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    Art and Illustration are my main focus. I work heavily in the apparel industry but enjoy many others as well. I run a Youtube channel dealing with teaching art tutorials. Youtube.com/c/pixelmoshpit

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  1. Hello, I would like to suggest the feature of being able to rasterize multiple layers at once, into a single layer, without having to group them first. I find it faster to select multiple layers and have them all be rasterized into one layer than having to group them first and then rasterize. Now I know that the settings currently allow for multiple layers to be rasterized but they all stay as their own unique layers but I would like to suggest a feature for "Raster to Layer" that allows a hotkey to be assigned for the issue I mentioned above. Thanks and keep up the fantastic work! Looking forward to the update!
  2. Sullyman

    Can I select an item and export it?

    Yes, and it's very simple. I you use a document template with guides that helps you build your characters, great, because the export workflow will make it a breeze. Head over to the "Export" persona after you have completed creating your font. (Use the layers studio/panel) Once in the Export persona, you can select all of the characters needed for export and create a "Slice" Once the slices are created, head over to the "Slices" studio/panel and then select (Like you would a layer in the layers panel) and change the "Export Options" to svg. (as well as anything else you'd like to change, like the name, for the export) Once all export options are corrected selected you can hit the "Export Slices" button to the bottom right corner of the Slices studio/panel and you're done.
  3. Hello, I remember several months back (can't find the thread after searching) having a discussion about the Divide blend mode and the idea of using the Apply Image filter and it's equations being used to simulate the missing blend mode. Does anyone remember or have information on performing this within the Apply Image Equations filter? TL:DR I need the RGB Equation of the "Divide" blend mode in equations section of the Apply Image filter. Also, I think it would be cool to create a "formula sheet" or document of sorts for interesting equations. Thanks!
  4. Sorry @D_Redtrooper, hadn't realized you posted a reply. Here's the quick sep's I created from the file. There are plenty of tools to separate in AD and AP respectively, I'm more pushing for the previews and halftone abilities for manual ripping now. The updated beta has some performance enhancements for pulling plates. Ogden_Capture_2_Print_SEPS.afphoto
  5. Sullyman

    Custom Imported Brushes won't work

    It does, yes. I'm looking into what could cause this. Any tips or suggestions?
  6. Sullyman

    App Crash using Paint Mixer Brush

    RGB 8Bit and sRGB if the profile matters.
  7. I would like to suggest the feature of being able to have a brush setting within the custom brush dialog in the texture setting that would allow for the texture to be offset with each stroke. I find over time that lots of textures used for any given brush can have their unique pattern start to appear if the texture is not seamless (and even then you can). I would like to able to have another setting other than "nozzle" or "final" that would allow for random (or custom) rotation or offsetting of the texture applied to the brush, for each stroke laid down. The other issue with the current settings is that without the offsetting of the texture, you can never really "fill in" the texture no matter the level of pressure. This really limits the level of build paintings can receive.
  8. Just a heads up, I consistently get an app crash when using the Paint Mixer brush scaled large (lowest I found was at 600px) using any brush (tested with the default basic set for the vast majority of tests). Not sure if it matters but I always scale my brush with the bracket hotkeys.
  9. I didn't want to post the same thing in both categories so here goes... When ever I'm using both AD Beta and AP Beta and move a document over to the other to use it's features (which sometimes crashes), later when trying to close either application I get the error message with something along the aligns of "A document is currently opening cannot quit". Totally paraphrasing but you get the idea.
  10. Sullyman

    Custom Imported Brushes won't work

    Let me know if you're able to view the video @GabrielM Affinity Designer iPad Brush Issue
  11. Not sure if this was posted already but in-case it wasn't I would like to request the feature of converting custom created swatches or globals to be converted into spots after the fact. ie: user created a global color without spot to then later be able to change it to a spot. Thanks!
  12. Ok, so not sure if this belongs here but it only happens in the beta so.... The issue is that once I cut or copy several objects to then, paste inside any given group, paste inside becomes unavailable, won't work in other words. I noticed this does not happen with just one object that is cut or copied.