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  1. Thanks DM1 - sorry I missed that. Well spotted. Now fixed. \Andy
  2. Thanks for taking the time R-C-R - I'll take a look and update. Not sure whether to mention 3rd party Bluetooth keyboard support just yet until I get QA to advise and have a look at testing too. Sean? Do you have an Ankor (not an anchor) Cheers Andy
  3. We’re really happy to provide a brand new set of tutorials to accompany the newly launched Affinity Designer for iPad app. The tutorials are all available from the app’s Home screen via the Tutorials option at bottom left. You can also access them here: https://affinity.serif.com/tutorials/designer/ipad/ Some tutorial facts.. 62 video in total Seven tutorial categories Shot in 4k resolution Subtitling for eight languages (DE, FR, ES, IT, PT-BR, RU, JA, zh-Hans) Different tutors for specialist areas Here’s the full tutorial list.. Basic operations UI overview Gestures New and save Open and import Placing images Pan, zoom and rotate canvas Selecting Moving, resizing and rotating Grouping Ordering Layers Studio Align and distribute Copy, paste and power duplicate Undo, redo and history Quick export Advanced operations Art-boards Symbols Assets Studio Snapping Constraints View modes for pixel preview Vector Tools Pen Tool Node Tool Advanced curve drawing Editing strokes Pencil Tool Shape tools Corner Tool Boolean operations Colour Picker Tool Fill Tool Advanced colour Gradients Transparency Tool Vector Brush Tool Managing vector brushes Pixel Tools Pixel Tool Paint Brush Tool Advanced brush options Managing raster brushes Smudge tools Erase Brush Tool Flood Fill Tool Flood selections Drawn selections Selection modification tools Smart Selection Brush Tool Refine Selection Tool Export Persona Slice Tool Export Persona - Slices Studio Export Persona - Layers Studio Text Tools Frame Text Tool Art Text Tool Advanced typography Text on a path Importing fonts Effects & Adjustments Applying adjustments Masking adjustments Layer effects Advanced layer effects Blend modes Styles If you have any feedback, please comment on this thread. Best wishes Affinity documentation
  4. acapstick

    Affinity Photo (for Windows) Help refers to "Finder"

    Hi chaps, I've fixed this for in-app Photo help; affinity.help will be updated in due course. Sorry no idea when the next Beta update will be available, but the help will be updated in that version. AndyC
  5. DM1 - I've removed the incorrect statement regarding inability to use the Apple Pencil when cloning. Thanks for that. The Import From Camera UI seemed self explanatory so I mentioned Import from Camera only in passing in Get started>Opening and importing. "Import From Camera captures and opens a photo with your iPad device. You can shoot RAW, bracketed HDR, toggle face detection and display on-screen aids such as a histogram and vectorscope." Thanks Andy
  6. acapstick

    Gradient tool overwrites image

    Hi DM1, This is expected behaviour. You'd normally apply a Fill layer above with a gradient applied to that, then drop its opacity. This would be non-destructive and would also let you redefine the gradient path anytime. Of course you can apply the gradient to adjustment and filter layers too. I've looked at the help file topic Gradient editing and included a sentence to make this a little clearer for yourself and other users with: "If you apply a gradient directly to your image's layer you'll destroy it. Instead, apply a gradient to a separate fill, adjustment, filter, mask or vector layer." Regards AndyC
  7. Alfred, I've now added a comment in Designer help that states.. "Applying a rounded corner to a shape created with any of Affinity's Shape tools will convert that shape to curves. From that point, you won't be able to make use of the Shape tool's inherent 'morphing' behaviour."
  8. Hi Any, have just stumbled across your forum entries for Official Affinity Designer and Official Photo (Desktop) tutorials. Your listing of all the videos under appropriate headings is great. I've been accessing them one by one in no particular order simply from YouTube (or Vimeo) and having an overview of all the tutorials and seeing them listed by category is really helpful. Two questions: 1. Are the listings in the forum pages current? They have dates of 2015 and I can't tell if newer videos are included in the lists. 2. Can you make the links to these listings more visible on your website? Even in all my searches, I never came across these listing in the forum, and feel lucky to have just stumbled on them when following the link in someone's comment. Thanks, Joan

    1. MEB


      Hi Joan,

      Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

      Yes, they are current. Those threads may be from 2015 (when they were created) but the contents are updated regularly.

