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  1. Boldlinedesign

    Expand Stroke Issues

    Thanks - I appreciate it! I design for screen print companies by making shirt designs for their clients. Sometimes I get opportunities to make fun characters based on the school mascot or a theme. I much prefer inking in Affinity Designer than any other vector app.
  2. Boldlinedesign

    Expand Stroke Issues

    Thank you @MattP, I appreciate you taking a look, narrowing down the issue and not stopping even when the immediate issue is fixed in 1.83, -making sure it's truly fixed.
  3. Boldlinedesign

    Expand Stroke Issues

    I was testing out Designer 1.8 Beta tonight by tracing over my blue jay sketch with the built in vector brush under the "pens" section. I only adjusted the taper, not the opacity. All lines were made with the same brush. I overlap my lines and then expand them to fills and then typically hit "divide" to divide them into pieces where they intersect, allowing me to delete the extra overlaps quickly. I know the "divide" operation is still buggy and being worked on, but the issue I had was before I got to that step. After selecting all my strokes, I hit expand several times because only a few lines were affected each time I did so. I also hit "convert to curves" Some of my former strokes became what look like empty fills with a stroke -(the horizontal stroke right above the legs for example) Upon closer inspection, it's a thin fill with an empty interior. I included some screen shots as well as the file with a before and after I completed the steps above. Am I missing something or is this an issue with the app? Thanks for any help blue jay error.afdesign
  4. Boldlinedesign

    Expand Stoke

    Thanks Patrick - just did so I won't miss any more.
  5. Boldlinedesign

    Expand Stoke

    I somehow just realized the beta for mac was out officially - not sure how I went a week not seeing that! I tried out expand right away and was very happy with it. I also overlapped strokes, expanded and then divided with the boolean operation and it was quick and efficient and clean!!!!! No more crazy masses of useless nodes to clean up. Amazing! Then I copied my expanded and divided strokes and pasted into my old copy of illustrator cs6 and there were NOT crazy amounts of extra nodes along the edge anymore! If I brought things made in Affinity over to illustrator in the past, it always turned into 1000's of extra nodes along the edge - No more! Whether this was simply a "bug fix" or a deeper issue, I don't care - it's SO MUCH better now. Matt P mentioned he was still modifying the divide boolean operation - so that's good news also Sometimes it's the "little" things that matter most! The expand fix is huge for me - Right now I do what I can in Affinity and export or copy and paste it over to Illustrator for text warp, blob brush, pure vector brushes, vector eraser, etc. Getting closer all the time to being able to do all my professional work in Affinity. Excited to see what other updates are coming in 1.8 Keep it up!
  6. Boldlinedesign

    1px Expand Stroke BUG ( beta)

    love seeing progress!
  7. I'm sure Affinity is prepping big updates in 1.8 - with these features and others we've been begging for. We know they've been improving the expand functionality for example... They have us all frustrated with the slow pace of necessary additions. I've been hanging on to CS6 and using that most of the time for the things I need that Affinity lacks, but I always worry Adobe will find some way to deny me my license rights if the computer crashes and I need to reinstall it. Knowing there are options like vectorstyler helps me feel better if the worst case scenario occurs.
  8. Clip studio paint offers this in their app and it's very affordable - if you don't already have it, grab a copy. There are also apps on the ipad for example, that offer this
  9. Someone had suggested an app in development called "Vectorstyler" that is in free public beta right now. I have tried it out and find it super promising. I've been testing things in it and the developer is very friendly and on top of things. It offers a lot of control over text warping and the like. Right now it's mac only but they plan to eventually offer it to windows users as well after they get it out of beta. I can see myself utilizing both Affinity Designer and Vectorstyler in the future for each of their strengths. Having multiple vector app options is a good thing, not a bad one.
  10. The file you sent me opened perfectly in Illy CS6 with all lines! What did I do wrong prior to this?
  11. Thanks for getting back to me - I'm running Affinity Designer on Mac - El Capitan. I was trying to save out a file that I could open in Illustrator CS6 that would leave the strokes as strokes and not automatically expanded to fills. I had tried saving it out as an svg and as an eps file with no luck. Copying and pasting the selection from Affinity over to Illustrator also converts them to fills. I'm glad to hear you were able to open the example as actual lines in another app. Sounds like the problem is me
  12. Boldlinedesign

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing!
  13. I am running into the same problem with my strokes... no matter what I do it wants to expand my strokes into fills when I export the design to Illustrator. I checked my pressure and opacity and to be sure it was on "Solid Line Style". I may have missed something else and I leave room for that - hence why I bring it up here! thanks line test.afdesign
  14. Has anyone run into a situation where they cannot scale or rotate or shear an image they drag into their Affinity Photo document? I can select it with the move tool and the blue selection box appears as normal, but grab a corner or side node and try to drag and nothing happens. It will move by using the keyboard arrow keys only. I tried using my wacom stylus as well as the built in mouse on the laptop to no avail. I added other images to the file and they had the same issue. If I save and close the file and re-open, it works as expected. The layer is not locked. I also saved the file and opened it in Photo on a different computer and it worked just fine. I am thinking the issue is isolated to the one machine and a setting made with that. If anyone has any suggestions as to what might cause this non-responsiveness, I'd appreciate the help. thanks

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