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  1. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong - I opened a jpeg in Affinity designer and then lowered the opacity and locked it so I could trace it with the brush tool overtop. As I drag and copy items on the canvas (nodes and strokes, etc) it's unlocking the jpeg layer and making copies of it as well. Am I missing something? I saved a screen capture video and included it in this note in case it helps. thanks! ScreenFlow.mp4
  2. When I updated Affinity Photo to the newest version (1.7.3), I soon realized my macros I created were all missing from the menu. I should have saved them to reload again, but wonder why they did not remain?
  3. Boldlinedesign

    Affinity Designer 1.8 New features list?

    Apparently they felt too much pressure having a public list of features guaranteed to be included by version 2.0 that they needed to remove that from view! lol
  4. Boldlinedesign

    Screenprinting Separations Plugin

    Corel now offers an standalone one time purchase alongside the option for a subscription
  5. Boldlinedesign

    Boolean Operation causes Freezing?

    Hey Sean - thanks for responding on my post. I upgraded my RAM from 12 up to now 32GB to see if that had any effect - unfortunately it did not I attached a screenshot as well as the actual file. I grab all my strokes and then expand them to curves. Then I grab all my curves and I hit "divide" in the boolean operations - this because I intentionally overlap with the brush tool so I can get my thick to think lines where I want them. Using divide cuts off the extra overlapping parts so i can go through grabbing them and deleting them - leaving me with a clean break where two curves overlap.When done, I grab all the curves remaining and merge them. Unfortunately it typically freezes when I go to divide or merge the pieces Untitled_32.afdesign
  6. Almost every time I run a boolean operation to divide or unite vector curves in AD, it freezes on me as shown in attached image. I have to force quit and restart the app and try again in smaller doses or move it to Illustrator and try again there. I have an iMac with 12GB of RAM - I don't know if the issue is I need more RAM, or if it's still a bug Affinity is fixing? I ordered more RAM recently, so I'll be able to try it again after installing it to see - but I wanted to see if anyone had any info pertaining to this issue - thanks!
  7. Boldlinedesign

    Real vector brush

    Thanks Kuttyjoe - I appreciate the detailed explanation. Saved me $20 dollars as well! Im so anxious to see these updates hit Affinity Designer so I can truly cut off any use of Adobe.
  8. Boldlinedesign

    Real vector brush

    Is this worth purchasing a legacy copy of Drawplus for? (Also for the envelope vector warp option that does not yet exist in AD?) Can we make true vector brushes in AD? Can they be imported from DrawPLus?
  9. Is there still not a main solution for this issue?
  10. Boldlinedesign

    Locking Layers half-works

    ok - What is the purpose of selecting the locked layer? I'd rather it didn't select anything on a locked layer at all. is there a way to set it to not select the bounding box of anything locked? Sometimes you want to lock a layer so you can focus on grabbing things in the layers above without interference from the locked layer.
  11. Boldlinedesign

    Locking Layers half-works

    I uploaded a pic of what is happening - if I lock the black background layer and then click on it in the image, it gives me a blue bounding box and takes me to that locked layer. I can't move anything, but I'm now off the layer I was on and it's semi-selected.
  12. In Affinity Photo - I lock layers so they won't move or be selected, yet I can still delete things on those layers and when I click on the locked material on the image, it still selects it with blue outlines. When I lock a layer, I want nothing to get selected or for anything to be editable, etc. Am I missing something?
  13. I agree we're all in the same boat with certain missing features desired and all wishing our fav-feature was next in line to be implemented. I'm not happy the features list got removed a couple weeks ago. Even if we can't get solid dates of completion, it's nice to know what main features are on the radar. I get frustrated with the slow pace like all of you. That said, while I can't use Affinity to complete my entire daily workflow just yet, I can do quite a bit and I can use Affinity for as many tasks as possible before bailing back to Adobe or wherever. Each time I do this, my knowledge and experience with Affinity grows and I feel more comfortable all the time with the apps. Involving myself in Affinity more all the time allows me to feel more and more free of the Adobe subscription robbery scheme. The alternative is to "boycott" using the Affinity apps until they have all the features we need to fully complete our projects - waiting would put us behind in our familiarity and practice with the apps. Most of us have no idea how much work and effort and investment and time are involved in building these features we use desire. Illustrator was designed in a different era. We are seeing an amazing trio of apps built to challenge the behemoth... Rome was not built in a day. We know Affinity realizes already what features we most desire and have a plan in place to get them built, tested and added to the Affinity arsenal - in the wise words of Axl Rose, "just a little patience'!
  14. Thanks for letting me know... so hard to be patient as these bugs get fixed and key features needed to make a full swap over from adobe are slow-going.
  15. When I use Shift-Command-V to copy the stroke effect to another stroke, it works, but it reduces the size of the stroke to a smaller size that is not either the old or the new stroke size. Why would it be doing this?

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