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  1. Very solid reasons, indeed. Actually I think the same, tho am in a different country/situation (CD not dominant here, tho it is the tool of a portion of print shops and magazines, mid/small studios, etc. Adobe dominates, tho. ). Agreeing with the UI, slightly (CD is pretty intuitive in my book, but I too prefer Affinity's). And the price and purchase option is a massive reason.
  2. ^^ This. (but that kind of functionality, and several other features recently mentioned seem more than interesting to get. I guess they fully agree on that, too... )
  3. Ehm.... mith, read above your post... Is not just some hours.... (1 minute of difference... I believe is a case of cross posting, you did not see it )
  4. It's too huge of an app, any 2D anim or video editing tool...not as ever changing context as the extensively debated web design wysiwyg tool, but the market status in those worlds is super demanding, of very high level, super complex, takes a lifetime to develop a really solid animation tool that could at least try to survive among so much fierce and specialized (for decades) competition. Some have said, addition as a light feature, so, not a pro thing...IMO, that's a dangerous road, a mix of "styles" of doing things. Affinity seems to be heading to the serious, advanced hobbyist, the freelance professional, and companies of any type, without leaving out, in any sense, home or basic users (but they are not just basic tools for basic users, by any stretch). Going back to products niches/target users (basic users only) with a scope like the legacy products had (still has ! These products are still on sale, just there seems not to be enough super high level staff to produce 20 products at a time), IMO could be a wrong decision now, business-wise. Most of all because also, these UIs are SUPER intuitive, so the basic user is covered, just like before (it was not harder to learn, those UIs than these. If anything, I like these much better ,they have a pretty easy learning curve) . So, adding a half baked feature, wouldn't feel professional at all, and reviewers could have there a weak spot to attack (and competition often pays some to do exactly that.. ) You can't fit a really good animation UI into an already full UI made for other purposes. If anything, most graphic apps, specially animation, at times do benefit in working with two desktop screens, as you need a complex UI setup. Again, no way; at least if you are trying to do things right. But that is definitely not my main point. Main is that they have already too much in their plate, with AD, AP, the tools for tablets, APub beta, and some other stuff they have some how ventured that could be done. Producing extra software, even if we read 'there is no plans for that', I wouldn't understand from it that will be impossible for ever. Only that unless some magic huge funding arrives out of nowhere, enabling to pay a couple of armies of seasoned ninja coders, chances of seeing the next Affinity Premiere or Affinity Effects (J/K, who knows if that might have already probs with trademarks stuff)) are not too likely, any time soon. But even when saying that "we don't have plans for that", some people understand that there could be a close future possibility of it, if giving pressure in the forums (?) (in stats, is close to nothing, I mean, in numbers). Different case is when someone spots a bug, or gives any sort of feedback, that is extra useful, as far as I've seen working inside some software development companies. And I don't think is a bad thing to ask for new apps... It shows that you like the way of doing of the company, and/or its UIs, and/or the usage philosophy and workflows it provides you. I just mean that given the certain size of a company, one needs to have realistic expectations (not a prob if not, but is a bit of a waste of own's energy, too...) in terms of number of the top, pro market level, applications that it can create, produce, give support and maintain at a time...I have been working somehow doing 2D animation, 3D animation and video editing. And we are speaking about tools that provide very complex workflows, with demands of extremely complex functionality here. And super duper high levels of quality, accuracy, complexity expected, etc, etc. Also, as a freelance and employee (as one switches the situation often), I don't see the point in waiting for....everything, even some days of delay can destroy any project or client connection. I'd just grab ANY of the so many free or mid cost apps already available, (or high end if one is fine with that way of doing, and finances allow) and many are wonderfully evolved and mature, solve my problem for whatever the gig or work at a company, and to the next project .I recon I do learn stuff as I get certain request. IE, I learnt to configure deeply certain e-commerce solution -bit too far from the profile of someone that pushes pixels and polygons- just because a gig like that arrived... With software tools, the same. I tend to purchase, of spent the needed time with a free tool whenever my work needs it, rarely before. (years ago I was A LOT more geek about these things. )
  5. 63/17/14/6....
  6. Is the "cautious" side of me....
  7. 60/19....but all can change even in the last 20 seconds.
  8. Around to that mileage (about voting twice or more with more accounts... I keep seeing a risk there, with legal stuff, depends on the terms (edit: can't seem to find terms anywhere, and if there aren't, they hardly would be able to legally complain....Still, I recommend not to do it. ), but I'd better don't do it....)
  9. Let's invoke the Pied Piper (unintended reference to Silicon Valley, the TV show) of Hamelin of all vector designers (with a taste for the alternative flavour) . One app to rule them all, one app to find them, one app to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them. (surely in summer).
  10. is this allowed ? I wont do, just in case....
  11. er...I'd be careful with that....
  12. A Skype account works, too. Phone too, but I'd never give the phone... A lot of people have some almost-idle hotmail account. That'd be a good way. IMO, quite an achievement just to be on par with an app counting on three enormous advantages promotion-wise : 1) Is free. 2) Is of general use, not for the niche of designers, inside the niche of ppl capable of making graphics, and only those who are particularly interested in alternative commercial software. If anything... chapeau to still being able to be on par, for now. 3) Among the several types of general use apps, it seems is a "getting things done" kind of thing? (I dunno), if so, that tends to be quite of the likes (very trendy) of the average user. (then there's the weirdos like me that never used those) I don't know how this escaped my radar, my bad, but if I'd have noticed, I'd have been doing at least something to promote (you know, every grain of sand might count...).... (I mean, without being spammy, as that's worse than doing nothing, and disallowed in any forum/social media, these days). With gigs all over now, can't improvise well anything for 3 days.... Again, that was my bad, tho. I guess my bad habit on checking mostly just threads of "content I posted in/follow", and email subscriptions (not checking all as much as in the first Windows beta times with Photo, etc).
  13. You could run a contest giveaway (ie, some device/gadget).... or giving away a few licenses or sth....well, too late, is 3 days to go, I think. At a company I worked at, freebies (icons, textures, etc), as a download for everyone, was quite efficient for promoting almost whatever, if done with enough social media promoting and intensive enough in what is the entries/uploads/url addition at freebie depots. I was in charge of that and of actually making the icon packs... But that was about 5 -6 years ago, dunno how are the masses habits in that matter by now. I know it used to bring quite some traction (I mean, google ranking, which was the purpose for that).... People like free stuff, specially with things they actually need. But well, it's 3 days now... Seems I hadn't known about this post till now....
  14. Seeing what can I do in social media....