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  1. @Sean P thanks for checking out the file I sent and getting back to me. Can you clarify a little what you mean overall? I understand that if I had fewer overlapping original strokes that were then expanded and divided, the geometry would be cleaner. I understand how to clean up all the excess nodes after a “dirty geometry” divide.... I can do that for the time being, but what about the long term? I guess my question is, will Affinity be fixing this issue soon? I’ve copied and pasted this very design I sent you into Illustrator CS6 and after deleting the extra overlaps, merged everything with almost perfect success. (There are always a few stray nodes in a design originating in Affinity that I usually need to go over with blob tool or break the compound path and delete). I’m hoping your answer on this was not indicative that Affinity has no plans to improve the Boolean operations so even dirty/bad geometry cannot be fixed. If Adobe can do it in CS6 from years ago, what keeps Affinity from accomplishing it? I love Affinity and I’m not trying to be overly critical. The geometry and Boolean operations seem to have been and remain a major thorn in the side of the development team. I’m hoping your answer does not imply they have given up or settled for lesser results on this crucial aspect. Thanks!
  2. @Sean P - thanks for getting back to me - I appreciate it. I have attached the file here Farm_Fresh.afdesign
  3. Using the new beta, I am trying to add together several expanded former strokes and fills to make one united vector shape. Each time I do so, a large portion of it just disappears. How are we supposed to be doing this aside from tracing the outside with a single pen stroke? Also, I have to keep switching over from the alternate fill mode to the winding repeatedly because when I grab a part of a fill and pull a node of it over top another, it just creates a negative space where they overlap otherwise. Lastly, we're still getting crazy number of nodes when expanding and dividing strokes These issues have been brought up for the last few years without a complete fix. stuff like this is in large part what keeps Affinity from being an app I can use exclusively
  4. @Bryan Rieger I can understand and agree with much of what you said in reply to my comment, “I want Affinity to win”. I can also see how that comment read like a zero sum game.You’re right in that many people see it that way. I meant it as in, I want Affinity to succeed and be successful - no matter what Adobe or others do or don’t do. Success as defined by me would be that it’s a solid and powerful trio of apps that accomplish well the professional design needs of artists and designers, photographers, etc. So many people feel adobe is overkill for their needs and strongly dislike the subscription model. I work with many small screen print shops for example, that need a raster and vector app so they can do simple designs and print out more complex ones they are sent. I know for myself, I don’t need all the bloat in adobe to do my professional work. I’m able to do everything I need with my old copy of CS6. So for me, “success” in terms of Affinity is getting the basics done solid and adding the common use tools we’ve rehashed now and over the years. Keeping it somewhat streamlined is to Affinity’s strength actually. Leaving out basic and necessary vector tools is what keeps it from being “successful” in my book.
  5. @Jowday what are you suggesting we invest in on Monday?
  6. @anon2 How about you? What would convince you to purchase the version 2 upgrade?
  7. @anon2 - Hmmm good question. I'm torn between just continuing to support them because I believe in the long term for Affinity despite the slow progression currently and holding off on further financial support until more of what I consider the essentials are added. If the cost to purchase was in the range of what Adobe used to charge ($600+) for a major upgrade, I would certainly hold off until most if not all my essentials were in place. I would fear paying that much and then waiting many more years to see the trio of apps get to be professionally self-sustaining. Since it's not an expensive set of apps, that is less an issue for me. I want Affinity to win and I root for them and I want my money to go toward their success - but I also need them to acknowledge we are struggling with the multi-year slow updates. It's almost 2021 and I'm still running El Capitan to keep Adobe CS6 going without a subscription for goodness sake! The 2.0 release would need to show me they are serious about taking care of the professional designers that want to use this in place of Adobe. They would need to add more than say, tinkering with a few small features updates. I'd be looking for text warp, vector eraser, blob brush equivalent and 100% editable vector brushes in the 2.0 release for me to feel great about upgrading. They'd also need to show me that the Boolean operations work properly (see attached image). It's SO frustrating trying to edit my vectors in Affinity Designer expanding and dividing and then merging them only to have a mess of nodes to clean up each time. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I wish they would acknowledge the customer base that has been pleading for certain essential features for years now without much of a reply. I'm all for the cool smaller additions like time-lapse and the anti-aliasing feature, but not at the expense of the essentials. If 2.0 lacks a solid number of essentials, I might hold off on purchasing for a while until they do.I don't want to get too blindsided in rooting for Affinity to fully replace Adbe, that i ignore other avenues to accomplish this - like incorporating Vectorstyler. I would probably pour more time and resources apps like Vectorstyler get out of beta. I've been doing my best to test out their tool sets and encourage them to make edits that would help my professional workflow. If Vectorstyler keeps going at the pace it has with their betas and improvements, I might be less motivated to push Affinity. Already I've been able to create text warps and blend modes in VS and copy and paste them over to Affinity to finish with success.
