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  1. Hi MEB, Thanks again for your super quick reply! I'm using the App Store version of Affinity Designer v. 1.1.2.
  2. Hi MEB - Thanks for the reply, but I'm still having a little trouble with this: 1. When I enter the Export persona and select the Slice I want to export, I change the Export Options at the top from 'JPEG' to 'PNG' to preserve transparency. However, the file being exported remains a JPEG. Am I doing something wrong or could this be a bug? 2. Similarly, I think a 'Trim' option would be useful anyway so that I could take away transparent areas and then enlarge the output to a specific size (say, 800px wide). Having a slice do this automatically means the final PNG file is an unknown pixel size. Is there anywhere to make feature requests for future updates?
  3. Ah - I see. At least I'm not going mad! Are there any plans to add this function to future updates of Designer? I've found myself looking for it regularly in my work and would be really useful.
  4. Thank you for the quick reply! I'm so sorry but I can't see a Document menu on my screen. Could you explain where this is?
  5. Hi everyone, Just bought Affinity and love it. Sorry to ask what might be a dumb question but I searched and couldn't find a clear answer on any of the other forum threads. Is there currently an option to trim away transparent areas in Affinity? In Photoshop, for example there is an option under the Image menu for Trim... > Transparent Pixels. Is there anything similar in Affinity? Thanks for any help, and well done to Serif for an outstanding product. :)
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