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  1. I know that my bug is not a critical issue, but I wasn't expecting so much of a wait 😅
  2. It's not like they never developed a software like that : maybe using the source code of MoviePlus is a good start.
  3. It's okay @Ash, you don't have to precise and justify everything, you're already guilty for some folks here. No matter what you say, they'll say the opposite.
  4. On March 26, should be declared as the Day of Appeal to Motive in the United Kingdom, and a plaque should be inaugurated on the server hosting the Affinity forum.
  5. Any person stumbling upon this topic would get the impression that Affinity has just switched to a premium subscription starting today with no turning back, otherwise the staff will come to your place, uninstall everything, and raid your fridge while they're at it.
  6. Or maybe I just have a different opinion, it's something common among humans. One day, two hours, they would have released the PR at the same time as Canva, people would have been upset in any case. The information came out 3AM GMT and Affinity confirmed it like 4 hours later. And it's not like they denied it right way.
  7. And? Getting the information one day earlier would change something? "Oh no, our users on our forums are upset, let's call back Canva and cancel everything!"
  8. I think anyone can wait one or two hours before getting an answer about that. It's not a moderation issue or anything else.
  9. It's going to be a loooong day for the staff today. Lots of questions are coming here!
  10. I'm diving into this thread, I saw some really interesting things. If Photo can support out of the box any JSX script, that would be awesome. I have to use the San Jose app because of the script support, and it's a real nightmare.
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