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  1. One more for the issue. It always happens when leaving the interface in one monitor to another monitor with a browser. There isn't a time frame it just happens after a period of time. (
  2. Also, any tips on creating a post that has the video contained would be greatly appreciated
  3. Here's my latest tutorial on how to create a Vintage Bootleg T-Shirt design in Affinity. Things covered are: Creating and laying out design elements into a cohesive composition. Masking and clipping using texture brushes and gradient bitmap patterns Using Macro's to separate within the Photo Persona Gradient Mapping and more... Hopefully this helps and give some insights on what Publisher is capable of. Still would love to have the move function accounted for in macro's but this is the work around for now. Any questions, drop them in the comments. Also, thanks @Alfred Thanks!
  4. Big issue if I start to use the tablet/stylus (Wacom Cintiq 16 Pro w/ latest drivers/Windows 10) and then try to use the mouse after, Designer rejects the input as if it doesn't exists. Unable to click on anything after.
  5. What's the status on the implementation of these features (mentioned in the thread title)? I seen threads as old as 4 years talking a little about these similar issues. Macro's and layer selections Copy the action not the original clipboard data. For anyone doing large scale macro's this is essential. Without them, Macro's are useless. I've attempt renaming each layer to help provide the actions reference but they all break apart after a restart of the program.
  6. Has this still not been fixed after 4 years? I wonder because it still does this for me currently...?
  7. I'm mainly an illustrator using a tablet monitor to illustrate with in the suite of products. I want to find out how many of you out there are completely frustrated by the suite of products constantly losing the ability use hotkeys? For instance, anyone having the issue with the ALT key causing the hotkeys to stop working, menu items show they have the ALT function triggered, as if the keyboard key is stuck (usually shows the menu item with an underscore _ )? What about the Spacebar stopping the hand tool function, no longer being able to move the canvas? My Experience: I've purchase a new logitech key board, I'm using a less than year old Cintiq and this is the only software I continually have issues with. The ALT key issue has finally caused me to stop illustrating in the software and move to other options. Within a minutes of ALT picking colors while painting, the hotkeys cease function and makes it impossible to get anything done in a reasonable amount of time. I'm at a lose and want to find how many of you are out there?
  8. @Jon P So Tonight was a great example after the latest update installed. I've had an hour window of having to restart the software almost every 10 minutes because I've lost the ability to use hotkeys for tools, tool functionality and certain menu functions (undo, custom hotkeys for canvas rotation, etc.) because I bounce between painting in Publisher (Photo & Designer as well) and google image reference searching or starting a new YouTube video (to keep my sanity while working isolated lol). The only time I get functionality back is, at times, waiting it out by dancing around in other programs ( mainly the browser and YouTube). Opening new documents hasn't worked yet nor has performing a "Save As" and overwriting or as a new named doc. Nor has the moving between personas, it's really luck of the draw. I love the software (Everyone is doing a great job!) and really would like it to work properly so please allow the momentary vent but this plain sucks.
  9. Hey, Caught a weird bug and this has happened in all of the Affinity line of products but I just so happened to catch and record it this time in Publisher. Not sure why this odd behavior is happening... Odd Selection Behavior
  10. @Jon P For me it's been an issue since 1.7. I find that it's usually me moving outside the software to look for images in a google search or watching youtube while working, I come back after some activity and the software loses these functions. It has happened in the software randomly as well.
  11. I'm having this same issue and reported it here <----------------
  12. Finally, I was able to document the bug that I have posted and gotten no response about, have a look and hopefully we can find out what the problem is. This isn't a file issue as this happens consistently and doesn't matter the file and it's contents, it happens with freshly open doc's with no content besides and initial layer. I can get the use of the tools back at times by switching around the persona's randomly, but sometimes that doesn't work. https://youtu.be/V_1QU-mBFD8
  13. OK, so this is just an on-going headache. I have no clue why All the Affinity products lose the ability to use any hotkeys if you leave the UI to maybe search for reference and then come back to the UI to not be able to use hotkeys. Any one have any insights or suggestions as to how to fix or explain what could be potentially causing the issue?
  14. Ok so if I have this right, I should be able to calculate the line and frequency then by taking my document resolution and dividing by the amount of dots I'd like in a given line and that would give me the "cell size" or pixel radius of the dots. ie: 1200ppi/dpi / 55lpi(lines per inch) = 21.8 = 22 (Rounded to nearest whole number) That would give me 55 dots at a 22 pixel radius within a given line of halftone. Good to know and thank you for the insight @stokerg
  15. For the halftone adjustment/filter, what is the cell size in reference to? When comparing against the frequency setting in Photoshop, is there somewhere I can find this to have a better understanding of what the cell size measurement is?
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