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  1. Hi, I signed out and in again with my google account and it still doesnt work. If I try to save a copy in afdesign and go to google drive it simply never saves anything.
  2. michacassola

    Affinity Assets

    I am quite sure there are always different threads about things as it is a forum. Also they moved around a lot of things while the forums were still live so I posted this thread in an then still empty forum area. I didn't know about other threads then as I thought they are opening a new empty area at the time. But thanks for posting other threads, unfortunately I am busy with other things than the forum life
  3. Any news on this? Would be a nice to have function for changing brush sizes and maybe some other use cases too.
  4. michacassola

    iPad Apps Sales

    Thank you Alfred and StevenS, I am subscribed and did see the recent offer on Photo for iPad, but at that point I was still convinced I would never get an Apple device. Before that I also had seen the launch offers because I am with Serif products since DrawPlus X4. A big point was that the Affinity Apps are specially made for the tablet experience and the other big point was the Apple Pencil, after I made sure I am not completely locked in in the Apple Ecosystem. Anyways, didn't hurt to ask.
  5. Dear Serif Team, I just purchased an Ipad Pro 10.5 and wanted to ask when you will have a sale again. Thanks!
  6. That's a great idea! Maybe they could make something like "Affinity Toolbox" with the Asset Manager and the Viewer included as a package. Unfortunately I cannot give any likes right now as I gave too much love in a Linux Thread.
  7. I am not sure how far away a "forum" is from a social app/medium. You have an avatar and post things that others and the world can see. The only difference I can come up with is that Serif makes their money through their Software and not through Big Data and Advertisement like Facebook. @Moisés Also if you prefer to show your work in a social network why not use Instagram as suggested. I am sure you can put a nice link in your signature to your channel and also post links to your artwork here. In this way you can connect things.
  8. michacassola


    Sounds like a good idea. Would you like to make a poll so people can vote without having to clutter the forum with +1 posts?
  9. I would love it if you made a program like Adobes XD or if you integrated that kind of functionality in an future Affinity Designer version (maybe 2.0?).
  10. People have been asking for an asset management program. I would love if it integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox and other well used Cloud storage solutions. I would not like it if you came up with your own cloud solution like Adobe did. Please don't do it as you have been not doing things the Adobe way. But some kind of versioning and collaborative conflict management would also be great, working together with Google Drive or the others.
  11. I know your last video editor was not your most beloved piece of software but I think Affinity Video would be a great hit if you went at it with the same principles as the existing programs.
  12. Thanks for that info. I am looking forward to the next version then. Happy developing...
  13. @SrPx If I hurt your feelings I am very sorry, but you really should write less and a bit more structured. But as you mentioned you do not have to follow my rules/wishes. Again, if your feelings were hurt I am sorry. Please try to not take things in internet forums too seriously. You could instead start a new project, maybe tracing something. Or spend more time with your loved ones. Sounds better than forum argumentation to me. If you are still offended feel free to send me a private message, because it really doesnt belong in this topic. If anyone else got offended by my opinion I am sorry as well. But maybe it is so because there is some truth in my statements? Do you already have the tools in Designer that you need to trace graphics with? If yes, you are in the wrong topic, if no you should start a topic about the tool you would like to have and you are still in the wrong topic here. Simple logic does the trick.
  14. @TonyB @Dave Harris @MEB How many years are we talking about? With the current speed between second version numbers it would be 2 more years at least. That seems a bit long. And if your expectation builds up over so many years the result can only be disappointing I guess. What fancy features of a tracing persona are you thinking of? And please no one answer that you should hand-trace everything anyways (then why are you writing, you already have the tools for that in Designer, go and handtrace something instead of writing here please). And the second answer that has been worn out: Just use another tool for it. Both these answer are prohibited. And if you answer: please keep it short!
  15. Hi, will there be a section of what's new in the programs help menu? Thanks. Micha