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  1. Thank you all for everything you do. Downloading updates now from account page.
  2. For what it's worth, I'm on driver ver 6.3.38-2 ... my model is in my signature. No problems here (so far). I've had issue(s) with Wacom drivers on Windows in the past that required a downgrade, so it's not unheard of.
  3. Limited tests on my end show better performance with the tablet. Seems quite smooth.
  4. I'm on a dual screen setup. I haven't noticed this issue (yet). A question, but is the monitor it is moving back to set as the "main" display. Many of us use the main display for our applications and secondary maybe for less important, so it's possible others may not run into it as often. Since you're using a Wacom, if that is a secondary display then maybe something changed in the software to trigger this. You can use use Windows Key + Shift + Left/Right Arrow to switch windows between screens instead of dragging. That doesn't move the floating panels I don't think, but maybe you can have a workspace saved that you can "reload" when this happens. At least until it is fixed.
  5. It does, unfortunately. I played around with Coverage Map to make it look better, but didn't try to export it. Hard to know how often I will need to use that workaround.
  6. Turns out I learned something today. I've heard of LAB but not sure what it means to "work in" LAB. If the colored bits are true, then I agree with you fully, it should be something that is eventually changed in order to be accurate representation.
  7. I saw a "solution" (painful) that involves changing Coverage Map in Blend Options. This helps with the anti-aliasing issue and doesn't pick up in pixel view as far as I can tell.
  8. Is it possible to add a global swatch from your currently selected fill? I have been using dropper to add.
  9. Maybe someone can explain what is happening here. In support area it was suggested this is an anti-aliasing issue. The black is showing underneath the green layer. The object used as a mask is the same Crossguard object. Theoretically, they should cancel each other out enough that it nothing should show through? Unless I am doing something wrong. Source file: sword.afdesign
  10. I searched forums. I still can't figure out how to correct this. It's showing a black line. The object that is being used as mask is over bounds and I have "precise clipping" enabled (not sure it matters), so not really understanding why it is causing an outline. sword.afdesign
  11. My tablet can paint fine at first. Color picker will sometimes freeze the window. It will stay on the tool cursor and I can't interact with UI, change layers, undo, nothing. Sometimes it is when I change brush size. It is fairly frequent. I seem to be able to paint fine with pressure sensitivity... as long as I don't do much else. The solution for me has been to minimize and then re-maximize the window and then I can have more time to work until it freezes again 😶
  12. I added the files. I used Edge instead of Firefox, for whatever reason that worked. Both screens: multi-view-pixel-discrepancy.tiff Zoom-in of the issue: multi-view-pixel-discrepancy-2.tiff .afdesign file: test.afdesign
  13. I made a 32 x 32 document. I noticed when opening a "new view" and setting at 100% and putting on secondary screen, it is not displaying correctly. The box has 8px of white on each side. However, at 100% view it is not displaying correctly as it shaves a few pixels off the document. You can tell by 8x8 grid overlapping and goes into the background gray area. Strange enough, by adding an art-board, the issue goes away. *I am trying to attach some files to show what I mean, but I am getting an error (error 7) 😑
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