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  1. I am still having this issue... This makes efficient work near impossible. Why is there no fix still in When I try adding new formats in the slices window it very often just crashes. Sometimes it comes back once after waiting 20 seconds, but then it always crashes for good.
  2. More than a year has passed, Google Fonts now supports variable fonts. It is time Serif team @Dave Harris.
  3. The solution you referenced to didn't work, but it got me on the right path. I ended up changing in contrast to what the thread said the nVIDIA settings to manage the colors and balanced the colors and then also reset and re-set my screens settings. That finally did the trick. My windows color settings were still default. The graphics card seemed to be the problem. Now the colors are still slightly different but it is hardly noticeable. Thank you Gabe for setting the right path.
  4. Hi, see attached the problem in another trial with included affinity file. Unbenannt.afdesign
  5. Please someone help! Did anybody have the same issue as this:
  6. Hi, see attached the color difference of the file in the program and exported as jpg with JPEG high quality settings. Also see the second attachement for my colors settings, they are in german but I think you find the values. Thanks for any help in advance!
  7. Any news on this? I was pondering of buying such a laptop but with this report on bad performance...
  8. I thought all Programs will go to 1.7 and Publisher starting off from that Version?
  9. Dear Affinity Team, thanks for continued provision of excellent and affordable graphics design software!
  10. Thanks @>|<(how do you pronouce that?? ) and @Ben, I look very much forward to "real" circles @Ben! Would you also consider doing something like circle segments (137.5 deg of a circle for example)? And if you go into that, what would help me very very much is: If you could then use the segments and snap other segments with different angles to the original segment and have a smooth curve by eventually combining them.
  11. Yeah, brings it close. But what I was going for was to be absolutely exact. Now there is some guesswork involved. I don't like that. P.S.: I would love it if in addition to a ring form there would be the corresponding line segment tool for that, saves me the time to have to split up the generated path.
  12. Thanks, that was very useful, but I cannot snap the selected circle to the big circle where I marked it in red. Any thoughts on that?
  13. I love designing with circles (who doesn't) and would simply like to snap one circle to one or better yet two other circles but not on their points but both somwhere on the curve path. Can't do it in the Beta...
  14. Hi, I signed out and in again with my google account and it still doesnt work. If I try to save a copy in afdesign and go to google drive it simply never saves anything.
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