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  1. Small request: Could y'all possibly add a "B" or something signifying it is the beta version in your taskbar icons when it is the beta release running? I have the beta in my taskbar so I can use it when I want to try with a certain project, and as of now on the Window version, the icons are different. Obviously that won't be the case anymore when the current version is a RC/Release version, as both icons will be the same. One small change that has been very helpful.
  2. Just in case, my old specs were the following: Intel Core i5 4670K (Haswell) @ 3.40GHz 16GB of DDR3 RAM @ 1333 Mhz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 Monitor 1: 4K @ 150% Monitor 2: 1080p @ 100% Wacom Intuos4, etc
  3. I just updated PC (CPU/RAM/Mobo, etc) so I might not be as helpful to make the best comparison now, but I can provide some feedback. There's no lag with just regular switch window (no new swatches added yet). The docking/un-docking speed is normal. At least on the beta I tested. However, when loading a Pantone library where there are a lot more swatches, there is a pause but not nearly as bad as before. Just a few seconds. Even sizing the window, there is some pause. So it may have to do with the amount of swatches... there is no major jump in CPU usage, it goes from 4% to 9%... woo. I can still provide video later if necessary. I'm still setting up my PC and getting some projects finished, so won't be able to do it at this moment.
  4. debraspicher

    Listen to the users... please

    I think they need more developers. The staff are quite attentive and don't seem to be hiding underneath a rock? Obviously they can't air certain things on the public side, for all we know they share similar concerns. I wish some things had been completed as well, as I'm eager to move completely away from Adobe. I will keep contributing to bug reports as long as they stay active/vocal about updates, progress, etc... I do develop as well as graphics so I know the pitfalls. There's probably a reasonable explanation for most things.
  5. I think on the main page, they can have a "curated" version, but a slimmer banner at top with "featured" work... because that's let's be honest, this is a graphics-focused program. More imagery in the forum index couldn't hurt. However, A banner that is 100% user-generated may become an eyesore depending on what comes up in the reel at any one time. Looking at the design above, it's very clearly highly curated. This isn't going to be the case with user-generated content, unfortunately. That said, on the INDEX page of the "Share your work" forum... I'm OK with user-generated content appearing up top and a banner similar to this above, then it can be a more "honest" appraisal of what is happening in the community. It will also encourage creators to 1) create moor (always a good thing), but also 2) it will encourage professionals to post their work. So that may alleviate some of the issues in the first paragraph to some degree. However, it doesn't change the fact it's still a double-edged sword and maybe this banner could easily be trolled as well. Perhaps unintentionally, as you'll have someone who suddenly appears and decides to a portfolio dump in one run. That could have unintended results. Just some ideas. As always, take it all with a grain of salt. <3 We do have design folk who favor minimalism, so they may not like some of these adjustments. I think they could be implemented with the mindset, but very carefully designed, because it's very easy to make something like this go from professional to looking sort of "amateur-esk" if real world content is not considered in its creation...
  6. The mapping issue, yes, it's resolved by disabling that setting. There's always lag when I paint, so I can't say that it improved after I disabled that. I only turned it on to see if it would help the brush feel "less lazy". AP isn't to the point where it can be used professionally for digital painting. Like artstation.com level painting, not simpler works. It's been improving for me though. I'm going to update my PC relatively soon-ish since it is just about due for my work, but I figured I would begin again updating with feedback on the brush engine after that point.
  7. debraspicher

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello, my name is Debra. I am a recovering Adobe connoisseur. I've been here a while though... I am a fine artist and web-designer/graphic designer. I'm also starting in DSLR Photography. Mainly to use in my projects or to do something creatively proactive with... I've been using Affinity Photo/Designer on Windows increasingly more for several years or so now. Here's to several years more creating beautiful delicious content...
  8. I use the beta for some of my work. I don't have many creative projects going atm. Realistically, it's the only way I can properly "test" the software and give authentic feedback. Otherwise I open it, move some objects around in my curiosity, close it again and go back to the production version. Photo I can more realistically test because I can just use it for processing TIFFs. I noticed some performance problems in both production/beta version. I think it's related to New Views, but honestly, I'm not sure if I can blame Affinity or my machine at this point. You would think I have enough hardware... one would think. It just seems to slow down as I work. The snapping in particularly, especially interacting with the grid system, seems to be slowest. Sometimes it's fine, so for me it's difficult to document where the trouble is and narrow it down to hardware or software-related. I was using production for a project I've started, but I moved to beta because it seemed more stable performance-wise on my machine. I was really having problems with snapping and moving objects on the screen was just too slow for me to work. I don't want to go back to Illustrator as I'm really enjoying Designer's options.
  9. debraspicher

