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  1. I understand. That's why I submitted it as a feature request… Btw: the the whole "macro" function could need some love from the folks at Affinity (edit / reorder steps, etc.) Also: it's unclear (for me at least) what the thoughts behind the embedded clipboard was. In what way is this useful?
  2. Hello, I just wanted to re-launch this feature request: It seems illogical to store the clipboard data of the original recording steps in a macro and then reuse it for future playbacks. The action to edit>CUT in a macro is not even CUT anymore… it's just the removal of the current selection, because when pasted, the original data (stored in the macro) is inserted. Also: being able to copy parts of an image and paste it into the same document is fundamental for many workflows.
  3. DXF for lasercutting is VITAL. For the devs: https://images.autodesk.com/adsk/files/autocad_2012_pdf_dxf-reference_enu.pdf ;)
  4. +1 This feature is much needed… Coming from Illustrator this is the command I miss the most. How would you adjust fill / stroke / stroke weight / etc. in a complex document?
  5. Adding my two cents here too (probably because Photoshop's "trim" function was integrated in my workflow). I find it super useful to remove the most "top-left" (pixel) color all-around even if it's not transparent. A big plus would be to add the ability to remove it only from given sides… I'm missing this function since my jump to Affinity Photo.
  6. Another one here from the "I just set up an account on this forum specifically to make this request " wagon! The system (Yosemite) light gray is very pleasing and calm and has a perfect contrast with the black text. Please add a "light UI" option (a la photoshop). This is a very important ergonomic issue and in my opinion a major flaw in the UI.
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