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  1. Is there a reason the fill mode setting keeps reverting back to "Alternate (Even-Odd)" after I set it to "Winding (Non-Zero)? I've selected the entire document and then made the switch. It works for the next move I make where I overlap fills, but then seems to revert back after that and I have to re-do the setting again and again. In the absence of a serious way to fill in large spaces, I have to grab parts and drag them over top each other and "add" them with the boolean operation
  2. Interesting - I always ran into it consistently hanging on me when I did any add or divide booleans operations in 1.7.3 I haven't had that issue very often in 1.8 so far, though it still leaves a mess of scattered nodes and sometimes fills things in that should not be
  3. Thank you @Dan C I should have thought of that- I was right clicking and double clicking, etc... and my search online was not giving me answers - that makes sense now - love it! So as I can "revive" an active selection from a curve, in what situation would I be saving the selection specifically? If I was going to use it in another design? thanks!
  4. I used the pen tool to make a shape and then converted it to a selection and painted within it inside Affinity photo. I did not save the selection but deselected it. I see there is a layer called "curve" with my shape in there - Is there a way to re-select it and make it a live selection again? I know I can save the selection - but I'm curious the value of the curve layer versus the value of saving selections and having to re-open them. What can be done in general with that curve layer? I see that I could add a pixel sub-layer underneath it and when i paint, it's contained to that shape, but I can't see the containing shape until I paint near the edge... Can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks!
  5. Development of Designer in particular seems to be lagging far behind the other two apps over the last couple years. I don't know if they got stuck trying to solve some basic functions- like boolean operations. I know they improved the add option but haven't done anything lately to fix "divide" - though the improvements on "add" indirectly improved "divide" some. Version 1.8 was almost completely bug fixes and improvements to the boolean operations - not much in terms of new tools. Last year I saw a video on twitter of their version of offset path and it looked great - but I have not seen it implemented yet... I'm really hoping the update to 1.9, incorporates this feature along with some of the other standard tools many of us need to make it our mainstay vector app. I love Affinity but I dislike the length of time it takes to get these things added in. Very frustrating to try to hang on to CS6 while they catch up.
  6. I'm really hoping Affinity updates to allow true 100% vector brushes to be more editable and relevant in future releases. What are currently labeled "vector brushes" are not 100% vector and cannot be expanded as vectors. They have their uses and I appreciate them - but in my line of work, I need to be able to export 100% vector - no raster in the final output. Right now we can only modify the 100% vector brush to a simple taper on each end - As I have attached to this post, there are many other types of tapers and such I'd love to be able to do with a 100% vector brush. Going a little further - I'm hoping for a blob-tool that can allow for any shape to be made and used -
  7. Is there a way to set the fill mode to winding (non-zero) permanently? It seems to switch back to Alternate (even odd) with every new document and also sometimes multiple times in the same document as I work. Thanks!
  8. Running the current affinity designer 1.8.3, When I try to edit the vector brush settings in Affinity designer on Windows 10, the application freezes and I have to force quit. I've tried restarting the machine, new empty file to work from, etc... What should I do? Update: installed the Windows update and it seems to be working now...It still freezes at times every now and then but then recovers and I can keep moving forward.
  9. Aww man - I was trying to flip a selection back to a path for tighter editing... was hoping this was a possibility already
  10. Everyone wishes in some ways that Affinity Designer acted more like the software they are familiar with - I wish it was more like Illustrator, you wish it was more like Corel. I've found myself appreciating the Affinity apps more when I embrace the idea that familiarity with one way does not mean it's always the best way. Give the app time to grow on you and see what it can do - things I wished were more like Illustrator before, now I'm excited that it's not that way in Designer. This does not mean I don't have certain features found in Illustrator that i wish were still included in their own way in AD. I just try to appreciate what they have envisioned
  11. Hey there! I'm not sure what to call my issue so it's a little hard to google it myself. When I use the brush tool in Designer 1.8.3 beta, the line does not stay exactly where I put it - it alters itself ever so slightly.... I'm sure it's related to the amount of give and take in the brush properties... Is there a way to make it stay true to the path I put it on?
  12. Just downloaded the new 1.8.3 beta - testing out the improved boolean geometry. I created several complex stroke overlays and then selected all and expanded - all went well with that. When I hit divide, the top negative space filled in. I went back and tried again with the same result. I know the divide boolean is still being worked on - just trying to do my part to help get it where it needs to be. thanks! divide causes fill.afdesign
  13. I love Affinity but this gets soon frustrating - I need to be able to use the pen and brush tools to create lines and then to be able to expand them, merge or divide them and edit them. I'm not getting why this turns into millions of useless nodes I have to clean up - or when I go to merge parts, entire sections disappear. I assume there are open nodes that are causing it to fail - but how do I get rid of those so I can merge properly and cleanly? In Illustrator when there is a mess in the design - you can hit expand and merge or unite (if you want scorched earth) and it eliminates all the problem-child nodes and properties keeping that vector from cooperating. Right now I do what I can in Affinity and then copy and paste the vector over into Illustrator to merge and eliminate the issues mentioned above... this works for now but my goal is to drop Adobe for good and I'm using an outdated OS to keep CS6 alive while I wait on Affinity...
  14. I'm using the new 1.8.2 Designer on my mac - the expand option is improved and so are the boolean operations - but sometimes I still get "dirty" merges with millions of extra nodes. Is this normal?
  15. Thanks @anon2 - that is helpful for when I design for screen print.
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