  8. @Jowday I don't know if they added the time-lapse for selfish gain - Procreate has had it for years and its a fun and useful addition that I wish all the apps I use had; including Illustrator, Clip Studio, Krita, etc. I don't think Procreate added it for selfish gain. I see it as a great promotional tool for myself as an artist to share my workflow and engage with clients and followers. I use screen capture apps when I do work for that reason. I'm totally with you on the need for Affinity to develop some standard tools we use daily in our professional work before I can take it seriously as a fully-functional Adobe replacement set of apps - but I don't believe they are diabolical or that self-focused. We may have to agree to disagree on that. The apps are pretty cheap and they have a pretty good base that is growing - though I would think Affinity could probably use a 2.0 release soon to give themselves a financial shot in the arm to get the next series of features added. What app are you referring to that costs four times the Affinity price?
  9. I agree with much of what you are all saying. I love so much of what Affinity is doing and after so many years of waiting, we are finally seeing a contender in the ring to keep adobe honest and compete. I am excited to see the way the three apps work together, the universal file format, the ipad apps working seamlessly with the computer versions, the lack of subscription slavery, the intuitiveness of many of the ways it works. I generally prefer affinity’s pen tool to illustrator’s pen tool. i love the addition of the time-lapse video and I think it will be really useful to so many artists as They share their work. I’m glad to see they are adding find and replace and contour path to this next update - those were on my “need” list for a long time. All that said, it’s hard to understand and be patient with affinity when there are core features we feel are missing. My main goal is to be able to do my professional work without the need for adobe at all. Time-lapse is great, but it is not a necessity in the goal to leave adobe behind. Fixing the Boolean operations once and for all, adding a “merge” Boolean option so we can “cookie-cutter” shapes behind another (great for filling sections of negative space within a fill), the Boolean operations need to result in clean results, not missing sections and tons of extra nodes. We desperately need 100% pure vector brushes, text warp and shape warp, smooth tool, blob brush equivalent and vector eraser, a vector trace at some point (i bought vector magic a while back, so this one matters less to me personally). I’d love to be able to create bit maps like I currently do in photoshop and then import into illustrator - that can have some vector-like principals to them. I’m sure there are a few more that others deem indispensable as well. It feels like Designer has been somewhat neglected over the last few years. Although I also love Photo, I have not kept up with what they are offering as most of my professional work is pure vector. I understand why they removed the list of goals from the forum a while back - it can add a certain amount of pressure to their lives and apparently people were giving them grief on the forums over it. It’s equally hard for us to wonder how long these features will take to implement. Do i need to buy another intel Mac to keep CS6 alive another couple years or hold out and buy the next generation M1 apple computers? Will these needed features be added in the next year? Two years? I’d rather have these core functions and then add the extras like time lapse and other things later. I have other things I’d love to see added to affinity that can wait for the core features to be added first - like 3D text for example. perhaps many of these features are in development for version 2.0? I understand these things can take time, but many of us have been waiting several years for some of these features. We see others like Vectorstyler with many of these core features already implemented and frequent updates - if they can accomplish this, what keeps Affinity from doing the same? I don’t want to be overly critical of the Affinity team - I just want them to understand what is important to me and many and to acknowledge our concerns and maybe even give us an updated ideal set of goals.
  10. My first thought went to an option like procreate has now - where you can record to screen actions themselves. I googled "time lapse Affinity" and came across some videos explaining macros... I don't think that was the same as this.
  11. @Patrick Connor I apologize, I was not trying to post in the wrong spot to initiate this adobe topic. It was a mistake I didnt see until you pointed it out.
  12. I don't know that I could run CS6 with Rosetta, since it stopped working on Intel macs shortly after El Capitan.... Is there a way to run CS6 on Big Sur?
  13. @Nazario - Glad to hear I'm not the only one in this predicament! I'm sorry you had to make the move over to subscription. You make a good point, the new chips are so much faster, I'm sure a virtual machine would run well on them. Thanks for sharing your situation and your input. For the record, I'm excited about where the combination of Affinity Designer and VS - I'm hoping when I do upgrade to the new macs, I can try and do almost everything I need to between them and not need Adobe so much.... that's my goal
  14. @Richard Liu - I do plan to keep running the current older machine as far as it will go. No plans to get rid of it. The Apple switch to new chips and the limited window to buy a new intel mac made me speed up my thoughts on what route to take
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