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  1. Luminar or ON1 Photo Raw
  2. Thanks for posting this info. Unfortunately, that seems like a lot of work. i found a away around it for now by using Clip Studio Paint as my PSD editor. My goal is to eventually switch 100% to Affinity Photo when this gets fixed. If Clip Studio Paint works well, there is hope for Affinity Photo. cheers!
  3. Where can I find the alpha version for Mac? Is it available for testing?
  4. DrawPlus is good, but it’s not available for Mac computers.
  5. How good is it? Is it safe to install? On the website it show the latest version at "potrace-1.15.mac" and it's old. Here: http://potrace.sourceforge.net/#downloading Where did the Potrace_GUI_0.1.dmg version come from?
  6. Thanks. I'll keep an eye for the updates.
  7. Thanks for the reply Sean. This is very disappointing. I was really hoping to brake away from Adobe products. i hope this gets resolved soon. Do I need. To summit or post this somewhere else to expedite the fixing?
  8. Greetings, I wonder if you can help me with an Affinity Photo or Designer issue with the PSD file format. I have the need to have other apps to open PSD files when called for an external editor to make changes and save. I tested the settings by making Affinity Photo and then Affinity Designer as my external editor of choice, but the PSD “layers content” keeps getting deleted when I save the file from within Affinity Photo or Designer. Take this one example with an animation app that I use to create characters with PSD file layers. I have to use the PSD format so that the app updates my characters properly. The app is called “Cartoon Animator 4”. WITH PHOTOSHOP CS6 When the animation app opens the PSD file in Photoshop CS6, all layers remain intact after my updates to the file and I hit save. When the PSD file gets updated in my animation app, all layers are there including my changes. Everything looks very good as it’s supposed to, since all I am doing is working with the PSD file and saving it. Nothing difficult. WITH AFFINITY APPS However, when the animation app opens the PSD file in Affinity Photo or Designer ( when I use any of these as my preferred PSD file editor ), all layers look fine when it’s opened in Photo or Designer, until I save it. When the PSD file gets updated in my animation app, all layers contents are NOT there, except for the one on top of the group. The layers content that were there got DELETED by AP or AD. Can this be a big bug in Affinity Photo and Designer with the way it handles PSD files? I am hoping it is a fixable bug. I really don’t want to go back to Adobe products. I haven’t used or opened Photoshop CS6 in two years and I thought I already made the full move to affinity products, but now, I don’t know what to think. Please see attached screenshots demonstrating what is happening. Thank you in advance for your help! Best regards, Bill
  9. Thanks! I will check my settings.
  10. Can you please add a preference setting to control the File->Save to just save an UPDATED .PSD file instead of asking me to save it as an affinity document. Just like Adobe Photoshop does. I have some software where I set Affinity Photo to be my PSD external editor of choice, and I need to be able to just hit SAVE so that it updates inside the other software automatically. Thank you!
  11. https://pdf.wondershare.net PDFElements is fantastic!
  12. AffinityAppMan

    vectornator x auto trace Feature in August!

    It’s here! The first auto trace vector app on the iPad. The one important feature missing from Affinity Designer that keeps me from using it 100% of the time. The app is Vectornator X. FREE!!!!! it’s coming to the Mac soon as well. i just downloaded the iPad version from the App Store.
  13. Finally, we will be getting an auto trace vector app on the iPad. vectornator x auto trace Feature in August 2019 i hope it works well https://webgram.life/p/Bz0qaapCw17 Keep an eye on this page https://vectornator.io/
  14. There seems to be a screen refresh issue in sculpt mode for pencil. see video attached. Maybe because it’s trying to recalculate the re-sculpting of the line on empty spaces? 883F3BA8-A548-4A11-9303-3EE8A56F75A8.mov
  15. AffinityAppMan

    How to sign up for beta testing?

    Count me in if you need me.

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