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    Art and Illustration are my main focus. I work heavily in the apparel industry but enjoy many others as well. I run a Youtube channel dealing with teaching art tutorials. Youtube.com/c/pixelmoshpit

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  1. For the halftone adjustment/filter, what is the cell size in reference to? When comparing against the frequency setting in Photoshop, is there somewhere I can find this to have a better understanding of what the cell size measurement is?
  2. I'm now losing all ability to use the keyboard when moving from the software (AD or AP) into a browser and then back again to begin painting. This is quite the headache.
  3. Of course when I go to record, the issue disappears. I noticed it when using multiple artboards in a file that I open from the cloud that was started in the desktop version. I will keep trying to see if I can catch it again.
  4. Found this happening on two different Ipads... I "Place" images into a document, save (hitting the <- ) to leave the document and then return to it, the images placed are destroyed and pixelated.
  5. As the title mentions, I lose pressure with my Cintiq Pro (latest model) and current update of Affinity (Publisher, Design & Photo) when leaving the software and using the cursor with another program (usually a browser searching for reference) and then coming back to Affinity. The brush (or any tool for that matter) will only draw as if the shift button is held down (straight lines) with no pressure or a times a linear fade to the pressure or they don't work at all. I have to restart the program each time. I've tried moving to another persona and then back to the previous to recover which a times, is successful but more often I have to restart. Hoping to find relief as this is a major pain point. Happy New Year everyone!
  6. I've asked several times but have not received an answer, will Affinity be adding a Divide blend mode?
  7. Have we heard anything on the addition of the Divide blend mode?
  8. I would love to figure out this work-around if possible. Just surprised we haven't gotten a reply on this, to my knowledge. No offense meant to the dev team or mods, just curious.
  9. Any updates on if this blend mode will show up at some point?
  10. Sullyman

    Add ORANGE to HSL

    @evtonic3 I mentioned this as a suggestion before. Adding the 6 hues in-between the already existing 6 would set them apart from Adobe. RED / ORANGE / YELLOW / YELLOW-GREEN / GREEN / GREEN-CYAN / CYAN / CYAN-BLUE / BLUE / PURPLE / MAGENTA / MAGENTA-RED Something like above.
  11. Could you not just duplicate that selected area from the original image and then erase away the parts unneeded, to recover the image area you did need? Honestly, I feel your pain quite often and do find myself wanting more from the pixel persona but I do run a fairly decent system so I have both programs open with no issue. This is certainly the issue Affinity faces with such a low buy-in. The target market for a low buy-in is that it will attract people with low budgets to begin with thus probably working with lower-end systems. Running to programs that can be system hungry will leave certain folks with a frustrating taste in their mouth having to switch programs the longer way of shutting one down to start another. My gripe would be the flood selection tool not being included in the pixel persona. Seems to be a fairly simple and widely used selection tool. Not exactly sure why that needs to be separated between the two programs.
  12. @TonyO This is pretty much what I'm suggesting as well. I don't think it really even needs new space with all the extra space available below the existing tools.
  13. What you'll want to do to create that halftone effect is as follows: Create a rectangle shape the size of your document (Use the snapping feature to assist you) With the rectangle still active (selected) use the gradient tool with Radial as the Type and have one end of the gradient set to 100% white and the other end set to 100% black Add a Live Halftone filter layer above the rectangle shape layer with Screen type set to Dot, Contrast set to 100, Cell size you'll want to play with to reach your desired affect. Go back and select your rectangle shape while using the gradient tool and stretch the nodes until you reach the desired amount of fade (or simulated blur) Once you have your halftone effect where you want it, you can use the Filter function "Erase White Paper" to destructively remove the white areas while simultaneously rasterizing the layer. Hope this helps!
  14. Like the title says, I would love to see dynamics being applied for the spacing of the brushes settings. Lot's could be accomplished with this feature being added for users creating brushes. Maybe even texture rotation as well!
  15. Love being able to use the custom pressure curve for strokes but I find that it becomes a little difficult to find smooth transitions to curves once one pressure node is added. The steep drop-off of the curve being applied to the initial node is at times, not the desirable result but want to keep the node count down due to their nature of a steep drop cause by the default setting for the "bends" influence. I would love to see the ability to use maybe use the mouses wheel and scrolling to influence the pressure curves node and the bend or curve being applied to it. I think this would create better results than trying to eyeball the placement of nodes to create the desired result of a more soft or smooth curve. This is a similar function to audio editing software when editing the EQ of a waveform. You'll be able to edit one of the 6 nodes of the EQ by placing the node in the location that you want it. This node, by default, has an initial bend applied to it but by scrolling the wheel you can then influence the amount of bend or curve applied to the node.

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