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  1. Yes being able to set up a template file with settings arranged just as we want them would be ideal. It gets old going in and getting everything set up each time
  2. Many of us have been clamoring for this for a while now. I can totally see the need for it with laser settings - I use it all the time in t-shirt design.
  3. Boldlinedesign

    afdesign to ai

    wow interesting! I was a little skeptical of you on that until I tried it myself. very cool! is that really all there is to it? I wonder if there are any issues saving things like gradients or opacity settings as Affinity handles that differently than Illustrator. For example, saving an illustrator file with gradients and the like as an eps file can cause problems in corel. Is this more an eps issue? I'm going to have to play around with this more and see if anything has issues in the crossover. thanks!
  4. I just learned about the clipping of object when they straddle the art-board boundary and I think it's awesome! Not many of my designs go right to the edge - but I sometimes have a background image or something. Just because artists are not used to it does not make it a bad thing that Affinity went this route. I think both sides need to keep listening to each other as far as needs and wants. I can name plenty of things Adobe lacks or did that go against my intuition as a designer...
  5. I think a lot of people are anxious to cut the adobe cord completely and its hard to wait for crucial features that would allow this.
  6. This got resolved in the update that just came out after the Affinity live event! awesome!
  7. I am still having issues getting strokes to expand to fills and then the ability to merge them together - it freezes up the app or it creates strange results. Some of this might be solved by a blob brush alternative - so we can fill sections easier than using repeated strokes - or I could try to do more specific fills with the pen tool I usually use strokes to get my desired look, then expand it to a fill, divide the overlap and then erase the extras and then merge it all together again - that process is difficult right now in AD
  8. Has anyone else noticed we can no longer quickly modify the brush tool size by swiping up or down with the apple pencil over the brush size number on the upper right hand side of the screen? It can be adjusted at the bottom when the brush tool is selected, but not on the fly on the right upper side anymore.... is it just me?
  9. Thanks for helping us figure that out Patrick - we love Affinity! Thank you for all the awesome updates and amazing software
  10. Awesome! I logged in to my account and I found the Publisher Beta I downloaded from August and December 2018 -not sure why I ended up getting it twice! lol Do I email the Affinity team as you suggested earlier and give them one of the order numbers from when I got Publisher in 2018?
  11. I don't have that email (Affinity Publisher beta order number from the beta download confirmation email sent from affinitystore@serif.com) in my folders either - this whole thing is frustrating and irritating me more than it should. I know I downloaded it from the Affinity site and not the forums.
  12. Yes I downloaded the Beta Publisher months back from the publisher page - not the forum - nothing in my emails yet.
  13. I'm still waiting to get my Publisher email. I downloaded the Publisher beta back when it was first available.
  14. So this was resolved when I found another post about the same topic on the forum by GabrielM. thank you!
  15. Wow this really helped out a ton - thank you!