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  1. There seems to be a screen refresh issue in sculpt mode for pencil. see video attached. Maybe because it’s trying to recalculate the re-sculpting of the line on empty spaces? 883F3BA8-A548-4A11-9303-3EE8A56F75A8.mov
  2. AffinityAppMan

    How to sign up for beta testing?

    Count me in if you need me.
  3. Is there another way of doing this? Another app maybe?
  4. In Adobe Illustrator you can export a PDF password protected so that no one can open it in illustrator and make changes to it. They can view it, but not change it. Is there a way to do this with Affinity Designer? I can't find it. Thanks
  5. AffinityAppMan

    Pantone colours

    I agree, let’s get the word out there and post some good work created with AD. The folks at Procreate do a great job at keeping their user base involved. Their instagram campaign is one of the best ones I have seen. They post tips and tutorials everyday and make it fun to follow what’s going on with the software.
  6. AffinityAppMan

    Pantone colours

    Yes, Serif has done a good job so far.
  7. AffinityAppMan

    Pantone colours

    There is still no way to assign a tint or screen percentage of a pantone color on the iPad. There is still no way to search pantone colors. Serif has done a good job, but these features are important for pro work.
  8. AffinityAppMan

    Pantone colours

    It should be interesting to see what Adobe does with Adobe Illustrator for the iPad coming soon. If your statement is true, then Adobe won’t be able to implement a good vector app for the iPad. If Adobe does, then Serif definitely can.
  9. AffinityAppMan

    Pantone colours

    If your workflow allow for that, that’s fine. Everyone has different needs. our workflow needs the flexibility to use the Mac and iPad versions in order to work on some of our pro projects.
  10. AffinityAppMan

    Pantone colours

    Yes, otherwise it’s hard to get anything done on the iPad version when needed. They probably should have never released it until everything was compatible with the windows and Mac version.
  11. This is bad news for us. I am very disappointed
  12. AffinityAppMan

    Global color function is gone.

    When will global colors be implemented in AD for iOS? It has been a while.
  13. AffinityAppMan

    Global Colors

    This is bad news
  14. AffinityAppMan

    Pantone colours

    How can I assign a tint or screen percentage on the iPad?
  15. AffinityAppMan

    Pantone colours