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  1. Hi Claireka, There are two modes you can use the picker in. You may have it in apply to selection mode so try unchecking Apply to Selection on the context toolbar and then see if the behaviour is more like you expect? I think you're seeing the colour swatches picking up the colour automatically under each colour pick. By unchecking you're loading the picker swatch only (and not foreground/background colour). Andy Capstick
  2. Docs team here... Ben has had a chat with me so I'll be improving the Help in this area for 1.6. Thanks Andy Capstick
  3. hi all, Interested in seeing any good double exposure tutorials you've come across out there - obviously created in Affinity Photo. Perhaps you have your own project you'd like to publish to the Share Your Work sub-forum? Have a good day.. :-) Andy Capstick
  4. ivanl, Embedding an SVG file as a document is mentioned in the Lace Frame Galleries 2 project. In terms of templates, by looking at the link you added, might you be referring to our Symbols feature which was introduced in the Designer 1.5 release? This is also covered in the workbook in the Tix App 1 project. Regards Andy Capstick
  5. Kodiak, Interested in your work. Could I ask if you're ever tempted to go beyond inpainting in Affinity Photo. You perform cropping before inpainting too? Just interested to know if you ever work on tones, highlights, and shadows. I think you suggested that you feel the art is in the shot which I completely get so maybe post-shoot in-app tone control would suggest that the shot was not how you wanted it. As a keen birder i'm loving the photos. :-) Andy Capstick
  6. Hi, In response to requests for a quick peek at the Table of Contents... Hope it whets the appetite. Regards Andy Capstick
  7. Oval, Yes it is the user manual referenced some months back :-) Andy Capstick
  8. Wordsberry Jonathan's section is very detailed (40 pages in fact) - i'm confident you won't be disappointed. It does capture how to get that very unique style he has. Andy Capstick
  9. Hi guys, Target the lower curve on the Layers Panel by Option-click on its thumbnail. Now it's isolated, with Cmd key pressed, select the unwanted node and press Delete. Clicking away will exit isolated mode. AndyC
  10. Sheppy29, We have a Corner Tool video here. It demonstrates cornering on geometric shapes but you can apply the principles to curves with sharp corner nodes. Hope this helps. AndyC
  11. Hello, Be sure to check out the newly available Photo Video Tutorials covering: Cropping: Options Understanding DPI Layer Creation Behaviour Simulating Ambient Occlusion Texturing with Blend Modes Have a special weekend! Best wishes Affinity Documentation
  12. Hi elias, The Muli font is available as a google font - at Myriad Pro is an Adobe font which you get with Adobe products and can be obtained via TypeKit If you don't want to go down that route, an alternative font will be used in place of any missing font within Designer. Regards Andy Capstick
  13. As a special seasonal treat, please enjoy these new Photo video tutorials which cover some interesting retouching and creative techniques. • Enhancing Landscape/Architecture Images • Creative Gradients • Creative Black & White We hope you have a wonderful time and wish you all a safe and prosperous New Year. Best wishes from Affinity Documentation
  14. Hi Bobhorgan, You'll find a superset of keyboard shortcuts in Designer or Photo Help, which is presented in list form as you prefer. Just search for "shortcuts". One thing to note is that more complex multi-key shortcuts can't be presented on a keyboard layout cheat sheet easily so you'll find these in the Help. Regards Andy Capstick Affinity Documentation
  15. Hi ken_p, I think this is the one you mean.. Regards Andy Capstick Affinity Documentation