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  1. Powerhorse, Thanks for your docs observation. We lost a few mac-only tags during docs development so these should be fixed for 1.10.5 documentation. Andy Capstick Affinity Documentation
  2. iPadOS 15 seems to be able to rename OCIO folders to packages natively (avoid iCloud's Downloads folder though). Docs have reworked the iPad OCIO topic as a result. Comments welcome as ever.
  3. @siaccarino Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums Morning - i've made a change to topics like this so that Windows users will at least see some topic text being reported. In this instance, that scanning is not available directly from within the app. Also interested in discussions about help being conditionally displayed according to the reader's browser user agent. We decided to take this approach so our Mac users wouldn't be offered unnecessary Windows information in-app and vice versa for Windows users. It's something docs could look at in V2.0. Further opinions?
  4. I agree - the SEE ALSO ref to Flowing options is misleading so i've removed that. While the flow options are not explained in detail they are covered explicitly and correctly in the Paragraph panel topic. Otherwise we would have duplicate paragraphs.html and paragraphPanel.html topics..
  5. Juan T - The videos don't usually have supporting assets or project files to support them - sometimes a video is created from a published sample like Lifestyle magazine (Help > Welcome > View Samples). The idea is to use the principle of what's being taught in your own designs. When the Publisher Workbook is released there will be accompanying resources with that. Regards Andy Capstick Affinity Documentation
  6. Hi Louie, Thanks for taking the time to give some comprehensive feedback. I'm going to take your comments on board and certainly will look at improvements to the structure of the help system for the next main release. Regards Andy Capstick
  7. Jerry - you could consider the Affinity Designer Workbook - this publication has real designers creating designs from start to finish.
  8. Updated in docs for 1.8.2.x - making the Mac/Windows distinction. meeow.. Andy Capstick
  9. v_kyr, Apologies - as Chris has written, we had a css probem that is now resolved. Should be displaying correctly. The Photo German Help is now updated too. Andy Capstick Affinity documentation
  10. Hi SFT/cmu, I'm the editor for the upcoming Affinity Publisher Workbook, which I can confirm is in development and will be a hardcopy deliverable just like the Affinity Designer Workbook and Affinity Photo Workbook. No news for you on release date. Regards Andy Capstick
  11. Hi R-C-R, This is incorrect in Photo Help at the moment. I've corrected this for 1.8. \Andy Capstick
  12. @baal_uriel I noticed these tutorials recently... https://www.facebook.com/groups/AffinityDesignerPhotoPublisher/permalink/1347440308757896/ leading to this playlist Regards Andy Capstick
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