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  1. Correct, but even better, not a bad thing to be able to do this in AD, just like others can do it in Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Yes, vector magic is not only more expensive, but it does nothing else. Only vector conversions. With Adobe Illustrator you can create vectors and also do conversions. AD really needs this feature to compete with Adobe.
  3. Is still much better and convenient to do the auto trace directly in AD. Just like is possible in Adobe illustrator. i still have not been able to find a third party autotracer as good as the one built into Adobe illustrator.
  4. brushes

    Real Gouache is very good to work with. It should be interesting to see how the digital version compares.
  5. brushes

    Gouache is similar to watercolor because it can be re-wet and the paint can become infused with its paper support. It can also form a superficial layer like acrylic or oil paint. Also like watercolor, gouache dries to a matte finish. It is similar to acrylic or oil paints in that it is normally used in an opaque painting style.
  6. brushes

    Thanks for the preview. Looking good.
  7. brushes

    Hi Wren, how are the new brushes coming along? Any sneak peeks?
  8. Try importing some third party brushes and see how it goes.
  9. Unfortunately, there is no way to export brushes in AP for iPad to re-import it into another category. If you create the brushes from scratch from within that category, this may be the way to go for now. One way around this is to create your brushes on the computer version of AP, add them to your own category, and exporting them to Dropbox. From there you can import them into AP for iPad.
  10. Amazing. Keep up the good work. If you go to the brushes and click on the icon that looks like a page, you can create a new category to put your brushes. You can also use the same menu to rename the category. This is also where you will be importing brushes from. I like importing 3rd party brushes from my DropBox account. It's easy to do. I attached a screenshot for you to study. I hope this helps. You would probably like this blender set.
  11. Andy, do you use the standard brushes that came with Affinity Photo for the iPad or other third party brushes? nice work!
  12. brushes

    Congrats on your Huion New1060Plus. Have fun!
  13. Hi Mike, That's actually a super idea. I will give it a go and see how it goes. thanks for the reply
  14. It looks like no one here has this workflow. I'll post this on the ON1 forum to see what they say.