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  1. I'm frequently working on batches of images at the same time, sometimes different exposures, so this would be helpful also I agree.
  2. There's usually a button set to it on your tablet that you have to press again. You'd have to go into Wacom settings to figure out which it is. If you know how to get into the Radial Menu, it might be in there as well.
  3. I saw this thread (I recently unhid this forum) and just wanted to add my thoughts. I agree that the layer toggle switch on the right does slow these things. I have noted this on occasion to myself this does not feel natural and is counterintuitive... I am not as bothered about the dots, but agree semantically it does make a difference that it has meant enabled/disabled traditionally... also the fact that we can draw on supposedly disabled, or rather invisible elements, is an elephant in the room... Also with having spent enough time with the new layer system, I have always felt the drop zones have always felt finicky. It is not helped that my system is stuck at 125% zoom due to an Affinity pixel view bug. So elements are smaller and hovering over these details is cumbersome. That could be part of the issue. but I always seem to have a big pause connecting to the correct part of the layer stack... I appreciate the efforts they have went through to try to do something different, perhaps innovate, but UX practices should be properly informed. Too many elements feel "randomized" which is the best way to describe. I have no problem learning something new, but repetitive usage of that newness should feel relatively seamless once properly learned and a habit made... if it isn't sticking across users, or they complain of endless tension with the UI, that's a red flag.
  4. On Wacoms, we used to have to disable the double click setting sometimes to get rid of the weird hitching at the very beginning of a stroke. Win ink might work better because it takes over the tablet gesture/mouse-like behavior and implements its own behavior... but all just a guess. One can give it a try and see if there's something that can be adjusted, but it's just a thought.
  5. This is a very frustrating read. I was looking up something related to pixel precision and stumbled across. I agree completely it takes away from the experience gained working creatively with the programs rather than to have to work against them chasing down technical demons. It is better this is addressed in a UX minded way. Design like this erodes trust with the user. That trust is key to getting the user to follow any kind of design philosophy so that they can make full use of the programs. It's one single detail, but if it's a detail that user is running into constantly, it becomes cancerous.
  6. Thank you again for making this addition/change. I'm using it a lot more in Designer for pixel level work.
  7. Very off topic, but this graphic should be hung in a mental health asylum. It's total madness. Re: OP, yes sometimes their posts are harsh at times, but they're desperately needed in this space. I don't care for the self-aggrandizing commentary of other critics that have come to the board (because it's off topic), but anto has been consistently on topic and providing adequate and needed critiques. They are a needed member. I don't think even Serif wants the forum to be like a hugbox. But it's fair that the original post itself was hidden to save headaches. I feel bad for the staffmember who came under the crosshair, but at the same time, I see anto's point as to when communications become harder to take seriously. Like how high is polish on their priority list? Several have said they can't see it being high on the list at all on their end, but we can only talk about what is visible to us... I guess anto is saying to give the user perspective a bit more consideration when posting from the developer end... I'm also noticing the pattern with the lack of bugfixes and things being left in. I personally find it completely unacceptable and it doesn't matter what the reasoning is after a point. It's not good for the customer and numerous users have related how these bugs/issues have impacted their workflow in substantial ways, so I think that a long cycle that focuses on JUST clearing the list and cleaning up the software is desperately needed. Will we get something like this? I have asked. I was told announcements can only be made from a select few, which is fair, but why haven't they commented further? It impacts my desire to spend so much time sharing bug reports/etc because it seems counterproductive to keep reporting the same bugs, or running into new bugs spawned by old bugs. But then I report new ones and sometimes they're fixed, sometimes they're not. I still can't believe we can't Expand Stroke a vector drawing that uses pressure curves without there being random flowers and other artifacts. It's basically raster-only. Expand Stroke almost always fails to convert everything seamlessly. Also, having to minimize my software when the UI freezes because that's been a bug for tablet users that's existed for some time now... I really really want to see Serif step up their game. I will do so as well. I've started keeping a checklist of things I'd like to see, but again, if I post... where does it go really? I don't get a positive sensation from sharing any general feedback beyond just what's currently discussed in beta if it's just going into the ether... so I feel like sometimes it's like I'm silently being told it's not worth my time? If that makes sense?
  8. This has been very helpful. Having both options is handy. Edit: Have to add, I am a little jealous of the icon-only version. I wish we had that option... it's just cleaner...
  9. Yes it's a great concept, but as you say, it's sometimes hard to work with... it's not the most user friendly. Especially if there needs to be a controlled gap and in my case my nudge distance is often set really low for pixel-hinting...
  10. With some tools at least, it can be done with Quick Grid.
  11. I remember that workaround. I realize it was very likely not possible considering if they could make vectors from raster, we'd probably have the Image tracer by now... but anyway, I was just looking to create a curve from a flat color, so mild hope. I still got what I needed done, but it would look better if I could work with Boolean.
  12. Is this even feasible? If not, I'll be making a feature request.
  13. Your beta account would be your standard login to activate all your affinity stuff. But, the beta is only for V2. So you would have to have retail V2 in your account to be able to activate the beta.
  14. I've run into this as well when editing imported vectors. I feel like this has happened too when I've merged paths in Affinity itself and I've had to change my strategy when working with points to avoid unwanted changes to the initial curve.
  15. Bugs that are left in sporadically, front and center are guaranteed to cause tension when using the program. Especially if the users are accustomed to a polished experience. There are implementations I really dislike in other software I use, but I never feel unproductive because it simply just works. That simplicity and polish carries over session to session and so I learn to build trust in the program, rather than question every aspect of it. There are sessions I have few issues with Affinity. Others where I merely do a basic thing upon opening a document and am already writing a bug report. Bugs happen and this is to be expected, but the worst part is when they're left in for so long and unfixed. It doesn't feel productive to report at times, especially if I suspect it's a much older bug and it's just my first time encountering it. Some people have become adjusted to workflows that work around issues and can dismiss more easily. I had this relationship with Adobe products, especially toxic Illustrator with it's own silly issues, so I fully comprehend wanting to stick up for something that for all its problems still feels best to use despite its flaws...
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