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  1. Your's rectangles dimensions (in pixels) are's not integers but decimal numbers. Maybe for that reason... My new video: (Similar error, I tried to recall the previous error) 20190316.mp4
  2. This error occurs after several operations. (color format change, resize, undo, delete, add ...) This error occurred multiple times. For this reason... Next time I'll try to be more detailed;)
  3. Stroke is outside, 2 px, solid line, 100 % opacity. Build: 2019-03-14 21-09-01.mp4
  4. 20190309_1.mp4
  5. Protože upravuji obrázky (reliéfní mapy) pro "tisk/obrábění", takže potřebuji grafické objekty rozmísťovat v milimetrovém měřítku. Změna rozměrů (přepočtem pixelů / roztažením) se při tomto pokud možno neprovádí, aby nedošlo ke zkreslení reliéfu.
  6. Would you be able to add this setting? My idea: Now, I have to use the calculator. (That's frustrating.)
  7. Hi, versions 1.6... and 1.7... return the same result. Designer too.
  8. This problem be exists in previous versions, but still is not corrected. 3 rectangles for comparsion: colored gradient for preview Dither gradients is disabled: Rasterizing has finished.
  9. J.T

    Grave Etcher Brush Pack

    All the brushes in package are bad, so I didn't write the name. (I tested them in the pictures 3600x3600 and 12000x12000 px)
  10. Hi, I have a purchased brush "Grave Etcher ". This brush contains a defect on line ends. Thanks for the correction.
  11. Missing in Photo: more options for output format in export (important for TIFF - more compatibility with old software) BMP export on/off dither for rasterizing tolerance option for "Selection brush tool" user presets for all filters snapping for "Crop tool" circle overlay in "Crop tool" "Mesh warp tool" for curves (without rasterizing) "Warp text" like in Photoshop "Invert mask" function base RGB adjustment (3 trackbars with range -255 - + 255 (in 8 bit)) adjustment presets in DESIGNER Thanks for considering proposals.
  12. J.T

    smooth gradients

    I have same problem. For this problem, Affinity software is absolutely unusable for professional use.
  13. Hi, I miss helpful "analysis tool" for editing surfaces. My idea:
  14. J.T

    Rasterize gradient

    Ugly, alike. This is exported PNG in original size 256x256 px (100% size) Rasterized rectangle (with horizontal gradient fill) from Affinity Designer: My software: Correct picture must be composited from vertical lines. Or not? (For testing u can use FloodFill with 0% tolerance, or Designer with "Pixel view mode") I working mostly in 16bit RGB. Quality result is important for me.
  15. J.T

    Rasterize gradient

    Why? Before rasterize: After rectangle rasterize: Expected: