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  1. I've been clamoring for this for over a year now! The more we can have a vector app that can work in an artistic mode and not just technical, the more we can accomplish. I use the blob tool constantly in illustrator... modifying things, closing in gaps, giving designs a human imperfect element at times... etc. I know Affinity has focused on a non-destructive creation process... and adding the eraser/blob shape tool function tools would alter that... but the artists that use Affinity designer also have multiple methods for how they create art... its not all with the pen tool or brush tool
  2. ok glad it was not an issue for you - I'll play around with settings and see if I can figure it out on my end. Thanks for taking the time to check for me
  3. Had issues with some of the brushes from these sets - thanks! AD-Inktober-Brushes.abr AD_Screentones.abr
  4. Does anyone else get these strange bands when they use a brush imported from Photoshop?
  5. Boldlinedesign

    freezing using stabilizer

    This is a frequent problem for me as well. I've restarted the iPad, closed out other apps, restarted affinity designer, it keeps occurring after a few strokes
  6. Boldlinedesign

    Inktober-themed brush set by Kyle T. Webster

    Got it now - thanks!
  7. Boldlinedesign

    Inktober-themed brush set by Kyle T. Webster

    I checked the page - I didnt see any way to download them unless you're a CC subscriber
  8. I was looking to export my design to print each pantone color on individual film sheets through Accurip but the print menu seems to be lacking that feature. I don't see an option to print separations (instead of a composite image). Is there a setting I need to adjust or edit in order to do this?
  9. Boldlinedesign

    Converting to Curves Issue

    thanks for the explanation - that helps me make more sense of it all
  10. I used a number of different style vector brushes when I inked a design in Affinity Designer. When I went to convert the brush strokes to curves, only the solid standard brush strokes were converted and all specialized or non-standard brushes were gone.... I backtracked and selected a single stroke made with a non-standard vector brush and went to convert to curves or expand... and it was grayed out. Is there a way to convert these types of brushes to fills? I need to be able to use my vector line work made in Affinity Designer in other apps as vectors.... Is there a solution to this? Thanks
  11. I'm hoping an eraser tool and blob brush are on the eventual horizon for Affinity Designer both on desktop and Ipad. So much of my designing involves a painterly approach with adding to existing vectors with the blob tool and cutting away parts from them with the eraser.
  12. He might be referring to a tapered end to the brush stroke
  13. Boldlinedesign

    How to erase a part of a vector object?

    I really appreciate the point you make here - that Affinity is working to master a non-destructive method of operation. I was just testing out the stylus back side eraser to cut away at parts of vectors the way I would do in Illustrator with a real eraser tool... I'm all for having a non-destructive process (I'm seeing the "erasing" I am doing is merely a masking of the vector from sight), so long as there is a way to commit to the edits for a final output. So from my understanding and borrowing from my current process in Illustrator, Once I have erased away the parts I dont need, I can expand everything and commit the changes and permanently erase what was behind the masks in order to output for use in other vector apps or programs that use vector files. I would try this now, but there's a major glitch with Affinity Designer's "Divide Shapes" that causes it to freeze