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  1. How did you trigger it? It was literally right after I installed and opened the beta. Maybe it's me but my setup seems to really attract Affinity bugs of all types. Edit: BTW this system is on a new install for Windows. I should probably update my Build info...
  2. Sorry I meant to put this in the beta section... I forget the windows areas are in two different sections
  3. debraspicher

    Garbled Dialogues

    Just for reference later, it may be good to update your sig with all your speccies... that way you're not having to keep repeating the same thing over and over. I haven't run Radeon in yeeeears but maybe having these things in your sig may be helpful for other people who are trying to solve a similar problem on their own... the only side effect will be those people who do the whole "My PC is 10% faster, next gen compared to yours... you should upgrade mannn" when you post about a performance issue(s)... Affinity does seem to have real issues with DPI though. I've had a few issues with other legacy programs when I go between screens with different DPI settings, but Affinity particularly has fits with Views/UI glitches, etc... my card is about 5yo old. One would think using a Windows library for UI (ie. WPF... for a minute there I thought WordPerfect was being resurrected...) would make everything run like butter. I tried writing custom UI for UWP once and I wanted to tear my hair out... not a fan.
  4. Weird.... especially the glitch where an already painted mark resizes with the brush... Affinity Photo 2018_12_09 15_50_38.mp4
  5. Good to know. Yes, these objects are rotated which explains that bug then. Thanks for getting back to me! I will give the "hack" a try when I attempt to print again. I've actually been building something in my garage and this is the plans for it XD! So I've been a little bit busy.
  6. Does anyone know if this issue is known or what is causing it? I tried creating a new document and repasting. The results didn't change. I also tried changing the document units from Pixels to Inches and it didn't affect the print. I exported the original document to PDF and that printed fine. I attached the "problematic" document: art-supply-plan_unprintable.afdesign
  7. I tried this with Fit to Printable (this one)... Shrink to Printable... Not exactly what I was expecting. There's one side that has a very thin black line within the border... if it matters. Designer Version
  8. Unfortunately no, I restarted several times and just comes back. I'm using the beta now, and no problems there so far.
  9. Is there a way to get keyboard shortcuts working again without reinstalling?
  10. Yes I am using the Guides Manager. I like the numerical table because I can confirm the placement... I can pull out from rulers, but it doesn't always show me the tool tip showing the numeric position which is why I started using the Guides mgr. Snapping can be a little unpredictable at times too and it is difficult to get to trigger the way I need. I have to open the Guides mgr to confirm the position numerically. Probably another way would be to create a set of blocks and arrange them in the grid and then "snap" the grid that way and then snap the guides in that way... I may start doing it that way. It's good too if you want the columns to show up in another layer for example... I think the Guides Manager would be efficient on it's own, but it needs to allow you to effect the default placement of a new guide in some way so it doesn't always begin at the center point... or at least allow the new guide to appear near where your cursor is (whatever the value)... though that is very useful on it's own that it calculate center values for you. Guides mgr also will take mathematical adjustments, which is nice... I create the column I want and the gaps and I just punch in +(number) and it creates the guide in that placement... there doesn't appear to be a way to select the guide and change it's placement without using the dialog box?
  11. Is there a reason the guide defaults to the center of the graphic? And can this be changed? It is problematic when creating a grid system, because means I have to scroll to see the last value before I punch in the new value... and it's time consuming (and clunky) to do this action over and over... The correct way I think would to create the guideline near where you have a selected value... so say I select a guide that exists @ 1.2in... It would create a duplicate of that value when I hit new.
  12. debraspicher

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Honestly, I've never really liked working in iD for whatever reason, has always felt a bit clunky... and would just be glad to have alternatives to it.
  13. Yeah I just realized recently this program doesn't have the ability to create vector-based pattern swatches? The little things right?... it's a pretty important function though and one of those small features we often take for granted. Considering how long PS/AI have been in the game though, it's going to take a while for all our favorite features of those projects to make it to these programs... I think just keep suggesting and eventually they'll make it into the list.
  14. Can you guys include this feature in Photo/Designer on the Windows version? I use floating windows for things like Views when working at different zooms, on screens with differing resolutions, etc... it is really essential to my workflow. They take up an unexpected amount of space often because they do not adjust to the size of the document when zooming further out, and so I have to adjust manually which can't be done easily to precision... so an option like in photoshop to automatically adjust the window size on zoom would be very nice...