      There's links to the tutorials on our website (menu from the top right) but they point to YouTube/Vimeo. We do note in the description field that you can See a full list of official tutorials at affin.co/PhotoTuts but i agree it's may not be visible/noticeable enough.


      Please use the main forum section(s) for questions like these rather the staff's or user's profile's feeds as they may be missed.


    2. JoanKauai


      Great, I did find the link you mention and indeed it is obscure. Still, list does have as its heading that it is posted July 8, 2015, so there is no indication that the list is up to date. I'm glad to learn that it is updated and being maintained, but the posting should somehow contain the date of the last revision. And I will try to use the main forum section in the future. Best wishes, Joan

  9. Puca, Ref the Help and Locked description. I state "Locking is useful when you need to prevent a layer from being moved or transformed unintentionally." I' m Ok with that, but i'll update it to read... "Locking is useful when you need to prevent a layer from being moved or transformed unintentionally. Editing of layer content is still possible." Also.. Select Lock again to allow the layer content to be edited again. to Select Lock again to allow the layer content to be transformed again. Btw, the solo functionality is added to help ready for the next beta. Docs see the features at the same time as the beta testers so there is an 'undocumented" period. Regards Andy C
  10. rickblackmon - you'll find an eight-page index starting on p. 468. Hope it's a time saver!
  11. I Lost my non-destructive Affinity Photo files this AM when I went in to do some work.  They were gone and can't retrieve them.  I work on a MacAir.

  12. Ok. That should be fixed for Windows Help - probably next build but if not the one after that. Ctrl + Alt + Backspace it is. I actually tried Ctrl + Alt + Delete doh.. AndyC
  13. acapstick

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Hi Diane F - I’m the book’s editor so I wanted to contact you as you seem unhappy with the resources supporting the workbook. We’ve not had any issues with the resource files that I’m aware of so I want to get to the bottom of your problem and find out if there’s anything that needs fixing.. and help you of course. Could you first of all clarify if you find all the resources frustrating to use? If so, could you provide a few more examples of where the project files don’t match the book? For the moment, all I can do is take your example - the skyscraper project. I’ve checked the files and they are as they should be. So here are few things that might help.. apologies if you know this - just trying to eliminate things in my mind. The skyline01.palette file when imported via the Swatches panel (instructions on p. 161) will become the active document palette so you should not be seeing any other document palette. Use this palette’s swatches to assign to gradient end stops as shown on p. 162. Please confirm that you’re seeing this :-) You need to load the project_file, e.g. skyline_06_midgroundlighting.afdesign, as prompted in the Resource box at that point of the project. Any project file referenced in this Resource box is how the file should look after completion of that section not before. A section is the steps and procedures between each green Resource box. Use the Fill Tool to select objects, and then select the end stops to view the HSL values. If you know the above already and you’re seeing disparity in colour between screen and print, this may be because its very difficult to match colour between screen and CMYK physical print exactly. We deliberately created all our projects with the sRGB colour profile applied, which ‘maps’ to CMYK (print) better than most profiles yet still looks fairly representative on screen. Regards Andy Capstick
  14. acapstick

    Colour picker and Intuos 3 fault?

    Hi Claireka, There are two modes you can use the picker in. You may have it in apply to selection mode so try unchecking Apply to Selection on the context toolbar and then see if the behaviour is more like you expect? I think you're seeing the colour swatches picking up the colour automatically under each colour pick. By unchecking you're loading the picker swatch only (and not foreground/background colour). Andy Capstick
  15. Docs team here... Ben has had a chat with me so I'll be improving the Help in this area for 1.6. Thanks Andy Capstick