    Repositioning the grid

    Was just wondering if this was possible. Glad to see it was added. Now all we need is lock guides? XD
  10. debraspicher

    How to fix this...

    Does zooming in and out worsen/improve this effect? I have noticed this on occasion. It might also help to check if your shapes are "hinted" (i.e. pixel precise) and that they're not aligned awkwardly on the artboard like say it's left corner begins at x: 45.3px / y: 940.5 (<--non whole-numbers) You can turn on pixel snapping in the future to be sure you are pixel-precise with all your shapes. Pixel-hinting: https://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2014/03/the-designers-guide-to-pixel-hinting/ 4min Video: https://teamtreehouse.com/library/how-to-achieve-pixel-hinting-perfection-in-photoshop
  11. Yeah, the bug makes complete sense. Should be easy enough to resolve.
  12. Update: It seems to be reproduce-able after selecting swatches while no document is loaded. That's the only way to reproduce it it seems. I added video. I closed the document, went back to the swatches window and it crashed... except... In the the video, you can't see me selecting swatches... but that's what I'm doing... I am using Windows game recorder, so it may not consider that window to be a part of the interface after load. Affinity Designer 2019_03_08 0_34_51.mp4 The portion in the beginning with nothing loaded and me floating the mouse around is how it appears on my screen, nothing has manifested yet in the interface. There is an awkward delay before the interface starts to load, and for a bit after. Just to be sure it wasn't related to the recorder, I was able to reproduce the same crash by repeating my steps in the video...
  13. Have tested this several times. Most times, it crashes out with no error report window. I do sometimes get to the point where I can get new document window to appear and create a new document and haven't tested much beyond this. Seems to be exacerbated if I don't wait long enough after it loads to start accessing the interface. Not sure exactly what is producing the problem. Messing with the swatches panel could be a link as well (with no document loaded). I also reported an apparent bug related to swatch panel being docked/undocked that locked the interface temporarily in the last version.
  14. It's weird the video that i recorded, it shows the interface when it is in a freeze state, but it turns into a blank screen with the "placeholder" showing the highlight color only where the panel is supposed to appear... then it appears in place... the effect varies... There is also delay and dull spots where you go to pull/manipulate other panels. It sometimes doesn't register the drag. Other times, it delays and causes a panel to be moved to the wrong place or a slight lag before it is finally refreshed. Additional thoughts... 1) Whatever is being used for interface in Affinity in Windows is not very good in my opinion. It just seems like there is always some sort of interface problem on multi-monitor and there is a lack of responsiveness there when working. I sometimes click for something and it will not register. Even in the non-beta program it has those hickups occasionally. 2) This in my opinion also makes the brush engine nearly unusable for any significant painting, even if it's just mark-making. But I definitely can't be blending anything due to major dropper lag. It doesn't read the pen pressure reliably enough, seems to non-linear? It's very difficult to produce smooth enough gradients, as the pen will always register too hard or soft, no matter what the Wacom settings are. I think the interface issue is a major contributor for 1+2. At least from my usage of the normal program and its beta. Looking forward to future updates and I hope it is fixed. Affinity Designer 2019_03_06 19_16_07.mp4 Affinity Designer 2019_03_06 19_22_34.mp4
  15. Try drawing at 100% for testing purposes. I find funny things sometimes happen at "awkward" zoom percentages... such as 57.6%. That can also make the lines look odd, because I've noticed anti-aliasing at weird percentages don't look as "clean" as in other programs... when you save these out, do they produce the correct look?