3D packages.)...I mean, you can, but then you'd better be some big shot highly known in CG Society as a freaking master, or you wont get that job. Not so absolutely sure about that. PS still has an edge on core brush performance & color picker handling and general flexibility over the other two. Indeed. I'd admit though that Clip Studio Paint is the king of that group (I paint with it in most of my projects), no challenge. For what is the core painting functionality, which is what is mostly needed, more even than a cool brushes library (some people would be surprised in knowing that a lot of us just work building up and painting with basic brushes) or faking charcoal, I can tell you.
  14. SrPx

    Affinity products for Linux

    Sources for that statement? My impression and data is quite the opposite, in Windows/Mac: AD seems to be doing quite fine, probably better than Photo, and both of them quite well.... And I guess even more after winning MS Windows developer award. Not having the automatic tracing feature.... that is definitely not a pro feature, that is a convenient "shortcut feature" , and never one to describe (at least if we are speaking "seriously", lol) a tool as professional enough or not. Edit: Maybe you meant that AD would have a hard time making sells in Linux (in that sentence I was not sure about the exact meaning) not about if it is doing well right now in Windows and Mac. And yes, I believe it'd make little profit compared to Windows and Mac versions, but definitely not due to having or not a tracing feature. Scribus is not a graphic design product, is a publishing solution, more in the lines of InDesign , Quark etc. And you compared it to AD somehow, and how AD would have to add features to compete. No way! Even if it weren't apple to oranges, AD and Scribus, and I will dare to say, even legacy products from Serif, all have quite an advantage, no matter what: UI. Affinity's UI (much more the case, so) is much easier to learn for the average users, the mass of them (I had no issue to learn deeply Blender, Gimp and Inkscape, and work professionally with them (have you done so?). But I'm not the masses). It is much closer to the UI standards in graphics software, and I mean in the professional solutions that most companies really use, in great numbers at least. Yes. Affinity -and for this regard, any product line from any company- would have an issue with sells in Linux (despite that many have had the nice detail of adding a linux port), at least to make enough sells, as the bulk of sells justifying the port effort, I mean. And it is not related to AD/AP's quality, but the actual raw number of sells, of actual licenses purchases compared to those happening in Windows and Mac. Scribus is an already mature product (just read about its UI "feel" among pros... and I say this while I've been defending it, you only need to do some searches around here and in google in general), been around quite some time, like Gimp (BTW, a bunch of years since it saw it latest update, till recent release), so, yep, Apub will be released with that disadvantage of having just born, once released. But that happens to every new product newly launched compared to products that have had much more time to polish (whether if they cared to get that done or not). I'll go for Apub without any doubt, tho. This is not about "us". It is what matters for a company that has to pay many salaries (for the families depending on that, I can tell you, it "kind of" matters...), expensive renting, hardware, company taxes, licenses, expensive PR, etc, etc, etc. Besides, surely decide stuff according to investors takes at it, depending on how the funding is structured. And for us, what is important about it, is that some of the older (not necessarily old, but that have been around working with graphic software many, many years) around here, and quite some time as pros in the Win/Mac platform, have seen a bunch of professional graphic software creation and entire brands fall because of bad decisions leading to a profit fail/bankruptcy. Often leading to be acquired to finally let the product die, as is how competition often behaves, or the brand/company itself just disappears once it cannot pay the bills and salaries anymore. "Passion" about a platform or operating system has nothing to do with a company's survival. Sells do, in the other side. And if a brand/product company sinks, it's gone, for ever (Goodbye Fireworks, XSI, Freehand, Mirai, Deep Paint 3D... we really miss you...). There have been quite some sad examples. And that damages the professional in the short, medium and long term. Absolutely anyone with a brain and enough knowledge and training (no need of money or having a company behind) could fork gimp (BTW, Cinepaint was an extremely interesting Gimp fork, with even CMYK support ! ), Inkscape or Scribus. You don't need a company like Serif for that. Just talent coding. Open source is not about forcing anyone else to do something, it is about freedom. A lot of people, specially from the open source community, would have very serious issues with the "should" instances.... No one is forced to that. Not even morally/ethically. That's a cute invention, but there is no obligation about how each company makes its own development. Each has freedom to build its business models as they see fit.
  15. Probably at whatever AD and AP price will be at the moment at the moment , but is my wild guess...