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  1. Try drawing at 100% for testing purposes. I find funny things sometimes happen at "awkward" zoom percentages... such as 57.6%. That can also make the lines look odd, because I've noticed anti-aliasing at weird percentages don't look as "clean" as in other programs... when you save these out, do they produce the correct look?
  2. I'm a former heavy PS user, but I'm more and more using Affinity for certain tasks. Not really just because I do want the program to get better, but also, the interface and workflow seems more intuitive, inviting and doesn't feel as restrictive (despite slimmer feature set) for the creative headspace. I find the UI and just some of the thought and effort that is put into the UI/UX really serves user's best interests and encourages tinkering and exploring as well for the more experimentative folk. Whereas... PS seems more and more tailored towards the technical side of this digital imaging stuff, the more updates that come. It's losing it's former charm... whereas I think this used to be true in earlier versions of PS. It's become too clunky for what it is. Illustrator unfortunately suffers the same problems and is very clunky. Designer I think will shine actually more than Photo just in execution, it's just a matter of getting the feature sets and quality assurance to reach industry level. Imo, they should put a lot of energy into Designer.. just because anyone can have PS+Lightroom for $20/mo... but $50 if you just need Illustrator. A pain in the *ss for us folk with broad workflows. Affinity has bugs and quirks and it's limited in certain features and scope of capability that I must sometimes still use Adobe products, but software updates with Adobe products are not something I look forward to. I now just don't update. Their updates have introduced a lot of bugs for me as well (so much so I call them bug releases), and sometimes it's really slow before the problems get fixed. One or two major update/releases... Affinity does put out pdates faster, but obviously they can only pack in so much of what people hope and expect... but with what they have on their plate, I think they're capable of eventually becoming quite competitive. I will keep using the betas and contributing where I can because I want it to succeed...
  3. debraspicher

    Strange scaling issue (

    I just noticed this is now fully fix in the new Photo/Designer beta. Yay!
  4. Will test this with the betas. Thanks <3
  5. I've noticed this blur issue @ 150% (my current DPI) when I was making changes to an image after working in RAW. I had to change that setting as well to make it look cleaner. It is particularly noticeable at awkward zooms, especially when working with large files, like 24MP images.
  6. I can reproduce #1, but not #2... my main display is 4K, but I have a 1080P running @ 100%. I haven't had that specific bug, but I've reported bugs in the past related to DPI changes. I never thought to try the setting you tried, but I lived with it since most were intermittent. It's especially finnicky with a multi-monitor setup (with different DPI scales) and using Views, it was particularly inaccurate/buggy. For example, views not showing up correctly relative to their zoom level and screen DPI. I think at some point I did have a problem with that specific DPI. I will have to check it again when I've rebooted Windows /w 125% setting. That might matter for testing.
  7. It's been like that on my machine for a good while. I'd upgrade my machine, but I don't think it makes any real difference. Affinity still has a good ways to go before being able to compare to Photoshop/other programs for painters. It's fine for almost anything else.
  8. How did you trigger it? It was literally right after I installed and opened the beta. Maybe it's me but my setup seems to really attract Affinity bugs of all types. Edit: BTW this system is on a new install for Windows. I should probably update my Build info...
  9. Sorry I meant to put this in the beta section... I forget the windows areas are in two different sections
  10. debraspicher

    Garbled Dialogues

    Just for reference later, it may be good to update your sig with all your speccies... that way you're not having to keep repeating the same thing over and over. I haven't run Radeon in yeeeears but maybe having these things in your sig may be helpful for other people who are trying to solve a similar problem on their own... the only side effect will be those people who do the whole "My PC is 10% faster, next gen compared to yours... you should upgrade mannn" when you post about a performance issue(s)... Affinity does seem to have real issues with DPI though. I've had a few issues with other legacy programs when I go between screens with different DPI settings, but Affinity particularly has fits with Views/UI glitches, etc... my card is about 5yo old. One would think using a Windows library for UI (ie. WPF... for a minute there I thought WordPerfect was being resurrected...) would make everything run like butter. I tried writing custom UI for UWP once and I wanted to tear my hair out... not a fan.
  11. Weird.... especially the glitch where an already painted mark resizes with the brush... Affinity Photo 2018_12_09 15_50_38.mp4
  12. Good to know. Yes, these objects are rotated which explains that bug then. Thanks for getting back to me! I will give the "hack" a try when I attempt to print again. I've actually been building something in my garage and this is the plans for it XD! So I've been a little bit busy.
  13. Does anyone know if this issue is known or what is causing it? I tried creating a new document and repasting. The results didn't change. I also tried changing the document units from Pixels to Inches and it didn't affect the print. I exported the original document to PDF and that printed fine. I attached the "problematic" document: art-supply-plan_unprintable.afdesign