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  1. My bad. Is just that through long time I have seen quite the type of comment -with little variation- about the misinformation (in other occasions) directed to just middle ground opinions (ie, anyone not strongly aligned with a certain position). So I assumed it was another of the kind. "I can't grab my photos from my phone". Then again, is people that ALSO find this problem in other OSes. But they blame Linux more, as is more strange to them. Or, what is funny, some people get upset when I update their system (Windows or whatever) or software application to run a more modern one. They hate that , too, if the icons end up in another place, even if the UI is way much better. "Now it doesn't boot" (this tends to come from more advanced users...always after them doing some crazy thing) "There is no Microsoft Office" [ I have had quite some issues with people having ZERO patience with Libre Office, while is actually my only suite in Windows. ] And I don't really memorize those situations and sentences (the above is not word by word), as typically when they call me, or I guess suddenly that they are not using the linux I installed anymore (and many of the cases they told me to install it, wasn't my idea. Sometimes I suggest it when they tell me they can't pay a windows license, or they're scared about privacy issues) , then is too late, they REALLY don't want me to go to their house (the funny thing, in some occasions they did, but to invite me to some tea or the like, and not touch the machine!), charge NOTHING to spend the time with them (for friendship, not for the good of LINUX or GNU) in fixing the stuff and explaining how to deal with it the next time. Simply when they tell me, they have already firmly decided to discard Linux. And feels strange, but in the end looks as if I was trying to convince them about using an OS, and I am certainly not of that type.
  2. 1994 (probably some taste earlier) - 1996, indeed. Started with Debian, Slackware, Redhat distros. Typically installed with floppy disks at the beginning. All through 2014, using it at home and at the job, daily, console, desktop and VMs. Working in a team developing large websites and also doing tons of system stuff. Last company always dealing with win/linux PC machines, and macs, besides the VMs. After that year, been installing distros and solving (this is yet currently!) issues to family and friends (with the most user friendly distros for them) who would throw the distro to my face (in 1 month, 1 year, 2 days...) at the most minimal discomfort. Just not having Linux in my machine anymore, despite all the previous years with multi-boot and solely Linux at times. But I suppose I'm misinformed.
  3. Right now am remembering the entire whole history of Autodesk's 3DS Studio versions, from MS-DOS era (it was another company first), and till Max version 7.0 (when I stopped working as a game artist to move to design/illustration/the web). Plagued with bugs and crashes, it was a way, way worse state of things compared to Affinity. And you know what? At the job(s) we loved it. We learnt to avoid the never solved bugs (think it this way: I felt proud to have learnt to avoid such a number of situations, that I was able to run some very complex/heavy projects in a 10-12 hours of day work without crashes. That was quite something!), or just dig at some cgtalk / cgchat deep forum thread to find some brilliant pro discovering a trick to avoid the issue until the dev team would fix it (some would last like 5 entire numbers of versions .,...3.0, 4.0, 5.0... ). And we loved it as it DID allow us to create amazing projects and business. For many years. I was never in the boat of Maya vs Max, is stupid, as both were/are amazing. Happens with some many things like that. Today, just pick any starting new line. Not starting business, as Serif is old. But an entire new product or product line. Is completely normal to find obstacles and lack of polish in the starting years. So, if they need to pause some feature, or an entire project, so be it. Some people are not really assigning the value that this suite has, judging some threads am reading lately. But facts will impose, these apps are really useful and well priced (at this price and versatility, there's no real competitor). The mass will "vote", nothing will stop that.
  4. Nah, they're completely fine. Adobe went through rougher corners back in the day. And most others too, people just don't know/remember. Plus, I see a ton of more advances than mistakes, their apps are extremely useful and versatile, for a ridiculous price. So, nope, can't see the "taking too much" issue. You can't either be super shy or ambition-less when carrying a business.
  5. for the lighting uniformity, in APhoto, applying a radial (or whatever the selection with gradual feather) gradient mask, then a applying to it a levels / lightness / whatever filter ? Subtle touches of course, and trying to do with a single operation, and not destroying detail, either.
  6. Gmail here, never a single problem with notifications , not with Affinity's forum, but neither with any other brand's site, organization, or etc. Never an issue. I might have had issues with that indeed with other two email providers, but quite long ago.
  7. Depends on what you do. I only use Wings3D and Blender since many years (despite having been a hardcore 3DS maxer at companies). Well, yeah, and a bunch of freebie and mid cost tools, but that for being a tech fanboy more than anything. I know and can do everything just with Blender itself. Since 2.28c where I started to enjoy more and suffer less, which was not the case since my use of it with the C license (to think Blender was proprietary....). Sooo..... I "could" use ENTIRELY only Linux (and I'm quite more savvy with it than a lot of passionate Linux defenders, for the few I have been able to speak in person, in RL, in depth about this stuff...) if was only about 3D. Indeed, is 2D what keeps (would keep, as actually I prefer Windows per se) me more tied to Windows. If the technical side was for me the most important. I actually would be able, perfectly to use a combo of Gimp + Scribus + Inkscape and Little CMS. I have done print work so at companies, and is more doable than people think. But I know for certain I wouldn't enjoy as much as the more evolved and varied graphic software available for Windows. Neither would I enjoy Linux more than Windows. And I have a good grip of both, more than usual, in both cases. But I meant depends on what you do, as , what is seen very frequently is people working in middle/small size studios using Unity /Unreal. And very often, for several reasons, these teams are very strongly requiring 3DS Max, yes or yes. So, if is not for pure freelancing, yeah, the limitation to Windows is way stronger in the case of 3D. For a freelancer , I'd say... Not even 2D, if one REALLY wishes to work with Linux. Gimp is way, way, WAY better than a lot of (linux) people say here. Scribus... If you get an idea with the stable...download the nightly build . Is much better in everything. Still, the UI seems to have been planned with evil thoughts, lol. But is like many open source tools. The power is under the hood, and there is a LOT of power in any of those 3. So, yeah, a freelancer does not need Windows, today, IF is ready to use some tricks, and take a bit of heat and pain, as is not an easy road, however you look at it. But not only is NOT impossible, you can do extremely advanced graphics and artwork of every kind with what we have now (using open source, under Linux, Windows, Mac OS or Nintendo 64.)
  8. Some of us always keep a hand in the keyboard for shortcuts, as is the fastest way to work with any design program.... Two keys for increase/decrease brush size works great for me, I used that for years... still do from time to time..... but to be sincere, since I discovered the possibility of reducing (a lot) the Intuos Pro tablet DISC sensitivity, so that using it is way more accurate now... I've become very convinced fan of it for brush size (I change hardness usually only once for an entire project, to keep style consistency, among other things. Indeed, painting with a lot of feather will lead to a "photoshoppy" style, less of an actual "paint" based style. But then, photo retouch is another story, quite different from digital painting) , in every single painting software. The mouse wheel for zoom and (clickable wheel) pan, is just wired so in my brain. I''ve 3D modeled/animated way way too much, and I used that combo no matter if using wings3D, blender or Max.... So, I'm painting and the hand is told by the lizard side of my brain to zoom with the wheel... I don't freakin' even notice. I believe I would not really be able to do other way, at this point....I switch from mouse to pen and back, like constantly, and the amazing part is that I actually never ever notice when I do so (or when not). If they change it, I'll hack it to use it back, through X-Mouse Button control, that's for sure. But a lot of people might not be able to do so....
  9. I'm fine with that, pretty much. Using the wheel with any key modifier. I wouldn't oppose. For all I have gathered, a lot of us use (in many apps) mouse wheel for zoom (and ckickable wheel button, MMB, for panning), so, really uncool to replace that for brush size change function. Now, alt + wheel for brush size, fine with me. Anyway, I'd really see bad if these are added as the only option, instead of an optional (default or not) check. As am pretty fine with AP and AD as they are now, regarding pan/zoom and brush size changing options.
