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  1. I haven't had it happen again yet. Thank you for this information. I'll keep an eye out on it while I am playing with the betas
  2. It helps but doesn't resolve. I wish I could get lines like yours brushies-stabilizer.tiff
  3. I've mentioned this on other threads before, but I'm starting this one so maybe I can turn it into a megathread... I'm having issues with painting in Affinity. The brush engine shows so much potential and would be more than glad to switch to this when it's more stable. But right now, for steady painting work and for blending... well... it's not quite there yet. This is how my lines look in Affinity Photo Beta ( How are others doing with being able to paint in this program? I got the DAUB brush set which I am in love with... just a shame I can't use it for blending yet as the line quality in this program is a little unpredictable. It's particularly obvious with smaller brushes like 1-3px. (i.e. detail brushes) brushies.tiff affinity-photoshop-brush.afphoto
  4. Thank you for this beta, guys. Downloading and installing it now...
  5. Is it normal for the color picker to take a second or two for the little dish to show up to drag for colors? Is there a way to make this process much faster? I can't paint at a decent speed because of the constant pausing to load the color picker. It doesn't appear to be the speed of the application, it seems rather intentional.
  6. daubbrushes

    Yes, definitely. I can say after using for more time, it's one of the best brush sets I've ever owned. I dig it
  7. Yeah when I paste into Paint, it is even smaller. Is the clipboard data not a 1:1 bitmap? Only one of my screens is set to 100%, the other is 150%..
  8. I reproduced another one that seems similar in the retail and beta, so will tag this here just in case it may help to resolve this one. Edit: Also if you could move that thread to beta, I'd appreciate it. I discovered this while working in retail working on an image and didn't even think about the beta
  9. This is an odd bug. Basically when I Select All, I go to Edit > Copy Flattened When I paste it into Photoshop, the image is 75% of it's original size. I attached the file. I suspect maybe it has to do with DPI scaling on my 4K, but my DPI scaling is currently set to 150% in Windows. I have a New View open and I had also reported this bug... so maybe they are correlated. photoThumb_bugReport.afphoto
  10. I agree, I wouldn't pay for them either.
  11. Calm down. I said I agree with you there is an issue with AP as it relates to tablets, but I had also read that Wacom has had issues for at least a few years with their drivers (and this may even be Windows Ink, not Wacom) and this as across many different systems and it may be affecting things in some sense. I also said if you wanted to open a mega-thread to help troubleshoot these issues and see if we can all compare and contrast performance on the brush engine, I was game. It is something we can keep alive until it is resolved.
  12. Yes, for me the shakiness is intermittent, but it's not super problematic in external programs (except in the case of OneNote) except I have to hit undo and redo some lines occasionally. In AP it is obvious because it is not stabilized. There are a lot of folk who pay for plugins/programs like "Lazy Nezumi" in Windows that work exclusively as a brush stabilizer because it's not perfect. Other people have mentioned having issues with Huion/other brands as well, and when Windows Ink was introduced, that really complicated the compatibility and performance of certain tablets. It's hard to figure out which is to blame because there is so much that happens between the tablet and the software that can really mess up pen performance.
  13. Are we sure this is not a Wacom issue? Not saying that Affinity can't improve their brush stabilization. This can definitely be improved upon 4 sho and there is definitely a lower quality to brush work in AP. OneNote looks very similar as it has no stabilizers. I'm on an Intuos4 and tbh, I get shaky lines outside AP. I am considering backdating my drivers a few years back, because so many people have complained about Wacom's drivers having caused more issues with shakiness (particularly Cintiq users). It's making me hold back on upgrading my tablet. Though this is only the Intuos' and Cintiq I've heard issues with. YMMV Edit: By the way, I'll be glad to participate in any troubleshooting/brush engine testing mega-thread. Just PM me. Maybe we can help to get this issue resolved.
  14. I have this problem as well with slow brush rendering. Even with smaller brushes, depending on texture quality, it is pretty slow.
  15. It seems when opening an image and opening a New View and using crop tool to crop image, it leaves an extra gap of non-functional transparency on the right side of the image. I attached a video showing the behavior and how it is produced. This also happens when the View is on another monitor or when floating above the application (though Windows screen recorder won't catch this) This is reproduce-able in both regular retail and the beta version. Affinity_Photo_12_29_2017_3_31_49_PM.mp4