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    Art and Illustration are my main focus. I work heavily in the apparel industry but enjoy many others as well. I run a Youtube channel dealing with teaching art tutorials. Youtube.com/c/pixelmoshpit

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  1. I have to concur with the OP, the brush tool is back to an old performance in V1 a few years back. The brush tool, even at small sizes just doesn't like multiple quick strokes or large size brush strokes. It also has returned to an old behavior that happened in V1 where when using the brush, selections being made like moving in and out of layers within the layer studio, just don't work. You have to click out of the program and return to regain the function of selecting. I'm on a Windows 10, AMD Threadripper, RTX 2080 Super and a Wacom 16 pro
  2. Let me start by saying that Affinity Photo's Macro's behaviors are good but not great. Hands down, they have set themselves apart from Photoshop's actions in that you'll get a live preview of the results before you commit to them by playing the macro/action. You also get to tweak parameters that (as an action creator) you user will be able to adjust and even rename the parameters name to something you prefer! That is down right awesome but this is where it all falls flat. There are some absolutely crucial things missing from Affinity Photo's Macro's studio (panel) and I'll create a list of them: Each action taken should be able to be moved in the stacking order dynamically, after recording. Clean up the "unchecked" actions/steps. Right now you can uncheck them but for the sake of those suffering from OCD, please have the option for them to removed from the list of steps. It's hard enough trying to find stuff at times. Double click a step to edit it or re-record. This something Photoshop's actions panel allows it and it's just good manners. Inserting menu items, this is crucial. For example, changing the document's size. Allow for clipping masks, this item is missing in the "Arrange" menu and is another large missing piece for advanced macro's. Allow adjustment layers to be adjusted more than once. Right now you can only adjust immediately after it has been add to the steps, once you close the window, that's it. (I'm sure this is a big ask) This is just the beginning of things I've come across consistently. I hope we can see some in the very near future. Keep up the bang up job Affinity folks! Love V2!
  3. @Ron P. Thanks for the reply, although that wasn't what I was looking for, you have helped solve another issue I was having! What I would like to be able to do is change the shape of the halftone (line, circular, cosine, etc...) but the options available in your screen shot are all we have access to change (after the macro is created). GCR and UCR are not the settings I need unfortunately.
  4. Does anyone have an idea why we can't change the "Screen" option (Monochrome, Color, Line, Circular) or the "Dot" option (Cosine, Round)?
  5. Was hoping to find out how to change the angle of a halftone in an already established macro. I see that the Screen Angle's input is in "rad" what I would assume is radius/radial. It's max setting is from 0 to 6.283. Would anyone be able to illuminate the layman on what the heck I'm looking at?
  6. I would love the functionality of being able to threshold alphas in masks. There are many simple task and macros that don't need the nuance of levels or curves when just trying to crush values to 1 or 0 in the alpha. Maybe even using some of the other adjustment layers and live filters as well (Procedural, halftones, etc.)
  7. I'm currently having this issue in Affinity Designer, using a logitec M355 mouse (usb wireless) and a Wacom 16 pro tablet. If I use the tablet the mouse stops working. I have to leave the UI and click on another window (browser) to return functionality to the UI in Designer. Sometimes that doesn't work and I have to quit and restart.
  8. Currently there's a lot left to be desired in the pressure curve adjustments window/dialog. The current management scheme is lack-luster and can only facilitate a modicum of needs. Issue: You need more and more nodes to try to smooth the curve but at the same time, you're adding to the angularity of the segments with each additional node. Suggestion: In the image provided I make a suggestion that could cut out the need for an unneeded multitude of nodes in the attempt to sculpt your pressure curve. It borrows ideas from Blender and will help create much smoother transitions when sculpting the pressure curve. You could also allow for greater control by adding a dedicated tab within the "Properties" window for the brush, once clicking the properties button next to the pressure curve pop-out button. Being able to export the custom pressure curves is a must, which is also missing. (to the best of my knowledge). A lot of artist have a specific style the work within (like a favorite brush or medium) and having to start fresh with each new creation of a document is another short-coming for Affinity's brush management system. A mirroring function for the curve would be create as well. I feel like this is an area Affinity can step away from Adobe who uses their own management by allow the use of a dedicated width adjustment tool that can be buggy in tighter zooms to then later save the "profile" later in the stroke panel (also saves them application wide for later use).
  9. I would like to just list a few suggestions that would improve painting in Affinity drastically. Being able to have settings for the base texture like controlling the offsets and scaling to be controlled by pressure and randomized. (The would help hiding the pattern look we illustrators try so hard to hide) Being able to rearrange the brush nozzle without having to delete them all and having to start over if we don't like the order.
  10. Hey, Beyond being able to add more than one of a specific layer effect, I would love to see the ability to change the order of specific effects. This would open up a host of new customizable outcomes people could create using this ability and blend modes for each. I think adding a gradient map as a layer effect would be amazing as well. This would really allow some distance from the "other guys" products.
  11. Also, any tips on creating a post that has the video contained would be greatly appreciated
  12. Here's my latest tutorial on how to create a Vintage Bootleg T-Shirt design in Affinity. Things covered are: Creating and laying out design elements into a cohesive composition. Masking and clipping using texture brushes and gradient bitmap patterns Using Macro's to separate within the Photo Persona Gradient Mapping and more... Hopefully this helps and give some insights on what Publisher is capable of. Still would love to have the move function accounted for in macro's but this is the work around for now. Any questions, drop them in the comments. Also, thanks @Alfred Thanks!
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