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  1. @SFurniss I never even got an email to inform me about the upgrade or any personal discount link.
  2. @wonderings and @walt.farrell I think the need or want has been established by people requesting it here. The fax machine gets the letter across, why use email? (I am sure someone is going to make the argument for faxes after this ) If you research a bit you can find information to get to know this (new) technology and what it can be used for and is being used for (not just web by the way, otherwise no one would have requested it here 😉). https://fonts.google.com/knowledge/introducing_type/introducing_variable_fonts There have been other sources of information also posted before in this thread, that can be looked at, if the want to know why variable fonts are being used is real. For example this one: https://v-fonts.com mentioned by @fde101 Just go there please, play with some of the sliders in one of the examples and if that doesn't show you what variable fonts are about and why this kind of control might be good for design work of any kind online or offline...
  3. Love your post Bryan! Very insightful and perfectly explained. Transparency in software development is a must, haters or no haters. Of course the transparency does not have to be absolute, but a brand has to communicate it's vision to keep people engaged. It will enstill trust and keep people in, when they know feature x is around the corner or might be there by the end of Q4 2022. But not knowing compounds uncertainty.
  4. Yes, I agree. Maybe giving an estimated Q1 - 4 would be enough. I also do not have the time to go treasure hunting for features.
  5. I wanted to ask if you will make demo videos again of upcoming big features for any of the programs?Or if there is a way to know what Serif is working on from a more big picture perspective? I'd really like some more communication about Serif's direction and vision. Thank you very much!
  6. I wanted to ask if you will make demo videos again of upcoming big features for any of the programs? Or if there is a way to know what Serif is working on from a more big picture perspective? I'd really like some more communication about Serif's vision. Thank you very much!
  7. Rather be sensitive than jaded. Rather do other stuff than write in internet forums... Oh my, the contradictions... Also there are hyperboles. The lack of the option of "no" means that the thread is not for people like you who thrive on "no". Trolling is that "no I disagree and like diminishing stuff and am so smart" attitude. You have contributed nothing, just given your opinion that my idea is bad. Wow, how hard it is to find other people's ideas bad and criticize... That was meant sarcastically or ironically, just to make sure... Neither am I coaching a team nor do I not have skin in the game. You know nothing about me, do you?
  8. Forum communication, welcome to the best way to loose hope in humanity. Lets work backwards: rodsal23: No, the affinity team is not lazy. They made 3 good apps. dotails: Sounds interesting. wonderings: Go Troll somewhere else please. If I had the money I would do that. Grauzorn: Who said it has to be 55 bucks? Blender and Resolve have Raster output only (Freestyle is one vectorgraphic per frame so not really viable). Ad-Man-Gamer: Just signed up to troll on my humble post? I am flattered. You are like one of these people who say: „I’m not a racist, buuuuuuut all this foreigners...“, just with condescension and not racism.
  9. @Patrick Connor I have found more interesting software being made that you guys could absorb: VGC Animation: https://www.vgc.io/ | vgc/vgc: Next-Gen Graphic Design and 2D Animation (github.com) enve: enve | Open-source 2D animation software (maurycyliebner.github.io) | MaurycyLiebner/enve: Flexible, user expandable 2D animation software for Linux and Windows. (github.com)
  10. @Alfred He also said: "... Not saying there won't be an Affinity product which does animation one day..." and it was 2014 that that was posted. Please vote and give the first post a like if you as a customer would like this feature or program. Thank you very much!
  11. Hey guys, what's up? I just did a quick search and noticed that an animation feature of some kind has been requested many times before and I have an idea, although I am not convinced it is the best idea here it is: When researching for an SVG animator I came across an app that has been highly praised by people on some site I landed on and I would like you to consider buying that company and then building a Windows version of it. It fits as you guys also started out with your MAC verions and then the feedback was overwhelming and the user base of Windows is overwhelming and so you built the Win versions also. So you have experience in that and the program is already finished in so many ways, meaning you don't have to start from scratch and you would gain a developer who obviously knows what they are doing. Keyshape - Create animated vector graphics (keyshapeapp.com) If you don't like this idea, please make a program or a Persona in Designer to add this functionality, so this here is the plan B sentence, so that people who don't like my idea above can still vote on this gerneal feature request. And it fits into your whole stealing earning Adobe customers thing as you would offer a replacement for an app that is a huge USP for Adobe right now: Adobe Animate (and AE). So what do you think Serif Code Makers?
  12. Hey @Mark Robinson, you have great software for that, but you have to be willing to learn. 3D is it's own whole field and you can expect a steeper learning curve. You cannot compare 2D to 3D. It's apples and cogs. Here the program you should look into as a maker: FreeCAD: Your own 3D parametric modeler (freecadweb.org) And here if you want to do 3D Animation: blender.org - Home of the Blender project - Free and Open 3D Creation Software In my opinion Affinity Suite should remain 2D and keep on making those alternatives to Adobes programs (of course there are some 3D features in them too...).
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