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  1. debraspicher

    brushes 2500 pixels are lagging

    The spacing percentage will also majorly impact performance. Even a simple small round brush with 1% spacing will be a CPU hog on some machines, because there is more of the brush mark being added with each stroke. This is true in Photoshop as well. If my CPU can handle, I will push to 1%, but generally if I go too large, I may need to change spacing. I have noticed a difference in brush lag when switching from tablet to mouse. So I agree with you, there is some type of input lag going on in Windows. There are many times I just quit using Affinity from frustration if I am doing brush work and I will use another program that is more suited to the task. It's hard to report a problem with pressure-sensitivity as well since it's something you can only "feel" when doing blending-work... like the curve does not feel linear and there is unnecessary complexity. I've tried adjusting pressure settings to no avail. The dropper still takes a few seconds to appear as well. The brush engine is too frustrating so I use it sparingly because the performance is not unpredictable instance to instance. Sometimes it behaves. Sometimes it doesn't.
  2. debraspicher

    Expand stroke still sucks

    I believe it. The admins are usually forthcoming about things they are working on during beta. Everyone has opinions about how Affinity is progressing. I still have my gripes about the brush engine, but my opinions more niche. Improvements have been made, especially with performance. Oh and the GUI bugs in Windows. It's not meant to be a painting master's program anyway. My main gripe being that with all the flexibility of the engine, we're still not able to really blend to a "pro" degree, even for minor pieces. It's painfully slow and a bit unpredictable as far as the quality that can be achieved, but it's definitely improved albeit over the years. The expand stroke bug is more than a QoL issue so I'm glad it is finally being worked on. Sucks that people are being so rude to staff though...
  3. Yet another reason I keep a TI-83 kicking around.
  4. debraspicher

    Expand Stroke bug (not accurate)

    Yeah there's definitely a shift in the line when making the move to expansion. I was expecting a more dramatic result like your image which is why I was confused at first. It's slight, but there's enough that it changes the weight of the line that it appears accurate, but it's not acceptable for achieving any kind of pixel-hinted look. (i.e. professional) I noticed this when working in my own designs and manipulating your file. If it were just a padding issue, would be at least workable, but the paths themselves are being misinterpreted.
  5. debraspicher

    Moving Views to Second Monitor

    jafto, I have noticed this as well with the Swatches panel particularly and reported a similar bug in beta when I was using an older build. I just haven't had time to update the topic since I rebuilt and figured I would update my video card first. The panels do seem "sticky" at times, but I would not say it is just when pulling between screens. It is just seems more noticeable with certain panels and depending on what is going on in the document. I have a mix-DPI environment and I think that contributes as well.
  6. debraspicher

    Expand Stroke bug (not accurate)

    Strangely enough I just tried to expand stroke on the original group in that file. It produced what appeared to be accurate results. I captured it on video and the result was within the first 12-18 seconds... the menu is hidden in the overlay, I am using Windows Game recorder... I tried a few more times Affinity Designer 2019-06-22 19-32-52.mp4
  7. debraspicher

    Expand Stroke bug (not accurate)

    Yes! Pixel hinting is so important to achieve a professional look. Not achieving this, it's not a finished work in my opinion. To go this long without a fix is not good.
  8. debraspicher

    Expand Stroke bug (not accurate)

    Yeah it's unfortunate it has taken this long to correct the feature. I'm not usually keen to complain, but Expand Stroke is such a major feature for shape-building. It's part of my "typical" workflow. I tend to keep my simpler designs for Affinity Designer and anything super complex, I do in Illustrator because I tend to run into too many bugs or limitations. I still prefer Designer as Illustrator is getting rather slow & clunky.
  9. I saw that this was reported in the iPad section, but just wanted to report here that it is in Windows version as well.
  10. debraspicher

    Beta update fails.....

    Yeah I got access is denied message as well when trying to update. Afterwards, it was half-way installed/uninstalled? It wasn't in installed programs list, but the folder was still there. When trying to remove the folder to manually reinstall, trying to delete required administrator access (I hit "continue" for that), and it came up with another dialogue, permission is required, access is denied. Only thing I can think of is to restart, but I thought I would report in here in case others run into the same problem. Probably if I change to another folder name it will take. I didn't try that yet.
  11. Small request: Could y'all possibly add a "B" or something signifying it is the beta version in your taskbar icons when it is the beta release running? I have the beta in my taskbar so I can use it when I want to try with a certain project, and as of now on the Window version, the icons are different. Obviously that won't be the case anymore when the current version is a RC/Release version, as both icons will be the same. One small change that has been very helpful.
  12. Just in case, my old specs were the following: Intel Core i5 4670K (Haswell) @ 3.40GHz 16GB of DDR3 RAM @ 1333 Mhz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 Monitor 1: 4K @ 150% Monitor 2: 1080p @ 100% Wacom Intuos4, etc
  13. I just updated PC (CPU/RAM/Mobo, etc) so I might not be as helpful to make the best comparison now, but I can provide some feedback. There's no lag with just regular switch window (no new swatches added yet). The docking/un-docking speed is normal. At least on the beta I tested. However, when loading a Pantone library where there are a lot more swatches, there is a pause but not nearly as bad as before. Just a few seconds. Even sizing the window, there is some pause. So it may have to do with the amount of swatches... there is no major jump in CPU usage, it goes from 4% to 9%... woo. I can still provide video later if necessary. I'm still setting up my PC and getting some projects finished, so won't be able to do it at this moment.
  14. debraspicher

    Listen to the users... please

    I think they need more developers. The staff are quite attentive and don't seem to be hiding underneath a rock? Obviously they can't air certain things on the public side, for all we know they share similar concerns. I wish some things had been completed as well, as I'm eager to move completely away from Adobe. I will keep contributing to bug reports as long as they stay active/vocal about updates, progress, etc... I do develop as well as graphics so I know the pitfalls. There's probably a reasonable explanation for most things.