  10. I remember it almost like my first love.... Nah, that would be Deluxe Paint. But almost. IMO, It doesn't have to look like anything. Just let the devrs and other staff decide the best route. They're on it all days of the week, every week through all the year, year after year. I'm gonna say sth wild, but I have this strong feeling that...they know better than us....
  11. I would have problems to make that statement. Even 10$ per unit can make any company stupidly rich depending on how many copies (of apps, games, whatever) they sell. AND Adobe has a ton more expenses to pay than Serif, I'm pretty sure about that. Is the balance what counts. Also, the reasons behind why Adobe went with subscription are anything but simple. Really? Gimp ? (plus, if "has many more features", I'm guessing than Photo, as is that type of product. The thread is about AD (and AI in the Adobe side). But I get it, we're speaking in general, late posts) Like... Gimp is yet lacking entirely a CMYK mode ? Which is crucial for printing. Or.. Are we comparing UIs and efficient workflows, number of clicks, as professional factors ? 'Cause I certainly would !..... And I don't follow with the list of what Photo has it so much better ironed than Gimp, as it'd destroy the lovely open source tool, and I deeply love Gimp and most open source solutions. But a tool must be most of all streamlined for fast and efficient work. In this Affinity wins against the open source competitors by KO (and yes, I would LOVE open source tools to be better in that. I only make the exception with Blender and Wings. Those are already at very high level. ).
  12. That's a very interesting debate. Overly optimistic as I am for most things, I wouldn't be on that one. That is, I don't believe the technical aspect is what really would have them make that move. The issue is that the companies' pipelines are totally chained to Adobe for life. Is too much of an entangled net. I've been at some places that ended with me thinking... "wow, to re-build all these [interconnected pipelines, engines, etc, etc] with other suite, would take decades...." . Plus, the market is like that snow ball rolling. The more clients it drags with it, the harder to stop. Everyone is expecting a fully featured PSD/AI/etc file editing by the professional, that will open great back in the latest CC, for example (so, yeah, imo those staying with CS6 are already a bit out). The issue is with the ton of plugins, actions, home made scripts linked to the native files, smart objects and etc. And lastly, the perception. I had an extreme hard time (and got to repeat it at every company, almost) to convince my bosses in several places to let me use Blender and Wings3D instead of using Max/Maya for the mid cage modeling. And convinced them with character modeling quality FOR MY SEAT. That did NOTHING for the rest of the company. One can't truly change that...IMO. So, am guessing the Affinity path is for ever different. Is for those aspiring to a different take in a purchase system vs renting, and certain company style. With business reasons only, you can't beat Adobe (or Autodesk, for that matter) from the first place. But you can do, IMO a brilliant second. And that's a ton of income, in the entire world. Also, is already a jewel for freelancers, and small studios. The renting is a tough barrier for many, that have already replaced their video editor, animation package, the 3D app, and so on, for a cheap/mid cost purchase-only option (and in some specific cases, with an open source tool). More than... a number of features, what attracts pros, anyway, is if an app is effective in their everyday work, which require N features (not all). If has less features, but is a functional tool for their tasks and plate of food, there you have it. So I believe will vastly vary from one individual to the next one. And very strongly among different professional fields.
  13. You have high expectations. Surely of the highest professional level. I am a freelancer, and have worked at a very high level at many companies, many areas. I know when a level of functionality and certain features are requested, or money is lost, one just don't wait a second (not years) to get the best of the best. In this case the most complete solution would be the highest Adobe subscription plan. I find it strange... Why don't you just go for that solution, instead ? 50 bucks is not like the 700$ of Corel, which you could also get instead of Affinity. So... you actually do have other options. I don't get it. And reading your posts, obviously you are not staying around for your love for Serif.... BTW: I do professional work with BOTH Designer and Photo. They are BOTH great professional tools. Designer is not an advanced painting software -that would be Rebelle 3, Art Rage, Corel Painter, ProCreate- ; it's a different type of beast : A (very good) graphic design tool, and also great for vectorial illustration. Painting software is in a 99% in this world raster based software, like those I listed. Have you done many actual projects with Photo and Designer, or... are you.... waiting ?
  14. Edited by myself : I was going off topic, here.