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  1. That's the best answer so far. I think you have a point R C-R. i had a situation with an image that I needed the brush to be a little larger. Luckily that's not always the case. Hopefully between technology and programming there will be away to implement this in the future. cheers
  2. Please elaborate. Why does this have to be a limitation? Why is it necessary? Thanks
  3. Why not? Why limit the app?
  4. Greetings, Is there a way to make the Liquify Persona BRUSH SIZE bigger than 1024px ??? Thanks!
  6. Hi AlanSorry to hear you are not happy with Affinity Designer and want to cancel your order. Do you mind me asking why you are not happy with it? Cheers
  7. Cool style. Thanks for sharing
  8. It would be great if we could use the app in a vertical and/or horizontal screen as needed. Right now the screen only goes horizontal wit the iPad sideways.
  9. I understand everyone's frustration with the delay of Affinity Publisher. Everyone here has good points. I use Swift Publisher for now. It works fine for my printing needs for now. I think we should give the folks at Serif time to put together good software. They have a lot on their plates. Plus they are developing for multiple platforms, etc. I also wanted to have Affinity Publisher to be ready by now, but I am willing to be patient and wait a little so that, when it is released, is better software than rushed bad software. I think we can all come together and make this a stronger community with a little bit of patience. Cheers!
  10. Hello Fellow Affinity users! :) I am a long time graphics artist, cartoonist, and caricaturist. ( 25 years ) I have been using Serif products for many years now. I work on Apple Mac computers and iPad pro. I have to say the the AFFINITY line of products are a trend setter and I believe it will revolutionize the photo and graphics world. Especially with Adobe forcing people into monthly payments. I currently use Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for MAC and iPad Pro. I am happy to say that I have been Adobe FREE for 2 years now and I am not even looking back. I am very honored to be part of this wonderful community. Everyone in the forums are very helpful, talented, and fun! Best Regards, Bill
  11. I am salivating!!! LOL
  12. This app is Brilliant!!!
  13. Greetings, How do I sign up for the Affinity Publisher Beta MAC beta testing? Best Regards, Bill