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  1. acapstick


    Hi Walt, This is with the Photo lead developer to decide what to do. I've mentioned on our internal fault reporting system about the implications when using light UI so I'd imagine they will consider that. The workbooks will change to reflect the UI, i.e. whatever works for both UI styles. \AndyC
  2. acapstick


    Hi, Workbook update.. I've logged that the screenshot on p.31 will need to be looked at on reprint (changing from white to light blue). The 'white' area is implied to be luminance as the text on the left spread states "The Histogram Panel shows the distribution of Red, Green, Blue and Luminance values for the image, layer or current marquee selection." Cheers Andy
  3. Paul - this needed work :-) Fixed. Thanks Andy
  4. Got that. :-) AndyC
  5. acapstick

    documentation error

    Wrong of course - now fixed in docs.
  6. Text>Insert Text from File is now replaced by File>Place due to Publisher dev. Fixed in docs.
  7. acapstick

    Place Image Tool

    Hi everyone - AndyC from Affinity docs here - it's highly unlikely that docs will document functionality in advance of it appearing in the UI. Mainly because we see the code at the same time as beta testers see it, and we update for the subsequent build. :-) Assume that we've had a hiccup in docs for issues like this - just flag it and I'll fix in pronto! \AndyC
  8. acapstick

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Hi Joe, I'm the editor of the Workbook so I thought I'd reply directly. I'm a bit concerned about the many indexing errors you have encountered. I had a look at p. 204 and the vignette filter is actually mentioned at the bottom of the page so i'm happy with that. The other reference on p. 166 hasn't got an index entry so I will get that fixed for a future reprint. If you're able to point out some of the other errors i'd be grateful. In the meantime, I'm going to have our QA team look at the indexing generally to spot any issues. Unfortunately we don't publish corrections for our workbooks. Thanks for your feedback. /AndyC
  9. acapstick

    export options

    Hi Robin3, Raster images (JPG, PNG, etc) are raster anyway - the export options only affect downsampling of those in different ways. Do you mean if you placed a vector image such as SVG you were expecting some level of edibility after export but you didn't get any? I'll investigate further if so. \AndyC
  10. acapstick

    export options

    thomaso - i've tweaked the help now.. PDF(for web): change "image downsampling to 450 dpi" to "downsample images of >450 dpi"PDF (for print): change change "image downsampling to 108 dpi" to "downsample images of >108 dpi" Andy Capstick Affinity docs
  11. acapstick

    export options

    Hi blw, I'll get that indexing looked at and ensure export is included in the topic's metadata. \Andy
  12. R-C-R, We are in Beta at the moment and I'm expecting more input from our developers and or course Beta testers. I'm hoping to have comprehensive documentation for release. \Andy
  13. R-C-R/Polygonius, The procedural texture filter documentation is accessible from the integrated Help's Filters and effects>Colour filters topic. You can also access it from Introduction>New features in this version topic along with all other 1.7 features. \Andy Capstick
  14. Changed Snapping help topic. From: To exclude an object from snapping: To: To exclude an object from being a snapping candidate:
  15. acapstick

    help file problems .139

    Thank you - fixed in build after 139. Andy Capstick Affinity docs