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  1. Vectorstyler is still in beta and while it's not perfect, it's already got a blend tool, text and object warp, well-functioning boolean operations, 100% vector brushes, a blob tool, vector erase tool, print color separations, etc. I found out the "team" developing Vectorstyler is one person! Not a full team. Edits and improvements have been added quickly, beta testers have been acknowledged, listened to and trusted. I understand the wuhan flu affected productivity, but this was a slow pace long before the virus affected team projects. The contour tool in 1.9 was first revealed as a teaser back in 2019 on an Affinity staff twitter page. It did not get added until a year and a half later. Vital tools like I listed above found in VS, STILL have not found their way into Designer. Whether true or not, the perception of Designer is that it's been neglected by the Serif team.
  2. I love Affinity Designer, but I cannot understand why the issues with the boolean operations persist years after they have been flagged repeatedly in the forums. Trying to expand simple strokes and divide and add together parts of these simple shapes results in a ton of errors. When I had discussed this in prior posts to the forum, it was alluded to that "dirty geometry" was the issue - because I had used the pen tool like a brush, building up multiple strokes at times to get the kind of thick to thin lines I wanted. In this case here, I'm using single pen strokes. I really want to replace Illustrator with Designer - but I cannot understand why such a major component of Designer is still not anywhere closer to being fixed years after the problems began. I literally have to take the design out of Designer and into Illustrator or VectorStyler to expand it and merge cleanly the different parts Anchor.afdesign
  3. They must have recently changed it, but as of the other day, the main text at the top of the Serif Affinity page said "last major update" instead of "latest", as it does now. Whether or not it goes to 2.0 next, perhaps Affinity does not want people to stop buying the 1.9 version knowing there's another payment in a year or so, instead of getting several years out of their investment cost
  4. I appreciate you listing alternative methods to test and I will do that. I agree that what I am asking for can't be done right now, but it's a vital part of working vectors for me and I believe many others. It's also a standard operation in other vector apps. Now that we're hitting the end of the first version of Designer, I'm hoping they add this in to 2.0. There's no way to quickly fill in a negative shape in the background. No way to truly compress and flatten down for final output... these are necessities of a professional vector app. I hope Affinity is listening.
  5. @Roqoco This is an example of what i need Affinity designer to be able to do for me @Jowday explained it well. I use the Illustrator version of "merge" to quickly fill in a background color inside a negative space - like in the tiger. Sometimes I use the live paint feature in illustrator, but it's often just as easy to do what I just explained and is shown in the video. I also use the same feature to combine different expanded strokes that were overlapping. When I am inking a cartoon image like this tiger, I use the brush tool to get thin to thick lines and overlap on purpose... then I grab them all and after expanding them into vector fills, I divide them using pathfinder to be able to select the overlap parts and delete, leaving me a clean intersect edge. I also need the ability to destructively collapse a pile of vectors for final output. Affinity's options to keep things flexible is great.... but at some point, I need to be able to flatten and collapse what i have made. It's possible these things can be done in Designer and I just missed them. If so, let me know
  6. Divide and merge are very different Boolean operations in illustrator. Divide is the same in both programs. Merge in illustrator acts like a cookie cutter. So you could cut one object out of another. Merge also compressed and flattened whatever was selected. To my knowledge, there is no equivalent way to do either task in designer. Really hoping this gets addressed soon by serif
  7. OK thank you for clearing that up for me. I guess I never considered that because the Beta allowed for the first step in the process even on El Capitan. Was the lack of being able to connect to register or confirm registration on El Capitan during the beta period a sign that it wasn't going to work and needed to be pulled? Looking forward to the day I can use the newest operating systems and Affinity 100% of the time - completely free of Adobe CS6
  8. I love the idea of being able to store assets and purchases in my Affinity account and use them on any computer of either platform or ipad so long as I bought the application for each. I logged in and downloaded all my paid assets and such for Designer on the ipad and then logged in again from the ipad version of Photo and realized I'd have to do the same thing. All of the raster based brushes and such can be used in Photo as well as in the raster side of Designer. Is there a way to not have to download them twice onto an ipad with limited space?
  9. @walt.farrell When I would use the betas for 1.9, I often got the automated box asking me to register or sign in. When I closed that box (without doing anything to register, etc), I could still bring it up by pressing the "My Account" option. Since installing the official 1.9 update, I don't ever get the automated popup registration box (just the nameplate)
  10. I just upgraded to the 1.9 update on my Mac desktop. It upgraded normally but when I went to the "my account" option under the "Affinity Designer' title, it's grayed out. Clicking on the person icon on the far right upper side of the application does not do anything either. I wondered if it was due to having the beta still installed, so I removed the beta from the machine entirely and restarted the official 1.9 Affinity Designer again. Same issue - greyed out and clicking the person icon does nothing. My Designer and Photo apps on the mac were purchased through the mac app store. I later purchased Publisher for mac directly from Affinity. I just updated Publisher to 1.9 on mac (I never used the beta for this one) to see if it would allow me access to "my account", and it also did not allow access - greyed out, icon does nothing when clicked. So I'm assuming it's not a matter of being purchased from the app store or directly from affinity. During the 1.9 beta period, I was never able to log in and successfully register my apps from my Mac desktop machine. It would always hang at the connection point and tell me it was not able to register at that time. I was able to do so successfully using my windows laptop and respective windows beta 1.9 versions of the apps.
  11. Vectorstyler just released its most recent beta today. It keeps improving all the time. I'm not sure what defines their features as "Unusable". I've enjoyed the advanced features though I've not even attempted to cover everything, and they work well . My focus recently in testing the betas was encouraging smooth efficiency with brushes and pen tool and Boolean operations.
  12. This is one of the biggest holes in the Designer app so far. the need for a warp tool. High on that list are also things like efficient and smooth working boolean operations, blob tool, vector erase tool, blend function, 100% vector brushes, a merge boolean operation like Illustrator has
  13. Thanks @MattP for sharing that whole last post. It's hard being on the outside looking in and wondering as time flies by if things we feel are necessary for full switch to Affinity will ever be added. I was worried some of the issues were just going to be left as-is - ok but never great - like the boolean operations. It's good to know that is not the mentality and approach Serif is taking overall. The list you all posted in the beginning was helpful to many of us because we had an idea of the vision and direction. I understand it came with some backlash from the customers and added pressure to your team's schedule. So many of us want to see Affinity take off and be the solution for many abandoned by unnamed software companies. Some get rude in their frustration, I try hard to be blunt but not confrontational lol. I try to remember there are two sides to every story and I try to assume the best. Thanks for reminding us that you and the team are reading the comments and that you're not going to be settling for good instead of great
  14. Designer seems to be set up currently to work in less of an artistic form and more a straightforward mathematical manner. Everything I trace with the pen tool needs to be in closed paths or else I can't switch it from a stroke to a fill easily. There's not much room for really using the brush tool freely in Designer. If I overlap parts or build up sections of lines to be thicker, the resulting expanded strokes are impossible the cleanly merge later on.
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