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  1. Boldlinedesign

    How to erase a part of a vector object?

    I really appreciate the point you make here - that Affinity is working to master a non-destructive method of operation. I was just testing out the stylus back side eraser to cut away at parts of vectors the way I would do in Illustrator with a real eraser tool... I'm all for having a non-destructive process (I'm seeing the "erasing" I am doing is merely a masking of the vector from sight), so long as there is a way to commit to the edits for a final output. So from my understanding and borrowing from my current process in Illustrator, Once I have erased away the parts I dont need, I can expand everything and commit the changes and permanently erase what was behind the masks in order to output for use in other vector apps or programs that use vector files. I would try this now, but there's a major glitch with Affinity Designer's "Divide Shapes" that causes it to freeze
  2. Boldlinedesign

    [AD] Vector persona eraser tool

    I know this quote is from 2014, but I still appreciate you sharing some of the thinking behind why certain tolls are not yet implemented. Would this snag with the eraser tool apply equally to what Illustrator calls the blob tool? When I design, I use different tools based on the kind of design I'm making. Sometimes its a technical pen tool task, other times I'm more free with the brush tool, but there are plenty of times I've used the blob tool in conjunction with the eraser tool to get what I'm looking for. Anxious to be able to have that level of control over my vectors in AD
  3. Boldlinedesign

    rubber erase tool

    Really hoping a blob tool and an eraser tool are on the horizon. Didn't see it on the list
  4. Boldlinedesign

    Designer hangs and freezes on "union"

    Is this still an issue with Designer? I went to expand the strokes and then hit "divide shapes" and it still freezes... I included a screen shot. I know divide shapes works just fine on the ipad version... but I assume we're still waiting for a fix on the desktop? Loving Affinity - just not this bug
  5. Looking forward to a smoothing tool like MEB mentioned!
  6. Boldlinedesign

    Affinity Designer for iPad timeline?

    As anxious as I was for it's release, I'm super glad they took their time and made it right to the best of their ability instead of rushing a release that would need an immediate fix, etc...
  7. Boldlinedesign

    Affinity Designer for iPad timeline?

    Thanks for reading and getting back to me on that. It's disappointing to hear but I understand you guys are doing all you can.
  8. I'm an Affinity fan 100% - have both apps on both computer platforms as well as the iOS Photo version. Affinity is the future and like everyone else, I'm anxious for the Publisher app and the iOS Designer version to be released. We've been teased with videos of both and the timelines given for release or betas seem to extend infinitely. I'm most anxious for the iOS designer app to be released... we were told (or at least rumors) that it would be out in the fall of 2017, then early 2018 - now we're at WWDC where Affinity was showcasing their iOS Photo last year.... one of the Affinity main guys was asked about when the app drops live and he mentioned really soon... but here we are at the logical event it would appear, and there's no app, no word on anything... I get Affinity Designer iOS is a small team and there's a lot of pressure and work to get done... its frustrating to be awaiting a product that will revolutionize how I get to work and to see the release get pushed back month after month with little word on updates or anything from Affinity. Can we get an update? A sense of hope as to when we'll get to start using a beta at least? thanks for all you guys do
  9. Thanks1 This helped me get them installed properly. I was confused too - especially when it was telling me it was not an affinity file!
  10. This is really great. I saw it the other day on youtube. As I am learning digital painting right now, its great to see that it can be accomplished in Affinity Photo. I hope there are more tutorials planned in the future by you and others going through these things step by step in even greater detail.
  11. LOVE AD and anxious for the ipad version release! Just need to express how badly we need an vector erase tool like Illustrator has, to quickly cut through strokes, but more importantly, to be able to quickly edit fills. Also hoping for a direct node deletion method. In Illustrator, you press the minus key and it activates the node erase tool. I get that we can hit delete after selecting the node in AD, but there are a couple issues with that... first, its a multi-step process each time (click on node or drag selection box over node(s) and then hit delete to erase them.) second, there is always a risk of hitting delete too many times and accidently deleting the fill you are trying to edit. Hoping there is also a plan to add a freeform selection tool for AD on the vector persona. If we need to select multiple nodes to erase using the selectnad then hit delete method, it would be a little easier if we could have more control over how to grab those nodes. The vector erase tooll would be the compliment of the "blob tool" in Illustrator... where I can add vetor fill to a new or existing fill as if i were painting and turn around and delte parts away from it easily. If anyone has any great solutions I am missing - please let me know. I am a grateful Affinity user - just sharing where the limitations are that i can find that hold back what would make Affinity be my sole set of apps for design work.
  12. I was thinking about the process to remove existing points from a design. Right now you have to click on it and hit the delete key - a two step process for each one you delete, unless you grab a bunch at once and do so. Is there a way to make this a one step process? In Illustrator, you click the minus key and it gives you an extension of the pen tool so you can click on one point after another to delete.
  13. Boldlinedesign

    Bombs Away

    This is amazing work John - Did you or would you record a tutorial on how you went about it in Affinity Designer? We need more of that available online. Thanks!
  14. Boldlinedesign

    AD for iPad?

    I'm with you VectorCat - I'm excited about all Affinity has accomplished - but the hardest thing is waiting for Designer for iPad
  15. Boldlinedesign

    Editing imported images in AP

    Thank you for your quick and detailed reply - that helps a lot! Makes sense when you explain the value of the setup.