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  1. Nice job on Affinity 2.0. I already purchased all apps. FEATURE REQUEST: It would be nice to see a type of VECTOR ERASER in Affinity Designer 2 that would allow us to quickly erase INTERSECTING LINES. This can dramatically increase productivity with illustrations. See attached video. Thanks!!! I am enjoying 2.0 !!! vector eraser demo.mp4
  2. I did the survey. Good questions. The only thing I didn’t like was the one suggesting to have a monthly subscription model. I hope it stays perpetual with a single payment for any major upgrade with no subscriptions.
  3. I would say Affinity Designer suits most needs for 80% of the time, but that missing 20% is irritating. That 20% is what's missing to stay competitive.
  4. I need to check this out. Maybe moving to this free app instead of using Affinity Designer can solve a lot of issues. I haven’t seen many improvements on Affinity Designer in a while.
  5. Thank you Alfred. I see what my problem is, I am not showing a "Documents" icon when I try to do this. Very strange. I only get these 4 options: Apps, Scripting, Favorites, and media.
  6. Thank you Alfred. I tried doing this, but I am having trouble doing it by just looking at screenshoots without a step by step guide. Is there a step by step guide somewhere? Thanks!
  7. Greetings, How can I get Affinity Photo and Designer to appear on the iPad os pop up menu so that I can open a selected file without having to import from the app menu? please see image attached
  8. Yes, but there is nothing better than having this feature built into the affinity software like Adobe Illustrator has. I would pay extra for affinity to have it built in.
  9. That’s a good tip. I am to try these steps and see if works with my workflow. It would be nice if the pattern layer would accommodate the affine feature automatically. That will make it more automatic like in other software. I can see this pattern layer feature get better as updates are made. It’s a step in the right direction.
  10. The seamless pattens created with this new feature seems very limited. It doesn’t keep the pattern if you go off the edges like Corel Painter and clip studio paint does. It tends to crop the image without transferring the other portion to the other side to keep it as a pattern. Also, you cannot do half-step patterns which are very convenient to avoid for the pattern to look too symmetrical and unnatural
  11. The only problem with this method is that it crops images on the edges. It doesn't treat it as a compete continuous pattern. I am restricted to uniform straight looking patterns and I have to stay within the layer border. This created boring uniform patterns. Corel Painter and Clip Studio paint allow me to add or draw extra images, and if I go out of the border, it compensates for that and makes sure it remains un-cropped and as part of the image. Am I missing something or misunderstanding the pattern layers?
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