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  1. That's what I'm doing! I have also started immediately creating a Snapshot. That way, I can experiment as much as I like, then select the Snapshot layer in History and use Default>Revert under More to go back to the original state.
  2. Good! It's not just me. I don't know why this was left out of the iPad version. The OS version not only has Close (with an option to Save or not) but also you can choose whether or not to save History with the file. Most of the time I prefer not to. And I'd like that option on the iPad as well. Or at least, an easy way to delete History steps I don't want to keep.
  3. Why do we not have an Option to Exit without Saving? If you totally mess up an image by doing something irreversible, you cannot exit without Saving that. In trying to find a way to eliminate an experimental series of adjustments, filters, etc that I no longer wanted to keep, and certainly did not want cluttering up my History and reducing the number of Undos available, I also experimented with Revert. It will do what I was hoping, which is take you back to the step you clicked on. Including all the way to the original first layer! Problem solved. Except that Revert is irreversible. And there's no way to get out of that situation without Saving, which overwrites the home screen image. Perhaps what I did was stupid but it should not have been fatal. And it should not be necessary to first duplicate every image you want to work on, just in case you make an irreversible move.
  4. Thank you, Lee! That was the problem. It would have been nice if that had been covered in Help because I certainly went there first. But I do appreciate the quick response. I was going nuts trying to figure it out on my own.
  5. I had not tried to apply an FX until today. I'm getting no context bar for any selected FX. I do get a context bar with full controls for Adjustments and for Filters. In testing, once I have selected an Adjustment or Filter, the control icon for that Adjustment or Filter remains in the Tools bar, even when I tap on the FX panel and select an effect. And tapping on that Adjustment icon while the FX panel is active takes me back to that prior Adjustment or Filter. Is this a bug or a glitch in my system? I've not only restarted Photo; I've restarted the iPad. Neither helped. I'm running Photo on a 128 gb AirPad2, latest iOS, if that matters. I did have an earlier issue that was corrected by deleting and re-installing Photo. I'd rather not do that but will if I'm the only one with this issue.
  6. The first one is more saturated. I'm getting darker duller images when exported from an AirPad 2 to an iMac but in my case, I'm assuming that the iMac display is not properly calibrated.
  7. User-settable Defaults or even better, "Sticky Settings" is an option that has been requested and re-requested since the release of Affinity Designer. It would be the single most desirable, most efficiency-improving, workflow-enhancing update that Affinity could make. Perhaps...eventually...we will get it.
  8. I don't know if this is something that would have to be implemented by Affinity or by Amazon but I would very much like to have the ability to Save an .afphoto file to Amazon Drive in addition to the other cloud services. Dropbox is slow and iCloud is not an option. I want a service to simply store my images; not to control them.
  9. The perspective filter is nice but I miss the extra control nodes that Photoshop's perspective tool has. A central node on both top and bottom to let you easily slide the whole image left or right. The same central node allows you to pull the grid up to elongate the image vertically. Correcting the "lean" in architectural images can leave them looking "squatty." Using that central node to elongate the image corrects that and gives you back the proper ratio of width to height. It's the next best thing to a tilt and shift lens.
  10. Good to know, Andrew. I'm another one who does not want my photo library in the cloud. Like Wille, I import Raw directly using Apple's card reader.
  11. I'm running Photo on an AirPad 2 so that screen space is a consideration for me. I have more empty space in the menu bars on the right side than on the left and adding two Undo/Redo icons at the top would cover more of the image than the current 8 already do.
  12. Haze Removal is found in the Filters popout. It's quite a ways down so just keep scrolling.
  13. Deleted Affinity Photo. Installed 1.6.2. Things working fine. Installed 1.6.3 update. Things are working normally now! Overlays working as they should; all tools working. Dunno' what happened but I'm back in business and a happy user again.
  14. Hi Lee, I have bigger problems than I knew. Not only is Overlays not working but no tool in Photo/Selections/Liquify is working! Not one! I hadn't really played with anything since the 1.6.3 update till I reported the Overlays problems. Then today I did a restart of the ipad to see if that would fix the overlay issue and discovered that the only things that are working (that I've tested so far) are a few things in the File Menu and a few in the Actions/More menus. I'm in (very slow) process of uploading a "weird result" image from this morning's experiments to icloud. Then I had planned to delete Affinity Photo and reinstall it to see if that helped. The upload should finish soon and then I'll re-install and let you know if that corrected the issue.