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  1. Hello, 90's kids. This one is for you. In memory of Jason David Frank, the green ranger actor.
  2. Switched the render mode to WARP, and the problem happened again.
  3. AMD Radeon 5700 XT, 22.11.2, and Windows 11.
  4. I think I can create a topic everyday for each freeze I get. Everytime when I'm zooming in/out. More I use this software, more I'm telling me "You bought it too soon, it's not properly debugged"
  5. Besides the freezes, my AD is painfully slow on some big projects. I have one with LOTS of layers (I cannot count manually, and I put them in a group so the context menu doesn't help), and duplicate/move layers is getting very painful. It's almost 2 SECONDS between the time I use the duplicate shortcut and the duplicate layers appears.
  6. Sorry about that, but my software froze yesterday, and it's the same symptoms as usual. Tool switching takes a good second to happen, and my zooms are risky as it can freeze any time. But as we didn't have any official answer, this problem is still not known by devs.
  7. Do I have to pray every time I'm using the zoom tool? A quick answer would be great, Serif.
  8. In the middle of anything, my AD would freeze totally, without any reason. Zooming, moving things. No chance to recover from it : once it's in the "no answer" state, I just have to close my app as I could wait forever. How can I prevent these freezes?
  9. I want to open my files stored in the cloud (Google Drive), but all .afdesign files are greyed out when browsing the "open" menu in iPad app. Common issue for Google Drive users?
  10. Hi, This bug already happened in V1, but it's still the same story in V2. I save my work in a new folder in Google Drive. I make changes to my files, then I hit save in the files homepage. This morning, I want to open my file, all my changes are gone, i'm back to the first state when I first saved my file in my new folder in Google Drive.
  11. Hello, I know it's an asked feature a few times for the V1, but now that V2 is out, why not adding this one? A "Timeline" feature for creating GIFs, and tools like creating frames from layers, image stacking...
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